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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Wifey is Happy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
After the Gray Man sale, I was able to get Wifey's anniversary present out of layaway without resorting to insane credit card abuse.  $400 wasn't too bad, not for what she wanted.  And man, she's a Happy Happy Girl.
A solid mahogany, non-veneered 1910 Rice-Carver (? no fucking clue Aye?)  style Vanity

She is, absolutely stoked
First thing however, is to get it properly 'loaded'
Putting Ye Olde Vest Pocket FN1906 Browning .25 'Nightstand' Weapon in the topmost drawer that she can reach in the middle of the night... seems really apropos to have a handgun that's from the same timeframe +/- 4 years as the go-to nightstand weapon.

Of course that's quite literally the 'last ditch weapon of last resort' as a .25 will only irritate a home invader.  But, in this case, it's a perfect fit/match for the whole thing.

We found the vanity in a GIANT antique store that Spawn told us aboot.
4 acres of Antique Mall
OMFG soooooo much stuff.
And Wifey found this thing on our first ten minutes in the store, at which point she slapped a Cee-note on the table and put it on layaway.  I surprised her today by paying it off after Gray Man bought the long arm which made me momentarily solvent.  

Yeah... that lasted aboot 24 hours Aye?
Bills are paid, and I'm happy and Wifey is thrilled.
Can't argue with that.
Kills me too.  Serbian War Criminal was drafted into using his MONSTER F250 DeathFord to go git it.  He's got a 32 foot R.V. that he needs to haul around so he's got the giant assed P/U for the towing, and the Vanity fit jes' fine.

Man, this'sa great weekend
Only possibly 'racially charged' aspect I can put out... the Vanity was handmade in 1910... by Irish Immigrants... Not one piece of diversity had a hand in it's epic creation.  Made by whypeepoo, for whypeepo... fuck all the rest

ALSO QUICK ADDENDUM: I'm offishully old. I just got word that Spawn #1 is engaged to Shorty. News to follow!

Jes' Sayin'
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Blogshoot ARR

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Oh. My. God.
First time in many moons I missed a poast yesterday. Spent like a shell casing after Blogshoot.  Me and Sapper went at got there a wee bit late as we stopped for vittles on the way at a nice lil froo-froo Breakfasty place, and then went and met up with the gang.

Pretty respectable turnout and my thanks to Borepatch and TQotW for hosting.

Divemedic gave a nice rundown on Tourniquet use that came off of Aesop's poast of same, but added on a fascinating class on chest seals that I hadn't had, nor learn't aboot afore.  Good training Aye?
Checking over my gear, apparently I -don't- have these so's that's gotta be attended to.
Other things
The AR-10 shot like a dream.  Holy crap it's a tack driver.  I was on paper with the first 3 shots, all over the paper however as my hangover and nerve damage which leaves me shaking like a leaf on a good day didn't help.  But 3 on paper at 150 yards?  Not bad.  Once dialed in it's going to be dangerous.  However, I won't be doing that.  Gray Man waved a fistload of Cee-notes in my face and it was 'sold American' right then n there.  Wasn't planning on it, and man, didn't want to, but I'm broke as fuck and it was a insta-decision.


I also tried out the Ghillie suit and rifle wrap.  Interesting tests there... the ghillie itself worked just like it did for me 30+ years ago in sniper school... the Ghillie rifle-wrap?  Notsomuch, leastways on the semi auto rifles.  Bolt gun only for that item.  The jute kept blowing into the chamber and fouling the lock on the BCG

Bad jute and juju.

Great food put on by Borepatch's Queen, and Miguel from GunFreeZone ran the El Presidente timed shoot.  And no, I sucked on that too.  A jam as well as all over the fucking place, too amped on adrenaline and the aforementioned hangover.  I gotta stop boozing at least two days before the shoot man...

Leastways I was having a better day than Sapper.  First run on El Presidente, his magwell on his Poly80 blew out, dumping the ammo everywhere.  Cheap Ko-reeeen mag apparently.  Another lesson learned.  Checking his stuff, he only had 3 mags, all of the same shitty brand so I loaned him 2 of my gen-you-wine Grock 17 mags and ok... back to it

Whereupon his weapon itself went sideways.  The Extended Slide lock I put in for him kept locking every. single. shot.  I felt for the guy... it boned.

The Smith and Wesson 669 ran like a dream
Everyone who tried it started to fall in love with it.  Man, that kooky mid-size not-full-size not-compact is fucking awesome.  Literally my new E.D.C.

Ratus was there, as well as a bunch of Mikes.  Various Mikes showed who're regular readers and man, a good time was had by all.  This time we had overhead cover, so's I didn't get burned to death in the sun, but 'range walking' the 150 out and back a couple dozen times in jeans in Flo-reeee-duh! heat was a motherfucker.

So again my thanks to Borepatch and evvabody.  It was a literal and figurative blast.  I slept til noon today after crashing out at 21:00.  

Oh!  Another thing... part of the kip-in was no sleep because -someone- again probed the perimeter.  Around 12:30 pm I hear the slider door on the lania being fucked with... wasn't sure and asked Wifey who said "yeah, I heard that too."  I got up and grabbed the Black Aces semi-12 and went to lock and load, whereupon it fucking fouled the load dammit!

As I was fucking with it the bolt slammed home 2x times as I cycled it tryna get a round in the chamber at which point mister sneaker-and-peeker took to his heels as I heard the screen door slam on his exit.  He hadda have heard the shotty getting futzed with and bolted.  I managed to figure out where I had fucked up the load (MOR training needed while impaired with being asleep) and everything was cool, but HIGHLY irritating.  Fucking slider had a big assed palm print on it this A.M... and that -wasn't- there before as the Wifey had -just- wiped the glass down from GranBebe leaving paw-prints all over the glass, and add on the print was at head-height.  I'm gonna catch this brazen motherfucker... and nope, if'n I do, I ain't calling no one. 

Boobytraps and whatnot getting reset AGAIN... dammit.
Wish I could do something lethal... alas.. not yet.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, February 26, 2021

Legal Injustice

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Good training stuff upcoming.  I'm listening to y'all on 'stuff' thats going to be needed in the future, with some info that'll be covered this weekend.  This A.M. I'm gonna go into the upcoming problems (as I sees 'em) that're starting and are flat-out what's going to be the "Line" that everyone always talks about.
So sayeth The Queen
Personally, we're heading in to a "Royalty/Serf" environment, except it's the self-designated "Elites" who are going to run the show, by dint of cash and power/influence.  I mean good God, when -I- personally look at some of these folks, I can't for the life of me figure out just how/where/why they got to where they are.   Case in point, Jack Dorsey... fucker on a good day looks like a drowned rat... he's that foul smelling bum who tries to ask you for a smoke, and then some spare change.
Thing is...
Those self designated "Betters" are ramping up the rhetoric
To the point I'm genuinely concerned.
Like man, they no not what they do....
Or maybe they do, and don't give a fuck.
Thing is, we ain't the cowering, simpering fuckers that they assume we are.
We ain't like them.  THEY per usual project without critical analysis nor thought.  
They react, badly as it's now seen in D.C.  
Fuckin' Green Zone in Baghdad didn't have half as many troops guarding it, and that was with daily rocket and mortar attacks on the daily-daily.  That was full on assaults and attacks... half of them fags in the Capitol wouldn't last through a week of Balad's incoming.  In 04 we called Balad Airbase "Mortaritaville" because it got the ever living shit kicked out of it daily.

