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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sooo Wifey got me a thing...
A Smith and Wesson 669.  Second Generation Double Action mid-sized 9mm.
Made from 1984 to 1988.
Truly a "Gun of the 80's"
My second one... the first having been permanently confiscated by the PoPo during the 'unpleasantness' of the deeeeee-vorce.  That being said, this was the first 9mm semi-auto I ever shot at age 16.  It was my Uncle Fred's daily carry.  I loved the damned thing and swore I'd own one when I was old enough to get one.  Fast forward a couple dozen years, and hey!
I got one, lost one, and got another.
And this thing is crazy cherry
Y'all know how I drooled over that Smith Mod. 39 I worked on...
Well, this's even better
Like the Dream Daily Carry.  It's an oddball.  It's not-quite-compact and not-quite-full sized.  It's like mid-sized.  Still fits my big assed hands.  It's got a 12 round mag, 13 with one up the pipe.  This shockingly has the original stippled grips, which usually got ditched in favor of Pachmayr wrap-arounds.  This was a very popular back up piece for the fuzz back in the day, as the size kept it small enough without getting retardedly small.
It was also prominently featured on the show "Miami Vice" on the reg... in this picture here:
With what is possibly the most 80's picture in history possibly.  I didn't think you could pack MOR 80's into one pic, but between the pastels, the clothes and the whole shtick, you ain't getting MOR 80's than that.  It was because I heard that the producers had a deal with Smith and Wesson, and Don Johnson was fond of the 645, a large frame S&W in .45.  That was after he had to give up his Bren 10 10mm, when the whole production of those went down the shitter.
But yeah
The thing is -showroom-, and for a 30 plus year old weapon, I'm fucking tickled to death
Gotta love a woman who keeps you in yer weaponry eh?  I do not want to know how much she paid for it, seeings the insanity of the current weapons market, but she said I wouldn't have lost my shit and her money is 'her money'... go figger Aye?
I can't wait to go pop some rounds... I'm going to break out the 'good stuff' to work it in.  The bore is pristine.  Like if this thing had more than 100 rounds through it in it's lifetime I'd be stunned.  The lands and grooves are like new.  Unreal eh?
So, I'm a happy monkey
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  1. nothing says love like a gun.

  2. Gotta love a woman who will purchase a firearm to make her man happy.
    Years ago, my wife pulled a fast one on me with an internet friend I use to have and got me a BEAUTIFUL blond M44 that I was trying to finagle out of him. He told me that he already sold it, but didn't tell me it was my woman.
    Of course...this was back when the Mosins didn't cost you 2 nuts and a first born.

    1. I can tell mine loves me: for my 50th- she paid the best FAL gunsmith in town to assemble the box o’ parts I’d accumulated with the Imbel receiver I’d recently bought. It shoots smooth and accurate and has never choked on ball ammo. Still need to polish the feed ramps a bit so it’ll be just as reliable w/hunting ammo (hollow and soft point), but it’ll shoot what it was designed for all afternoon w/o a hiccup.
      Did I mention that I love my wife? 😉

  3. Happiness is a warm gun...preferably belt-fed.

  4. Had one. Bought it new in 87. Was an OK gun but had a tendency to stovepipe. Could never figure out if it was the gun or the mags. When CCW became legal in my state I sold it and went with a Glock.

  5. If I'm not mistaken, that's Willie Nelson he's pointing the gun at.
    Best episode of the whole series.

  6. Solid pieces,all metal, pre-polymer, double action. When guns were really guns.

    1. Double tap here today, but Yep, the Colt 1911 is good for 110 years, that be proovin. Der Glock, well, we know the polymer is good for 40 years now...

  7. Quite a few yrs ago my GF found me a S&W 1006 (they were the original FBI 10mm test gun) online, and got it for me. Exc condition. That thing shoots circles around my Glock 20 and hasn't jammed once (which my G20 is notorious for), from weak factory loads thru nuclear handloads, it's the pinnacle of 10mm's.
    Those older S&W are jewels.

  8. I've always been partial to the 3913, it looks sleek as hell.

    I daily a M&P 1st gen, so I am still in the S&W family. :)

  9. That is a very nice and well taken care of piece self defense equipment. So when your Lady Wife asks "Honey" can you please... My Husband asked what I wanted for our anniversary two years ago. I said Ammo. Rather have ammo than jewelry. Red

  10. Hi Bubba!!,
    Glad ta' see yer' "Tickled Pink!!!" "Sweet Pieces" are a part of "Dreams" and "what fills our fist!!""" In the speech of John Wayne in that classic scene .. he with the patch over one eye and a couple of rifles in his hands!!! (If I was seeing double... I was "Really Drunk at the time" (To steal a line from "Pink Floyd..'Dark Side of the Moon'"
    Meanwhile back at the ranch... Whiskey gettin' low...
    gotta' go for a "mid-air-re-fuel!!!

  11. We still have my early 90s era Smith .40 cal back when that was the hot caliber, very basic pistol but works great.

  12. Nice. Love my 5906. Don't take it out often but it's a solid, reliable piece that will make a good club if I ever run out of ammo. Don't forget to get some spare parts.

  13. Nice gun, great wife!

    Going totally off topic, have you heard anything from the E4 mafia about troops not saluting Biden? Of all the weirdness in DC, I think that's the weirdest.

  14. Now I can't help, but picture you as Stimpy dancing around to the Stinky Wizzleteats tune. Although I'd judge you to have more of Ren's personality....

  15. OGF worked at Doormouse and Dickhead over a summer break. Went to a gun show with her one time, and a cat had a Bren 10 'on diplay', She had that bad boy field stripped in 15 seconds, before the guy could say 'please don't do that'. 'That's okay' she said, this is one of mine. Her initials were on the inside of the slide.