Saturday, January 9, 2021

Yep... It's On Like Donkey Kong

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
First off
I am humbled beyond belief
One of y'all who I'll keep anon for now, funded the migration in one fell swoop.  I'm working out the move today/this weekend, getting the domain established and talking with the techies.  I can't thank this guy enough.  I'm so grateful to him, and the others who've assisted with the donations over the past two months to assist keeping this place rolling and GranBebe in Diapers.

Speaking of which
I had to work yesterday like any normal person would.  Wifey however went and did the bravest thing I've seen in a while.  She took GranBebe on a trip
Her first trip to DevilmouseWorld.
That right there: THAT is the definition of stunning and brave.
Taking a 3 year old, solo, on her first Trip to Disneyworld?
Hard Pass
Wifey's got like all these apps and sheeee-it on her fon.  Seems a bunch of them are the coupon sites and whatnot, and she got a one-day adult pass option for Devilmouse for like $100.  Then she applied the Florida Resident option, the free parking option and some other female wizardry that us doodz got no clue on how to operate, and took GranBebe for an early 3rd Birfday Trip.  Did I mention that GranBebe turns three in like a week or two?  

Time fucking flies

So... because she was under three, and no one pushed it, she got in for free.  Total cost out of Wifey's pocket with gas and shit was under a hunnerd.  Her money, her project.  Color me highly impressed.  I couldn't organize something like that on the fly.  

Got a hunch it's a good thing we got this done sooner rather than later, as at the rate it's going, what with Social Credit Scores coming, everyone even remotely associated with me are gonna be blackballed.  And I'm sure admission to the 'nice places' like Devilmouse are going to go 'all in' on some shit like that.  Despite them losing upwards of a couple of BILLION dollars between the Bogus Beijing Booger Bug and the near-continuous insulting and fucking up of the Star Wars brand.  I watch a channel called "Dicktor Van Doomcock" who's a (((Youtuber))) who does this pretty good riff on going after Hollyweird for injecting socially woke bullshit into like everything.  
Goes by the Channel Overlord DVD
It's a bit on the cheesy side as dud wears this funky outfit to stay anon, but good info on the stuff 'behind the scenes' at Devilmouse and other popular series and shows.  Seems they've been hemmoraging the monies.

Which is damned near the only non-violent option we have currently at our disposal.  Methinks that is one of the many reasons that the Chinkypox was dumped on us with the subsequent lockdowns was to very specifically target small businesses in this country.  When you think about it, it's really hard to economically impact a huuuuuuge corporation unless you have smaller mom-and-pop retailers and groceries to fall back on as an alternative.  I mean everyone knows about Wally World and the Zon, but also, the same goes for restaurants.
Here's just two 'overarching supervillain sized corporate entities right here:
Darden and it's minions 
Brinker International and its minions.
Can't say they're upset that the small local better alternatives took a shot to the back of the head due to the Coof.  I mean I hate those places for the most part.  Only on the rare occasion do I -ever- go there.  Usually when Wifey, who as yer 'typical' female gets a wild hair 'crost her ass to go to Crapplebees or sumtin'.  Me?  My rule is I only order something I can't make at the house, or if I can't make it better.

Like Chinese food.  I do ok, but my Beef Teriyaki Strips are only so-so... and even then, I order from the shop that my neighbors actually own and operate down the street.  No China Panda for me man... Hells to the no.

Otherwise, just like I always say
There's an Eye-Talian place up the street that beats the shit out of -anything- I can make.  Even after being married to an Eye-tie for 20 years (X) and learning a lot... this place?  Family owned.  Plus a killer Martini Bar with a 1950's decor.  And Music... OMFG it's great.  Bit pricey but I like it for special occasions.  In fact, Ye Olde First Anniversary is upcoming.  Gotta plan that lest Wifey be displeased more than she usually is.

But yep.  "Trust in The Plan."
Which one?

The one to disrupt any and all small businesses, leaving nothing but Supervillain MegaCorporations to rake in the bux from substandard grub?  (I've had better chow in Iraq, no shit)

The one to eliminate small businesses and replace them with WalMart or Amazon?

The one to keep the normal autist/disruptors busy and distracted?

The one to take down the best, albeit crass, President we've had in a long time?

The one to disenfranchise over half the country and negate any way to legally redress our grievances?