After living through that shit, do you think I'm worried if it 'kicks off' and the people on the right start rampaging?  Me and mine?  Not so much, but I think Pelosi and Occasional Cortex might fully die of fright if the real shit kicks.  Can you imagine the reaction if someone dropped a mortar round on the House?  I mean it'd be a fucking absolute crime, as that building is absolutely gorgeous, but these are the collaterals that'll come about IF these people don't back the fuck off.
Things like this survey that came out yesterday
Showing the "Extremely Concerned" about Trump Supporters?


I mean really?

Look at that list.  It's a laundry list of the Propaganda State's Enemy-Media Industrial Anti-Trump (and therefore anti-American/white) industry.  The only legit concern on that list is "Americans lacking health coverage" and all the rest is a bunch of horseshit.  Like HUUUUGE heaping steaming piles of doggie donuts levels man.

"Donald Trump Supporters?"  I can't get over that.  That thing reads like a guidebook on the "How to Start a Genocide" on average, white, proud-to-be Americans who are anti-abortion, pr-family, and love this country.

Fuckin' Clown World indeed.
And it's in an accelerationist mode right now.
And it isn't about righting past wrongs... well in their minds it is, but it's bullshit perceived notions of past injustices.  The Obamamessiah spoke again the other day saying that this country was built on the backs of slaves... which ones you stupid ig'nint African halfbreed?  The white Irish slaves?  The white English slaves?  Ohhhhh he's talking about the black African slaves... even though numerically, the white slaves outnumbered the fuckin' Africans buy 500 to 1... howsabout some reparations for the white slaves you fucking asshole?  They were called 'indentured' instead of 'slaves' to church it up a bit, but a fucking slave is a fucking slave, no matter what the color of the skin yer wearing.  And int he case of this shytteshow?

It's about revenge
Revenge for doing well
For being smarter, better and wiser
For having a civilization and a functional one at that
For conquering the world and going to the moon, and no, don't tell me wouldn't have made it there without three fucking black females... a fucking myth spun up to give the-something- to cling to, because everyone gets a consolation prize because no one is allowed to be a fucking loser, even though historically, blacks are and will continue to be just that
Fucking losers.

Fuck them.  Oprah was a one-off, and not because of rayyyyyycism.  It's because as a whole, they are demonstratively lower in the IQ scale, and the very fact that at one point theyselves call out that hard work, dedication to a job well done, and perseverance is a "white trait of supremacy"

So, does that mean that laziness, shiftlessness and sloth is a black trait?

It goes both ways you stupid fuckers

So now they're essentially starting to look at passing laws.  What these laws are ain't been stated per se... they can't scare the sheep yet.  It's incremental.  It's been so far going that direction...the 'proposed upcoming gun ban(s)' are going to be the first step.  And when they fail, it'll ramp up from there. 

Leastways that's what they think.

How they think a 'war on whiteness' is actually going to play out?  I mean really?
This ain't 1940, and we're not going to be 'led gently to slaughter'
Go time is coming, and they don't know just how bad it'll get
Srebrenica Levels of Cleansing.  
As in 30 years from now, GranBebe is gonna ask "Papi, What's a 'liberal?" and hopefully I'll be there to tell her "Well, that's the folks I helped get rid of who wanted to enslave and kill us because of the color of our skin baby."
I really hope that's how it plays out
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, February 25, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Found this LINK over at Wirecutters place.

For the TL;DR crowd:

"An Oklahoma man suspected of murdering three people has confessed to killing his neighbor, cutting her heart out and then cooking it to feed his family, authorities said."

Are you fuckin' kidding me!?!
There's crazy then there's flat-the-fuck-out bugshit
Looks like the whole 'kinder/gentler' went oot the the winder there Aye?
I'm sure he's a nice guy
Even his fambly ain't gonna say he dindu nuffin' as because before he could serve 'man' (or wo-man as the case may be), he done kil't them too.  No word if'n they were on the menu as well.

The Russians have a tendency to call the Blacks in Africa "Cannibal Monkeys"
Jes' Sayin'
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

All Done

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
99.99% Completed work on the new AR-10.  The only thing missing still is the crush washer, but thats a teeny piece.  An awesome Droog has throw a few in the mail and should be here before Blogshoot.  Borepatch is hosting another shewt'em up down at the Manatee Gun club here in Floreee-duh! and Sapper n'Me are making the effort.  It's $20 a head to shoot from 11am til 16:00.  And to Droog 'X,' me huuuugest thanks for the washer(s)!  Friggin' Palmetto State was the only place with them in stock at non-extortionist rates, but their shipping department for non-ffl stuff blows goat chunks.

And for the Droog who suggested re-using the old crush washer, it might have worked, but when I crushed this particular one, I had to cut it off to avoid fucking up the threads on the crown... it didn't want to 'play nice' coming off, and rather than thread it off, I hadda snip it.

Came out nice I think...
Dude who started me on this project, if'n yer reading this call me
Or mebbe not LOL.

Fookin' Pretty there Aye?
Hopefully it shoots as nice as it looks
Tis a heavy motherfooker tho...
Like OMFG Heavy.  Between just the fact that a 10 is a much more burly rifle due to the inherent nature of the 7.62 versus the 5.56... this thing is a beast.
The scope added almost 4 pounds to it and a battle-royale with Wifey, as it was around 3 bills over the authorized budget.
So, I get to eat beans n rice for a few weeks.
It's worth it if it shoots nice.
What's funny is she'd positively shit if I bought a really good optic like a Leupold.... them suckers run a couple o'grand there.  This 'un here was pretty highly rated as far as good, inexpensive chineseium goes.  We'll see on Saturday.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Liberal Cowardice

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
So, my fellow blogger Arthur Sido over at "Dissident Thoughts" has a pretty damned good writeup on "Illiberal Liberals" Link HERE (if the bloody thing works).  The TL;DR take is his perspective (correct IMO) of the liberals of the world have come full circle...
Becoming that which they rail against the most
A stultifying bunch of pseudo intellectual assholes, high on their sense of entitlement and smugness.

In pure redneck-ese: "A bunch'a goddamn worthless pantywaist motherfuckers who need a mudhole stomped in their asses, and roadmarched dry." 
Now, I agree with Arthur.  He makes a lot of good points...

