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Thursday, January 14, 2021

OK: That's a LOT of Troops

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
DiveMedic (whom I've had the pleasure of Meatspace with at Ye Olde Blogshoot) poasted a shit ton on intel that he's gathered (and that I'm stealing/utilizing here for me own analysis.)  His website is HERE and I highly recommend his stuff.  Now, he managed to get the Order of Battle for the current shenanigans going on in D.C vis-a-vis the Notional Guard and it's deployment

It's up to 20,000 troops right now

That's more than whats in Affy right now
That's a fuckton of armed motherfuckin' weekend warriors
His breakdown, stolen for the sake of 'quick use' for my view is this with my comments in parenthesis after from personal knowledge)

The entire Washington, DC national guard (Camp Guards when I was at Gitmo in 06)
56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team (Pennsylvania Bloody Buckets... lots of combat tours... 'heavy armor' if you consider Stryker trucks to be 'heavy')
Troop B of the 102nd Cavalry Regiment (negative info on them... wiki sez they're a No-Go at any real deployments.)
1-114th Infantry Regiment (Joisey Guard, No-Go no deployments)
508th Military Police Company (Another No-Go Joisey Unit)
229th Military Police Company (Kuwait Defense 1990, doubt if any of them are still there... a No-Go Virginia unit)
153rd Military Police Company (Delaware NG, A single tour in 07-08 in Iraq)
102nd Military Police Battalion (NY NG...a No-Go unit w/zero deployments)
104th Military Police Battalion (NY Guard, No-Go NY no deployments)
229th Brigade Engineer Battalion (Virginia Guard, lots of deployments, in a non-combat role)
160th Engineer Company (Delaware Guard, construction, couldn't find intel on deployments... thin k these are the guys doing the fencing/blockades)
261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade (Command and Control unit, one tour at my old base Victory in Iraq in 08-09)
198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion (Delaware NG, VSAT and comms company in South Carolina which DID deploy once in 13-14 to Kandahar)
1049th Transportation Company (Aviation trans... couple here'n there... ass and trash)
262nd Component Repair Company (you break it, they fix it, No-Go on deployments... to me, this means they expect to need to repair shit right then and there as opposed to waiting til they get home)
108th Wing (Refueling and Air-Recon Unit, multiple deployments)
177th Fighter Wing. (Air to Air F-16 Air defense... what the fuck do they need them for?)
105th Airlift Wing (Air Trans)
174th Attack Wing (Drones... lots and lots of drones... Predators, intel-gatherers... BAD juju)
166th Security Forces Squadron. (Security for the planes, lots of deployments)

OK... whew
Now, looking this over, 20K is a lot of folks
But not so much when realizing they have a fucking Fighter Wing attached.  That's a lot of support peeps that need to be there to support the F-16s  Which begs the question, just what in the hell are they expecting?
Talking it over with Sapper, even if it's a 60-40 Shooters to Support (it never is, more like the opposite) That's still a fuckton of shooters

Newbie Shooters

Like "Never Deployed/Seen the 'Elephant'" Shooters

Which means "More than likely to fuck the fuck up"
Especially since I see pictures like this
THAT was standing in front of the Gin Hag Peloser for the photo-op.
Meal Team Six is on the job Madam Gin Hag!

I feel soooo much better about meselves now
I was thinking I was out of shape
Not anymore.

So, besides the fucking Strykers (Bullshit tin cans... ask any TOW Gunner... they melt real good)
The one that has me slightly looking in concern is the 174th Attack wing... That's a Drone Unit
Those things are dangerous
Lots of Intel Capabilities
Whatever you do
Do Not Go ANYWHERE near D.C.
I mean those things?
Fuuuuuuuuuuck that
Bad Bad BAD JuJu
Now, Other topics.  Lots of Service and Support Units have had 'security training'.  That's fine 
The war(s) started in 2001
The majority of highly trained motherfuckers are out and retired
That was literally 20 years ago.
My specialty.