The one to (probably) roll out social crediting and de-person anyone who doesn't follow "The Glorious Party Line" and our new "Dear Leader" and their socially conscious minions?

That Plan?  It that The Plan(s) of which you speak?

Vox Day and the rest o'the Qtards have lost the track.

I give it til early spring.  If they keep up the current pressure, or, if they very stupidly amp it up, it'll happen sooner rather than later.  Call it March/April.  I'd suggest it'll start on the low hanging fruit first.

An outspoken self-professed Marxist College Professor who occasionally spouts retardation on the TV.  Shot through the head while watching TV one night.  

A TV Producer for a largish affiliate for NBC or CNN who gets shot much in the same way

A TV "Talking Head" who gets sniped through the head while on the scene somewhere at a demonstration
Of course Leviathan will go fucking insane(r) with retribution, at which time lots of targets will start becoming 'fair game'. Feds, State Officials in Blue States, Cops who 'tow the line' on illegal orders and their families 

I mean Jesus... don't any of these people ever fucking read?
This shit is the basis of 90% of Dystopian Civil War Fiction for the past 20 years at least
Oh yeah... I forgot.  
Nope... they buy the "Books by The Yard" for pretty backgrounds
Hence why when it starts, they're gonna die in wholesale lots.
Things to think on
And again, Ladies and Gentlemen, You have my unending gratitude.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. That local Italian joint wouldn't be Speak's Clam Bar, would it?

  2. I have a history question. You're pretty well versed in guerrilla actions. so look at IRA, VC, iraq, whatever. You see the guerrillas sometimes go after high value individual targets. (Montbatten being the top example) and of course the VC were notorious for taking out village heads and such (and i assume Iraq did the same). Of course taking out a high value target brings the opposition into huge focus real fast. You wanted the attention of the British crown, you got it and all it entails.

    That all makes sense from a targeting perspective of the guerilla's. but then you see them just blow up markets and street corners and popular restaurants and oil lines and such. And not just ones that were owned by the opposition. (see 1930's gangsters). What's the purpose in this? does this not turn the "people" away from the guerilla? How and why were the VC/IRA/Iraq/etc picking their targets that were not high value individuals. How does blowing up the local market in iraq and killing some odd "civilians" help your cause?

    This never has made any sense to me and I appreciate your perspective.

    1. In ye olde days, an invader would burn every village and farmstead in his path. This was to show the locals that their current ruler was impotent to protect them, and to force the ruler to come out of his city/fortress and play.

      If you can't protect it, it isn't yours. If you can't protect the people, what good are you? Rule is force, seldom more, and certainly nothing less. This is why the mafia has to make an example every now and then, just to remind everybody else of why they keep up their payments.

    2. Perfectly stated McChuck
      The VC were most famous for doing the dirty to a ville shortly after the SF did a 'hearts and minds' sort of mission... doing good things for the ville, lil medicine, lil help here n there, then back tot he FOB... the VC would stalk in after, call them traitors, ask them where their 'protectors' were now? And then rape and pillage, usually taking out the headman and installing a more 'cooperative' one, hence why later that week/month when the SF Team or any Americans showed up, they were rather stridently shunned, if not treated as outright hostiles, mainly BECAUSE they -had- failed to keep the ville safe from the VC predations.

  3. Better to disrupt the lives of the drivers, maids, butlers, etc, of the Pelosi's of the world. Easier targets.

    Team Oppo will never put the resources into protecting or investigating them.

    You choose to serve Evil, you are fair game.

    1. Targeting other Peons would make us as ignoble and evil as the VC. Do you plan to shoot the person who rang up her deluxe ice cream at the market? I can't imagine much that would make the populace hate us more than going after people who are just making a living. That's what the Democrats and their ilk do. _revjen45

  4. Forget individuals as targets.

    Target transportation corridors. I am talking, rail, water, power, practically any avenue where necessary supplies travel to lib held areas.

    Cut off the food and power and heat for 3 months and within that time the empty headed drones will turn on their leaders for not stopping the 'deplorables & bitter clingers' from destroying their sheltered lifestyles. Hunger and cold have a way of forcing people to come to grips with their problems. The left's drones do not see the problem of massive government control and censorship and only will become aware of it when life forces them to.

