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Friday, January 15, 2021

More Logistics UPDATED

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
As Sapper so succinctly put it:
"Eat, Poop, Sleep... Where the fuck they all doing this?"
Good question
That can't be comfortable
Give me a soft warm bed of pine needles as opposed to a hard assed floor.
This is a very good question
Like valid as fuck.  Having done the Logistics Boogie I'll start breaking it down like Barney as far as the whole horror show that's ongoing.  You don't deploy 30,000 troops, in full Battle Rattle, ready to go, no matter how much "Rah Rah We're ready in 12 hours!" horseshit they got going on.

Even Regular Army had to get shit 'in place' before we got on the birds
We used to have various 'training cycles' on active duty.  Red, Amber and Green? I think?  It's been 20 years so help a brother out if I forgot the exact color designators.  Red Cycle?  That purely sucked.  That was the "support" time...i.e. mowing the Division areas, ass n'trash... total suck.  Amber Cycle?  Pre-Deployment readiness training.  Get the trucks ready-to-go and have yer battle rattle ready.  Green Cycle: Field training.  Out in the back 40 or in JRTC/NTC... another pile of lameness.  During Amber Cycle, right before the whole Bosnian thing kicked off, we had an Honest to God Alert.  We were all partying in Clarksville and got paged ('member them?) that it was 'go time'.  Ended up literally piling the passed out dudes into the cars, even in the trunks when we ran out of cockpit space.

All our trucks and shit? Pre-Po'd as we call it.  Pre-Positioned so we didn't have to fuck around with packing.  Everything on line and ready
Apparently they aren't as prepped as I thought though
Seems that they're getting treated like shit, being fed shit, and hating life
The article if you TL;DR: essentially said that they ain't being fed right at all, and that they're not allowing them to even drink coffee, which, to be honest, I have a hard time believing.  If actually true?  

Then the units are going on pure-dee chickenshit because of "optics'

So, guess the logtrains aren't keeping up at all apparently.

Like I said, 30K troops?  That's a lot of bullets, beans and boots
Also:  Where they all pooping?  CONgresscritters are territorial...
They put a bunch of porta-shitters all over?

And then, say nothing of the lack of certain units
Now, I haven't gotten any updates, but I -did- notice a couple of things.

I haven't see one Chemical Company
Nada so far.  
They're the Bugs N Gas kids... Weapons of  Mass Destruction.  There's a lot of units in the National Guard.  Not one of them that I've seen so far  Which strikes me as somewhat counter-intuitive.
Every other "Big Event" has a team at least 'on hand' for a Just in Case "go to hell" plan is needed.  WMD is unfortunately a real issue, and they haven't sent any of them.  

Medical Units?  None that I've seen again, so far
Again, they brought the mess-kit repair teams, but not a CASH?  Considering that yes, there are hospitals in D.C., I still think that the possibility of shenanigans would insure the deployment of at least a Medical Company.  I mean again, a Just in Case situation.  A lot of the gang in the NG are medics, but what about a potential Mass Casualty Incident?  Local E.R. are supposedly overwhelmed with the Bogus Beijing Booger Bug, so why rely on them?  Having a small field hospital that's experienced and trained for events like this?  Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Also, No Special Forces.  Leastways that have been talked about.  The National Guard has a lot of Green Beanies in it, and they ain't 'round, leastways no one's admitting to it

Silent Professionals I guess.
Per DiveMedic, we're -now- seeing a Medical unit deploy, as well as elements of the NBC Kids...
Almost like they're reading my shit and reacting?
OK: So, where's the beer and pizza unit?
Those poor bastards sleeping on the floor look like they could use some

So, More Later If I think of it
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Saw a photo of t-man's belongings moving out of WH -

  2. All great points BC, as usual. Who fucking knows at this point. Stay local and be ready to defend yourselves.

  3. Also- every picture I have seen so far, the rifles are unloaded. Not a single magazine in the magwell. It's almost like they know when the enemy will be there.

    1. This is irrelevant. It takes less time to lock and load than to zip up your fly.

    2. Speak for yourself, Shorty.

  4. Add to the numbers. Solid info that WANG is sending at least one unit post-haste. Full battle rattle. ETD not solid but within 24 hr.

  5. So, just from looking at the patches, we've got a Ranger Regiment deployment, and an 18th Airborne corps deployment. Hmmm... I wonder what they think about all this invasion style living.