And I think I have a new idea of what's got a lot of these newer, more hateful, younger 'liberals' allll bent out of shape.
Now, per Arthur, the liberals of yesteryear came about in the 60's: 

"Being a liberal used to mean things like concern for workers being exploited by big business, staying out of wars, free speech and expression and of course loosened sexual morals. They were always yammering on and on about stuff, arguing with conservatives and each other. They believed in what they were saying and they wanted to tell you why you were wrong if you didn't believe the same thing. The hippies and the music counterculture of the 60s and 70s was all about "fighting the man" and struggling against the prevailing culture. Even as recently as the early 90s when I was in college, liberals were still game for an argument."

Now, what he -doesn't- mention was a lot of the reason for "fighting the man" was purely motivated by self-preservation.  I'd say 90-95% of the assholes "fighting the man" were the anti-war "I don't want to get killed because I'm special" highly educated, overblown sense of self worth elitists.  I mean look at all the draft dodgers out there...Trump hid out due to 'bone purs' and the current resident used asthma as his excuse.  This despite both assholes being athletic as fuck. Biden being a lifeguard and football player, and Trump doing baseball... out of the two, I'd tend to believe Trump over Biden as bone spurs do happen, especially in that sort of sport, whereas being a lifeguard with asthma?

C'mon man!

Besides, war was for the poor, stupid hicks in flyover country.
Not that I blame them, Nam was a shit show that should have never happened.  Part and parcel of another reason they whacked JFK was he was going to shut down Nam and bring the troops home, thereby shutting down all that filthy defense lucre that Johnson and MacNamara's contracting buddies wanted...

Anywhoo... Anyone with the ability, money or stones out-and-out dodged the draft.  One way to do it was stay in school.  Which a HUGE number of motherfuckers did.  Stay in school for multiple degrees, and in the end, depending on what you got schooled in, begin to teach, when you weren't protesting to keep the fa├žade up that you were "fighting the man" when in reality, they were hiding and trying to keep their asses alive behind dubious claims that, over time, they began to really believe their own bullshit.  And worse?

They began to teach it.
Indoctrinate.  Infiltrate.  Subvert.
Hell, the fucking Russians openly admit they were behind 80% of the hippy movement.
So, they ended up running the show, and were, and still are, communist back fucking cowards who believe their own cognitive dissonance bullshit, and can't acknowledge nor admit to their own culpability, as it's built on a foundation of lies and bullshit.

Fast forward to Generation Z and the tail End of Generation X.
X had, for the most part, joined the DotMil out of the need for college cash, the want of adventure and or pride in being in uniform or pride of serving.  Getting rid of conscription left a volunteer force proud of what they did for a living.  And, if like me, the pure enjoyment of getting to blow shit up occasionally, go to strange countries, bang the hot local broads and get shitfaced 24-7.  Even got to kill some motherfuckers too as a bonus.

And got paid to do it!
Now, same goes for Generation Z.  However, unlike other wars, The troops this time?  
Fuckin' ROCK STARS in the eyes of the public.
They were pure Alpha Males and Females
They had all the kudos, and got laid and free booze wherever they went.
Cut to Emo Joe at the corner bar, majoring in Advanced African Basketweaving, who IF he's lucky -might- score with that HUUUUGE fat tatted up chick in the dorm if her L.U.G. roommate isn't home that night.... 

L.U.G. means Lesbian Until Graduation... started in the late nineties.  Chick'd claim to be dykes for the social-cool points, and grades, and the day they leave campus?  BOOM!  Dickstacking by- the-foot on the Cock-Carousel anyone?  

And IF he manages to graduate in 5 years (if he can manage another $20K in student loan debt) he might be able to score a entry-level teachers assistant gig at the University, but he might have to suck off his male PolySci professor to get the recommendation.

In walks former Sergeant Chad Thundercock  
He's a former Airborne Ranger with more pussy than he knows what to do with, a full New G.I. Bill ride so he's got cash to spend on, and is driving a paid-off Pimped out giant ass Ford F250 with a lift kit and kicking sound system.
ALL the guys want to be Chad
ALL the girls want to fuck Chad
Hell, even some of the guys want to fuck Chad too.
Emo Joe purely hates Chad and his ilk.
And there's a lot more of the Emo Joes than Chad out there.
So, because they can't go toe-to-toe with Chad in any meaningful way, Emo and his kind go the "SJW Swarm Attacks" and try to use their intellect and subversive means to attack Chad obliquely.  However, they can't do it where they can be identified.  Nonono... Chad has zero fucks to give and if he's openly mocked or fucked with in the classroom, he'll bide his time and beat the ever living fuck out of Emo on the downlow later...

Hence the rage and hatred towards 'Normie Americans' and their beliefs.  
They are the ones who put Chad up on a pedestal.  
They're the ones who applaud and stand for the National Anthem.
They are the ones who thank Chad and Becky for their service and honor them

Not Emo or any of they/them.  Or whatever the fuck they call theyselves Aye?

They hate us, 'cos they ain't us
And never will be.
Hence the near nonstop attempts to tear down anything and everything that is adored from a Traditional American POV.  The flag?  Burn it.  The anthem? Kneel for it.  The Country?  Shit on it.  The Military?  Marginalize and subvert it.  The traditional Family? Dissolve it and pervert it.  Normal sexuality?  Pervert it completely.

THAT IMO is why they're doing it... it's a bit simplistic
Sometimes the easiest definitions are a short, straight line
So, tell me whatcha think.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

$15 Per Hour

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Hope y'all are still kicking.  I'ma waiting for the cawfee to kick in meselves.  Good news from yesterday was the V.A. finally re-upped me meds.  A newer better monkey, but now I can actually bend over and tie my shoes without me spine exploding.

Now to biddness of ye topic of ye daye...
$15 an hour:
Now, anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows the whole nevitable blowback that's gonna happen with the whole Federally mandated $15 an hour... Small businesses are gonna take it in the Kiester by Easter if it gets pushed through.  It looks like it is, and man, that'll be the end of Mom n Pop stores, and I even think that a lot of fast-food locations are gonna shit the bed, if not automate and get rid of all them now expensive Happy McBurgerflippers.  

My concern that's been percolating in ye olde thinkin meat isn't just the small business, nor the 'downriver' (it sure as hell ain't gonna be a stream, thats fer sure) effects, nor even the personal impacts.  Nope... it's how that shit is gonna affect ME

Me as in "I've spent 30 years learning and getting to the point where I can earn my living"  I.E. a professional, who's making $19.81 an hour when broken down.  Now, mind you that's with what I call the 'healthcare kicker'.  Lots of companies, rather than pay out the Obominable Healthcare Extortionist rates, pay an hourly employee 'bump' so's we can get our own insurance (hopefully at a severely reduced rate).  Now, since it's aboot $4.20, that means realistically I'm getting aboot $15 an hour.  I'm lucky.  Full VA Bennies... I get to keep the 'bump'

After working 30 plus years.