    Infrastructure can be targeted simultaneously and with minimal civilian casualties which reduces emotional impact but maximizes the long term effects of deprivation. Better to allow your enemy to beat themselves than to confront them directly. If the 'village leaders' cannot provide the essentials pretty you can bet that it will be pretty quick to when the villagers revolt.

  5. Or maybe slow roll the festivities, kind of like creepy music at the beginning of a real movie, by "disappearing" listed media type without a trace.
    "Hay where did Bob go? Did he go into hiding? Maybe I should...." then. Thwack, head shot threw the window, watching TV no less.
    Psyop me? No Psyop you!
    [sigh, I just wanted to live a quiet life with my family.]

  6. Lot's of folks are going to be shit outta luck and money when the online shit get's flushed.

  7. it is done. The communists have the white house, the house and the senate, and most likely the supreme court. Some say it's a big deal. Some say let's move on. Some others say let's burn this bitch to the ground. I suggest let this bitch rot from the core and fall with a splatter of shit.

    The USA is dead, without hope of resuscitation. The commies are partially correct, we were never great, again, some say since Lincoln at least. The USA is a failed experiment.

    I am a veteran, and as a child was very patriotic. Hell, even up to a number of years ago, I would tear up at the national anthem from memories of dead and gone, fallen comrades. Today, not so much. And that almost bothers me.

    Older children in their mid twenties now, I taught them right, to no avail, they are going to perish soon. I will to, shortly after them, I suppose. Maybe, maybe not, I am not a fortune teller.

    Mass up and storm cities? Storm capitals? The peoples houses? Suicide like the charge of the light brigade into interlocking fields of machine gun fire, only to be cannon fodder on the field to be denounce by the right and the left...

    Hunt down those with communist bumper stickers on their car. You know, the community accountability files we have been keeping up with. Burn their house down, snipe them as they get into their car. Follow the wife and eviscerate her when you get the chance. Dismember the children by drawing and quartering. They will do this to you and yours. count on it. even if you cuck and bend the knee.

    The left will also get their fate at the hands of the CCP overseers. They die last.

    I know I'm going to hell and will be cast into outer darkness for the deeds that will soon be done. I am deeply saddened I will not get to have the bread of life with Jesus. I have accepted my fate with a bowed head. Forgive them father even though they know what they do. Forgive my enemy because you asked me to forgive as I have been forgiven. But I will send as many to your great white throne judgement for tribuneral by the Lord. Forgive me also, for I am a sinner and I am about to embark on a very dark mission. I will not fear, I will not show quarter, I will show no remorse.

    This will is the flaming 20's. Remember your tribe, your block, your community and maybe county. Your state, region and country are dead. Accept the fact our country and we are already dead men walking, and get to thumping heads and slitting throats.

    Shove off and full speed ahead.

  8. JIT Just in time. No warehousing for the box stores. The rolling trucks are the warehouse. The big boys live or die on transport. Period.

  9. Toward the end of the second month, against all odds, it seemed like the plan was working. Our federal agents were making record numbers of arrests for new acts of bona-fide domestic terrorism, and of course, for "fomenting domestic terrorism" in the media and on the internet. We still had most of the friendly media on our side lamenting the outbreak of right-wing terror against the government. As long as most of the media continued reporting our version of reality, we could keep pushing the right-wing extremists to exhaustion and eventual submission.

    Ah, blessed silence, the hammering and sawing outside has stopped. I flex and shake my hands, limbering up my sore wrist and fingers. Flipping back through this spiral notebook, I count a dozen freshly-filled pages. I have not done so much handwriting in one go since blue-book exams at the university, and that was decades ago.

    Back to my story. The first real jolt indicating a serious problem with the plan came when television reporter Cathy Carlsen was killed in Norfolk, shot dead while covering the commissioning of the Harvey Milk, the Navy's newest destroyer. That she was killed was bad enough. That it happened on a "secure" naval base—a federal installation—made it much worse. Her blood splattered across the Admirals' white uniforms made quite a picture. The videos...

    We were two women born in the same year, with similar academic backgrounds. We had known each other for decades, and her untimely death hit me hard. Cathy Carlsen had been a reliable voice on the progressive side of a supposedly impartial television news network. That a respected member of the media would be assassinated was big surprise, at least to me. Up to that point, only a few federal officials and high-ranking agents had been targeted.

