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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Tank Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
A Day Late and a Dollar Short... better than not showing up I suppose.
Multiple issues.
#1) GrandBebe #3 B-Day.  Holy shit I'm old
#2) Dead Demon-in-Law's Funeral.  Not my circus, not my monkeys, but Spawn #1 had a tough day
#3) Jaw issues.  I've had a major issue with the toofuses.  Not sure what but feels like I took a hit from Iron Mike back in his prime.  Big ole lump in the jaw where I don't have a toofus, nor is it an abscess.  It's like a zit that when I tried to futz with it earlier with my gear, I shot up the surrounding gum with lidocaine, and then tried to hit the 'zit' and man, there's -something- solid in there.. dunno if its a fragment or what... I had my wisdoms out in High School so I have an appointment, but damned if'n it don't hurt. 

So, anyways... Onward.

Point of this:  Armor.
Big Bad Armor.
Which has, as part of it's defense system a fire extinguisher system.

Which is based on Halon
Halon and Air?  Not so good a mix.
Halon replaces Oxygen

As in, if the Halon System went off when we were on board, it was time to unass or suffocate.

That being said, there are 3 "quick pulls" to activate the Halon from the exterior of the tank
Picture shows the approximate locations 

The Iraqis used these to great effect.
They'd send out kids to 'play in the street'

Kid will be kids...
Then, as the Red Pull Levers are halfway down the side on each side of the Tank, they'd pull the lever
Big RED fucker... cain't miss it... 
Jes' Sayin'....

Causing the Halon System to be activated
Which flooded the tank with Halon

And the crew hadda bail or suffocate.
At which point, they'd get gunned the fuck down
Because an M1A whatever only has One M4 carbine on board.
Then they'd burn the tank.

Things -might- have changed, but 'offishul policy' was 3 9mm M-9's, and one M4 and 2 mags

Hell, when I was in Tanks (long story for later) I got in trouble for trying to order a buttstock, bipod and front grip for ONE of the M240s  on the tank.  We had two.  One loader, one COAX.  And enough 7.62 combat load to kill the entire Mex-Hee-Can Arrrr-mee at the Alamo 20 times over.

Go figure who got fried, flambéed and told to fuck off?
And now?  I hear it's S.O.P. to have a 'dismount kit' for a 240 on board


So yeah, important notes... Kids get away with the damnedest things
And we should learn from that
The other lesson, when the Iraqis stared pulling the Halon Levers, the mechanics started deactivating them so they couldn't 'smoke' the crew out.

Which made them even MOR vulnerable to Molotov's.

Lesson Learned,  Soon to be Earned
The hard way
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Judging from what I've seen tank crews talk about, the official load out is rarely the minimum tanks actually roll with. Example:

  2. The control buildings in refineries have a halon dump system. It's a good idea, but if there is something bad enough outside the building to demand the system to dump, running outside to escape the halon seems like it defeats the purpose given. My thought is that it's designed to protect the expensive computer equipment, since they can train a few more dozen monkey to run the refinery.

    1. Most modern ones have a big red reset button on the wall. When the timer /alarm starts going on the halon system you have 15 seconds to hit big red to abort the halon discharge. Also lots of control rooms have scott kits so the operators can stay at their post while the halon is discgarging.


  3. - if one were a paintball enthusiast, where wuould the best targets be if the tank was buttoned up. Asking for a friend.

    1. Vision blocks and on the New SEP2 system, the weapons camera on the TC position

  4. many data centers use halon too, had to unass one when racking and stacking servers because halon idiot tech, failed to insert safety pin, and cause a tank to discharge and flood part of the dc...

    total shutdown, had to wait for fire dept. etc....

    lots of time and money spent, 10's of thousands of dollars to recharge/reset system too..

    he was last seen going out a side door hauling ass...

    on another note: I'm curious about crippling/disabling the armor that is currently stationed in most large and many smaller, cities/towns, mraps and their spawn...

    did the iraqi's use targeted sniping w ap rounds to cripple/disable said vehicles or was it old school molotovs?

    1. Both from my unnastanding... most MRAPs have the same fire-suppression system, although my understanding is they're sloooowly replacing the halon with -something- more 'green' (i.e. probably not as effective)

  5. Odd. Halon 1301 does not displace oxygen. I have spent much time in control rooms and electrostatic powder spray booths flooded with Halon. I survived very nicely. What version of Halon displaces oxygen?