So... where does that leave me?  I'll tell ya... Ima gonna be hitting the bosses up for a bump or they can -hopefully- find a competent person to replace me.  And considering that yeah, this's for the most part a phone-monkey job, yeah, they can probably find someone.  BUT long term I'm just one fuckin' guy.  Just wait til the rest of the workforce decides to do the same exact thing that I'm going to do.

Fuckin' Chaos Aye?
'Cos dunno 'bout you, the inflation that will happen after all the Happy McBurgerflippers start earning what they think is going to be a "living wage" shit's gonna go off the charts in cost increases.  We're already seeing it in car prices.  New cars are retardedly expensive, and JugEars Obamamessiah the Assfucker (piss be upon him) with his "cash for Clunkers" shit-program positively destroyed the used car market...  Along with the retarded 'Green New Assfucking" that they're instituting to outlaw Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs), it means that it's a progressive plan to enslave us.

"Keep us on the Plantation" by eliminating cheap, easy transportation
Cut the wages to "Equitable Level" i.e. just enough to barely make a living
Keep real food at a premium, and start forcing artificial shortages and make the 'alternative' food available to the masses
Possibly eliminate the vast majority of "Useless Eaters" to keep things 'sustainable'

What I'v always wondered is just who do they think is going to do the gruntwork in their new overlord positions?  I mean guttin' a pig to make chops is an ugly nasty job, and there ain't no full automation -yet- that can handle the whole shebang.  Which means slaves, and guards for the slaves...  which, to quote Heinlein from "Space Patrol" 

"Who Watches the Watchers?"  

'Cos I know if I managed to finagle a position of being "The Guy with the Gun?"
Welcome to Thunderdome Bitches!

Yeah...again, yeah they're going all 'accelerationist' in their plan, but they lack the ability that they need to actually pull it off properly.  It's called 
Critical Thinking
Ain't taught no more in the skoolz... not even in the Poison-Ivy Leagues
So, long term, stay inside the OODA loop, keep your friends close, yer enemies closer...
Preferably as close as your side yard
4 foot and a layer of crystal drano does wonders
Ask me NOT of how I know this
Jes' Sayin'
More Later Today fer sure
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

No One Can Take a Joke

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yah.. No one has a sense of humor anymore, leastways not in public...
The miserable Twitter Bastards have now set their sights on Pat fuckin' Sajak of all people.  Not going to link the story, as links have been funky as fuck lately, but apparently, Wheel O Whatever dude is in deep shit after last nights broadcast.
Seems a contestant had a slight lisp... people are going the fuck off in outrage over the following:

"The longtime game show host was trying to keep things light during Monday’s show as he was introducing contestants. While doing so, Sajak spoke with contestant Chris Brimble. After explaining to the host what he does for a living, it became clear to viewers and the host that Brimble speaks with a slight lisp.

Sajak heard him out and even commented on the importance of his job, bringing technology to older adults. However, the host concluded the brief interview by saying "I thee" instead of "I see."

While Brimble simply laughed the moment off, viewers who were upset about the Sajak's apparent mockery of the contestant’s speech impediment took to Twitter to voice their outrage."

Now, I'ma getting really tired of the faux outrage.
I know y'all are too.
When I was growing up, depending on how the dude who had the lisp looked like, we'd call him out as a lisping fag.  Now if the dude in question didn't have a problem with the tease, then what the fuck is the issue.

Too many folks have forgotten
Ain't yer circus, ain't yer monkeys
Stay in yer lane
Ain't nunya.   Ain't none yo fuckin' biddness there Combat!

Motherfuckers then wonder why mad violence is on the rise, nationally?  Lots of folks are blaming the 'no cops' issue which is part of the larger issue, especially in the inner city where Da Yoots run free and easy with their gansta bullshit.  Nope, I got a bit of my own theory here, and that is the new normal of people getting into everyone elses biddness.

Americans by and large are normally socially distant.  We tend to be really distanced compared to the Eurotrash and Ayrabs.  We -also- nominally really like our privacy.  We don't tolerate motherfuckers getting into our shit.  We even wrote it into the constitution, (not that that matters anymore apparently).  
Stay the hell out of our hair Aye?
Good fence make Good neighbors.  
But now?
Snitch Culture
"See something, say something" and the power of the Twittertards.
Everyone, no matter how low on the social foodchain, now feels empowered to get in other people's faces without repercussion...  I had it happen the other day... again.  I seem to attract the fucktards I swear...  I was, albeit illegally, utilizing a dumpster at the end of the street to throw a particularly noxious bag o'trash out... (a flat of eggs went bad)  Couldn't wait til trash day, and what the hell... giant ass dumpster, small bag o'kitchen trash, and sure as shit, some fucking busybody comes over, takes out his phone, starts recording and comes up giving me flak about it!?!  

Guess he wanted his 2 minutes of fame...
Told him as much... he proceeded to lecture me about how much it costs to empty a dumpster like that yaddayadda...  I was all like "Is it yours?"  
Him: "No but..."
Me: "Do I know you?  Do you know me?"
Him: "No"
Me: "Then what makes you the dumpster cop?  What do you care?"
Him: <puzzled clueless look>
Me: <righteous fury mode> "Seein's you don't know me, I could be a crazy, mentally unbalanced motherfucker with a handgun under my shirt, who particularly doesn't like nosy, stupid pig-i'gnint motherfuckers getting into my fuckin' business, and I then decide you need to be killed because you just filmed me disposing of my latest dismembered corpse, because I'm a serial killer, and you just pissed me off...   hows that make you feel now you dumb motherfucker?"
Him: <backing away while now sweating> "A...a..are you threatening me?"
Me: "Nope... purely hypothetical.  BUT I'm asking you, why the fuck would you bother someone you don't know and piss them off?"
Him: <clueless, stupid sheeplike look>
Me: <walking away muttering>  "That's one way of earning a Darwin Award right there..."

Duelling... I'ma tellin' ya, duelling needs to make a comeback...
Start Culling the Worthless Eaters and let us Predatory Motherfuckers make a comeback.
So yeah, people getting into other peoples shit?
In some circles, that's a killin'.
So, shit to think on... Mind your own damned biddness and things'll work out jes' fine
Jes' Sayin'
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, February 22, 2021

Fuck Around and Find Out

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Seems that the "Cloud People" are going to make it MOAR illegal to go after judicial miscreants.  
Seems some lawyer got fed up and pissed off at a Judge names Salas and planned on offing her.  He planned it out pretty meticulously, in the he went as far as getting a FedEx uniform and stuff to appear as a delivery man.  When he got to the house though, things went sideways, and her kid bought it and her hubby wounded.

