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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

No One Can Take a Joke

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yah.. No one has a sense of humor anymore, leastways not in public...
The miserable Twitter Bastards have now set their sights on Pat fuckin' Sajak of all people.  Not going to link the story, as links have been funky as fuck lately, but apparently, Wheel O Whatever dude is in deep shit after last nights broadcast.
Seems a contestant had a slight lisp... people are going the fuck off in outrage over the following:

"The longtime game show host was trying to keep things light during Monday’s show as he was introducing contestants. While doing so, Sajak spoke with contestant Chris Brimble. After explaining to the host what he does for a living, it became clear to viewers and the host that Brimble speaks with a slight lisp.

Sajak heard him out and even commented on the importance of his job, bringing technology to older adults. However, the host concluded the brief interview by saying "I thee" instead of "I see."

While Brimble simply laughed the moment off, viewers who were upset about the Sajak's apparent mockery of the contestant’s speech impediment took to Twitter to voice their outrage."

Now, I'ma getting really tired of the faux outrage.
I know y'all are too.
When I was growing up, depending on how the dude who had the lisp looked like, we'd call him out as a lisping fag.  Now if the dude in question didn't have a problem with the tease, then what the fuck is the issue.

Too many folks have forgotten
Ain't yer circus, ain't yer monkeys
Stay in yer lane
Ain't nunya.   Ain't none yo fuckin' biddness there Combat!

Motherfuckers then wonder why mad violence is on the rise, nationally?  Lots of folks are blaming the 'no cops' issue which is part of the larger issue, especially in the inner city where Da Yoots run free and easy with their gansta bullshit.  Nope, I got a bit of my own theory here, and that is the new normal of people getting into everyone elses biddness.

Americans by and large are normally socially distant.  We tend to be really distanced compared to the Eurotrash and Ayrabs.  We -also- nominally really like our privacy.  We don't tolerate motherfuckers getting into our shit.  We even wrote it into the constitution, (not that that matters anymore apparently).  
Stay the hell out of our hair Aye?
Good fence make Good neighbors.  
But now?
Snitch Culture
"See something, say something" and the power of the Twittertards.
Everyone, no matter how low on the social foodchain, now feels empowered to get in other people's faces without repercussion...  I had it happen the other day... again.  I seem to attract the fucktards I swear...  I was, albeit illegally, utilizing a dumpster at the end of the street to throw a particularly noxious bag o'trash out... (a flat of eggs went bad)  Couldn't wait til trash day, and what the hell... giant ass dumpster, small bag o'kitchen trash, and sure as shit, some fucking busybody comes over, takes out his phone, starts recording and comes up giving me flak about it!?!  

Guess he wanted his 2 minutes of fame...
Told him as much... he proceeded to lecture me about how much it costs to empty a dumpster like that yaddayadda...  I was all like "Is it yours?"  
Him: "No but..."
Me: "Do I know you?  Do you know me?"
Him: "No"
Me: "Then what makes you the dumpster cop?  What do you care?"
Him: <puzzled clueless look>
Me: <righteous fury mode> "Seein's you don't know me, I could be a crazy, mentally unbalanced motherfucker with a handgun under my shirt, who particularly doesn't like nosy, stupid pig-i'gnint motherfuckers getting into my fuckin' business, and I then decide you need to be killed because you just filmed me disposing of my latest dismembered corpse, because I'm a serial killer, and you just pissed me off...   hows that make you feel now you dumb motherfucker?"
Him: <backing away while now sweating> "A...a..are you threatening me?"
Me: "Nope... purely hypothetical.  BUT I'm asking you, why the fuck would you bother someone you don't know and piss them off?"
Him: <clueless, stupid sheeplike look>
Me: <walking away muttering>  "That's one way of earning a Darwin Award right there..."

Duelling... I'ma tellin' ya, duelling needs to make a comeback...
Start Culling the Worthless Eaters and let us Predatory Motherfuckers make a comeback.
So yeah, people getting into other peoples shit?
In some circles, that's a killin'.
So, shit to think on... Mind your own damned biddness and things'll work out jes' fine
Jes' Sayin'
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I suspect Pat will land on his feet. He is 74 with a reported net worth of $70 million. He can quit any time he wants to.

    Pat also spent 14 months as an Armed Forces Radio DJ in Viet Nam. A REMF, but he did wear the uniform, more than can be said for most.

  2. I hafta admire your restraint BCE. I would think the next logical step is to chuck sumdood into the dumpster with the rotten eggs. But then, that WOULD be assault.

  3. Calling out people for even the slightest suspected raciss, phobe, misogyny, etc etc is one of the easiest things for any person to do.  Meaning dumbasses need to mouth off about something and most other things actually a working brain.
    I'd put money on most younger (under 40) people as rather having their head chopped off before having one of their peers call them raciss.In fact, that's the 100% purpose of twatter. Mindless idiots trying for their 2 minutes of fame by calling someone out for something en vogue to call people out for these days. Plus keyboard warrior syndrome of course.
    I'm looking forward to when basic necessities are somewhat less easy to acquire and a whole lot of dumbasses get a quick education on the important things in life. Food -yes, Tolerance - yes, twatter games - no.

  4. Funny story! Make dueling great again. haha. Way too many people like getting into other peoples' business. One day you WILL piss off the wrong person.

  5. Around my area of Bradenton, when some of our fine upstanding folks move, they dump half their house full of stuff into any dumpster not locked down. Sofas, beds, tables, etc.

  6. "Homicide: (n.)
    There are four types of homicide: felonious, accidental, justifiable, and praiseworthy.
    - Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

    1. I had to check out the reference as I have the Devil's Dictionary in front of me. The rest of his definition is worth noting: "...but it makes no great difference to the person slain whether he fell by one kind or another--the classification is for advantage of the lawyers."

  7. Yup..

    Some day a cranky older (white/black/asian/latin) motherfucker w a .mil background who likes to shoot, is gonna discover: wife is eating pussy, wants house, bank accounts and he has cancer or some shit, and figures, fuck it, lets do it live for ATFOTRAF (after the first one the rest are free) and decides to go into Dorner mode, and break out little black kill list book, and pop the 1st retard that crosses his path and does stupid shit dumster dummy did to you...

    These people have no clue what goes on in the minds of people who are very comfortable w extreme violence, and just don't show it in day to day life, but it festers, right there under the surface, like a zit waiting to be popped, then on...

    I digress, and would pay money to have seen that interaction...

    1. I want with bated breath for the next killdozer...

  8. I think I have a better way to handle that problem, should it arise again. Immediately, at the top of your voice, begin screaming "Racist, racist, here's a racist" as you wave your arms and turn in a circle to attract attention. You then keep screaming " Nazi, Klan member, someone film this racist, let's dox this racist. Nazi, Nazi, Nazi.How dare you misgender me. I demand validation as a left handed transgendered furry person of color who is a male lesbian. Racist, racist" etc. By this time, a crowd should be watching as the original P.O.S. who started this folds in on themselves and quickly slinks away. Should it happen in a store, they will probably run out as you follow them to the door, (but NOT outside), screaming "Someone film their license plate number. How dare this Nazi Klan member misgender and eye rape me with their cisnormative gaze of hatefulness. Hater, hater, hater,..." etc, etc, etc. (a) The looks on their faces will be priceless. (b) NO ONE repeat, NO ONE will believe their protestations of innocence. Should they produce a video, you merely claim they did it before you started screaming and are trying to cover it up. Keep screaming. (c) They will probably never do it again. The first to yell and the loudest to yell usually wins.

  9. I grew up as a Polish kid hearing polack jokes, mostly from my polack family members and somehow it didn't scar me for life.