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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Loyalty Checks

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Couple of questions vis-à-vis the Loyalty checks we've been hearing aboot.
I was still in when the first one happened.
It was under Clinton, shortly after Waco.
I was stationed at Ft Hood right after
Also known as "The Hood"
Still known as "The Hood" from my understanding.  A total hive of scum and villainy.  Always has been, always will be.  However, after the whole shit-show in 1994 of the feds having the DotMil participate in the roasting of 25 children, never mind the 'other' 51 adults who burned to death under the auspices of the ATF and out oh-so-loving Federal Law Enforcement Entities
Considering that they could have nabbed Koresh in town two days before, but waited to do a "Hollywood" takedown that went south?  Fuck them all

For Eternity

Any wonder why we hate them so much?

Yep.  A few years after that particular shitshow, suddenly the Department of Defense showed up... think it was 96-97... BIG survey... wanted to 'question us' on our 'feelings' about 'sensitive subjects'.  Let me tell you, any asshole in uniform'll tell you, when HQ/DoD shows up, even in a simple survey asking questions, things have gone seriously sideways

Among the 'casual questions' asked of us, was the blatant outright question of:

"If ordered to, will you or will you not fire on American Citizens during a declared State of Emergency?"

I won't forget that one

No definition, no question of Posse Commitatus...
Just "Would you shewt motherfuckers if we tell you to?"
Y'all gotta understand.. this was to an active duty unit
By the Constitution, we were not legally allowed to be deployed within the Continental United States.  Still aren't.  But don't tell them that.  From my sources, the overwhelming response was that not only would the order not be followed, there was a good chance that the ask(er)/order(er) would be dragged out and shot/hung for asking/ordering such orders.


Apparently they asked it again in 2012.. 

Same reply... even more Hardcore from my sources... "Not just No, but Get fucked, Because Fuck You That's Why, and Die in a Fire and BTW, where does your family live?  We need to kill them too, just to be sure... no offense."  The new breed is far more hardcore than we were, but then again, they've been fucked over far more often than we ever were...Mainly because war(s) or something...

Jes' Sayin'

The fuckers in charge have no idea what the lower ranks have as an attitude.
They just went and did it again
I think that the Coup Players are extremely nervous
Terrified in fact
Asking about the loyalty or at least ordering 'higher-higher' to ask the the troops just how they feel?  Jesus.   They want to make sure the guy in the turret on the "Big Day" doesn't bust out a belt of 'home cooked' 7.62mm and burn them all the fuck down on his 240.

You can bet they're going to run out of snipers on that particular day given the obvious panic and pants shitting they're experiencing.  There's only so many lanes a good sniper can watch, and I -know- that they're going to be Aiming guns on the guns, and probably on the guns ad infinitum, leastways until someone has a nervous breakdown.

The loyalty question though?
That is a big part of the issue
Just by asking they've compromised the situation further
You don't ask

That's like questioning a Samurai about his loyalty
"That's a killin'"
You just don't ask or question it.
The Marine's motto,  "Semper Fidelis is the motto of every Marine—an eternal and collective commitment to the success of our battles, the progress of our Nation, and the steadfast loyalty to the fellow Marines we fight alongside."
The same goes for regular troops...

It's about Honor
You don't openly question that
People even get tattoos indicating their fidelity to Honor...
To their fidelity of their Units...
To show pride in their Service...
Not everyone permanently marks theyselves for life as a way to show this.
We all feel the same way
And to question that is the penultimate in foolishness
They question us, and by way of it, they question because they themselves lack any sense of Duty, Honor, Loyalty or Country
They. are. bereft. of. these. things.
They worship power, control, and money
They should-never- be allowed to take control
And if they do, God help us all.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Hungover Reporter
Big Country
Tatted on my shoulder...
Jes' Sayin'


  1. Was at Benning in 94 going through basic and we got that same paper with that and a couple other questions.

  2. "El Tee, Captain Stickuphisbutt ever tells you to tell us to shoot motherfucking Americans, you better shoot his ass first, 'cuz you only got you 15 rounds in that Beretta, and they's 39 motherfuckers in this platoon, so you gonna be busy reloading while the other 24 cap you, hear?""

  3. Dude, I was in Ft. hood 76-80. Had a lot of fun. can't remember most of it. I can't imagine being asked a question like that when I was in. We had the CIA come on a recruiting drive in late 79, early 80 maybe. B co 2/12th CAV.