Now, I do feel for the woman.  However, considering just how corrupt our system has become?  How untrustworthy our supposed self-proclaimed betters are?  How the justice system, systemically and overall is a two-tier system, designed to keep the peasants scared and in-line as tax bearing beast of burden?  I mean is it any wonder someone finally lost their collective shit and deigned it time to take some and git some back?  I'll be honest, the numbers thrown around as to the numbers of threats yearly is faaar lower than I'd expect...

"The U.S. Marshals Service, which protects about 2,700 federal judges, said there were 4,449 threats and inappropriate communications in 2019, up from 926 such incidents in 2015."

Considering just how evil the system is, I'd expect a couple of 'zeros' on them numbers.  NOT that I agree that that's the way things should go... there are legal recourses out there, but not everyone is wrapped too tight in the thinking meat.  Apparently that guy decided to go for broke, and man, now?

They're introducing MOAR protective acts to hire a fuckton of MOAR FedFuzz to guard their precious hides from the great unwashed masses.  
Funny that, I thought murder was already illegal?

This's a pattern.  This's going to be used as a harder, deeper protective act.  "The Judicial and Politician Protection Act(s) of 2021" or some such bullshit.  Make it that the full wrath of an already oppressive FedGov Leviathan comes down and crushes anyone who dares peek over the transom and call them out on their bullshit.  Nevermind actual murder, it'll be that if you dare question your "betters" that they'll crush you like a roach, and if you -try- to whack any of them, they'll more than likely add some North Korean level generational shytte onto the charge... make it like North Korea, where it's "Three Generations of Guilt" and one of the most oppressive Crime Families in history...the Kim Klan don't fuck around...
Used to be you could tar and feather a corruptocrat without issue... in fact, a lot of the time, their own would help out... depended on how badly you fucked around... if you were a minor irritant, the tar would be heated just enough to make you a real mess, and fuck you up... if you got them really pissed at you, the tar would be heated enough to cause third-degree burns, and that'll do pig... d-e-a-d as a you could get...

We need to bring back that, and duelling.
That'd settle a LOT of this keyboard warrior shit...
Pistols at 20 paces.  Shoot a motherfucker in the head and call it a day.
In fact, have 'em use a set just like the above... Purdey Classic Duelling pistols...
That's end a LOT of this bullshit going on IF we had the means to institute it
But somehow methinks the PTB ain't going go for it...
So, where does that leave us?
Ye Olde Rockage and a Harde Place...
Ain't gonna be fun...
Head on A Swivel
They ARE coming to get us
Be the Gray Man
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, February 21, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
NOT a big watcher of ye olde propaganda tube these days.  The only show that's a 'must see' is Jeopardy, now with fumblefuck Ken whatshisname... God Rest Ye Alex, we sorely miss you.  Reason Jeopardy is on almost religiously is that Wifey, Sapper and I all have a good time trying to outdo each other on the questions... sometimes it gets really fun when one of us pulls some completely random answer out of ye olde arse and amazes the others with the Trivial info in the thinkin' meat.   Good times.

That being said, we also have to deal with watching the commercials.
Thank. Fuckin'. God. for that Aye?
I mean damn.
Never in my entire life have I seen it that bad.
The absolute sucking up of the corporate world is astounding.
I mean Good Lord... I never imagined that so many black families lived in multi-million dollar houses and drove $60,000.00 cars, and gave them as gifts to their wives on the regular?  I mean color me astonished.  That and mixed race marriages?  Wow, stunningly beautiful blonde wimmens with good looking successful black male fathers, (with the obligatory 2-3 mixed race kids) in the scene?

You'd think that it's a put-on.
Well, it is.  And designed to 'uplift' supposedly.
Ok, I get it.  MASSIVE inferiority complex.  Low I.Q.s.  Crime stats that no matter how hard to try to blame on everyone and anyone else, you fail.  At every. single. thing. as a representative whole.  You were in Africa for generations and never invented the wheel.  Doesn't look good overall.

Jes' Sayin'.

Not that it matters to the Mass Media programmers.  It's not designed to uplift but to actively disparage, dispirit, and denigrate white, straight males.  In fact I spent one night counting the number of white males in -any- commercial that were not portrayed as some dumbass fucktard stereotype.

Not one ad.
Not. a. single. advert.  
There was one white guy, out of an entire 30 minute Jeopardy segment, with 4 commercial breaks, one at the beginning, one after the first dozen questions, the break at the end of round one, the one at end of round two and final Jeopardy.  Out of 4 breaks, one white dude, and he was a stereotyped old man acting all dementia-patient like while looking for a parking spot or some such bullshit.

Hell, the Rolex commercial features a fucking average looking Black guy, wearing a $10,000.00 Submariner.  Ok... I'm Suuuuuuuuuuuure that demographic is going to buy a buttload of them....  might have been more realistic if it'd been a gold toofused rapper or some such shytte... even then, the watches that the black guys I knew in the DotMil and in my contracting days, the guys with the cash to blow usually preferred really large and gaudy timepieces...  the 'blingy-er' the better.  Breitlings being a favored 'flavor'.
So anywhoooo.
Point is, the ads and the audience.
I got to thinking aboot it.
I've also realized something.
The jealousy factor.  I don't think these morons who think they're being all 'inclusive' and 'uplifting' and 'stunning' and 'brave' realize that the audience, for the most part are fucking poor.  Reality:  Blacks, per capita in this country earn, IF in a two-income stable home, average nationally $58,000 a year.  That's the average.  Whites supposedly earn $89,000 a year.  I'd love to know where they get these numbers... Me AND Wifey both bust our asses and we ain't nowhere in that range...  I call major bullshit.  That's the census bureau.  Wiki sez Whites make $70K and Blacks make $41K

Personally, Wifey and I, together maybe break $39.  That's if she has a good run, being a stylist and hair chicka for weddings this year, the 'Rona really cut into her biz.  Like all discretionary spending finito.  
So, If -I'm- struggling at $39, then the average Black fam is prolly at $20 on a good year.  Generally, the blacks who make the most bank are almost exclusively employed by the DotGov, as the hiring preferences and quotas (none for Whitey, bad dog, no cookie for you!) and the near-inability to fire a DotGov worker, no matter how corrupt and incompetent they are, and the now-current atmosphere of even daring to call out this bullshit gets you fucked up.  Hell, the subsequent promotions due to that inability to shitcan them, and also lets face it, the blacks get hired, promoted, and given lavish packages that whypeepo can't even hope to have.

So, back to the Jealousy Factor.  One thing I know is the average shmo, when down n'out almost always looks to blame someone or something else for the issue.  Now in these commercials, the black fams are all portrayed as uber-wealthy and successful, top tier shit amiright?

How do you think that the poor whites in the trailers in North Carolina are feeling watching that?  For that matter, how does the poor single black mother in Detroit feels when she's got 5 womb-turds by 4 different babydaddies who're all noticeably absent?  

