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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Realistic Expectations and What to Do

Greetings Me Droogs n Drooogettes
Nut Cuttin' Time
Now... the latest out of The Kidsniffer Erect is that he's going to institute Laws to combat “domestic terrorism” to “fight against ideologically inspired violent extremists and increasing funding to combat them.”
Translation: They're going to come for ALL 'badthinkers'
This ain't no drill
We ALL know it.
In fact, he's Projecting like a motherfucker

"Biden compared Trump to Goebbels in an interview with MSNBC. “He’s sort of like Goebbels,” Biden told Stephannie Ruhle. “You say the lie long enough, keep repeating it, repeating it, repeating it, it becomes common knowledge.”

Sounds familiar don't it?

I fully expect within 24 hours of the 20th that all fucking hell is going to break lose.
It'll be a quiet hell though.  They don't want to alert/scare the normies
I expect outages of THIS page and everyone else
I fully expect those who are genuinely dangerous  to be either visited by the Gestapo or their local proxies to have words.  Deliver the "We're watching you, be a shame if'n you lost everything eh?" messages.
I also fully expect the Stonks to shit the bed when people react badly to these threats.

So, What to do?
Me? OK... the best that we can do on the legal side is start LOCALLY.
Talk to the Sheriff IF he's not a full-on reeee-tard.
Keep prepping
Figure since yer already on the radar, let them know that they too, are on yours.
I'm lucky to a point.  Florida at least has DeSantis
I hope
Thinking whether or not we need to organise a movement to petition him to not follow unconstitutional laws (for once).  I mean we have to try the legal route for now.  I don't know what else to do.

I know...A lot of you are going to go the fuck off on me for that

But lets face it.  
Until they actually do (if they do) start rounding up or outlawing the guns, we need to sit tight.  
We know he's a usurper
Just like we knew Obamamessiah wasn't born here in the United States.  And that's not being a 'conspiracy birther' or whatever the handle they like to do to discredit motherfuckers.  The dudes in fucking Kenya or whatever said he was born there.  His half brother said he was born there.  Their own DotGov admitted it.  So we had to tolerate 8 years of his Kenyan Mooselim arseholery.  That being said, he managed to fuck up so badly that not a lot of things changed.  I mean yeah, shit got more expensive, and the Nogs got a hell of a lot more uppity, but in the end it balanced out.

There's no need to totally freak the fuck out yet.

We gotta stay cool, calm, collected and figure out what the bastards have planned.  Because they always have a plan.  Hell, the fucking paperwork for Trumps newest impeachment was already pre-written before the 6th of January.  Right there on the paper, they had the whole fucking thing plotted, prepped and planned.
My question is is when do they get rid of the poopypants Kidsniffer?  Ain't no fucking way in hell can they let him sit down with any foreign leader at all.  The first one who has an axe to grind, and sits down with him?  They're gonna blow the whistle on his drooling ass.  Not that the media will say anything here, but you can be damned sure word'll spread mighty far and fast around the world that the Usurper is a drooling pantshitting dementia patient.
At which point we be in serious trouble
'Cos you can't tell me that the Bad Guys around the world wouldn't like to fuck us up?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I'm pretty sure governments around the world already know all about Joe Biden. We're not the only nation with a functioning intelligence apparat.

    1. Yeah, but as they say, HEARING about something versus EXPERIENCING it is a BIG diff.

  2. The commie left really doesn't care what we say or do. They are in the catbird seat and full control over EVERYTHING in .gov that matters. Thy are diligently working to cement their hold on power so it is PERMANENT.
    We The People can do whatever we want....except the ONE THING that they truly worry about. And that is physically removing them from power. They have zero intent on EVER relinquishing power voluntarily. Everyone saying "not now, the time isn't right to act" will be saying the exact same thing as they are being herded into the boxcars. There is NEVER a "right time" to saddle up and step off the porch. You just have to go with whatever level of ready you have. But waiting is the one thing the left NEEDS us to do and the one thing we can't afford. It's time to act, act smartly, plan wisely, use every advantage you can find but act we must. Because we aren't voting, protesting or suing our way out of this mess.