210 Rounds (7 Magazines at 30 rounds per, per shooter) per person Infantry/Military Police
60% shooters = 12,000 Shooters
2,520,000 rounds of 5.56mm

DoD rules back when I was doing Boolits, Beans and Boots?
5 Days worth on hand, in stock, ready to deploy.
2 Combat Loads (420 rounds expected expenditure per day)
25 MILLION, 200 THOUSAND rounds for 5 days of combat operations

That doesn't include 20000 MREs at 3 meals a day, 60000 PER DAY
Add on defensive ammo for the 'Fobbits'  say, one mag, 30 rounds per for the remaining troops (8000) means a quarter MILLION rounds, just to make sure the REMFs have one mag at the ready each.
And this deployment?  It's now Until Further Notice

What are they planning?

I'm only scratching the logistic surface.
The Stryker Unit:
One .50 Caliber M2 Machine gun per, average combat load per vehicle, 5000 rounds of .50.  Per truck. 
100 +/- Trucks in the 56th that's deployed. (5 Strykers per Platoon, 5 Platoons per company,  4 Companies per Battalion, then the 'odds n sods', (made up of the HMMWVs a and whatnot, and this is a Company sized element)
Half a Million rounds of .50
53 gallons of MOGAS
5 miles per gallon for those beasts
Not that they're going to be maneuvering
They'll be idling.  It's too cold and the Guard are pussies.

That's a LOT of supplies
Not even sure if there's an Ammo Holding Area Capable of supplying that amount of shit for the Army.
Notice that they're not talking about this?

The other thing that bothers the ever living fuck out of me is the 262nd Component Repair Company.  These guys are the "send it to Depot for repair"  I was the depot repair level guy for the reserves back in the day.  The norm is "Fuck it, it's broke, tag it, and we'll turn it in when we get back to home-station."

Not this time
This tells me they're up to serious shenanigans that's gonna make the D.C. area into the equivalent of the Baghdad "Green Zone"
Meaning they might be planning some executive order shit so heinous, that the concept of genuine rebellion might actually happen, and these cherry-assed Fucktards with Meal Team Six are expected to 'carry the load' when the shit hits the fan.
Your thoughts?
This's just mine from 8 plus years of supplying Uncle Sugar in active war zones.  Which is what I'm witnessing IRL in our Nation's Capitol.  Not good
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. the JCS are in on the coup, that is apparent from their recent !eter, they know that was what happened on November 3-4
    DJT should fly to Trump Turnbury before the 20th, or at least F!orida.
    If Trump comes to Florida, and come after him he can hopefullyhop on Trump 1 and go to the Bahamas

    1. I agree. Trump should exfil asap to Free State Florida.
      This is a short list of my "people going kinetic" red lines:
      1. Forced vaccines. Line up, sleeve up, or else. No vax card, no job, no bank, no travel.
      2. Mandatory gun registration/confiscation. Nobody registers, they come to take them, it's on.
      3. Trump in handcuffs, Bananastan Amerizuela-style, while the JSC nods in approval.
      I'm sure there are more redlines, those are 3 I have thought of.

    2. What if Trump deployed all these "extra" troops?

    3. I don't think the JSC would move a squad on Trump's orders at this point.

    4. Ned,
      go to 15:00 and listen........
      Situation Update, Jan 14th, 2021 - The FEMA + Military coup to SAVE America, not destroy it

    5. What if Q is a Psyop and you drank the koolaid? What if indeed.

    6. Sorry about the bad link, this website obviously isn't link friendly; let's try again and listen after the 15:00 mark,

    7. The JSC doesn't have actual though.

  2. If intel is correct, and the right are being set up as the "fall guy" in dc, it doesn't really matter if they show or not, they will take the blame. Other than t man the right has no name, no leaders to rally around. Like deer in the headlights, absolutely bewildered how to proceed forward - still insisting plead their case in the opposing teams courts.

