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Friday, February 26, 2021

Legal Injustice

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Good training stuff upcoming.  I'm listening to y'all on 'stuff' thats going to be needed in the future, with some info that'll be covered this weekend.  This A.M. I'm gonna go into the upcoming problems (as I sees 'em) that're starting and are flat-out what's going to be the "Line" that everyone always talks about.
So sayeth The Queen
Personally, we're heading in to a "Royalty/Serf" environment, except it's the self-designated "Elites" who are going to run the show, by dint of cash and power/influence.  I mean good God, when -I- personally look at some of these folks, I can't for the life of me figure out just how/where/why they got to where they are.   Case in point, Jack Dorsey... fucker on a good day looks like a drowned rat... he's that foul smelling bum who tries to ask you for a smoke, and then some spare change.
Thing is...
Those self designated "Betters" are ramping up the rhetoric
To the point I'm genuinely concerned.
Like man, they no not what they do....
Or maybe they do, and don't give a fuck.
Thing is, we ain't the cowering, simpering fuckers that they assume we are.
We ain't like them.  THEY per usual project without critical analysis nor thought.  
They react, badly as it's now seen in D.C.  
Fuckin' Green Zone in Baghdad didn't have half as many troops guarding it, and that was with daily rocket and mortar attacks on the daily-daily.  That was full on assaults and attacks... half of them fags in the Capitol wouldn't last through a week of Balad's incoming.  In 04 we called Balad Airbase "Mortaritaville" because it got the ever living shit kicked out of it daily.

After living through that shit, do you think I'm worried if it 'kicks off' and the people on the right start rampaging?  Me and mine?  Not so much, but I think Pelosi and Occasional Cortex might fully die of fright if the real shit kicks.  Can you imagine the reaction if someone dropped a mortar round on the House?  I mean it'd be a fucking absolute crime, as that building is absolutely gorgeous, but these are the collaterals that'll come about IF these people don't back the fuck off.
Things like this survey that came out yesterday
Showing the "Extremely Concerned" about Trump Supporters?


I mean really?

Look at that list.  It's a laundry list of the Propaganda State's Enemy-Media Industrial Anti-Trump (and therefore anti-American/white) industry.  The only legit concern on that list is "Americans lacking health coverage" and all the rest is a bunch of horseshit.  Like HUUUUGE heaping steaming piles of doggie donuts levels man.

"Donald Trump Supporters?"  I can't get over that.  That thing reads like a guidebook on the "How to Start a Genocide" on average, white, proud-to-be Americans who are anti-abortion, pr-family, and love this country.

Fuckin' Clown World indeed.
And it's in an accelerationist mode right now.
And it isn't about righting past wrongs... well in their minds it is, but it's bullshit perceived notions of past injustices.  The Obamamessiah spoke again the other day saying that this country was built on the backs of slaves... which ones you stupid ig'nint African halfbreed?  The white Irish slaves?  The white English slaves?  Ohhhhh he's talking about the black African slaves... even though numerically, the white slaves outnumbered the fuckin' Africans buy 500 to 1... howsabout some reparations for the white slaves you fucking asshole?  They were called 'indentured' instead of 'slaves' to church it up a bit, but a fucking slave is a fucking slave, no matter what the color of the skin yer wearing.  And int he case of this shytteshow?

It's about revenge
Revenge for doing well
For being smarter, better and wiser
For having a civilization and a functional one at that
For conquering the world and going to the moon, and no, don't tell me wouldn't have made it there without three fucking black females... a fucking myth spun up to give the-something- to cling to, because everyone gets a consolation prize because no one is allowed to be a fucking loser, even though historically, blacks are and will continue to be just that
Fucking losers.

Fuck them.  Oprah was a one-off, and not because of rayyyyyycism.  It's because as a whole, they are demonstratively lower in the IQ scale, and the very fact that at one point theyselves call out that hard work, dedication to a job well done, and perseverance is a "white trait of supremacy"

So, does that mean that laziness, shiftlessness and sloth is a black trait?

It goes both ways you stupid fuckers

So now they're essentially starting to look at passing laws.  What these laws are ain't been stated per se... they can't scare the sheep yet.  It's incremental.  It's been so far going that direction...the 'proposed upcoming gun ban(s)' are going to be the first step.  And when they fail, it'll ramp up from there. 

Leastways that's what they think.