Lots and lots and LOTS of pure-dee ANGER.
"Why do those people have X and I can't afford food for myself?"
"How did this happen?"
"Why me?"
"Those motherfuckers...."

It's priming a pump, that people haven't even cottoned onto yet.  The raging disparities, coupled with a completely out-of-touch group of folks are pushing for a Race-Based Civil War that's gonna being going hot-er sooner, rather than later.  And then it's gonna be "How did this happen?"  I'm thinking it's no grand conspiracy, just pure stupid, marinated in general fucktardedness, coupled with a disconnect from reality...

The Smug is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.
ZMan calls them 'The Cloud People"
I'm inclined to agree, to a point.
The issue is that when the Beast wakes up, and decides to go on a rampage, they ain't hiding.  
It's also why I do not watch TV anymore if'n I can help it.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, February 20, 2021

A Great Question

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
A guy over at Alt-Market has a great write up posing a question to Leftists.  That being paraphrased by moi, in my own inimitable way, just why are all the evil fucktards on your side?  The whole writeup is HERE.  He does a really good breakdown of the fact that leftists are, in fact almost irredeemably eeeee-vil, and that 99.999% of their beliefs of 'how right wingers are' is pure projection.

The money quote IMO:
"Leftists don’t actually care about diversity; they only care that you have blind allegiance to the collective. Stray but a little, and the mob will come for your head. They LOVE plantations, they love slavery; as long as they own the plantations and they control the slaves."

Can't argue with those facts.  Not even a bit.  
As long as they have the whip in their hot lil hands, they be good with doing and saying some cray-cray shit that'd get a Right-Winger practically crucified for saying and or doing.  Hell, January 6th is a prima facia factual witch hunt and the subsequent impeachment part and parcel of it.... the very fact that the impeachment paperwork was written on January fucking 5th should clue you in on what Bracken refers to as a "Buffalo Jump' that the whole D.C. stupidfest was aboot.

Larry Correia over at MonsterHunterNation spells it out in foaming at the mouth levels of "fuck you-edness" at the whole Baen Books Bullshit controversy.  The link to his epic and absolutely-dead-the-fuck-on rant is HERE.  He pulls zero punches with zero fucks given to the target of his vitriol.  No wonder he makes money writing books.  I can turn me a phrase but holy hell, he really unloads in that'un there.
In it, he's going after WorldCon for being shitbirds to the editor at Baen.  The TL;DR is that a publisher, Toni Weisskopf is getting savaged by the SJW crowd, and WorldCon fucked her over on a guest of honor spot at WorldCon...  he's fucking livid man... Read it, it's a thing of raging beauty.

The quote that hits me is:
"Speaking of your mealy-mouthed, wishy washy, double standards… Would booting Toni be more misogynistic? Or Anti-Semitic? Sorry. My bad. My side isn’t the one who gets to ignore every criticism because of identity politics. That’s also a one-way street.

Naw. It isn’t a street. It’s a river of shit that only flows one way."
Yah, the lefties always go for the weak and ones who're willing to bend at the knee...
Just like fucking jackals man... 
And even in a pack of Jackals, one sign of weakness, and they'll tear you up and chow down.
Unfortunately, it's gonna be a while before we see that in certain circles, leastways at the top-of-the-food-chain like Pelosi and the rest of the corruptocrats.  They are going for low hanging fruit like Nipples Cuomo, and it couldn't happen to a nicer fuckstain... hell, he's a skidmark for a fuckstain, the unwashed jockey shorts from a homeless dude.  Even looks like a fucking wino... him and his fucking closet case brother Chrissy, who wouldn't know how to deal with a proper asskicking if it was handed to him properly...  fucking purely hate those twisted motherfuckers.

My biggest fear is that when, not if, but when the shitfestivus does finally kick off, I'm gonna miss out on bagging and tagging some of the 'bigger names' out there.  I mean shiiiiiiiiiiit... not everyone gets to shoot a high-profile fucktard unfortunately... it's be nice but hey, reality?  Prolly gonna miss out of those motherfuckers.  In fact, if'n I hadda hazard a guess?  It'll be their 'personal assistant' or the chauffeur, hair stylist or nail technician that does those high-profile motherfuckers up.  Dude'll like Chrissy'll be in the chair, getting his fakeup and hair done for the 9pm broadcast when the chick doing the hair will take the scissors or straight razor and run 'em clean through his jugular.

Via Con Dios Shitbird.

In fact, that's the shit to start getting them paranoid... let 'em thing that the servants and such are going to start coming for they and theirs...  Sooooooooo evil, yet sooooooooo righteous and sweet.  nThe people in their 'inner circle' who've been abused like motherfuckers over the years are going to put 'paid' on them thar bills... cain't says I blames 'em niether...

"Paranoia will destroy ya!" as the song went...
So, other than that, the only thing left on the AR10 is the crush washer for the muzzle brake.  I had one on hand, and used it, but then I had to change out the defective gas block, and you can't and shouldn't reuse a crush washer, so's I'm waiting, otherwise, it's all done, with a poast tomorrow to follow with pics.  Came out nice and I'm gonna break it in at Borepatch's upcoming Blogshoot before I decide what to do with it... hopefully that crush washer pack shows before then... goddamned slow ass mail/shipping... if not, I -might either remove the brake, or crank it down, and put the washer on after the fact... either way I'ma gonna shewt it... been loading BeeBees all week in prep for it...

My many thanks to y'all supporting me in these times too... 
Couldn't do it without you, and I'm now at a mil and a quarter for visits... Sweet Jesus!
So More Later and Sorry for the lateness, but yardwork again with Spawn
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, February 19, 2021

No Honor-e

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, seems Oberfuhrer Pelooooooser has appointed former General Russel Honore as the "Grand Inquisitor" for the Capitol bullshit.  Now, anyone with half a fucking brain knows that the whole thing on the 6th was planned in advance, spindled, folded and/or mutilated via the Propaganda Media to be waaay  blown out of proportion (especially in light of actual violence that took place all summer long in Niggerfied A.O.s) without a single. fucking. thing. being done.
That's the H.M.N.I.C now.. (Head Motherfuckin' Nigger In Charge) of 'investigating' the January 6th Shenanigans.
There has never been a more self-loathing Black Man in uniform.
Uncle Tom indeed
He was the one who was in charge of the fucked uppedness of the Katrina Response.
He was the one who didn't do shit during the Global War on Terror
He's the one who's consistently been a partisan hack and anti-gun and outright anti-American across the board.
Fucker only has jump wings and a fucking EIB (Expert Infantry Badge) and as a General, I'd even call that into question as I can't see a grader on an EIB course telling a General or any other occisfer under the rank of Major that he failed out.
I fucking have the EIB for fucks sakes.
I didn't earn an actual "on active duty " Combat Infantry Badge" as I was never shot at during my time in service.  I got the CIB by 'hook n'crook' supporting 2/8 Cav in Baghdad as a civvie, but the legit level of that is questionable as fuck.  Got the cert, but don't have it on any uniform b/c I dunno if it's legit.  Nice thought and action tho by the unit, as I -was- in the shit with them nonstop 05-06.  