    1. link me those pics? 18th and The Regiment are active duty, shouldn't be there

    2. In the pictures you posted. Right sleeve. Those guys have deployed before. I wore my 101st patch on my right sleeve the whole time I was in the guard. Top pic, dude racked out bottom right. The Dempsy tweet, botton left pic.

    3. And retard moment, not the 18th, the SF support guys patch.

    4. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that they ARE planning an invasion and that the access to Afghanistan/Vietnam/France is somehow right under the city.

      Mind you, I was NOT one of the Q believers, seemed like a psyop to get people pacified and goalposts were ever shifting. January 8th or 9th, I was thinking that if there was any truths to the Q thing, the army would have moved to DC already.

      But the troops ARE there now and they are not meant to fight a bunch of rebel civilians or even whatever private security the DC politicians have. If anything, looks like Q was waaay understating things.

  6. Alabama added another 500 today, total to 750.
    There's maybe two divisions worth now ? Well, we're a communist country now and communists love their military close by to keep the commoners in line.

  7. I cannot even image my old unit without caffeine and nicotine.. We already hated everything, deprive a man of his addictions and see what happens.

    1. Part of why they sent McCrystal home from Affy when I was there. He -tried- to outlaw dip, smokes and coffee on base at Kandahar. According to sources, his CSM told him his own troops would shoot him if he followed through... so he closed the "Mall" there (giant multinational open air market/shopping are) and it almost caused riots. Fucker is apparently some sort of ascetic loon.

    2. You were there when McCrystal closed everything and got the ax? Small world. I was dying to get real food when I went on leave. Only to find everything closed when the trip home started.

  8. You know what's really funny? The freaked out when Trump wanted the military to do a parade on a July 4th. "Oh, we can't afford to move that many troops." "Oh, we have nowhere to put them up." "We can't feed them." "We can't afford the time away from training." "Orangemanbad." "Muh Brain hurtzzz."

    But now? "Rapid deployment to DC? Sure, no problem, we can do it, move troops, planes, armor within 24 hours... Sure. Here ya go." "Oh, need another 10K, for at least 30 days, maybe 60? Sure, here ya go." "You want more armor? And planes? How about a couple NBC units, maybe some more mess and medic unit? Okay, here ya go."

    Fuckers at the Pentagon, if they are going against the current sitting president, need to be shot. The officer corps needs to be decimated as in the Old Roman way of decimation.

  9. I wonder when the desertions will start.

    One thing you don't do is treat your troops like garbage. Do so and they'll self evacuate.

    No clean clothes.
    No decent snivel gear or tents or even wool blankets.
    Not even providing them with MREs but with cooked food served cold.
    No cots. No beds. No nothing.

    You can't tell me that with the inauguration basically going online and no one 'allowed' to see it (which makes you wonder, doesn't it?) that the hotels and motels aren't in serious empty status.

    Thus... between the political bullshit, the loss of wages and families put at risk, the bad living conditions, no clean clothes, no decent food, no nothing, that's how you break a trooper's morale. And cause them to question their 'need to be there.'

    Thus.... desertions. Probably starting this weekend. Slipping out the back door, with their gear or without, I bet it starts Sunday.

    It's like what you, BigCountry, said about hiring security professionals and treating them like scroats with low to no pay.

    That's what our political betters have effectively done with the Nat Guard. Turned them into cheap no-pay security troops.

    Shit, I bet morale is lower than right after the Vietnam War. Which, come to think of it, we lost because of Washington, DC... Hmmm...

    Funny, that the politicos have gotten all those armed troops up there but don't want us to have guns.

    Makes me wonder if some NatGuard unit isn't going to try, either as a unit or as individuals, to become the Praetorian Guard..

    Fuck. This shit isn't supposed to happen here in the US of A.

    1. Which is to say, they are not what is needed to end 2A right after the Biden inauguration. This is useless to the "system".

      This is more troops than what is necessary to either protect the inauguration of the President Reject or take control Washington DC itself and then deal with riots like last summer.

      Who are the Viet Congs here? Where is the Jungle?
      Only logical explanation, if it is not around or above DC, then it is below DC.
      Someplace below DC that can fit that many troops without them running out of oxygen, apparently.

      Given this is a Trump order, why aren't the mainstream medias and DNC screeching hysterically about Trump wanting to threaten the Office of the President Reject or some other weak charade?

  10. Even when I was in uniform (mid-70's) I couldn't lay on my back on a hard floor for more than 20 minutes without my back muscles starting to cramp.