    Then a new photo was released on the internet. I had always thought the NSA could trace those things back to their origins, but apparently not. The photo was taken through the Norfolk sniper's rifle scope just a few moments before the murder. It showed thin black crosshairs and other reference marks across Cathy's smiling face. And it showed some text added just above her head:

    If the media lies, the media dies.

    You take a side, you're along for the ride.

    A traitor in front of a camera is still just a traitor.

    1. Yep. Remember reading that 'back in the day' great writing
      Too bad the microcephalic mental midgets in charge never did...
      nor their media pets

    2. This is one of my favorite essays. It got me into following you and reading your books. I am especially big fan of the Enemies series and at some point will get signed copies, rather than ebooks of them.

    3. YES! to you both. Bracken and BCE. MORE!

  10. no place is more than 9 meals away from revolt. the us of a has at best a 30 day supply of food. that includes everything, stores, warehouses,silo's feed lot stock. just about everything comes in on boat.
    so, what does one do with this information ? that and what has been done to the rail system in this country. means damn near everything moves by truck. so where is the one weak link ?
    over 90% of the fuel moved in this country goes by pipe. other than local one done by truck. again, think ?

  11. It just came out that a group of Pentagon leaders openly stated that Nancy Pelosi was talking about staging a military coup against the current president. At least to denying him the nuclear launch codes and going full up on an actual military forces takeover.

    And yet nobody in the MSM is batting an eye.

    Geez... we's fucked.

    As to assassinations et al, there are three very valid targets of any assassination program:

    1. Leaders. This means the people who control. It may not be the vocal talking head or political puppet, but the people behind those.

    2. Lynchpins. This means the ones who are key to any organization functioning. It may not be the guy in the corner office with 50mph hair, but the receptionist who answers the phone. Or that guy or gal who comes in early and leaves late and when he/she isn't there, nothing happens. Like the mechanic who keeps the motorpool running. Key people. (In Douglas Adam's "Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" on one planet it was the people who sanitize public phones, get rid of those and suddenly society collapses due to a bug that lives on public phones.)

    3. Random. And I mean random. Like what Malvo did. Pot random people, randomly. No friggin pattern at all. Totally random. Businessman one day, Ghetto Mom the next, Teacher, Bum, etc. Key is, though random, must be open and visible. Do it on surveillance video, in full daylight, in the middle of a crowd. The teacher? Shoot him/her/it in the middle of class - boom, headshot while the kiddies watch. Bum in the middle of the intersection - boom, headshot during rush hour. Businessman? In the conference room or in the parking lot where everyone can see. Ghetto Mom? Right in the middle of her serving the local homies. Random but open.

    This is how the Viets did it. This is how the French Resistance did it. This is how the IRA did it.

    Boom. In the open, where everyone can see. Boom. Key targets. Boom. Leaders. Boom - Boom - Boom. Random as fuck.

    Not that I am saying anyone should do this, but this is what successful shooters do. Just for Reference, of course...

  12. Being from Northern Ireland it makes me sad to see people equate the IRA to "successful shooters", hey they had their moments but they were infiltrated by having their members turned by MI6 to the extent that they couldn't continue with an armed struggle. The UK govt effectively ran both sides.
    You in the USA are mostly armed and the vast majority of you mightily pissed off. I think that gives you an advantage. The commies got scared the other day but it won't last. They will need constant reminders of why they should fear the people. I dearly hope it works out in your favour. Watching this from across the pond is heartbreaking.

    1. I was supposed to visit N.I. back in the day buy then Bobby Sands kicked it on his hunger strike and we (the whole fam) were advised to stay in Cork (MomUnit's Ancestral A.O.) Glad to have you here!

    2. Cheers! Cork is lovely. If you had visited NI back then it would have been police and army roadblocks everywhere searching vehicles etc. No fun at all. Glad to see the back of that. Growing up in it...was normal as I had no other frame of reference but now looking back....oooooof. Insanity. Enough blethering. I enjoy the blog. Crazy to see the deplatforming going on in the online world. Adapt and overcome.