This partisan fuck?
Fuck him.  Piece of shit rear echelon motherfucker... REMF for short.
Fucker was responsible for anti-constitutional calls for gun confiscation in New Orleans during Katrina, and never paid the price, which should have been castration, followed by public hanging


Unfortunately, we don't hang obsolete non-functional farm equipment

Pity That.
Jes' Sayin'
Promoted as a 'Muh Diversity' hire, he's been around long enough to have a target literally and figuratively on his back.  If'n someone plugs him, I won't shed no tears. At All.
Guys like him are demonstratively the reason affirmitive action doesn't and can't work.

A light skinned self hatin' 'high yeller' nigra given all sort of power over Whypeepo?
Wait for the Camps to be instituted
Unless, like I said, someone plugs him and makes him a good high yeller nigra
Jes' Sayin.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Good Stuff!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Occasionally you read a story that makes ya grin.  In this case, a story about a veteran who done made a home invader "good."  Link HERE  Apparently,  in South Carolina, 61 year old Harold Runnels Jr broke into Retired CSM Herbert Parrish's house and attacked his wife with a big butcher knife.
Rule #1 never piss of the Sar'nt Major...
Bad things happen
So, dis fuckin' guy
"Color" me surprised Aye?
Whelp, he done pissed off the Sar'nt Major. 
Who grabbed a shotgun...

Wait for it...

Yah, grabbed his shotty, and then proceeded to buttstroke the motherfucker to death.
NOT shot him mind you, but beat his fucking grape in.
Like I said... bad things happen when you piss off the Sar'nt Major.
You should see what happens if you walk on his grass.

THAT is a hardcore motherfucker right there.
Like I said, a story to smile aboot Aye?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, February 18, 2021

My God...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, still feeling like hammered shit, but am alive.  The 'regularity' of things on the Left is just showing to us just -how fucking stupid- the guys who stole the election and installed the current Resident of the Offal Office really are.

I mean My God...
They've actually come out and pretty much admitted openly that the 'stole the election to preserve democracy' in Time Magazine.  They've also called out the fact that Slo isn't running the interface between foreign leaders... that's the Hos job now apparently. 
I mean there's no fucking way they can let Vlad talk to the fucking Tardo.  He's so far gone, it's honestly not even remotely funny.  It's like we're in a replay of the Wilson Administration, and lookie at how well that shitshow went.

For those unfamiliar, Woodrow Wilson, Word War One Wilson, well, he had a fucking stroke during his second term.  His wife essentially took the fuck over.  "Edith Bolling Galt Wilson was second wife of the 28th President, Woodrow Wilson. She served as First Lady from 1915 to 1921. After the President suffered a severe stroke, she pre-screened all matters of state, functionally running the Executive branch of government for the remainder of Wilson's second term."  Bitch illegally took control as apparently and from all accounts, WWOW was a fucking vegetable for the majority of his second term.

Tell me "Doctor" Jill ain't gonna do the same?

I mean Kameltoe the Ho is about as popular, even with the demoncRats, as a case of herpaghonasyphilAIDS. (thanks to Top PopP for that reference)... I mean the bitch is rancid... like "Arbys left on the dashboard in a Texas Summer"... fucking the party can't stand her and her vacuous headed self...
Needs to say "and is ready to be President" at the bottom

Jes' Sayin'
In fact, I need the meme on that:
Not my best, but fuck it.

Either way, shit is out-of-control.

Me?  I still haven't heard from the dood on the AR-10... mighty pissed aboot that.  At least $850 tied up in it, and the guy vanished.  Oh well, considering the rarity of weapons these days?  I just may keep it, although finding ammo is gonna be a stone bitch.  I -do- have about 800 primers, and a pile of brass and BB's... I can always reload me a bunch.  Just a Holy Shit pain-in-the-ass.  Not the first client I've had bail on me.  Oh well.

In fact, I'm gonna camo thins thing up.  Damned shame for dood, but hey, iz now "mineminemine" as Daffy Duck would have said.   I need to order Optics though for it.  A good rifle needs good optics... payday is tomorrow, and the bills are up to date, so what the hell... nothing -exceptional- as I can't afford any crazy Leopold optics, but there's some fair to middlin' shit out there that'll do.

Next step is a coating of OD Green, followed by a trip to the Dollar Store for 'fake ferns'.  That's how I 'pattern' the rifle.  Dollar Tree and Dollar General have an area that has 'fake plastic chinesium' plants.  I get a bundle (usually ferns) and come home and cut 'em up.  After I do a base rattle-can coat of OD Green, when its dried, I cut up (usually with wirecutters as they have wire in 'em) the ferns, and tape a bunch of them allllll over the rifle.  Then I hit it with a sand color (flat).  WalMart has good 'camo colors' usually available.  

After it dries, I pull off all the ferns, which now have left a fern-shaped imprint on the rifle, which is a pretty good pattern disruption for here in Florida.  Rattle-can is the cheap way of doing it, and as far as I'm concerned, it's functional, easily modified and adjusted and quick to do, unlike Cerakote, which is expensive, laborious and needs special tools.  I've done both, and prefer the Rattle-can over all.

So, lastly... been behind on emails and mailing.  My most sincere a-polly-olly-ologees on that.

Life ya know?  I got vacc cards going out tomorrow (for those of you who need/wanted) and some Charlie Mike Comix to some folks who earned 'em.  Again I appreciate everything y'all do between donations, tips and emails and comments.  This shit wouldn't be here 'cept for Phil kicking my ass into gear, and y'all apparently diggin' my rants.

So, more later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


Having a "Day"

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ooooh my head man... totally forgot the downside of the VA stay and subsequent issues...
Meaning mad withdrawals from teh opioids.  They had me so juiced because of the acute pain, and I managed to stretch the 2 day supply they sent home, but now it's cold turkey time with the monkey on Ye Olde Reporter's Back.

Meh.  BT-DT-GTTS again
Happens every. single. time.
It is what it is... the aches and pains are back in force and I'm just taking it easy.
Ibuprofen and water
Gallons of water.
I'll try and get something up later, but right now I'm about as functional as the ape in the pic above.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Go Navy!

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....
Apparently the Navy, in it's infinite quest to make the most outrageous go-overboard (heh) 'progress' in racial and intersectional equality, it's proposed to institute a new "pledge" for all sailors in the Navy to take... another oath of loyalty if you will. It is as follows:

“I pledge to advocate for and acknowledge all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every Sailor in the Navy,” the proposed pledge reads. “I pledge to engage in ongoing self-reflection, education and knowledge sharing to better myself and my communities. I pledge to be an example in establishing healthy, inclusive and team-oriented environments. I pledge to constructively share all experiences and information gained from activities above to inform the development of Navywide reforms.”