    In '76, four of us set out in a buddies Vee-dub bug to spend the weekend at THE Oktoberfest in Munich. We took our fart sacks, covers, and shelter halves with us. At night, we just drove into the country side and found a spot in the forest for the night. Laid our shelter halves out on the pine needle forest floor, then folded one half over our sleeping bags. Best night's sleep I can remember.

    We'll see how the D.C. troops are faring after a couple of days.

  11. Trump won. Biden will never be president.
    Trump is keeping his supporters away
    with a show of force.

    1. Trump is not responsible for the Guard/military deployments to D.C., if he were, his political enemies and state media would be screaming Holy hell.....they're not. The aforementioned enemies of the current President are joyously reveling the creation of FOB D.C. .

  12. Dude, no lie. Seeing this crap makes my head spin thinking of the logistics. I was camp cook for like thirty people for four years, and kept 'em happy: "If the chow is good enough, the troops will stop complaining about the rain." Bit of a challenge to scale up for thirty THOUSAND, but if I could get the materials and the troops to cooperate and help cook the stuff, I'd make it happen. Standard camp breakfast was a pile o' cheesy scrambled eggs, flapjacks and bacon with coffee.

    Thing is, to do it once for 30K I'd need something like 60K eggs, a thousand pounds of shredded cheese, a couple thousand pounds of bacon, five hunnert boxes o' Aunt Jemima's, another five hunnert bottles o' maple syrup... and ideally, about two hundred steel fire barrels and about a dozen cords of firewood, along with enough griddles, big deep frying pans, pitchers (for mixing / pouring flapjacks), tongs and spatulas to cook at each station... could do stews if we had big stock pots and a few thousand pounds each of beef, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, and garlic. Marinate the beef in red wine and retain the juice for the stock, and ye gots beef borguignon...

    Problem is, even if I could afford all that crap, I don't think my local supermarket has it in stock! If nothing else, they should have the barrel fires (which should be doable); shiz cold out here right now, and those steel drums radiate heat. Stack the cordwood at strategic locations to block streets and/or LOS. When it's all done, either send the barrels back to their home bases to BBQ on, or donate 'em to local community centers for cookouts etc.

  13. Is it me or is the military always one camo behind, in gulf 1 they had Woodland BDUs and even after the issue of the chocolate chip camo the plate carriers were woodland, then in GW 2 They went into went in with desert camo for urban AOs, then they finally get back to a woodland style BDU and now they could use those fugly urban camos from OIF days

  14. It is all theater, they don't care that these guys are sleeping on hard floors or sharing one potty for 500 men. 99% of normies see this and think there is a real threat to the inauguration. That will come in handy when a false flag shooting happens, probably in some random state capitol, and then the tearful denunciations on the floor of the House and Senate will be followed by the gun control legislation Biden's handlers want.

  15. bloomberg. com/ news/articles/2018-10-30/mapping-all-the-tunnels-under-washington-d-c
    untappedcities. com/ 2021/01/06/underground-tunnels-beneath-the-u-s-capitol-library-of-congress/
    If I am correct, they are going down, waaay further down than any official maps shows.

  16. One thing I noticed in these troop pictures is they're mostly white men. I thought the military loved diversity. I saw maybe one or two black troops, but didn't see any Latino or Asian. Isn't that odd?

    1. That's because these are either combat arms, or combat support. You'll find the diversity in the supply side.

    2. army loves diversity. ng is reflection of the local ao it comes from.

  17. Oh, something no one has mentioned, at Ft Myer/Henderson Hall, there is a very large chowhall. Could probably serve about a brigade if they moved em through the line quick. The slowest part of the line was lady checking meal cards.

  18. this proves what i been sayin, that this is a typical over reaction due to shear terror that the real voters dared show up. scared nancy shitless. the whole thing was last-minute, send-me-all-you got sorta hysterical deployment with no thought to sustainment. i know my guys were asking those question b4 they got on the buses. where we staying, who's providing beans,etc etc.....answers: don't know, get on the bus. amateurs study tactics, pro's study logistics. this is textbook failure of logistics and the battle is lost already. think we'll be lucky if a six-time oif/oef vet doesn't pop poppa joe himself. can't help but laugh at the fact they called up the guard to protect them, when likely 90% voted trump and own the same guns they are issued.

  19. That's a big Fyre Festival and its going to get worse.

    That is a Corps level C3I job to manage all that. And with intact units it would be very hard to do well, but with bits and pieces all coming in and in that small of a space, its going to crash hard. The problems are going to multiply.

    Who ever is in charge better have an intact cadre to overlay on this mess.