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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Blogshoot ARR

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Oh. My. God.
First time in many moons I missed a poast yesterday. Spent like a shell casing after Blogshoot.  Me and Sapper went at got there a wee bit late as we stopped for vittles on the way at a nice lil froo-froo Breakfasty place, and then went and met up with the gang.

Pretty respectable turnout and my thanks to Borepatch and TQotW for hosting.

Divemedic gave a nice rundown on Tourniquet use that came off of Aesop's poast of same, but added on a fascinating class on chest seals that I hadn't had, nor learn't aboot afore.  Good training Aye?
Checking over my gear, apparently I -don't- have these so's that's gotta be attended to.
Other things
The AR-10 shot like a dream.  Holy crap it's a tack driver.  I was on paper with the first 3 shots, all over the paper however as my hangover and nerve damage which leaves me shaking like a leaf on a good day didn't help.  But 3 on paper at 150 yards?  Not bad.  Once dialed in it's going to be dangerous.  However, I won't be doing that.  Gray Man waved a fistload of Cee-notes in my face and it was 'sold American' right then n there.  Wasn't planning on it, and man, didn't want to, but I'm broke as fuck and it was a insta-decision.


I also tried out the Ghillie suit and rifle wrap.  Interesting tests there... the ghillie itself worked just like it did for me 30+ years ago in sniper school... the Ghillie rifle-wrap?  Notsomuch, leastways on the semi auto rifles.  Bolt gun only for that item.  The jute kept blowing into the chamber and fouling the lock on the BCG

Bad jute and juju.

Great food put on by Borepatch's Queen, and Miguel from GunFreeZone ran the El Presidente timed shoot.  And no, I sucked on that too.  A jam as well as all over the fucking place, too amped on adrenaline and the aforementioned hangover.  I gotta stop boozing at least two days before the shoot man...

Leastways I was having a better day than Sapper.  First run on El Presidente, his magwell on his Poly80 blew out, dumping the ammo everywhere.  Cheap Ko-reeeen mag apparently.  Another lesson learned.  Checking his stuff, he only had 3 mags, all of the same shitty brand so I loaned him 2 of my gen-you-wine Grock 17 mags and ok... back to it

Whereupon his weapon itself went sideways.  The Extended Slide lock I put in for him kept locking every. single. shot.  I felt for the guy... it boned.

The Smith and Wesson 669 ran like a dream
Everyone who tried it started to fall in love with it.  Man, that kooky mid-size not-full-size not-compact is fucking awesome.  Literally my new E.D.C.

Ratus was there, as well as a bunch of Mikes.  Various Mikes showed who're regular readers and man, a good time was had by all.  This time we had overhead cover, so's I didn't get burned to death in the sun, but 'range walking' the 150 out and back a couple dozen times in jeans in Flo-reeee-duh! heat was a motherfucker.

So again my thanks to Borepatch and evvabody.  It was a literal and figurative blast.  I slept til noon today after crashing out at 21:00.  

Oh!  Another thing... part of the kip-in was no sleep because -someone- again probed the perimeter.  Around 12:30 pm I hear the slider door on the lania being fucked with... wasn't sure and asked Wifey who said "yeah, I heard that too."  I got up and grabbed the Black Aces semi-12 and went to lock and load, whereupon it fucking fouled the load dammit!

As I was fucking with it the bolt slammed home 2x times as I cycled it tryna get a round in the chamber at which point mister sneaker-and-peeker took to his heels as I heard the screen door slam on his exit.  He hadda have heard the shotty getting futzed with and bolted.  I managed to figure out where I had fucked up the load (MOR training needed while impaired with being asleep) and everything was cool, but HIGHLY irritating.  Fucking slider had a big assed palm print on it this A.M... and that -wasn't- there before as the Wifey had -just- wiped the glass down from GranBebe leaving paw-prints all over the glass, and add on the print was at head-height.  I'm gonna catch this brazen motherfucker... and nope, if'n I do, I ain't calling no one. 

Boobytraps and whatnot getting reset AGAIN... dammit.
Wish I could do something lethal... alas.. not yet.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Trapdoor to a soundproof holding pen....instant new playpal!

  2. No woof alarm at the BCE compound?

    1. Oh, you mean that overfed fucking sausage-with-legs? The one who snored through the entire episode? Yeah... she's needs some retraining.

  3. I am super gun shy about semi auto shotguns, just too many things that can go wrong. That sucks about the AR-10 but needs are needs.

  4. Stacking round magazines on a shotgun can be a problem. If the soft hulls get squished, they don't like to feed.

  5. Come on man!!

    You're a fucking Rakkasan, you know better bro...

    go here:

    I'm just a worn out 6th BN ABN Psyop dude from the mid 80's, what do i know about this shit...

    Once learned, never unlearned, just waiting to be tested...

    This will make them shit their trousers....

    Glad you had a good time and made some $$ off the sale...


    1. Hey, PSYOP.. dig whatchooo sayin brotherman... just -was not- expecting the prob... My Bad... but the issue here in suburbistan is I need to ramp up the alert level... be complacent as fuck lately... thought after me last encounter they mayhavest lern't ye olde lesson
      Guess it's gonna be a -steep- learning curve Aye?
      Got a few M-67 Fuze heads inbound that're converted to fire off W209 shotgun primers
      What the primer is connected to?
      Thats between me, the primer and the affected
      Jes' Sayin'
      |But appreciate the heads up... been so busy as to NOT unnastand the laxity I'm in... we're tightening ye olde shot group 'round here now... needed to see/know it...

  6. DUDE..

    I love SNO's, and Experienced Ossifers...

    Foooking Foxhole and Gridsquare perspective ...Control what i can..

    You know mate, we just need to go back to the basics, like were taught, don't question, just do..

    It's hard Aye, to go there, but we must, for there is no alternative, and it's SF rules: Shoot, Move, Communicate, Lie, Cheat and Steal, and if you're not cheating you're not trying, and if you're not trying, you're not SF..Never fuck your buddy....

    At this point, we're all SF, and playing by Squad Rules and Fry the Brain Rules...

  7. How about a trail camera. They work pretty good for catching thieves. Our company puts them up in places to cover the rodes in and out of our sites. We catch a good number of license plates that way of people middle of the night goibg down private roads.

    Then a couple around the well site to record who and what they are up too.

    We change batteries and check them twice a year, unless something is missing then its right away.

    The deep cycle batteries and solar panels on the wells for the dataloggers are popular with thieves.

    Of course one of our sites close to a town is a popular with ibe guy and his lady friends.


  8. A few trip wires back to Jury rigged to a switch, attached to a stobe flash off an old camera. It is non lethal, obviously. But it will blind a mo fo in the dark of night. Plus everyone in your AO will think a tac nuke just touched off.

  9. Thanks for coming, Big Country. I was really fun.