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Friday, February 5, 2021

Occasional Cortex

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
What the fuck is up with the great Managerial Elites elevating retards far above what they should be in life?  This's gonna be a full on rant this A.M. as I'm fucking just sooooooo over the fucking stupid it's not even funny.
The fucking big-tittied bar maid made Congresscunt
The fucking coward of Broward Hoggbreath the wonderfag
The fucking Slo and the Ho
I'm soooooo over them all

And yet they remain in charge.
They are, by and large representative of what's fucking wrong in this country
Them and their enablers/propagandists
Fucking Brian "Looks Like a Pedophile" Stelter
(((Tribe))) Much?
That disgusting troll of a human, is he even fucking human?
Somewhere, there is a bridge, missing it's Troll.

Occasional Cortex, the Wondertits, has been caught out fucking lying (no fucking surprise there) about her dramatic and stunning and brave day during the "Insurrection" on January 6th.  Now that she's been called out on the fact that she was nowhere near the shenanigans at the Capitol.  In fact, for all intensive purposes, the lying bitch was across town when shit went down.
I wish she'd just shut the fuck up.
Start an OnlyFans
Shut yer mouth, spread your legs
It's all she's good for
I mean literally.  It's how she got the job anyways.  It was exposed a while back that some Punjabi Motherfucker Social Justice asshole with too little brains and waaay too much money decided he wanted to install someone in Con-gress and literally interviewed people for the job, and ole BigTitties got the nod and the bux.
No joke.
And now?  She's the biggest ramping upper of anti-Trump rhetoric that's going to get people killed in real time.  Like really-reelz.  And this dumb bitch has no idea what that sort of death is.  She's never been splashed with someone's copious amounts of blood... never seen someone walking around in a daze, missing an arm from the force of a blast.  Never had to feel the bottoms of the boots sticking to the ground with this horrible 'scritching' noise because blood as it coagulated in pools on the ground is really really sticky and gross.
Ask me how I know this.
She don't tho...
Bitch is gonna get people kil't, and then it'll all be either "they deserved it" or "OMG! Who'd a thunk this could happen!"  Just once I'd like to see these people held resposible for their horseshit.  Just once.

Not a lot to ask is it?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. She's just trying to maintain her saffe spacce in the spotlight.
    Observe any infant, you'll see she's doing it right.

  2. Wanna see something that will really piss you off?
    Because this is what they're now doing.


  3. Dear Timezone,

    Yes, that is my personal nickname for you. Soviet propaganda was never intended to persuade, inform, or disinform. It was intended to humiliate and shock. AOC, SloJoe, Hoe, Towelhead......all destined for the wall once their phase is the meantime, distraction, discombobulation....but what are the fckrs doing right now, while we're looking at the clowns? The, they don't think we're that, we shouldn't be, but while we're thinking this sht aint happenin here at's happened. Time to start preparing instant action drills with built in deniability. Masks and gloves and maskirovka? Forget the AR15, it is pencil in the ear time.

  4. I think an RPG would be a good addition to that cavalcade. Might not dent the car but if slo jo bounces around like a bb in a box car that should break something like his scrawny neck.

    Not that I would wish ill on anyone

  5. Ya gotta look behind the scenes to see the movements of the puppeteers. Sure she is a bimbo and really was at her maximum qualifications as a tavern wench shaking her ass for tips but she serves a useful purpose. She is in a safe district so no matter what she does, she will keep getting re-elected and more importantly AOC absorbs a lot of hate and mockery that distracts from the less moronic members of the Left and what they are doing. I wrote about this two years ago ( ) and I am more convinced than ever that even though she doesn't realize it, she is serving a specific purpose.

    1. Hi Arty!!,
      Your observation is very astute!!! Ya know, if ya' saw a foto or two of her with out knowing "WHO" she is ya'd probably say, "I'd do that!!!" then TOTO pulls the curtain back!! Scratch that!! .. and dude, those last few words of your post say it....,"she is serving a specific purpose!!!!."
      Blue skyz!!!!!,
      Black Death!!!!!!,

  6. history shows us that it is these clowns that are put up against the wall first, as the commie shooters
    don't want to hear them whine anymore than we do. sort of cleaning the gene pool so to speak.
    they think they be in charge,but that never happens.
    the thing we need to think about is, what is happening while the clowns are on stage ?
    who is walking in the back room to make deals selling us out to whoever pays them.
    anytime someone says they want you dead, listen and believe them as they mean it.
    be hard to kill. but it is amazing how fucking stupid they really are.
    and they think we are dumber than them ?

  7. They had to use that one because nobody could figure out how to make it look like pussy from the air.

  8. Biden will make AOC, the new Reality Czar, AKA: head of the Ministry of Truth.

  9. "I wish she'd just shut the fuck up."

    Yeah, but what's the point in having power if you can't lord it over the peasantry? That's like hoping that Gates, Bezos, et al. don't go full Bond villain.

  10. Here’s something that we can do.
    Groups of 1-3 people.
    Get a printer.
    Get a sheaf of 500 pages of plain paper.
    Print out the Declaration of Independence.
    Spread it everywhere.
    Do it smart and your and your buddies are anonymous.

    Call it the anonymous Declaration of Independence initiative.
    Everybody can participate.


    1. Pay cash for the printer because all printers do micro-printing within the visible print to identify their owners.

  11. Hi Bubba!!!,
    Thx for the "Up date!!!" Your "G-2" is on it!!!
    'Would love to "Drop in" sometime, share a whiskey and catch up on good times!!
    And!! if ya' ever make it down hear to the "Manchac Swamps" ...I'll be the "Tour Guide!!'.... Catfish, Garfish and Crawfish as well as "SHRIMP!!!" The fresher the better!! We gotem'....
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch!! Again, thx for the "intel!!!" I Note that!!
    yer' Buddy down in the "Manchac Swamps!!!"
    Audentes, Fortuna, Iuvat!!!!,

  12. She is not in charge. Its like Arthur said her purpose is other. BC not one comment on the escort yet. I love the honor. That is the biggest funny of the week and the fact its going in the wrong direction adds to it. Thanks for that catch.