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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Fed Kil't Followup

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Apparently I hit a nerve or twenty on the whole "Who gives a shit?" meter what with the DeadFed club that got two new members.   Thing is, I've noticed another lil tidbit that ain't adding up.  Sapper pointed it out that the SWAT team was in the neighborhood, executing ANOTHER warrant, and that the time 0500ish is around when they like to hit some folks...  now that being said, 5 Fibbies?  Split raid?  ALL the DeadFeds and Friends at one house?  Gotta say, 2 Dead, 3 Wounded and it took a SWAT Team to dig out the target?  That's not what I expect from the run-of-the-mill Kid Diddler.
In fact it does ping my bullshit meter into the red zone
Especially since they've gone to running silent about it.
No -real info-
No names
'Cept to point out that the two KIA'd involved specialized in hacking for Kiddie Porn.
Even in Faux News that one of the wounded was: "...involved in an FBI hacking campaign to expose child pornography circulating on the dark website, Playpen."

That got someone 30 years in the hole.

As stated by my oh-so-astute readers here and commentators, it's easy as fuck to pull up and whack and plant on someone's shit these days.  Terrifyingly easy... which then gives them the ability to get a warrant, and cornhole you three ways to Sunday.

And another thing:
Now, one thing I've noticed over the years is that most of the kid-diddlers I've seen busted aren't the manliest specimens.  Mostly seriously psychologically damaged motherfuckers who need a good killin'  I just haven't heard of many who go out gunning like a motherfucker with a weapon.

The 'stand and delivery' mode doesn't sound like a diddler to me...
Jes' Sayin'
Hard to tell though, maybe they did?  Maybe they didn't?  Not my call.  
Don't know, don't care. 

Still, the OVERWHELMING reaction has been negative to the entire encounter
Towards the DeadFeds
Got me a serious hunch that they ain't gonna have too many assists in the future from John or Jane Q Public if and when things go sideways again.  
More like <BANGBANGBANG!!>
(FBIguy gets hit, suspect runs off)
FBI: "He....lp meeee...."
JQP:"Wow, you got shot!  Let me get my camera..."
FBI: "I neeeed hellllp..."
JQP: "Not my circus, not my monkeys." (starts filming)

Eventually, unlike how they've proven in a court of law that the law has -no- requirement to assist the public, they'll pass some "must assist" law for the cops when they start bleeding out, and people are chatting and vidyaing the scene, rather than helping.  That and looting the body
Never pass up a good chance to rob the dead
Mmmmmm... Looooooting....

So, other things, head is a-throbbing.  Bone spurs in the gum apparently.  Never knew there was such a thing.  That what they referred to 'em as...  sharp pointy growths that cut thru the gum, causing the pain.  NOT a tooth.  So, they apparently cut the gum, lifted the 'flap', and ground 'em down.  Then stitched me up.  Sore as a motherfucker from having two people stretching my gob sooooo far open I coulda swallowed a fucking melon.  They only gave me a local, and I'm sorry and sore as fuck today.  And only 800 Motins

Fucking Ranger M&Ms.

Oh well... took the day off again as the job requires being able to speak, and I'm out of action til hopefully tomorrow.  I need the ducats.
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. No one wants to die but a 3 for 1 ratio is not something they can afford for very long.


  2. IMHO, the Feds are just butthurt some "Right Wing White Supremacist Terrorist" got the drop on them during one of their Late Night Cake Walks the Feds had planned, and fucking won the ensuing gun battle.

    Kiddie Porn is the Go To B.S. excuse with federal law enforcement to smear a PROBABLE Real American Hero...

  3. Hoping your dental issues resolve soon. I've commented several times recently (on other forums) that keeping medical issues up to date is an often overlooked part of preparedness. Glad you can still get the pro's to do the work now; there may be a time when you can't.
    As for the subject at hand, there's too many missing pieces here. Are there ANY good guys on either side of the issue? We don't know.

  4. Too late - go here:

    1. Fuck 'em, I will take the misdemeanor rap before I assist any fib or or fed agency, or state trooper or sheriff, cop. They have shown their hand on who they will support and it ain't us.

    2. "North Carolina
      State v. Ditmore, 177 N.C. 592, 99 S.E. 368, states:[44] "It is his duty as a good citizen, and in obedience to the authority of the state as represented by a lawful officer, to aid in the arrest "

      Fuck them...I'll watch em bleed out or get beat to death before i get involved...What if i don't identify as a "his," but a cis or some other psycho label....

      Just like LE has ZERO responsibility to defend .civ (la riots) and qualified immunity, so do I..

      .le is NOT our ally, and considered to be opfor and either rogue or bad cops until proven otherwise, (unlikely as they take the Kings schilling) and engagement with .le should be considered, imho, as an interrogation, stfu and ask for an attorney...


  5. Maybe the FBI got played by the deep state... Supposedly one of the guys that got whacked was the one going through Hunters laptop and supposedly this guy was on it and that's why they were serving the warrant... Maybe he found out something he wasn't suppose too...

    1. The FBI IS The Deep State....... With all the Shuckin' and Jivin' going on in this story my BSO'meter is pegged at "Oh Hell No!"

    2. No they just are puppets on a string just like the politicians... Doesn't mean they get a pass for the reckoning though...

  6. Be awary that if you try to assist, the next storm trooper to roll up will probably shoot you as a perp. They are trained to regard anyone "not on the job" as an enemy to be treated as a hostile. The only sound advice is to stay away. Police almost never suffer more than a couple of weeks on a desk for murdering a citizen.

  7. Feds won't find any sympathy with anyone other than the most deluded leftist. Kick a man's door before daylight, and you get what you deserve. Show of hands - Who DOESN'T know that the most likely danger time is from 3-5 AM ? And what time would someone be most alert if they were expecting some trouble ?
    Maybe cops are just to stupid to figure out folks are on to their tactics. Either side; play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    1. I'm not expecting trouble during that time, but my bladder sure things something is going to happen, because it wakes me up every hour from 3-5.

    2. Just peek out the window before you go back to bed....:-)

  8. Something sticks out to me...the suspects are racially balanced. Black, White, Hispanic and Asian....seems a little contrived.