    An old fire detection and explosion suppression guy asks...

    1. Not exactly sure what 'flavor' the DotMil utilizes... during our training, we had a moron accidentally set off the Halon System in one of the training tanks, and he then subsequently was pulled unconcious from the tank after the fact... they had to do mouth to mouth to get him breathing again, and the amboolance took him to the hospital on post. I only know what they taught us, and I know that when the big WOOOOSH!!! goes off, it's time to unass asap.

    2. Halon 1211. Delivered as 85% liquid, rapidly sublimates and displaces oxygen in a tight space like inside armor.

    3. Halon 1211 SDS:

      “Halon 1211 is a simple asphyxiate. The gas is heavier than air and may accumulate in low spaces causing a deficiency of oxygen and cause rapid suffocation. Symptoms include drowsiness and unconsciousness.”

    4. 1211 should no longer be in use as high heat makes it break down into phosgene gas. The original chemical weapon. That's why they stopped using it in the marine industry and retro fit old systems.

  6. I am a lot more concerned with some fat video game nerd in a trailer somewhere in Colorado piloting a drone than I am about tanks.

    1. 45E tank mechanic 1986-1992,,, ft riley, camp casey korea.
      would NOT take on any tank from any army head would lose. lay up under cover and take out the log pack (supply convoy

      would not take on any tank head on... you will lose. lay up under cover and attack the log pack(supply convoy) following them.. tanks get lousy milage, so if you take out the fuelers, the tanks become pill boxes
      45E tank mechanic 1986-1992 ft. riley kansass and camp casey korea

  7. About your jaw issues. You may have a wisdom tooth that was not pulled and now impacted. If it's not bothering you too much and the dentist doesn't think it's an issue. I'd leave it alone. If it's close to the sinus cavity it could be serious, that's why most dentists or even oral surgeons won't mess with it.

    In addition, it could be your jaw or head/neck is out. If the joint in your jaw right near your ear is sore, that's a good sign. A good chiropractic neck adjustment or maybe even cranial sacral therapy adjustment will give you some relief.


    1. Agree with Annie of your 'toof.' Had a waay back molar yanked --am still getting unilateral face numbness, face muscle lock-ups, and such on the side where the ivory got pulled - and its 14 months later. Guess the tooth-puller yanked some kinda wiring up there near the nasal cavity or such.

      Get some digital X-rays and have a good ORAL SURGEON on it.

      Don't ask me why a rotten tooth or swollen jaw ain't good when things get frosty (well... at least for me it peed me off such that I was in a rage for the battle. The pain kept me going.)

    2. Not too long after I had my wisdom teeth out I coughed while eating scrambled egg. The pressure of the cough propelled a piece of egg into the hole where a tooth had been, and I could feel it working its way further in. After a short time I felt something in my sinus that wanted out, so I launched a snot rocket which turned out to be a piece of egg. So, yeah, there's a connection.

  8. Can you do one on the LAV II and III vehicles?

    I think its more likely we'll see those vs tanks.


  9. halon 1301 is/was used in any space that was likely to be occupied. Think data rooms,bank vaults,special library collections and museum spaces. Also was used in aircraft fire systems as well. It was used to replace CO2 flood systems as it could be inhaled without suffocation. Thanks to the Montreal Accord on ozone depleting chemicals, 1301 is no longer being made. It is being replaced with an equally effective agent called Halotron, but this has the same drawbacks as CO2 and Halon 1211. It will put out the fire,but also you. 1211 is used in portable fire extinguishers and on board reels on fire trucks.

  10. The places I work in replaced all the Halon systems with FM-200 a few years ago. The FM is actually kinda neat how it works...only goes 'active' when it touches the fire. We are still taught to evac if a system deploys but I think that is holdover training from the Halon days.

    John in MI

  11. So, how many times did Iraqi kids pull the halon handles, causing the crew to unass the tank and an Iraqi adult or so threw a Molotov cocktail? I've not heard of that happening. Too often Used to Be Wannabes come up with stuff that never happened.

    1. Sgt Bob, you make plenty of good comments in various places around the interwebz. This sure as fuck ain't one of them. I think you prolly owe someone an apology, Sarge.