How they think a 'war on whiteness' is actually going to play out?  I mean really?
This ain't 1940, and we're not going to be 'led gently to slaughter'
Go time is coming, and they don't know just how bad it'll get
Srebrenica Levels of Cleansing.  
As in 30 years from now, GranBebe is gonna ask "Papi, What's a 'liberal?" and hopefully I'll be there to tell her "Well, that's the folks I helped get rid of who wanted to enslave and kill us because of the color of our skin baby."
I really hope that's how it plays out
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. The big point that everyone overlooks is (((who))) is dividing this nation into antagonists? The (((media))) prints articles about how bad racism is and then turns right around and shows us charts they made up about how divisive we are along racial and religious lines. It's the same people playing both sides against themselves, while they pat themselves on the back and watch the riots start. Read the names of some of these authors and tell me they don't all belong to one tribe. It's right there in print in front of your face, and denial is not an option.Look who runs all these anti-hate groups, same folks who push the lies about how nasty white folks are. Look at their (((names)))

    1. Totally agree. However theirs a group on top calling the shots. Setting policy. They can't stand our freedoms. What's left of it. A couple names are obvious. Most are not. Having said that, do the identity of these assholes really matter when shit gets real? I'm not sure. I'm just pissed off as all hell.

  2. I agree with how out-of-touch the Elite and the leftist are. If you can turn them into a triggered quivering pile of flesh by miss-naming their gender, how will they look when their car rapidly disassembles and pieces-parts of flaming family members go flying through the air?

    Or live and work in an area that has that nasty death-rot smell from the squishy parts that can never ever be really washed away?


    As to minorities, well, I refuse to bow down to people who continually kill any smart ones that show up randomly in their midst. I refuse to bow down to people who, historically, never fucking invented or adopted the wheel until some whytepeeepoo stuck a gun to their fucking heads and said "Use the Wheel, Luke!" I refuse to bow down to any motherfucker who plays racial politics but is wearing and driving and drinking the fruits of white people's skull sweat.

    As to White Slaves? What the fuck do they think filled the ranks of the latifundia in the South after the restoration of the English monarchy after Parlimentarian Rule that came after the English Civil War? It weren't blecks. It was white parlimentarians. Previously, under the Parlimentarians, it was white royalists

  3. Best analysis of what we're going through as white folks. Excellent commentary.

  4. Good Ol' LSA Anaconda............still convinced those little shits had those mortars in the back of those little Toyota pickups, doing a middle eastern 82mm drive-by. 109th Med Bn, IANG, '03-'04.

  5. ...It's about revenge
    Revenge for doing well
    For being smarter, better and wiser
    For having a civilization and a functional one at that...

    Exactly. they are pissed they were born stupid niggers. Listen Kamala, it doesnt matter what title you whore yourself to, you only ever be a stupid nigger. You know that. We all know that. No amount money redistribution, laws, or convincing white soy boys to kneel will change you are nothing but a dumb nigger.

    and as for (((them))), I took a History of Anti-semitism class where I learned that pogroms were repetitive. Now I understand why. (((They))) stir pot. You die.

    1. Troy Lee Messer,

      I heard that word 'pogrom', never paid any attention to it, and just now looked up the definition:
      * it is Rooskie for 'mostly-peaceful summer evenings in the big city'.

      By extension, is 'pogromer' the proper translation for 'mostly-peaceful inner-city mal-contents'?

      I am naming all my children 'pogrom'.

  6. ....
    The big point that everyone overlooks is (((who))) is dividing this nation into antagonists? The (((media))) prints articles about how bad racism is and then turns right around and shows us charts they made up about how divisive we are along racial and religious lines. It's the same people playing both sides against themselves,......

    Amen Brother

    IMHO, my biggest pet peave is self hating whites. I know niggers are gonna rape and murder like I know birds fly south. IOW, niggers are gonna nigger. Nigger violence is tautological. But there is a vector in the White gene pool that needs wiped out. Take the Swedes and Great Britian, (Some of ) These weak Whites imported sand niggers only to have shit like the child raping feast in Rotherham in England and the raping the shit out of Sweden. I think the White SJW have this gene expression.

    These (strain of) whites hate themselves, deny God and his Creation, and are our Achilles Heal. Identify them, mock them. It OK to hate them. They sure as Hell hate you.

    Thanks for letting me post. It would be an honor to watch your 6, Expat.

    1. I must have gotten my Swedish genes from the Viking side, my visceral hate for blacks and darker shades is legend. I am not a self-hating white, I am WHITE! Hear me Roar!

  7. just look at the shit coming out of merick garlands mouth, the soon to be AG. reminds me of capt redlegs, "doing right ain't got no end." he's promising to go after the capital "rioters", their supporters, and anybody that agreed with them on social media, and anybody else with "trumpism". if that isn't gestapo shit i don't know what is. but you're wrong. 90% of these zombies we call fellow americans will get on the train if the gov't tells them to. look at all the masked, now double masked faces in the streets. "get on the train, we'll take you someplace safe." srebrinica, why i hate blue helmets.

    1. I hope he goes after them in an honest way as if he was on the SCOTUS. He like we all know who those idiots were.