    Will they create a false flag? Will the P-elect get snuffed in the process? Will the blue helmets be called to the rescue?

    1. Good time to reread "The Parallax View." I can see an uber-ardent Right-wing "accelerationist" being groomed by a fake "underground cell" actually comprised of FLEA "contractors" to commit a mass-shooting of assembled Meal Team Six NG. They will get him right to his sniper's hide and give him the rifle. This is the ideal false flag: 1. turn Americans against the Right, leading to 2. a new law to confiscate all semi-autos being passed within a week.

    2. I said this last night at Kenny's place, but it seems relevant here too:

      I can imagine a scenario where TRUMP gets sniped. By a disgruntled former Trump supporter, who will have conveniently written a screed about how Trump betrayed the Right.

      And just like that, suddenly the official Left is talking about how The Donald was misguided but meant well, and how President Joe's new executive order to seize firearms is a tribute to the Late Great #45.

      Sound crazy? Sure it's dumb and totally implausible, but I think we've seen a LOT of totally implausible happen recently. The reasoning would be that the left is already aboard with nullifying 2A. Maybe martyring Trump would convert some MAGAtards into supporting a complete gun ban. (Not saying *I* believe that, but I'm convinced some high-IQ types on the Left are willing to give it a try. They really don't live in the same headspace as us.)

  3. Smells kinda like they're expecting some serious "opposition". Team Bubba can't field anything that would warrant that kind of defense, unless they are counting on Meal Team Six looking that fearsome to Bubba. I know this sounds like Q shit, but could there be elements loyal to Trump that the Porky Guard is preparing for ? Strikers and MPs are good for optics. Most goobs are jaw-agape at anything bigger than a Dodge Ram. But the Predatos and F-16s...WTF?

  4. dude, its the nasty guard. conus they only carry a thirty round mag, maybe a spare. not all 20k are armed. i know the va. contingent is, they wouldn't leave home w/o it, but i saw many w/o arms. the 229th eng, you're off on them, they been in combat but a while ago. same for 229th mp but way long ago. still, with the army promo system nco's likely served hot times, and most of them are cops... not that those boys would shoot 'mericans. its the non deployed that scare me. untried, untested, nervous as frack, itchy fingers on bang switch. most of the ng's are good people and pissed about now to be involved in this goatfuck after all they been thru the last 20 years. cut them some slack, but remember they been carrying 60 percent of the army's load since 9/11. many of them are dedicated, experienced, motivated and own the same rifle they now are issued. and many voted for trump, TWICE.

    1. I think they are just bait for a planned false flag.

    2. Matt, read this.

  5. The left is up to something. You don't need that many soldiers in battle rattle to secure an Inauguration. They know something, are afraid of something,or are planning something. And whatever it is is without doubt going to be ugly. In addition to turning Mordor On The Potomac into an armed camp thet have been feverishly pushing all manner of legislation getting it passed and ready for Uncle Joe to sign....and odds are he will sign itu all within hours of taking office. Either they are planning on going balls to the wall and tuning America into a turd world country IMMEDIATELY or else they are running scared for some reason we aren't aware of.

    1. ...isn't the Inauguration being held ONLINE, anyway? Dafuq you need an army for to defend a Zoom conference? Then again, notice how BC said, "It's until further notice"? I think the scumbags downtown are scared shitless of retaliation. As for the rush to ramrod the new Intolerable Acts down our collective throats... I think these fools know that they've woken up the Sleeping Giant, and as the Mafia says, "When you're skating on thin ice, skate fast!"

  6. Just gonna throw this out there, the KY guard sent two infantry companies. Deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, 10 and 5 years ago. There are a few combat vets going. They should be there in the next day or two. Patched as the VA guard.