    3. Don't be to sad we've brought this on ourselves. Had the killing begun sooner so much would be unnecessary.

  13. Gotta love Doomcock - I personally think that the trashing of the Star Wars franchise and attacks on fans are actually part of the Big Enchilada that we're talking about. It's not enough for the Commie deconstructionists to take over our institutions, trash our historical heroes like the Founders, and otherwise shit all over the very idea of America - they gotta kill our fictional heroes, too. That's why they gotta destroy Luke Skywalker and him a failure and a bitch (same deal with simpering cuck version of Picard); that's why they gotta have gender-cross replacements of superheroes and "Mary Sue" Rey, Captain Marvel, "Mikey Spock", etc. They're NOT just making war in Cyberspace and Meatspace - they're making war on goddamn Imagination Land.

    As for the coming repression... I'm afraid you're all too right. Along with that, I expect not just deplatforming, but also assassination attempts on various thought leaders and comedians on the Right: pretty much anybody with a popular YouTube channel or other public face of the Deplorables... at least those that won't demonstrate their dominance by bending the knee and submitting. And those who do that will probably be whacked by the rebels. That's how these things generally go, anyway. The Blackballing will probably be all too real, too - probably let people on the fringes of a targeted person jump through some hoops (and be monitored) to get out from some of it, maybe have to pledge to snitch on the target, etc... gonna be some fucking Stasi shit here.

    Glad Grandbebe got to see the Evil Mouse Empire with the Wifey - even if yer not Blackballed, Lord knows it might not be around much longer, what with all the financial crap that's gone down. LOT of their shit is tied up in in-person attractions - not just their parks taking a hit, but I wanna say their cruise lines are shut down entirely. And congratulations on the move! When ya get settled in, hollah if ya need someone to help build a deck, fence, shed or garden or some shit like that. One thing you might wanna consider is digging out a root cellar under a shed and making potato towers - good calorie density for square footage, easy to store, but needs full sun. Kissinger said, "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people."

    1. Yep... Part of the changes are (((cultural))) and the deconstruction of any art form that is supportive of the native population... it has to be eliminated or diluted by grotesqueries to subvert the purity of the cultural norms and form. Yeah... 3 years at Art College... what can I say? I'm a man of many complex parts

  14. Does anyone know where I can get current photos of the NG in DC? I want to see what is happening now. More specifically, what they are armed with. Are they toting M-4s? Handguns? Or are they fully armed up for combat, with SAWs and everything else? What are they carrying?

    1. @Divemedic. Check the web for traffic cam website(s) of DC. You might be surprised at the number of public traffic cams that are on the web. A lot of states have public facing traffic cam websites. Some of those cams may have an angle that shows what you are looking for. It's an open source of intel on the web and as of now my state still has theirs up and running. They are really good IF you looking for a specific car on a specific road or looking "ahead" for "accidents". Good luck.

      Grey Ghost

  15. not to rain on your parade, Expat, but

    the "best President we've had in a long time" just spent his 4 years

    shitting on the Whites who voted for him, sucking Jewish dick, kissing Black ass, massaging spics,

    and generally smothering and smashing the Right. As in DC on 6 Jan.,

    when Caesar's Legion crossed the Rubicon....and then Caesar stabbed them in the back.

    1. Heh, my wife loves sucking Jewish dick. But then, she married a Jewish asshole and I dont even think her family minded that much -- being all born in Germany ('My grandfather HAD to join the Nazi party for business reasons"). Not as much an asshole as some JINOs in leadershit positions. SO, narrow that broad brush the fuck narrrower. Nancy is white and "Catholic', name me a Protestant or [insert religion here] politico who wouldnt piss on the Constitution and I'll let your wife suck some cut dick too. The elites of any religion are quite separate from the hoi poloi.Dont forget that.

  16. Been there, done that, 30 yrs ago, with the kids. Don't want the t-shirt or the MM ears!!

  17. For another good take on Disney, and culture in general, Clownfish TV on YouTube.
    They've been on the Mouse like stink on poop, and Mickey has hemorrhaged about $10BILLION in the last year.
    They may go completely tits up, with zero movie re venue, and nearly zero park revenue, there's damned little that's even making a buck for them right now.

    They've laid off thousands, indefinitely, and they're cutting middle and upper management like mofos now.

    Poetic irony: Disneyland, shuttered for nearly a year, is now overrun with...rats!

    Who sez the universe has no sense of humor?? :)

  18. I know the young uns love Disney but damn, Disney hate middle America. They hate us really really bad. Don't give them money.