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Thursday, February 25, 2021

All Done

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
99.99% Completed work on the new AR-10.  The only thing missing still is the crush washer, but thats a teeny piece.  An awesome Droog has throw a few in the mail and should be here before Blogshoot.  Borepatch is hosting another shewt'em up down at the Manatee Gun club here in Floreee-duh! and Sapper n'Me are making the effort.  It's $20 a head to shoot from 11am til 16:00.  And to Droog 'X,' me huuuugest thanks for the washer(s)!  Friggin' Palmetto State was the only place with them in stock at non-extortionist rates, but their shipping department for non-ffl stuff blows goat chunks.

And for the Droog who suggested re-using the old crush washer, it might have worked, but when I crushed this particular one, I had to cut it off to avoid fucking up the threads on the crown... it didn't want to 'play nice' coming off, and rather than thread it off, I hadda snip it.

Came out nice I think...
Dude who started me on this project, if'n yer reading this call me
Or mebbe not LOL.

Fookin' Pretty there Aye?
Hopefully it shoots as nice as it looks
Tis a heavy motherfooker tho...
Like OMFG Heavy.  Between just the fact that a 10 is a much more burly rifle due to the inherent nature of the 7.62 versus the 5.56... this thing is a beast.
The scope added almost 4 pounds to it and a battle-royale with Wifey, as it was around 3 bills over the authorized budget.
So, I get to eat beans n rice for a few weeks.
It's worth it if it shoots nice.
What's funny is she'd positively shit if I bought a really good optic like a Leupold.... them suckers run a couple o'grand there.  This 'un here was pretty highly rated as far as good, inexpensive chineseium goes.  We'll see on Saturday.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Sweeet 7.62x51. Ohio Guy

  2. Very nice. Tradeoff in weight of course is ease of recoil, so you can turn money into noise far longer than you should.

  3. Damn fine bang-stick there, Big Country !!!

  4. Very nice. You gotta get you one of these though and get that front ring off the rail.

    1. I concur with B_Rad. I wouldn't trust a rail for the mounting of a scope base. If it moves, even the tiniest of amounts, the POA/POI will be off a ton. His suggestion is a good choice from a trusted manufacturer. A whole lot cheaper than a LaRue as well.

      Whitehall, NY

  5. Those 10s are super heavy, I haven't even mounted the glass on mine yet and it weighs a ton but it should mitigate the recoil quite a bit.

  6. Some dude is posting pics of your build on GAB Meme page.

  7. And another thing. LOL. I hate crush washer. You build up a sweet gun like that and the last thing your forced to do is throw an oversized bent lock washer on it. And you can never get them concentric with the barrel. So here's what I've ended up doing on higher dollar guns. 5/8 24 pitch one revolution is .041 in movement. So if your half a revolution off remove .020 of the face of the muzzle device. A quarter turn off remove .010, and so on. Always stay a little short and flat sand it in. You'd be shocked at how much better your bullet thrower looks.