  7. Could the Red Queen be planning to arrest all Republicans as soon as Potato Head and Queen Kameltoe are sworn in ??

    1. "arrest all Republicans"....good idea; if so, Haxo will applaud the Red Queen as that solves half the problem.

      then again, VoxDay and his Trumpchump posse continue to assure us that the troops are actually still under Trump's command...and on 20 Jan. we will witness an American St. Bart's Day-style Massacre of the entire Deep State Swamp.

      actually, of course, nothing much will happen except ZOG-out, ZOG-in: the *Wall Street* (((Kushner)))/Trump regime replaced by the *Hollywood* (((Emhoff)))/Biden regime.

      and re the muh Konstitution IInd Am: it's just lawyer noise on paper. No one can take your guns....unless U let them.

  8. F-16's have been on air patrol here at the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy since at least 9/11 - not sure if it's the 177th, but I used to see 'em taking off from Andrews while making my commute on the Beltway to my old onsite office in Clinton, MD. Usually at least two up at all times from what I saw. The Coast Guard also does air interdiction here vs. light aircraft using bright red Eurocopter Dolphins armed with a M240 and a sniper with a Barrett light .50.

    I maaaay be kinda responsible for that last one, in an indirect way. I was working downtown from about '99 to '03, right smack in the Golden Triangle. Some dipshit in a Cessna or something wandered into the highly restricted airspace after 9/11 and they intercepted him with an F-16. I just about lost it - wrote a furious and highly detailed letter to the dot mil guys running that shit - total mismatch and would have slaughtered civilians on the ground if they'd had to fire.

    F-16's stall speed is higher than the top speed of the Cessna (or Hell, just about any common civilian single-engine prop) - no way they could stay on station with him under their guns. Minimum armament is a fucking 20mm M61 Vulcan cannon that would cut through a Cessna like .50 BMG through a beer can... and waste umpteen civvies downrange behind the Cessna at 60 rounds per second. I suggested a fast, light helicopter interceptor - can easily intercept, match speed, and shoot rinky-dink prop planes down relatively safely.

    Never got any response back from those guys... but in 2006 they did exactly that.

  9. What this tells me is the Joint Chiefs have had forward-positioned supplies on the sly. They're going all full-Herr Diktator level of military bullshit.

    God, I hope this is all some deep-level fakeout and those troops are there to restore the Republic.

    Fuck, man can dream, right?

    But seriously, that many troops that quickly? Nat Guard doesn't move that fast for natural disasters without a 4-5 day notice, so the fact that Strykers are there, which means serious levels of transports because those 8-wheeled freaks don't drive that far normally, means a fuck-ton of pre-planning and only using troops loyal to the ones calling the shots. Fuck. That means pert near 80% of Command and Logistics are fully in the hands of the enemy.


    So fucked.

    Fuck it.

    1. You really don't know that much about the National Guard. They can spin up in less than 12 hours and be anywhere in the state. What takes so long to respond is the people in charge deciding where to go first. I've been on more than a few disaster calls.

  10. Trump is about to butt fuck the whole lot of them. I think he will do it. Right at the end when it's time. Last one to move has advantage. No way Trump doesn't do it. Dude just can't walk away from this. He told us what to do now we just have to do it. Chill out and enjoy the show. Shit get's spicy you know what to do. I'm more worried atm that the problem might be what happens on Saturday could affect something else down the line on way to the 20th. That would be right up the left's alley. Create something Saturday to prevent Trump from whatever he is doing in the background. He's doing something though.

    1. ^^^^Bingo^^^^^^
      DJT asked everyone to stay home, don't attend any rallies, if you go and play in traffic and get run over, it's your own fault. Stupidity is a self curing problem.
      He also said he'd be back in a short while, stronger than ever. After the military tribunals are over, he'll be back in office.
      For once, I actually believe the man.

