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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Open Season

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
The news this A.M. is apparently in Baltimore, or Lagos as ZMan refers to his hometown, a US Marshal got hisself shot in yet again another oh-dark-early raid.
Nothing fatal.
This time
However, the media 'pearl clutching' to me, is hysterical.  
They just can't understand why? the cops are gittin plugged left right and center?
Jeez... the cluelessness of the fucking morons...
They literally spent the entirity of last summer hyping an anti-police diktat, and are now "Shocked, Shocked I say!" that cops are getting plugged in wholesale lots?  Jesus wept.  
Let me tell you, it's only going to get worse.
No doubt in my mind.
Especially when they decide to go after the eeeee-vil whypeepo supremacists.
You know, the veterans, and guys who really know how to set up an ambush and shoot, move and communicate.  The guys that when the door starts getting taken, the reaction is to slap on Armor, grab the 'repel boarders!' weapon and start with a mag dump in the general direction.

Followed up by deployment of the Flammenwerfer if you have one on hand.
Napalm... kills home invaders -dead-
Jes' Sayin'
Nomex, by the way, is only for flash resistance.  'Taint 'fireproof' like all the cool kids like to think/claim.  Point of Nomex is to keep you from getting flash-roasty-toasty in the initial fireball... after that?  That shit burns.  Slower than cotton, but burns nonetheless.  Especially if soaked in a flammable substance.  It's tolerant up to 700 degrees, but -I- wouldn't want to be wearing it.

So at the rate it's going, I can gar-ron-damned-tee the 'surviving' FedRats who took rounds and survived?  Write them off.  Primarily because they're going to take that sweet full 100% disability tax free payments of full FedGov salary and retire for injuries in line of duty.  Which then begs the question:

Where they gonna find replacements?
Right now there seems to be a squeeze nationally on people willing to become the "Bronze" as Toecutter and his gang referred to them.  No one wants the issues and hassles that come with the job.  Tons of city-fuzz are de-camping for small town USA to get the fuck out of the Line of Fire.  And the line of fire seems to be gradually expanding, if by the reports coming in on the daily are right.  Now as to the real stories behind a lot of this?  I can't reveal sources.  I get a lot of tips and really good inside intel and info on this from my easily identifiable sources if I reveal them.

And no, FedBro ain't one of them.  As far as I know he n me are through.  He apparently read this here blog, despite me tellin' him NOT to, as this's MY rant-zone, and he did anyways, and got pissed.  It is what it is... I've lost a few family members because of this here place, but even my p-shrink said it's good for me to vent.

Oh well... life's too short.  No one gets out alive.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Nice, "Toecutter" Mad Max allusion.
    Of course, if one follows the meme wars one knows that the Road Warrior takes place in 2021.


  2. As someone who wears nomex daily for work.
    A) We tell the young guys its not to protect you its to make identification of the corpses easier.
    B) Nomex isn't really nomex often. Mist companiesgo with one of the chemical treated cottons vs the high cost of nonex. Even wear I work they switched startibg in 2018. Cost is $150 a set vs $700 for nomex. Downside is 4 or 5 washes and the coating is gone. That means most of them are not very fireproof anymore.

    3) coated cotten's effectiviness when wet is near zero for fire resistence. Nomex is better but not grate when wet.

    4) real nomex doesn't breathe, so it can get very tiring wearing it in hot weather.


  3. The Bronze, good reference, best of the trilogy by far.

    well the privileged minorities always didn't care much and now they now they can get away with it for free and now the Bronze spent the last year pissing off the normies and the based who now realize there is nothing left to lose. The real lesson of Kyle Rittenhouse is even if you are in the right you are still going to the "camps" forever, so you're dead anyway. So pretty much everyone hates the bronze. left, right, normies, cartel, whatever. The amount of "i'll have a coke" COMMENTS after the 3 FBI guys got DRT'd even on big "normal" websites like instanpundit makes you realize the anger is everywhere.

    The bronze, making friends on all sides.....

  4. Something over your entryway that looks like a fire suppression system might prove useful in the near future...They can't kill your dog and kids if they are on fire...For educational purposes only...

  5. If memory serves, you correctly predicted this situation in a far previous post. Small town USA is the place to be. Thank the gods I'm a smalltown redneck reading Clay Martin books. Ohio Guy

  6. If you are a young White guy looking for a career right now, you would have to be certifiably insane to pursue being an LEO and if your parents didn't stop you they should be arrested for neglect. My big picture think on this topic is that as they push for more and more gun control, the cities will simultaneously get more and more vibrant and the cops are going to be facing a choice: a) go try to keep Deshaquanulicious from shooting Da'marrviyaher and likely get shot yourself or arrested if you have to shoot one of them, or b) try to seize guns from people with a dozen ARs or c) stay in your car, finish your donut and take your time getting responding to 911 calls.

  7. Sounds like it may become a sport of "How many LEOs you can ventilate today?" A sport, but a necessary sport...

    1. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.

  8. Ventilating door kickers is a reasonable response these days. The badgemonkeys are not interested in legalality, Constitutional or facts involved. They're just following orders.....and where have we heard that before. But doing so is at best a pyrrhic act. And while "counting coup" on the warriors sent out isn't totally pointless it has zero effects on the chiefs who sent them. Far better to hunt the chiefs. Till those in power start feeling the burn they don't care what happens, who dies and who suffers. THAT MUST CHANGE.

    1. Nothing will change until they fear you.

      In a perfect world, that means that they are concerned enough about ‘doing the job their constituents elected them to do’ that they don’t let the lure of power and/or money corrupt them.

      In the world that we’re sliding into - it’ll be fear of not living long enough to get home at the end of the day to find their family alive and well and their domicile not burned to the ground - let alone long enough to cash out at the end of their term.


    Well I can't see how this could go badly.