  4. the 3 letter clowns are always looking to talent.never saw anything like those questions while i was in.
    not to say they where not asked, they just didn't ask us, old rock soldier. and later in berlin-same thing
    back then there were not talk about anything like that, even with riot training (airborne standard)
    shooter's had to get a go ahead from the bn, major. and that was if the asshole was armed and shooting
    at us. btw, the 3/187 was across the parking lot from us. 1/503rd. after we moved from the wooden,cold
    drafty things they called a building.stay armed, stay away from crowds, check 6 always.

  5. One of the things that dawns on you, with serious effect, while in the Army, is that you need more training. I never even heard the word "exfil" until I had been in four years. Some Rangers at Benning put me and my fellow students wise to that and a lot of new concepts, while training at an NCO school there. It is a terrifying (to me at least) thing to find out just how ignorant you are while part of the machine. I wonder what Leviathan is going to do about the loss of men and equipment when they order some stupid thing like shoot Americans. You wake up one morning and 40% of your men and material have exfiltrated to somewheres else. Sorry, I forgot, some of the girls too. No, I don't really wonder. Communists double down on their stupid when confronted with even a hint of defeat in the air.

  6. You've got way too many conservative proles who can't wrap their heads around defying Big Brother, they've been brainwashed their entire lives to pay their taxes and behave. Now they can't unfuck their heads far enough to understand everything they believed in is a lie.
    I just got buried in a flood of emails this morning from a bunch of boomer housewives screaming over the Italian election fraud, so what, it's old news. Nothing will be done about it and it won't keep the Donald in office. Move on to bigger things.
    What these folks can't understand is the coming necessity of helping FreeFor work to start cleansing their AO's. Most of these folks are frozen with shock and fear, they're still living in the 60's as teenagers. And then there's the fence riders who will rat you out so they don't get in trouble with Club Fed. I know several who constantly call the USFS to rat folks off cutting "illegal" firewood. No more fantasizing and masturbating over playing Rambo, it time to start the actual planning of 5 paragraph orders and implement them, even if solo. Good luck to all of you, and happy hunting. There is no bag limit this season.
    SemperFi, 0321

  7. There comes a time when all true patriots must defend the nation from the government.
    Duty. Honor. Country.

  8. Well said, BC. The chain of command always demanded respect and loyalty up the chain of command and never reciprocated. They are afraid because they trained us, lied to us, and sent us to die. We learned a lot from those wars. Now we are the ghost of Christmas past, come back to haunt them for their transgressions.

    "Spirit." said Scrooge in a broken voice," remove me from this place."

    "I told you these were shadows of the things that have been," said the Ghost. "That they are what they are, do not blame me."

    "Remove me." Scrooge exclaimed," I cannot bear it."

    He turned upon the Ghost, and seeing that it looked upon him with a face, in which in some strange way there were fragments of all the faces it had shown him, wrestled with it.

    "Leave me. Take me back. Haunt me no longer."

    In the struggle, if that can be called a struggle in which the Ghost with no visible resistance on its own part was undisturbed by any effort of its adversary, Scrooge observed that its light was burning high and bright; and dimly connecting that with its influence over him, he seized the extinguisher-cap, and by a sudden action pressed it down upon its head.

    The Spirit dropped beneath it, so that the extinguisher covered its whole form; but though Scrooge pressed it down with all his force, he could not hide the light: which streamed from under it, in an unbroken flood upon the ground. [Stave two, "The First of the Three Spirits," p. 72-73]

    Of course they fear us. We took our oaths seriously. We never wavered. We still do not waver. Look to Ashli Babbitt for proof. And that is the woman on this side. Imagine what the men will do when this all begins. They do not know what loyalty, duty, or personal courage mean. Their beliefs change with the wind. They fear our conviction and our constitution. Let Valor Not Fail!

  9. What is worth fighting for? Loyalty, honor, love of country, your brothers in arms, family. How about getting down to primal basics. I am being fucked with, insulted, belittled, lied to and treated as a worthless and disposable piece of shit. Military or not, the abuse and treatment of Patriots is enough to start the festivities. The gigantic percolating shitpot has bubbled over and is on fire. Dormer time. Dirty commie bastards must be eliminated. Make it so.

    1. What we really need is a modern day Pinochet. Just think Trump with martial training and experience.

  10. I hate the ChiCom commie bastards that destroyed my fathers health in Korea so that he spent years in pain before dying in some worthless VA hospital.

