Saturday, January 23, 2021

I Like These Odds...

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Just Wow...
Got these from Angry Cop on YouTube.
My fellow Blogger and Rakkasan TPB over at The Patrol Base, link HERE has a new article up on his site about Command Sergeant Major Purdy.  CSM Purdy was/is a fucking legend in the Infantry.  I'm sure if he was still alive, I can almost imagine his reaction to this:
Actually, I think that might be enough for Purdy to fully-on stroke the fuck out...

That's a guardsman in DC with his fucking gut hanging out at the bottom of his shirt
Oh. My. Fucking. God.
AR600-9 The Army Body Composition Regulations, just literally burst into flames.

Needless to say, -I'm- feeling a whole hell of a lot better aboot meselves

The ONLY thing that miserable donuthole eatin' motherfucker is useful for is a mobile sand bag

If that is what the guard allows to run around loose, I'd say we in the PatFor are in a lot better shape, both metaphorically and physically than I thought.  The only other thing I can think of that he-might- be useful for is for... well, cleaning up ALL the leftovers for one... beyond that?  No. fucking. way.
 I for the life of me, cannot believe that one.  And here I was bagging on Meal Team Six earlier.  That fucker got nuthin' on this beast.

I do want to know where they got his armor though, I'm a really big lad upper body wise... My Plate carrier is a wee bit small on me, and I'd love to have the set that fatbody has... it'd be a fuckton lot more room for me, that's for damned sure.  He also, interesting has what appears to be ONE FDE Magpul Mag sticking out of the front of his kit...

Sure as hell looks like one to my jaded eyes.
Of course, it might be a beef jerky container...
Who the fuck knows?
And then
A) That troop is looking at the rifle like it was a completely unfamiliar piece of gear
B) The red arrow is pointing to the Red Dot sight on the bottom rail of the front guard 
For those not in the know, it's supposed to be like this:
They always say "never underestimate the enemy"

But does the opposite count?  I mean just -how fucked up- are these people?  Granted, this's a minor number, but the fact remains that a LOT of fucked up pictures of fucked up troops with either fucked up gear, PT issues, I mean add on the self-imposed Litmus/Loyalty tests, ...sheeeeee-it
Going to war with the Army you have is one thing... 
This's more like an untrained mob.
NOT the dedicated pros I knew from years gone past.
In fact, CSM Purdy has been heard from:
He ain't happy.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. this will cheer you up:

    if you are unaware, Aspen is for VERY high rollers (think Davos crowd), a regular house is 10 million or more)

    1. Rich area? Hell ya, I've never even heard of police distributing heaters for people without heat.

  2. Thats the same kibd of gear installed wrong you see when looking at that black militia - nfac - some of their people had airsoft rifles, scopes on backwards, vertical grips sticking out the side etc.

    Almost as bad as a hollyweird extras in the back of a war movie.


  3. You said you were going to have a post about tanks today, but, you didn't specify that is would be a two legged "Meal Team Armour" This must be "Heavy Infantry?"

  4. Jesus on a big wheel. I look like a shirtless Bruce fuckin' Lee in comparison to that rotting bag of cottage cheese and dick smudge.
    Fuck that...the real workouts start tomorrow after this drinking night. Start with 100 pushups and situps a day and three sets of dumbell curls for 30 days. I'll bet I'll be off my BP meds within 2 months. Being about 215 now, I can reasonably see getting back down to 165 to 175 within 4 months or so if I don't puss out on the workouts. Getting back into the martial arts won't hurt either.
    I'm posting this out in the open so that all you heartless bastards hold me to my word. And no, I'm not drunk postiing...yet.

    1. Hey Sedition, let us know when you are drunk posting so we can join ya!

    2. Can't remember how many beers I'm down right now, but the Jagermeister bottle is fittin' to get pulled out.

    3. I've spent decades doing hard work, kept me in shape. I'm 66 and weigh 15 lbs more than when I got out the last time in 1983. I was 6' and 155, now I'm at 170. Not bad for an old fucker. Still hike a lot and some backpacking
      Also spent 3 yrs on M-60A1 tanks my last go around. Spent today touring a tank museum here in Wyoming, the guy has at least 20-25 Shermans and the same of White half tracks, just awesome. Never saw anything like it, even at Aberdeen when I did small arms school.

    4. Oh yea. An 18 pack down, 1/2 a bottle of Jager, and I'm fixin' to shame some porn stars.
      Bottoms up!

  5. Yes....some of these images don't inspire much confidence in their abilities or the threats they pose. But these fat fuck sycophants exist in large numbers. And as Stalin said quantity has a quality all its own. They however are not the primary targets. The NUMBER ONE target in need of immediate action are the talking head media whores. When they start dying violent deaths they will reconsider lying for a living. Their lies multiply the lefts power by an order of magnitude. Take them out of the equation and the left will be crippled. And they will be easy targets. They are useful idiots who will NOT be given any special protection by the commies. The bodyguards will be busy protecting the commies in office. After we teach the media whores a lesson the hired thugs...and if necessary their families...are next. Peel back the onion then go after the heart of the corruption.

    1. Best comment of the day. "When they start dying violent deaths they will reconsider lying for a living". Profound statement.

  6. Oh yes, those photos are doing the rounds...

  7. That fatbody IDENTIFIES as fit, and therefore he is. Oy, get with the new rules already, BC.
    In the same vein, the "Office of the Assistant Secretary Elect" is held by a WOMAN, and to say otherwise is at least two kinds of hate crime.

    As to general changes in .mil, it won't be 10% teeth, 90% tail any more. The goal is ZERO teeth, 90% jobs program, and 10% zampolits.

  8. From around the web, recent enlistees have said the pic with the sight on the bottom of the rail is at a distribution point. They crate the M-4s up like that with the sight on the bottom of the handguard for shipping. Supposedly the soldier looking at the weapon is looking for the serial number.
    I don't know, we used A-2s when I served and luckily I never had to have my rifle shipped to me.

    1. So after they're zeroed, they remove the scope? Makes sense.

    2. Most M68 CCO mounts retain zero so long as you put them on in the same picatinny slots you used to zero it. That is why the rails on issue rifles are numbered.

      Now, if the soldier that rifle is issued to has never zeroed with it, that is a definite no go at that station.

    3. >Wyomarine; thanks for the NMMV museum info. Don't forget all the M60s, on pedestals,laying around the state in city parks from when the WyoNG changed to a bridge outfit. There are also some nice 8"SPs at Natrona NG and Guernsey. SemperFi

  9. just remember that for every one of those guys there are thousands of professional soldiers that have done multiple tours right along side the army. that is changing and quickly and will accelerate now. what replaces them may be worse but even untrained unmotivated yahoos are dangerous, just look at africa. never underestimate your opposition. of course keep in mind that so far they are not our enemy.

  10. Any chance some of these obese dinguses are ringers, not nasty guard at all? If you wanted to set up a false flag, what better way than to get some bad actors integrated into the cluster?

  11. Ye olde pencil whip. I'll bet the pack of slim jims in that may pouch he's E5-E7.