    2. "he's doing something though"; sure he is...

      playing his daily round of golf on private course, then watching a few flicks will gorging on expensive eats and having a good horselaugh at the Trumpchumps. Just to quote Zion Don:

      "I could walk down 5th Avenue and shoot someone and (these idiots) would still vote for me".

      sad but true. And yeah, he'll be back...

      running a fake-populist media op. fronted by Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, Liz Pipko and the usual gang of currently de-platformed neo-conz and cuckservative grifters.

    3. Haxo,
      will agree with many of your points, but the masses refuse to wake up. They won't give up on their Uniparty voting farce. Scared like hell of change, so they go with their brainwashing and what they know.
      What's our other options? Right now it's Trump or Biden, there is no viable 3rd option available to us, nor will there be in my lifetime. The sheep choose another shepherd and we get drug thru the dirt by the low IQ voters, same as it will ever be. The masses have no desire to know (((who))) owns them, they'd rather have more sports coverage.

  11. WTF????

    Ok I have a though, I see some weird shortages in this list. Not sure if it's just me or am I missing something. I see lots of MP's and engineering and comms, all that makes sense sort of. The 262nd repair unit seems a little excessive that they would want to have repair capabilities on site. I understand having maintenance available but this seems like they want to have the ability to withstand a siege.
    Now that being said, if they are getting ready for the long haul, where is the medical unit? Seriously they are deploying that many troops away from their bases and their is no field hospital or medical unit? That seems poorly planned out. Also shouldn't they have a fuel depot? Or how about a field kitchen rather than MRE's, it would make more sense to give the guys 3 hots a day rather than bag meals when they are in a city. Unless they are worried about food supplies.

    I looked up the wiki stuff on the 102nd cavalry, it says they are "Reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition" unit. Ok I had to look that up, it's military intel unit. Wiki also says they have the follow vehicles assigned to that unit.
    "Each scout platoon has two HMMWVs, each with a crew of three of which one is available for dismounted scouting. The scout platoons are equipped with six M220 TOW-2 anti-armor systems firing the BGM-71 TOW missile backed up by FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missiles; four of the six HMMWVs are also equipped with the Long-Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System. The mortar section consists of two HMMWV-towed 120mm mortars and a fire direction center.[4] Total strength includes 92 personnel, nine HMMWVs, and two FMTVs."

    Seems like an awful lot of anti-armor capabilities for fending off a bunch of guys in pick up trucks with hunting rifles.


  12. My guess is that the air components are nearby, perhaps Andrews or Langley. With that kind of strength, there is probably a QRF on alert from the Old Guard, and there is always that company of Marines at 8th and I. The latest troop movements look like logistics and support units. That seems to indicate that this stay will be for far longer than the 30 days they are advertising.
    I think this is going to be a more or less permanent posting. If so, maintaining that large of a force is going to create some problems. In order to justify that, there is going to have to be a major incident within the next week or two. I would recommend staying FAR, FAR away from DC and from state capitols for the next week or two.

  13. A big question - Who has the authority to call up these out of state troops - I'd assume the governors of VA & MD could call from their states - but what about the others?

    1. They are being called up under title 10. They have been federalized.

    2. So did Trump call them up or can anyone other than the commander in chief call them up? Depending on who made the call could make a big difference on the intentions one would think.

  14. they've turned the owl into a maximum security prison. once you're sworn in, you only leave for gitmo.

  15. I'd love to tuck away there with a Raspberry pi and Wireshark and sniff the airwaves for those drone signals. No encryption is 100% uncrackable.

  16. Huh, maybe Trump has them surrounded...

  17. I have to wonder how many "contractors" are also going to be there.


  18. not .mil

    The country is dead and gone, that I think we all agree on. And no matter what false flag operation they have going on, it's really not going to change things. The powers that be are going to do pretty much whatever they want and the sheep will go along (this way to the boxcars) because nothing is going to open their eyes. The aware among us will know instantly that's it's all BS and won't matter BUT more normies will probably have their eyes opened. (although if they aren't open by now....................)

