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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Looks Burma-Bad

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
Apparently the dental thing is a bone spur of some sort.  They're gonna grind on it later today after the insurance signs off. Go figure. Thanks Obamamessiah! So, the latest and greatest is Myanmar’s State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint were busted by teh military for out-and-out electoral fraud.
Seems that the evidence is pretty overwhelming too.
"Major General Zaw Min Tun, a spokesman for the Myanmar military, pointed out that a further 8.6 million irregularities in 314 townships had been identified, suggesting that a large number of voters had voted multiple times, and urged the election commission to take action.

General Zaw Min Tun had been calling for the election commission to provide final voter lists for cross-checking, in order to verify whether fraud had taken place or not.

“Not resolving this in line with the law means this is a political crisis,” he told reporters last week.

The weak-willed election commission, which was appointed by the NLD, declined to acknowledge the evidence."

“Weaknesses and errors in voters lists cannot cause voting fraud,” the election commission said in their response."

Sounds awfully familiar eh?

Pretty fucked up when fuckin BURMA's military has more balls than ours eh?

Yah.  So, of course in a totally foreseeable and obvious and oblivious manner, the Propaganda Arms of The Great and Glorious Overlords here in the US, who apparently trained their Burmese counterparts in election theft, i.e. ham-handed observable from the Moon, have taken the position that it's a "coup" and illegitimate as hell.

They have to doncha know... don't want any of 'their' military getting wobbly on keeping the status quo in line with The Beloved Party and all it's installed minions.  They really shouldn't worry about it... not on the 'high side.'  The 'high side', as long as they keep getting promotions, power, and the eventual positions on CNN as highly paid commentators, or go into the Private Sector to insanely high paying contract gigs (i.e. money laundering biddnesses) they'll back the Beloved Party and all it's Glorious Functionaries and Elites.

Now, on the other hand.
The grunts?  I'd be curious if they've installed Political Officers yet in the ranks.
Because it's the trigger-pullers who have to keep doing the scut work.. the patrolling, the ECP guarding (ECP =Entry Control Points)... funny thing is, even if the DotMil goes 'full commissar' and plants, even undercover, a Political Officer/Enlisted/NCO, they're not going to be able to be very effective.  And if it goes hot?  Those are the guys who get ND'd right off the bat... Negligent Discharge... "Gee, I didn't mean to shoot Sgt. Ratfink in the back of the head, I tripped I swear!"

Not necessarily a bad thing amiright?

Grunts, especially line grunts can smell a rat within a 5 klik grid square.
In fact, in almost every infantry unit I was in, we had the what I called the 'Obligatory CID-Kid' (pronounced 'Sid-Kid') which stands for Criminal Investigation Department of the Army... I.E. the fucking Narcs.  They, during the in-between wars, had -nothing- better to do than find a young-ish looking troop, eager to work his way up in the Finkfest that's CID, and 'insert' them undercover into a unit.  Usually it was supposedly a 'new transfer' from another unit... fucker'd show up, start hanging out, and after a while, he'd start gently inquiring about smoking weed, dealing, 'where can I get some pot?'  shit like that...

One asshole tried it in the Rakkasans... boy... that one... made a rookie mistake that got him caught like right off the bat.  Asshole hadn't been in our Company but a week and started asking about weed...  We ALL knew who the heads were, but no-one was telling this mook anything.  No one knew him yet, so we stayed mute to this newbie...  I was the one, with my roomie who figured out he was a Narc.  The way we did?  The Army had 'back in the day' Jungle Boots... Black leather bottom part, toe n'heel.  The top?  Up until the mid 90's, Jungles were Green nylon/canvass top.  They then phased 'em out for all black, tops and bottoms.  This dude was in my room, chillin' and hanging with us, in a 'get to know the new guy' sort of beerfest, when I noticed his boots were Green Jungles...asked him about them too, right in front of everyone "Hey, newguy, where'd ya get the Green jungles?  They ain't issued anymore and yer not supposed to have 'em?"  Looking at them, it was clear they had some mileage on 'em too... these weren't Ranger Joe's $19.99 specials... nope, Altama's finest, and broken in.

He sweated it for about 60 seconds too long, and then bullshitted us with the "Oh! These were my uncles, we got the same boot size, so he gave me his old ones!"
Wrong answer newguy.  NO ONE, most of all an Infantryman, wears boots that were broken in by another person -ever- IMO.  I know, I know, in the movies it shows people in shit taking shoes off the dead all the time and shit like that, but let me tell ya, leather combat boots?  No fucking way.  LPC's (Leather Personnel Carriers) are waaay to critical to a Infantryman who might have to hump a 60 pound ruck 25 miles on rough terrain... if the boots ain't yours, blisters are the least of your issues.

So, needless to say, after a few weekends of Narcboi getting the ever-living shit beat out of him, -someone- transferred his stupid ass out of the company.  It was that or eventually we were going to have a fatal 'accident' in the motor hole.  

Heh.  He never did find out who the weed fiends were.

And thats the kind of shit that awaits the eager bright eyed SJWs that the DotMil will eventually start recruiting to be a Political Reliability Cadre or whateverthefuck they call it... the boonie troops'll handle that shit... they're not going to be cowed like the Russian Peasant Army was by the "Blue Hornets" of the KGB, named for the bright blue band on their hats.  Nope... Political Cadre in the DotMil will be among the first to be exterminated if and when the grunts decide that it's time to play "frag all the senior officers".

In fact, another thing I'd be curious about is if the current 5K of troops are currently allowed to interact with civvies?  I know that if I had a chance and was a local, and being a veteran, if I brought say a big pot of hot soup and/or a big crate of Dunkies to the troops at an ECP, identified meselves as a Vet, with multiple tours, if they'd let me in on the SPC4 Mafia Grapevine...  It'd be an interesting way to gather intel...  they E-4's as I've said before usually have a waaay better idea of what's going on in and with the troops...

Jes' Sayin'
So, More Later if'n I can... they gotta grind on those spurs this afternoon, so we'll see what happens.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Yes, the PO feels like an inevitability now. And not just in the military. They'll start inserting them everywhere that Whitey lives and works. Fighting that domestic terrorism, dontchaknow.

  2. "In fact, another thing I'd be curious about is if the current 5K of troops are currently allowed to interact with civvies?"

    Indeed. Have you read this book?

    Very interesting story about that in the chapter about the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. Money quote from that chapter (as best I can remember)--

    "All of us in the officer corps knew that for at least Ten years, we would not make the mistake of invading a country with a higher standard of living than our own".

    And yeah, did my time as a SP/4. All the stories are true.

  3. they can't be everywhere.....thinking the "diversity nco" will expand down to the unit level soon...and start having accidents shortly after.

  4. Dem occifers, and mind you, I was one, are more worried about their promotion chances if they don't play along, wear their knee pads, and suck PC schlong than doing the right thing. Always had a lot of respect for my NCOs and their charges. Also, made my underling officers roll up their sleeves and help with some of the shit work. Worked hard to make sure we always had each other's back and I always ended up having a damn fine group of folks on deployment.

  5. Sad to think our military has less common sense and testicular fortitude than the Burmese.

  6. Here's good thoughts on your dental work. They will probably give you gas or twilight anesthesia. Your jaw will be sore as hell. Don't drink through a straw for 24 hours or you could get a dry socket. And you don't want that, believe me. Don't be shy in asking for pain meds. You'll probably need it. Don't white knuckle it.