The link goes to the actual 'what. the. fuck.' PDF report that makes the suggestion.
Matt Bracken put it up on Gab.  I feel for the guy, really I do.  He's a squid, and watching what's happening to the Navy is like watching a very good friend slowly be killed by a disease.  In this case, it's the Pozz killing the Navy... far worse than the Marines and Army...  I'd say that in rankings of DotMil pozzing insanity, Navy leads, with Air Force running a close second, with Army and Marines in a slow tail end charlie position(s).  They're not fucking with the Marines too much, probably afraid that Chesty Puller and R Lee Ermey would go zombie and start killing and eating motherfuckers.
Of course the Navy leads the pack though.
I mean no shit, On Guantanamo Bay, the whoooole island is overrun with giant assed Iguanas.  NOT your miami mini-iguanas, but big 4 to 5 foot long 40 pound attitudinal Iggys as we called 'em.  Motherfucking hissing pissed off bastards...  Only place in the world where I -actually- saw a sign that said 
Navy amiright?
If it was a sign on an airbase, it'd say "Do not make the Iguanas into pets" and an Army base, it would say "Do not run over the iguanas" and Marines? Of course "Do not eat the iguanas, they do not taste like chikin or crayons"
But yeah, only the Navy could go so far so fast.  Typical overreaction.  Just like Tailhook.  Bunch of split-tails go to what is known as an out-of-control frat-party pussyfest for pilots, and get all butthurt and destroyed careers over it.

Thing is, and I've been getting emails about it is the 'regular' troops are getting pretty damned sick and tired of it.  One email confirmed some 'stuff' about the DC Debacle.  Apparently Frau Oberpoopenfuher Pelosi desperately wanted crew served weapons, to whit the Guard said to the effect "Whaddya, some kinda nut!?!" and denied it.  Then they pulled the ammo from the troops (what little that was issued) and apparently, some of the Lower ranks occifers (there are some good 'uns out there) busted out their 'personal stash' o'beebees and handed 'em out.  Now if'n you've even been in DC, at night strange things come out.  Lotsa bad things happen.  And Guard doodz and doodettes with unloaded weapons?  Yeah.  Prime targets for mugging.  I've been over that previously.  So, Word got around and apparently there were a few armed standoff, which is what triggered the whole "loyalty" thing.

And that pissed off EVERYBODY.
And now?  Maaan  When it kicks it's going to be funny as fuck all.
Because ALL the Senior Officers know that they're completely fucked
The lower ranks are pretty much going to keep on keepin' on, until -something- of fuckery comes down the chain-of-command, at which point it'll get to "Ludicrous Speed!!!" right then n'there
General: "Men, we're going out to collect weapons that pResident Biden just outlawed by way of an E.O., get the men ready"
Colonel: "Uhhhh sir, are you trying to get us all kill't?"
General: "You will follow my and the Commander-in-Chief's orders Coronel"
Colonel: "Later y'all, I'ma outtie like a belly button! (hands in resignation)"

Meanwhile, down in 'the ranks'

Captain: "We've got orders to go out and forcibly collect civilian arms and weapons men... I know you don't like the order, but orders are orders."
Platoon Sgt: "Sir, respectively speaking sir, but you got 15 rounds for that there bear-retta, and me and the troops got 30 rounds in -each- of our rifles... dunno 'bout choo sir, but me?  As a Christian man, I ain't one fer bettin' but it's sure a shit gonna be a bad day fer you n'the other occifers if'n y'all persist in being a dumbass."
Captain: "Right, Platoon Sergeants, send the men to the motor pool and tell 'em to sweep the line again... getting a bit dirty down there and we can't have a dirty motor pool now can we?"
Plt Sgt: "Roger that sir, cleanliness is next to Godliness sir."

Yeah... they'll ignore the more and more insane orders until --someone-- grows a set and decides to overthrow this shitfestivus. Or not?  Who can tell?  Right now, people just seem to be coasting.  The "ain't my circus, ain't my monkeys" is sort of my point of view right now.  Until something personal comes up on the radar, then fuck it.
I mean realistically what we're in for, (for now and I hope it stays this way) is Obamanation Part 2.  Meaning higher taxes, higher gas prices, higher everything.  Until -something- goes completely and utterly sideways for "Boobus Americanus", shit'll just keep being shitty.  I mean they know that we know.  Until people get hungry shit ain't gonna change.  Revolutions are started by Empty Ricebowls, not public corruption.

Do I really give a fuck if Slo Joe is on the take?  Not really.  Stay on your side of the fence and out of my lane, and we're good.  I have very few lines that'll cross me into taking action.  That being said IF said-lines are crossed, then well, nice knowing ya.  It's been fun.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sooo Wifey got me a thing...
A Smith and Wesson 669.  Second Generation Double Action mid-sized 9mm.
Made from 1984 to 1988.
Truly a "Gun of the 80's"
My second one... the first having been permanently confiscated by the PoPo during the 'unpleasantness' of the deeeeee-vorce.  That being said, this was the first 9mm semi-auto I ever shot at age 16.  It was my Uncle Fred's daily carry.  I loved the damned thing and swore I'd own one when I was old enough to get one.  Fast forward a couple dozen years, and hey!
I got one, lost one, and got another.
And this thing is crazy cherry
Y'all know how I drooled over that Smith Mod. 39 I worked on...
Well, this's even better
Like the Dream Daily Carry.  It's an oddball.  It's not-quite-compact and not-quite-full sized.  It's like mid-sized.  Still fits my big assed hands.  It's got a 12 round mag, 13 with one up the pipe.  This shockingly has the original stippled grips, which usually got ditched in favor of Pachmayr wrap-arounds.  This was a very popular back up piece for the fuzz back in the day, as the size kept it small enough without getting retardedly small.
It was also prominently featured on the show "Miami Vice" on the reg... in this picture here:
With what is possibly the most 80's picture in history possibly.  I didn't think you could pack MOR 80's into one pic, but between the pastels, the clothes and the whole shtick, you ain't getting MOR 80's than that.  It was because I heard that the producers had a deal with Smith and Wesson, and Don Johnson was fond of the 645, a large frame S&W in .45.  That was after he had to give up his Bren 10 10mm, when the whole production of those went down the shitter.
But yeah
The thing is -showroom-, and for a 30 plus year old weapon, I'm fucking tickled to death
Gotta love a woman who keeps you in yer weaponry eh?  I do not want to know how much she paid for it, seeings the insanity of the current weapons market, but she said I wouldn't have lost my shit and her money is 'her money'... go figger Aye?
I can't wait to go pop some rounds... I'm going to break out the 'good stuff' to work it in.  The bore is pristine.  Like if this thing had more than 100 rounds through it in it's lifetime I'd be stunned.  The lands and grooves are like new.  Unreal eh?
So, I'm a happy monkey
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