    The optics are terrible even for their supporters (and certainly for other nations). "it takes a whole goddamn army for your capital city?" I mean even in the middle of WWII this never happened. The left of course thinks of the army as the enemy so they can't play well. Talk about "police state" even for the blindest boomer.

    For now though they are just sitting, getting worn out, wearing out even more of their stuff (like the deployments didn't already do that) in a massively crime ridden city. I bet more than 1 rifle/canteen/truck doesn't get turned back in...........

    Also ti's a big damn country. Washington DC is tiny (700k people). how big is the entire military? (1.3 million total, 500k army active, 300k army reserve) and it takes 2% to do just a little area around DC (i'm sure the ghettos are just fine in their drug trade, probably even has sales that are up). not even the whole city.

    And that's a long ass vulnerable logistics tail in a place that's a real PITA to get trucks in and out of just normally and DC doesn't make anything. it's all just people, restaurants, money laundering etc. There is no industry in DC and still trucks have a tough time there.

    I'd always heard that it was closer to 90%/10% tail to point of the spear.

    I don't have any idea WTF is going on, but it looks like a Potemkin village to me. Only patsies with 3 names attack the point of the spear.

  19. Divemedic has now posted that there's going to be even moar!


  20. 2 guesses from a civie in no particular order.

    1. Correct they are planning some serious fucking of America and require a defense perimeter.
    2. It's all only for show to support their idiotic concept of the capitol "riot" and associated domestic terrorist theme for Trump voters. Money is no object.

  21. One more thought. In the 70's the British had 21000 troops in nortern ireland to suppress the IRA. There are more than that in DC.


    1. Northern Ireland is the size of Death Valley National Park and contains about 1.8 million people and both have incredibly strict gun laws (and have for a long time) And the IRA won

  22. My take.

    They cant legally allow Big Army to deploy stateside without Trump himself doing it. HOWEVER they cant trust the guard either. How many of those weekend warriors are just us in Multicam?

    Plenty of those guys are on our side. If shit goes sideways how many of them will suddenly find reasons to be "No-GO" and sit idle? They cant trust these guys to support their dirty nefarious shit.
    That leads me to believe that they are being set up to be the targets of something.


  23. Not that it's pertinent but a week or so ago 6 Ospreys and 3 C-130's flying west to east across N.florida. Convoy style.

  24. The JC’s letter ordered fealty to POTUS.

    So whatever goes down pre-1/20...?

    DJT does have the power to invoke martial law.

    Are the 20,000 there to protect or control?

  25. Maybe an Armenia vs. Azerbaijan reenactment?

  26. A buddy's little brother was called up with the NM NG to go to DC. He's part of the 200th Infantry Regiment.

    NM state capital buildings are all closed starting January 16th to January 29th. I wonder what the oompah loompah commie governess is going to pull that requires that? In the past year, if they were closed because of the coof, they'd tell us that's why. Not this time.

    1. Yeah, Wyoming just sent about 100 also.
      Makes you wonder how much info the governor's have from the DC puzzle palace.

    2. CO sent 200. Saw some POV's in an Infantry unit "Readiness Center". Not 200 worth, though

    3. The KY infantry battalion was asked for 150, sent 25.

  27. the world's got a blockbuster coming it's way. worldwide transmission, charge free, TAX FREE!

  28. I wonder how many of those M4's have bolts in 'em? Most of those guys prob'ly voted Trump. And 30,000 of them? With the certainty there's a few head cases among?

    Obama never had troops around with working weapons.

    Just another speculation from a civvie.

  29. It is all fun and games until someone's head gets run over by a Stryker. I wonder where Ann Margaret is staying.

  30. Wow...Matt Bracken in house. Cool.

  31. they're already killing themselves! 2 in less than 24 hours... duuuude

  32. Something I just noticed. The one picture of one fat guy, he has a deployment patch. He has been somewhere. Done something.

    And for the record, every branch has a few fat guys.

  33. Fatbody might be an intel desk jockey.