    But nothing compares to the wrath and hatred I have for Americans who men like my father fought and died for to protect stealing an election to turn the U.S. Into a Marxist hell hole, because Trump hurt their feelings,or because they are somehow guilty about living a relatively easy life in a free country, or because they want to tell other people how to live so they can feel superior.

    I hope they get their just rewards

  11. Things once learned and accepted, can't be unlearned, God, Family,Clan, Tribe, (battle buddy, squad, platoon, company, BN, etc.,) and .mil training, don't somehow automagically vanish..

    Might not be the young Para i once was, but the spirit is the same, Go forth and kill motherfuckers, Blood makes the grass grow, KILL, KILL, KILL...Kill em all, let God sort em out...

    In each soldiers heart, hopefully, lies the warrior spirit/ethos that we stroked that check for, I for a combat MOS, Airborne, then the freaks over at the JFK, PSYOP's..

    Yeah, got a graduate degree in .gov fuckery of what we did and can do to twist hearts and minds...

    It's a two way range mother fuckers, and never fuck with someone who has nothing left to lose, 'cept honor and code....


  12. There was something in the local (California) media some years ago - maybe 2010ish, or a bit earlier. I think it was sort of related to the whole NG confiscating guns during Katrina thing, I suppose in the event of a similar order here following a big quake. The one thing that did get reported was that while white soldiers mostly said they would not go along with that kind of order, about 75% of hispanic soldiers said they would. No figures given for black or Asian soldier. The story was praising the hispanic soldiers and questioning the value of the white ones.

    Granted, it's a big jump from "take their guns after a big natural disaster" to "shoot them down in the streets", but still...

  13. Or my favorite, always a classic:

    "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

    Semper Fi, fuck em'

  14. so the statements about NG being armed on inaug day are BS, if they don't trust them they won't let them have weapons.

    1. um, guess again. my old unit just got on the bus w/ weps AND ammo. i bet creepy joe won't show for the show. i asked about the mission/plan. they laughed and said "no f'ing idea."

    2. for what its worth, my bud that's still playin the game told me last night his sista called all bent outta shape. she works in .gov, i don't know doing what but she said a bunch of .mil walked into the office next door n took all the laptops and marched out w/out saying a word. make what you will of that, i'm jus passing it on. lots of weird air traffic going on too for a sunday night.

  15. The military isn't noted for educating recruits on the Constitution or it's meaning. The military has one goal in boot
    camp. Create soldiers who will do as they are that push a button when ordered or kill that person when ordered. You don't get reliable obedience by teaching people to think. And for the past 3-4 decades that education on
    the Constitution and all that is related to it hasn't been done where it USED to school. So for quite a while now soldiers have been sorely lacking in a basic grounding when it comes to patriotism, rights and duty to the Constitution. And that was all done for a reason. The left who has been infiltrating and subverting out government since the end of WWII doesn't want a military that is loyal to the flag, the Constitution or anything else.
    They want a military that will DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD TO DO. I suspect we are going to find out real soon just how effective or not that plan has been.

  16. just talked to my 1sg buddy. raised him up thru the ranks,he's still at home station b/c he told the c/o to his face that he wouldn't shoot americans. so the unit deployed to d/c less the 1sg. that said, he told me they have decimated the guard with all the deployments back to back, plus the intense lgbtxyz training. he said 3 battalion cmdr's cashed in their papers n went home this year, and the state is closing 2 combat arms battalions due to lack of manning. the tanks at ft. pickett have been sent to the 4 winds and they are breaking up the huge facility there. hard time in the guard n getting worse. i warned them.

  17. Dear Patriots,
    What has been done cannot be undone in the current system. Hypothetically, lets say T throws a last minute hail mary pass and the 'republic' is saved... Thats well and good but so what! Why would you want to go back to the old system? Income & property taxes, gun laws, endless wars on 'terror', drugs, poverty, racism ect, quotas over merit, foreign aid, inter generational welfare, rigged elections, corrupt courts, off-shoring, federal reserve - on and on and on. Unending evil. Why go back, WHY? What, are you going to reform a corpse? Are you going to vote harder next time? lol. Even if all was lollipops and rainbows in our current nation - you will never ever be represented in a polity of 300 million souls!
    I'll tell you what the answer is and what the goal should be:
    A small nation(s) of like minded folks. Think many Switzerlands.
    Don't get too into the weeds about details or borders and what if's. That will all come... as long as smart, patriotic folks have a goal to work towards. A goal that offers a just and free future for your children and generations yet unborn.