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Saturday, February 20, 2021

A Great Question

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
A guy over at Alt-Market has a great write up posing a question to Leftists.  That being paraphrased by moi, in my own inimitable way, just why are all the evil fucktards on your side?  The whole writeup is HERE.  He does a really good breakdown of the fact that leftists are, in fact almost irredeemably eeeee-vil, and that 99.999% of their beliefs of 'how right wingers are' is pure projection.

The money quote IMO:
"Leftists don’t actually care about diversity; they only care that you have blind allegiance to the collective. Stray but a little, and the mob will come for your head. They LOVE plantations, they love slavery; as long as they own the plantations and they control the slaves."

Can't argue with those facts.  Not even a bit.  
As long as they have the whip in their hot lil hands, they be good with doing and saying some cray-cray shit that'd get a Right-Winger practically crucified for saying and or doing.  Hell, January 6th is a prima facia factual witch hunt and the subsequent impeachment part and parcel of it.... the very fact that the impeachment paperwork was written on January fucking 5th should clue you in on what Bracken refers to as a "Buffalo Jump' that the whole D.C. stupidfest was aboot.

Larry Correia over at MonsterHunterNation spells it out in foaming at the mouth levels of "fuck you-edness" at the whole Baen Books Bullshit controversy.  The link to his epic and absolutely-dead-the-fuck-on rant is HERE.  He pulls zero punches with zero fucks given to the target of his vitriol.  No wonder he makes money writing books.  I can turn me a phrase but holy hell, he really unloads in that'un there.
In it, he's going after WorldCon for being shitbirds to the editor at Baen.  The TL;DR is that a publisher, Toni Weisskopf is getting savaged by the SJW crowd, and WorldCon fucked her over on a guest of honor spot at WorldCon...  he's fucking livid man... Read it, it's a thing of raging beauty.

The quote that hits me is:
"Speaking of your mealy-mouthed, wishy washy, double standards… Would booting Toni be more misogynistic? Or Anti-Semitic? Sorry. My bad. My side isn’t the one who gets to ignore every criticism because of identity politics. That’s also a one-way street.

Naw. It isn’t a street. It’s a river of shit that only flows one way."
Yah, the lefties always go for the weak and ones who're willing to bend at the knee...
Just like fucking jackals man... 
And even in a pack of Jackals, one sign of weakness, and they'll tear you up and chow down.
Unfortunately, it's gonna be a while before we see that in certain circles, leastways at the top-of-the-food-chain like Pelosi and the rest of the corruptocrats.  They are going for low hanging fruit like Nipples Cuomo, and it couldn't happen to a nicer fuckstain... hell, he's a skidmark for a fuckstain, the unwashed jockey shorts from a homeless dude.  Even looks like a fucking wino... him and his fucking closet case brother Chrissy, who wouldn't know how to deal with a proper asskicking if it was handed to him properly...  fucking purely hate those twisted motherfuckers.

My biggest fear is that when, not if, but when the shitfestivus does finally kick off, I'm gonna miss out on bagging and tagging some of the 'bigger names' out there.  I mean shiiiiiiiiiiit... not everyone gets to shoot a high-profile fucktard unfortunately... it's be nice but hey, reality?  Prolly gonna miss out of those motherfuckers.  In fact, if'n I hadda hazard a guess?  It'll be their 'personal assistant' or the chauffeur, hair stylist or nail technician that does those high-profile motherfuckers up.  Dude'll like Chrissy'll be in the chair, getting his fakeup and hair done for the 9pm broadcast when the chick doing the hair will take the scissors or straight razor and run 'em clean through his jugular.

Via Con Dios Shitbird.

In fact, that's the shit to start getting them paranoid... let 'em thing that the servants and such are going to start coming for they and theirs...  Sooooooooo evil, yet sooooooooo righteous and sweet.  nThe people in their 'inner circle' who've been abused like motherfuckers over the years are going to put 'paid' on them thar bills... cain't says I blames 'em niether...

