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Monday, February 22, 2021

Fuck Around and Find Out

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Seems that the "Cloud People" are going to make it MOAR illegal to go after judicial miscreants.  
Seems some lawyer got fed up and pissed off at a Judge names Salas and planned on offing her.  He planned it out pretty meticulously, in the he went as far as getting a FedEx uniform and stuff to appear as a delivery man.  When he got to the house though, things went sideways, and her kid bought it and her hubby wounded.

Now, I do feel for the woman.  However, considering just how corrupt our system has become?  How untrustworthy our supposed self-proclaimed betters are?  How the justice system, systemically and overall is a two-tier system, designed to keep the peasants scared and in-line as tax bearing beast of burden?  I mean is it any wonder someone finally lost their collective shit and deigned it time to take some and git some back?  I'll be honest, the numbers thrown around as to the numbers of threats yearly is faaar lower than I'd expect...

"The U.S. Marshals Service, which protects about 2,700 federal judges, said there were 4,449 threats and inappropriate communications in 2019, up from 926 such incidents in 2015."

Considering just how evil the system is, I'd expect a couple of 'zeros' on them numbers.  NOT that I agree that that's the way things should go... there are legal recourses out there, but not everyone is wrapped too tight in the thinking meat.  Apparently that guy decided to go for broke, and man, now?

They're introducing MOAR protective acts to hire a fuckton of MOAR FedFuzz to guard their precious hides from the great unwashed masses.  
Funny that, I thought murder was already illegal?

This's a pattern.  This's going to be used as a harder, deeper protective act.  "The Judicial and Politician Protection Act(s) of 2021" or some such bullshit.  Make it that the full wrath of an already oppressive FedGov Leviathan comes down and crushes anyone who dares peek over the transom and call them out on their bullshit.  Nevermind actual murder, it'll be that if you dare question your "betters" that they'll crush you like a roach, and if you -try- to whack any of them, they'll more than likely add some North Korean level generational shytte onto the charge... make it like North Korea, where it's "Three Generations of Guilt" and one of the most oppressive Crime Families in history...the Kim Klan don't fuck around...
Used to be you could tar and feather a corruptocrat without issue... in fact, a lot of the time, their own would help out... depended on how badly you fucked around... if you were a minor irritant, the tar would be heated just enough to make you a real mess, and fuck you up... if you got them really pissed at you, the tar would be heated enough to cause third-degree burns, and that'll do pig... d-e-a-d as a you could get...

We need to bring back that, and duelling.
That'd settle a LOT of this keyboard warrior shit...
Pistols at 20 paces.  Shoot a motherfucker in the head and call it a day.
In fact, have 'em use a set just like the above... Purdey Classic Duelling pistols...
That's end a LOT of this bullshit going on IF we had the means to institute it
But somehow methinks the PTB ain't going go for it...
So, where does that leave us?
Ye Olde Rockage and a Harde Place...
Ain't gonna be fun...
Head on A Swivel
They ARE coming to get us
Be the Gray Man
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Be the gray man. Like you? No, we should all put on our safety orange FUCK YOU vests, so they can see that a hundred mil, hunert fiddy mil, hate them. Everywhere they look, a sea of orange. As a bonus, you will likely get yer fewshun points lowered a little. Jus tryna be helpful. Also, Wworking on my grammer n shit to be less whiteish. Although, to see me, I'm shockingly cawkashun.

  2. Waiting for the Elite to mandate 'elite enclaves' so that the politically correct elite can have their mansions and estates behind walls protected by soldiers and other .gov armed units.

    It's coming. You know it is. That the Elite will form their own districts, surrounded by the lesser elite, surrounded by the minimally elite, all behind walls to protect them. It's almost that bad now.

  3. Funny, the harder they crack down on us deploarables, the brighter of us find work arounds and clever gadgets and ways to fuck up their days.

  4. You know what happens when you take away people's ability to "inappropriately communicate"? You don't get a warning that they want a piece of you. I'm cool with it. Make it illegal to say you want bad things to happen to the elite. Then they don't know which is which, and the ones that have the ability, desire, and will, do what they do.

    1. Everyone is an elite until they catch a 6.5 Creedmore in the side of the head from farther away than they can see.

  5. When the evil elite hide behind hired thugs the solution is to go after the hired thugs.....and their kin. They'll have a lot of trouble finding people willing to risk their neck when the risk is REAL.

  6. What the man Triplicate

  7. Isn't that judge one who was appointed to a case involving banking and other aspects of the Epstein trial or am I confusing one critter with another.