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Saturday, February 6, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got to bed waaaay late last night.  Passed out actually.  We got GranBebe AGAIN this weekend, as the OtherRents are huuuuge sportsball fans, and they're doing  a Supersportsball Party.  I'm pretty 'meh' aboot the whole thing.  I called it a ways back that the Buccaneers were going to be in it, and they are.  I think also that the Bucs are going to win, so's Brady can go out with ten supersportball rings and retire, covered in glory and whatnot. 
Of course Wifey was a member of the Pirate Crew for the Bucs last year...
This year she couldn't do it.
So anyways 
So, todays title LEELE stands for something I think is coming down the road, sooner rather than later.
The news, such as it is these days is showing that people across the nation are beginning to see the cracks, if not outright disintegration of the social compact(s) that keep civilization under control.  The base is no longer there, if in fact it ever was.

Now FedBro thinks I'm anti-police.  Furthest thing from it.  I'm a big believer in policing, however NOT in it's current form.  The overarching NeoNazi Police Stasi-State has gotten to be a self-perpetuating machine that targets the 'low hanging fruit' of society for 'mulcting' as Eric Peters refers to it on the reg on his car/libertarian website.  The definition for those not knowing of 'to mulct' is to extract money from by means of fines and/or taxation, usually by fraud.

If THAT ain't the very definition of what the DotGov and Bronze do to us on a near-daily basis, then I don't know what it is.  The very fact that the Bronze can pull you over, usually under the most specious of rationales, and then, by hook or by crook jail, fine, and even drain every penny of yours, under the color of law, means we are not truly free.  The very fact that the means to extract all of your resources under the color of law insures that 'The Bronze Fiscal Extraction System' stays in place, and even encourages bad behavior on the part of the Bronze Agents to further fund their what would normally be illegal endeavors.

The fucking Mafia is more honest, forthright and up-front in their dealings
I'd rather deal with the Mob, given an opportunity. 
THEY at least understand justice and honesty.

So, by my outlook, the LEELE is the fact that they're going to be rendered 'null and void' here in the near future.  As in the way the current Marxists in Power seem to be rolling, the police, in it's current incarnation, is becoming a Praetorian Guard for the Powers That Be.  Even more so than before.  And the Higher up the Bronze, FedGov levels and such, the deeper the rot, corruption and outright evil that resides in it.

And people have had enough.
COPS in general have had enough.

Case in point the 'supposed' Kid Diddler here in Florida.
Nevermind anything whether or not he did it, was set up or any other nefarious shit went down, the base line is he decided that the Feds needed to die.  No respect, no hesitance.  Straight up textbook Bushwhack.  Too bad he 'supposedly' offed himself, I would have bet dollars to donuts he'd have had some things to say, if he'd lived.  Hell, looking at the house and the setup of the front porch, the Bronze didn't stand a chance.  Elevated porch, staircase off set from the front door, recessed front door with Ring Camera on the door?  Nowhere to properly 'stack' and judging from the reports, there was no stack.  They just stood in front of the front door and hammered on it announcing theyselves, and he replied with a mag-dump though the door.

This is the way.
And it's going to keep happening.
And the lower down the Bronze levels, at the city-and-local level, they're calling it quits
A pension ain't no good if'n yer too dead to spend it or enjoy it.

The LEELE's going to happen if there's another BLM inspired massacre like they had in Dallas that one time.  I think I wrote about it to a friend of mine back then... it was really jacked... the whole thing about that shooting was -off-.  The shooter was unemployed, and yet was armed with some seriously expensive weapons and optics... The pictures showed he was running a brand new Saiga Legion in 5.45mm.  Brand new in that the charging handle protective rubber cover wasn't even removed yet.

How does an unemployed welfare special w/mental health issues get ahold of a $3000.00 rifle with what -appears- to be an Aimpoint Optic?
Inquiring Minds and all that Aye?
So, yeah, another big time big deal shootout and cop-massacre, and 

A) they'll out law all the guns and 
B) the cops are going to say "Fuck this" and bail in outrageous numbers.  
Hence, the LEELE
Ain't going to be the people taking out the cops, it's the cops that're going to turn their backs on us.

I myself wouldn't blame them.  GTFO whilst the getting is good Aye?
So yeah,  What we need to do is go back to an 1800's style policing
Might happen if the fall is far and hard enough.
We'll see
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I'd add to your comments about the Dallas shooter that he had >$1k of training too. He stayed off the X, kept on the sites, and didn't stop moving.

    But those of us with families, jobs, responsibilities and savings are the domestic terrorists...

  2. I agree.

  3. How many times have I explained why I turned in my badge and gun? It's not worth it if you have options.

  4. Like I said Henry Bowman would be proud.

  5. My 'one of many' story:

    Late 1970s, a Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy stopped me for not stopping at a stop-sign... where he waz sitting watching traffic go by.
    Obviously, I completely stopped since he was obviously inches from the intersection.

    It turns out that nincompoop was collecting good backgrounds to acquire Class 3 firearms and mufflers.
    I discovered his scam after feds came to me home to verify my storage for all my taxed items... items I had zero-zero-zero knowledge of and did not possess.

    He was arrested, noloed, was sentenced to a year in prison, walked into prison, walked out the next day with his expungement in hand... and went to work with the US Marshall Service.
    He worked a few months, fabricated an injury, med retired.
    Last I heard, he lives in the Philippine Islands tax-free.



    The Sacramento Bee newspaper had side-by-side articles:
    a -- a standard-issue goofball was sentenced to seven years for felony identity theft.
    b -- a Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy sargent noloed a misdemeanor for identity theft plus using the ID collection to scam scripts... and her total slap was six months riding a desk and a reduction in rank.


    Late 1070s, Sacramento City Police Force lieutenant Jack Mahanovich ran brothels and gambling parlors.
    After feds popped him, he was allowed to retire instead of facing jurors.


    I trained as a LawEnforcementOfficial.
    I worked corrections.

    I left because the correctional setting attracted dim sadists.