    1. You are spot on. They have declared war on us. Rigged the elections, de-platforming the sitting president, censoring free speech, shutting down "non-essential people". [Those that have Too Much to Lose] are the ones that will lose the most - Honor, Liberty and Freedom. You're correct Dan there will never be a good time for conflict, but here we are.

      Should've been acting already, but if not don't fret as you still have time to act. Don't procrastinate any longer, go out and ACT TODAY!

      Now that I've hopefully got your attention, time to pump the brakes a second and redirect;
      "Acting" doesn't mean going kinetic, long before that time is the planning & preparation phase.
      If you're just wanting go out and play "wolverines" then you clearly care nothing for mission success & tactical survivability.

      How much Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Communications planning have you done...
      have you done a full area study for your AO?
      Do you know the names and address's of all the LE in your AO?
      Do you have confidence targets with known locations & POL?
      Do you have have HVT targets with known locations & POL?
      Do you know the Ratlines for your targets and PACE(primary, alternate, and contingency) routes of travel? (Same question applies to LE)
      If any potential targets are outside your immediate AO, have you done a full area study for that zone yet?
      Do you have a tactical Signals Operating Instructions (SOI) plan? (N/A if you're 100% alone and plan to stay that way)

      If you cannot answer in the affirmative to all of the above questions then you have a LOT of work that still needs to be done before you indulge in any operator/insurgent/assassin fantasies. I've hardly even scratched the surface of actions that need to be taken prior to any potentially "bang", "boom", or "pew pew" shenanigans.

      As Dan eluded to above, don't be like the Jews in ww2 passively being herding into boxcars telling others that now is not the time to act. But don't rush out all halfcocked either and do more harm than good to yourself or others. Start doing the intel & planning work now, so you'll hopefully be prepared for success whenever you decide that it's time for you to start dropping the hammer.

      *** Those are just my abstract thoughts on this theoretical/hypothetical discussion ***

  3. For a million (not even a nickel to these pukes) you too can fuck over the USA for billions if not trillions in China's case. Lotta lip licking goin on.

  4. Sit tight. Consolidate, inventory, resupply, fortify. Let the picture come into focus. No one has a clue what is going on at the moment. Individually, you will change nothing right now. As a mob, fighting on their terrain of choice in their backyard then you will lose. Seek out each other in your various AOs and grab a beer together. Remember that the Marines were started at Tuns Tavern. This is only a moment in history. Tac patience, radio silence, let the situation develop.

    1. The actions of ONE MAN triggered the First World War. History frequently turns on the choices made, or not made by an individual.

    2. How did that work out for the world? Shadows and networks.

  5. The left has control over a lot of things but there are 75 million people who they do not control. Your advice of wait, prep and be vigilant is well said.

    The left will over step. It is in their nature. They cannot help themselves. They are not as smart as they are eager. They so much want their utopian society that they will jump the shark.

    Wait, listen, be ready but keep a low profile. Stay off the radar if possible. They, the left, are in so deep they will do something so outrageous that you will know what to do then....

  6. No. Doubt we will get out of this without some blood and bodies.

    Read a sort of biography of one of the boys than ran a posses in Missouri and Kansa after the last fracas. Most people had to hide whichever group showed up. Blue coats or rebs. One cross word would get you strung up by either team. Blue coats where a tad more organized and had back up and that was the edge that decided it in the end.

    Any state that stands up and says not here and not now I will emigrate to

    1. So you know, NONE of the states, and their Uniparty Lords and Masters, are standing with "not here and not now".

  7. "Who watches the watchmen", the answer is you. Before any agent or cop has a sit down with you,and long before raids secret arrests in the middle of the night... you should already have a clue as to who they are and where they live (unless it's a fed from outside your immediate AO). Most local, county, state, and federal LE live inside or adjacent to the communities they work in. Thanks to advancements in technology, tracking and identifying these people is now easier than ever. Depending on your AO it could take days, weeks, or months, but with a little bit of effort you could have a database built with the names, home address's, and personal vehicles of ever LE officer/agent in your AO.

