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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Feds KIA'd

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Apparently this A.M. Floridaman struck again.  This time wasting 2 Fibbies and wounding 3 more during a raid on his house.  Now, off-fish-ully the Fibbies were going, apparently in great force to arrest a kiddie porn possessor.  
Now, IF in fact they were going after a kid-diddler, aight... good.  Hope they kill the sumbitch.

My issue is, and this's where I have zero information...
I'm not saying that this isn't what happened
You want to know what's really fucked up about this?
What's really sad about it?
My initial reaction

"I wonder what those worthless fucking feds were really up to and/or after?" 

My first instinct when I hear about the FBI doing 'something' is that they're the bad guys
That they got what they deserve
My faith and belief in the system is irretrievably trashed
It ain't coming back.
And it's all their own fault
I will shed not one tear for neither them nor their families.
Fuck 'em
Because of the continual willing malfeasance and being a malignant cancer on the body of the former United States that the Federal Bureau of Incompetents has become, they no long command me, my respect nor my sympathy.  Sympathy is in my dictionary between "Shit" and "Syphilis", and the feds qualify for two out of those three in this case.  Guess which two they are?  

If anything, the only thing the FBI is worth of is my undying contempt and ridicule.
Damned shame that.
Jes' Sayin'
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. yeah well never heard of a pedo going Rambo on the po po before, mostly docile around grown ups.. have heard fibbies putting pedo shit on a fellas computer though. this will get more n more often, and soon. wait til hr 127 passes. i'll be a felon twenty ways from sunday. may as well go out with a bang.... 30 years of service, to be made a criminal by slug that never gave anything. some thanks....

  2. In this day and age, if you own a computer, phone, smart TV, anything like that, needs in basements can make anything they want appear on your computer. Expect anyone who they need to get rid of to pop up with something nasty on their hard drive.

  3. Nerds... stupid autocorrect.

  4. Same here. When I saw that story, I smiled.
    They brought it on themselves.

  5. Planting kiddie porn on a PC remotely is child's play for a lot of hackers....government paid and otherwise. That becomes the Probable Cause allowing them to pretty much do whatever they wish....."legally" of course. As for the dead Fed thugs.... My "give-a-shit meter" is currently registering a zero.

  6. My opinion is also that they got what they deserved. And I really ain't buying the kiddie porn story. Why have 5 FIB (not a typo) agents make that kind of raid with local po po back-up ? That damn kid-diddler had some kilss to KIA 2 and wound 3 ( read 100%) of the FIB (not a typo) square-heads. As the left constantly crows about election fraud, prove this "suspect" was a child-pornographer.

    Maybe he was the guy that allegedly tried the hit on Trump last week at Mar-A-Lago, and they were going to Epstein his ass......

  7. Saw this else where. Most comments were the same, being basically: I wonder what or who they were actually going after?
    No wonder the faux govt. is trying to keep veterans from having guns. Think what a few of them can do; trained to ambush the enemy.

  8. You are right to be skeptical. As said above it is --trivially-- easy to plant files on any web connected device by the alphabet agencies. 'Pedo' is a such a good cover story for what their true objective is whatever that may be, because it stops all discussion. Much as they use 'racist' as a label to shut down all dissent. You say you were going after pedos nobody questions anything you do or how you do it. Expect to see lots more 'pedo raids' as they round up bad thinkers under the guise of 'for the children'.

    Like Big Country said, if this agency had even an ounce of integrity left someone might believe them or support them, but they burned that up wholly in the past 4 years.