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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Back Home

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Back home after a short trip to Ye Olde VA.  Wasn't bad, at least I came out with the same number of organs I went in with.  Apparently just some -serious- gallbladder inflammation that meds and rest, and <sigh> a diet change will take care of in the long run.

No more hot n' spicy for me apparently.  Mr. GB don't like the Hooters no more.

More's the pity.
At least I got out in one piece.  And -hopefully- free of any 'extra' bugs.  In fact, got me some casual observations aboot the whole trip.
Lots of things, first and foremost was the "Cult of the Mask"
Can't get in unless you have one on.  
Like religiously worn.  Even missing an airbag, I didn't get a pass on that one, although the cocky little bitch who told me that freaked the fuck out when I told her "When, not if I fall out from lack of O2 you've the one who's going to have to carry my big dead-weight ass inside."  She was about all of 5 foot 100 pounds soaking wet, and I said that with as much 'sneer' as I could put into it.

Now the kicker, once inside, as long as you had it hanging off yer ear, they were good with it.  Most of the staff I talked to said that they knew it was bullshit, that yeah, it's a bad bug for -certain groups- but overall, handwashing and common sense would keep you fine, and the double masking?  Don't get them started on that.

That also being said, there were two cases of Covid there this weekend.  Two.  That's it.  No "scads of dying and near-death COVID Corpses" stacked and dying... nope.  Two.  Both elderly, both expected to recover.  One dude was in his late 80's.  The other had prior conditions, but the guy I talked to wouldn't give any more than that.  Former Corporal.  E-4 Mafia Member

Told you, we network in and out of uniform like motherfuckers.
Another thing?
The place was empty.
Like Ghost Town levels of empty.  The only ones on the wards were guys and gals like me who had to go to the ER, and got admitted.  Kind of creepy, but it meant I had a room to meselves, and a couple of hottie nurses to flirt with.  I mean hell, I even told Wifey, "How do you expect me to get that extra pudding for dessert unless I flirt a lil babe?"

HIGHLY restricted menu.  And looks like it's gonna be that way from here on oot.
Bummer Aye?
Aye, that it tis...
So, My many many many Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers from y'all.  Personally I think it helped to a point, that and the Big Jumpmaster in the Sky has plans for me.  That or I'm just too ornery to cash in.  But either way, thanks to you all.  I'll be here for a while longer, and tomorrow I'll work up one of my rants, as I've been out of contact with the news (real news that is) as I -refused- to watch the Propaganda that's pumped in to the VA via the glass oculus, so's I got s to study up a bit before blasting with both barrels.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Very glad you're okay BC, you're in the rotation for people smarter than me whose views I need to read daily. Thank you for the good shit always.

  2. Glad to hear you didn't have anything more serious and are doing better. Food restrictions suck but at least it's just food and not drink.

  3. Sounds a lot better than what you were staring at.

    Covid - 2 recent stories - 116 year old French woman recovered from Covid and 70 yr old guy collapsed and died 25 minutes after taking the vaccine. Real crap shoot.
    Thing I read that rings the most true is the vaccine causes your immune system to go into overdrive and that is what actually takes you out.

    Anyway, good deal otherwise I suppose.

  4. Good to know the health issue isn't critical, and the diet is important, pears and such are important for the innards.

    I'm guessing the big jumpmaster has plans for a lot of us, the way everything is shaping up. Time will show the intensity of the future.

    Be safe.

  5. Glad you are back bro! You can't be cashing in your chips just yet, you have to learn us and be an inspiration! I always wanted to grow up to ab an Airborne Ranger, or, at least Airborne....

  6. You came out better than I did. Not only was my GB FULL of stones, I had a large stone blocking the common duct, which meant that I had to have 2 to expand the common duct to let the large stone drop, and one to remove the beach-side property, as the doc called it.
    I don't mind not having the least I get some peace and quiet when I go in to destroy the shitter.

  7. Glad to hear all is (mostly) well. Now you can get back to helping folks understand how the gov't is giving us "the old in-out, in-out".

  8. From what I have been hearing, an awful lot of hospitals have very few patients. Just anecdotal but still. Glad to hear you are back and hopefully didn't catch anything extra during your stay.

  9. Good! Glad yer on the mend!

  10. one thing i learned as getting older, after 35 your warrenty is null and void, after 45, it's like you never had one. and after 55, all bets are off and letters in lab reports take on a whole new meaning in your life.
    like psa ? what? you want to do what ? so i figured after 60, the ride bought and paid for,so have a good time as you wait to check out. plus after 65, you get to be that true don't give a fuck guy might as well good laughs on the way out the door. never got a postcard from anyone in the great beyond.

  11. Welcome back, and if it helps at all - I’ll take one for the team and eat the spicy wings for you on the next Hooters mission. 😉

  12. You can live so much longer on bland food, but is it REALLY living?

  13. Glad you are back. Had me worried.

  14. Huzzah!

    Sucks about diet, but at least you're still alive and haven't been perforated like the ex-boyfriend at a jihadi wedding.

  15. I've had to deal with the mask BS the last several weeks too. Never wore a mask all last year and now about 5 times in the last month to get into medical facilities for my pre-surgery tests. Yeah, it hurts so fuk'n bad I actually caved in and played their games, well sorta. Foot surgery is this week and then AMF, I'm done with the compliance.

  16. Glad you are home. Check email.

  17. I for one am glad you are back. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  18. Glad you made it out alive. There is no new news. We still still have an illigitimate, senile, pedophile for a president and a slutty cunt for a VP.

    I doubly glad you made it out considering I was reading that health care workers are have been one of the biggest vectors of propogation.

  19. I'm not one for hospitals but, when my gizzard went bad and the docs finally figured out that was the problem. I couldn't wait to get it out. Never had Morphine before, that shit was fun. Worst part of the whole thing was the Doc said no work for 6 weeks. Damn near went nuts.

  20. Glad you got out alive. Hospitals are not good for you. Wash hands and be smart and you should be fine.

    Diet can be tasty and not overly spiced.. spice seems to me one of those things that if you over do it you have to keep over doing it. But tasty seems to last forever.

    Enjoy you mini vacation.