    Having that information can become very useful in the event that things start going sideways, plenty of historical examples highlight this. As well as the modern/current narco war lessons in Mexico, many a LE stood down with just a bullet taped to their door. It's better to start doing this kinda of work now while it's still legal and not going to get you shot or locked-up in the event you get caught.

    1. There is no written law (local, state, federal) that regards "many a LE stood down with just a bullet taped to their door" as legal.
      At a minimum, someone arrested for doing so will be arrested, locked up, and charged with making a terroristic threat.
      Moreover, there are many, not just LEO, who are alert night-owls and will infuse someone with lead, for physically muckin' around at their front door, on their private property, at 'zero dark thirty'.

    2. "It's better to start doing this kind of work now while it's still legal and not going to get you shot or locked-up in the event you get caught."
      That final sentence is in reference to actions discussed earlier in the post, that should have been obvious. If I had the ability to edit my post I'd restructure it to avoid the kind of comprehension issues highlighted by your response, but it will have to stand as is... typos & all.

  8. "My question is is when do they get rid of the poopypants Kidsniffer?"

    Equally important question: how do they get rid of him? A guy who has spent 32 years chasing the presidency might not take kindly to being thanked, given a gold watch, and shuffled off to "spend more time with his family," and his family might not like it, either, since their gravy train will dry up.

    1. How will they get rid of him? The easiest way is to, in a couple weeks or a month, acknowledge that he's slipped into demetia, possibly after a stroke or aneurysm, slip him out of the public eye, long convalescent period away from the press, and he'll die peacefully in his sleep. Sad, so sad.

      So that answers both questions. When and how. 2 weeks to a month, okay, maybe 2 months, and by a 'stroke' or 'aneurysm' or other head malady that makes him publicly incapable of working, and then death a bit down the way.

      Fuck, if I was that fucker, I'd get me a bunch of illegals rounded up and make them taste everything I could eat or drink, wouldn't dare get on Marine 1 or Air Force 1 for fear of the helo or plane going down... Shit, I'd armor the Oval Office and put a cot in there and hunker down. But he's so far gone he doesn't understand how little his life is worth come 10 seconds after he is sworn in.

      And, seriously, not joking, I wouldn't put it past the Leftists to shoot him as soon as the HO is sworn in as VEEP. Get rid of him, give them a reason to crusade against us and firearms at the same time. Cue crowds screaming for our blood in 10 minutes after the act, and, funny, pre-printed signs show up and suddenly a lot of bricks are discovered in convenient locations for the rioters with the pre-printed signs to use.

      So that's two ways, and two whens. One is dignified and will stir up a lot of compassion. The other is messy, sloppy, bound to go sideways and results in a lot of screaming and blood and is immediate.

    2. @Beans: Oh, I figure they'll Kirov him. Shoot him down, blame it on some evil white supremacist Xtianist counterrevolutionary, then have a teary-eyed Kamala ask Congress to pass a whole slew of really nasty legislation and emergency power decrees (plus her own EOs) "Because it's what Joe would have wanted!"

    3. My theory is that the Hunter Biden laptop was leaked by Dem operatives who knew the fix was in and Biden would "win". Watch for some "new" revelations about Hunter and Joe getting bribes from the Ukrainians as a way to force him to retire, or hell they might even impeach him.

    4. They need to prop up Pedo Joe for a minimum of 25 months, which actually means President Dr. Jill Biden. After 25 months, the Ho can become President for the remaining 2 years of the term plus run for two more full terms, for a 10-year Presidency. I'd say there are good odds that is the plan. Given the way things are going, though, it is also possible they could off Biden before the inauguration and we end up with President Pelosi. The way she has been acting, that may be a possibility, as well. So really, Biden either gets offed right away or in 25 months, but either way, he is toast. "Doctor" Jill is obviously in on the deal, but double dealing is not out of the question, so they may off her as well. Of course, it will be blamed on Trump supporters.

  9. On a related note, since you are also on the blogger platform, I need to figure out a non-hostile blog platform and migrate my site to it. Any and all suggestions are welcome.