"Paranoia will destroy ya!" as the song went...
So, other than that, the only thing left on the AR10 is the crush washer for the muzzle brake.  I had one on hand, and used it, but then I had to change out the defective gas block, and you can't and shouldn't reuse a crush washer, so's I'm waiting, otherwise, it's all done, with a poast tomorrow to follow with pics.  Came out nice and I'm gonna break it in at Borepatch's upcoming Blogshoot before I decide what to do with it... hopefully that crush washer pack shows before then... goddamned slow ass mail/shipping... if not, I -might either remove the brake, or crank it down, and put the washer on after the fact... either way I'ma gonna shewt it... been loading BeeBees all week in prep for it...

My many thanks to y'all supporting me in these times too... 
Couldn't do it without you, and I'm now at a mil and a quarter for visits... Sweet Jesus!
So More Later and Sorry for the lateness, but yardwork again with Spawn
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  1. “Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It To Create Confusion” Karl Marx.

    The origin of the lefts LOVE for "projection". It's a tactic they utilize so often it has become
    reflex action. And since many on the left are morons they don't understand it...they just bleat it.
    Yes...virtually ALL evil people embrace leftism....because leftism is a creed that abhors the notion
    of personal responsibility. And if you aren't personally responsible for your actions then you can
    embrace the inner evil with no guilt.

  2. No yardwork around here, can't work in the yard when it is covered by a foot of snow.

  3. ...Couldn't do it without you, and I'm now at a mil and a quarter for visits... Sweet Jesus!...

    Don't be surprised. You are speaking truth. Our culture is upside down. And many are not in a position to speak truth. And one truth Our culture venerates thugish, stupid niggers (but I repeat myself). I don't understand as niggers are so reliably violent it is nearly tautological.

    As for you math-is-rascist-im-ashamed-to-be-white crackers,. You are on top of my when-the-SHTF list. Best get that gene vector out of my nation.

    And it is just a time until SHTF.

    You'll really know you are making progress when the SJW trolls start showing up.

  4. "when the shitfestivus does finally kick off,"

    I dunno man. We just had an election stolen from us. They don't even deny it anymore. Nobody did shit. The damn White Hut looks like a banana republic military headquarters. They know we know that they know. And it scares the hell out of them. Currently if you get three or four gun loving patriots together at the same spot the Fibbies seem to know about it and your branded right wing terrorists. The sad news is we're getting our asses kicked by these Nazis.

  5. BC. that GUY at alt-market is brandon smith. follow him he's dead right on damn near everything,a true critical thinker,found your blog thru phils both you guys rock keep it up !!!!!

  6. The essential traits of man include greed. Greed is a hard thing to resist because it is directly beneficial to the person who partakes of it. This is also why people who go to Washington end up playing the game because....greed. They are getting rich and don't want the gravy train to stop.

    While the left claims to be altruistic they are just succumbing to mankind's weakness for control and power. Only someone who craves power would subvert a government set up to deny the agencies of said government from gaining such controls over its citizens. It is by weakening the rights of the citizens to not be hampered by government do they gain the controls and riches they want.

    We send a president to DC who is already rich and he knows the evils of greed first hand. As a developer he dealt with every kind of governmental slime there is from lowly building inspectors to planning people to the elected folks who he needed approval from to build his projects. Trump knows better than most the 'cost' of doing business with government. He also knows that good workers make businesses money and that is the best thing any business can do is have productive and happy workers.

    If you are a moral person you would not abuse another to improve your lot in life. That is a sin or just wrong depending on your point of view. The left sees nothing wrong with hurting some people if it strentghens their hold on power and control over society. In society, drones will be sacrificed. After all, they are just 'drones'.

    Any one who wants to avoid personal responsibility is a greedy person. Much like a child, they want their cake but will do nothing to create it or pay for it. It takes guts and hard work to succeed if you try to live a moral life. This is something the left cannot or will not do.

    The rule of Leftism is slavery except the slaves are so brainwashed they cannot see it.

  7. Funny TZ clip.

  8. what i don't get is how these corps can alienate their customers to virtue signal to somebody that's never gonna buy their crap in any real numbers. how can they keep it up and stay in business?
    there is a plan, but their minions in congress are stupid and keep screwing up the plan. but somehow they still win. there are a great many calls for segregation coming from the black community. couple that with the nullification going on in some states and calls for secession from others, and south Carolina just gave a big ol "i dare you" to fedgov on abortion, we have a big bruhaha building for real. 2021=1861?