Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Getting Darker...

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Not sure how much longeer this'll last
As everyone's probably already heard, DTG (Defensive Training Group) got TOS'd on the scrap heap of Wordpress. Very Chilling in that he wasn't -near- as inflammatory as 90% of the Blogs out there including this 'un here.
Figure one of two things they're hoping:
I'll lose my temper and Vodka/FedPoast
They'll come for me eventually

They're gonna have to
It's not that I'm genuinely a danger, but thoughts and thinking are
What bigger crime can there be but to tell the truth in the face of evil and a Pretender who sits on a Throne of Lies?  I mean, "There is no Pravda in Ivestia, and no Ivestia in Pravda"

Just as there is no news... actual news left here in the Untied States, and no, that ain't a misspelling
They're hoping to really do a nice show trial by extraordinary rendition for a LOT of people at some point.  My question is why the hell do they thirst to oppress so much?

Were they not loved enough as a child?  Someone steal their puppy?  Daddy didn't give them enough love, or more creepy in Joe's case, did he give them too much love?

This ain't the country I grew up in
This's a Globalist/Collectivist/Socialist nightmare
I mean, Jesus... they literally have ALL the monies, all the power
They prove it on a daily basis
So why now the rush to crush?
I mean is -something- coming that we the lil folk don't know about?
Me?  I'ma going to hopefully shutting this location down, and the last poast'll have the new secure site up n running as my new addy for y'all to follow the bouncing ball.

As far as the next few days, 24-48?
Heads down
Like <down-down>
Don't be the groundhog who gets his head shot off
Head on a Swivel
Be the Gray Man
More Later I Remain The  Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. They are already coming....

    1. His one tone is the correct tone.

    2. Wes,
      If they show up again make sure you are chewing some tobacco. When they knock you answer and look at them and ask "Warrant?" and then spit on their shoes. Then quickly admit you were trying to hit the grass not their shoes.

      I had a visit from the fuckers at BATF back in the early 90's. Talked my way out of a sticky situation. Shoulda bought that BREN-10 when I had the chance.

      Grey Ghost

  2. "So why now the rush to crush? I mean is -something- coming that we the lil folk don't know about?"

    been asking myself the same thing:

    "why this, why now?"

    if they only waited 10 years they'd have near zero resistance!

    1. The crushing is the point - it's the fun part. Defeating zero resistance isn't entertaining. Crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women? That is entertaining.

  3. CNN reporting Trump to sign 100 pardons today.

    No idea if its true given the source.

    Cackles Clinton calling for a new Russia investigation, since the last one didn't find evidence.


    1. yes it's true:

      there's still some violent Blacks and crooked Jews that

      Trump has yet to pardon.

    2. On your last steps being dragged to the guillotine, the gas chamber, or the Gulag, you would still be muttering about "Da Jooooz."
      Your broken piano needs more than one key.
      The CCP is not being run by "Da Joooooz," but the CCP is for sure running our bogus POTUS Biden.
      Yeah, I know, you will say that "Da Joooooz" are running Chairman Xi and the CCP.
      Like I said, a broken one-note piano.

    3. Matt,
      what's the name of your sailboat, the "Oy Veh"? The Miami jews buy that for ya?
      The CCP hasn't been dragging this country down for over 100 yrs either, but your jew buddies have been. There were jews in China in 1949 helping them with a little bit of Bolshevik advice, but you should already know that from your Soviet Studies degree, right? Dis-info is the foremost political tool, isn't it?

    4. And total silence from "Mr.'Rico Suvae', the 'Morroco Mole' former Navy Seal'....

      Same silence from him anytime anyone asks him WHO:

      Funded and conducted a military coup against Christian Russia in 1917, resulting in over 60 million deaths over several decades....

      Bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem...

      Conducted an organized spate of terroristic fire bombings in Cairo, Egypt in 1957(the 'Lavon Affair')..

      The regular series of murderous attacks on Arab communities and individuals by recently arrived communist thugs from Eastern Europe (thanks to the convenient theft of that same territory via the Internationalist Globalist's "Balfour Declaration"...it's how they used their meatpuppet Wilson to assure America's entry in a war that WASN'T in any American's interest!)...

      The attack on the USS LIBERTY and her crew while in international waters in 1967.....

      And the attack on the World Trade Center buildings and Pentagram on 9/11. ......"dancing chosenites" 'on a mission for mossad' anyone?...

      WlAnd let's not forget that the host here has in a recent article, chosen to take the self-declared "chosen" to the woodshed for their numerous 'shady shit actions', and rightfully so! I and others here didn't see you virtually crawling forth from your wall hole to yowl at him for not automatically being nice to 'da joooz'....

      So, still waiting for REASONABLE answers to the above Matt...

      Crickets chirping in the twighlight....

      Or are you just extra busy trying to reach "bolshevists/zionists 'stache of the month club' to make your latest 'stache payment'?....

      NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

  4. Wordpress for some reason seems quicker to pull the trigger, WRSA also used to be on wordpress back in the day. Blogger seems to leave us alone, probably allowing us to post evidence they can use later to prosecute us for hate crimes. I really need a new host.

    1. American Partisan also has moved to a more durable environment, and AmPart also still allows comments.
      Support any free speech website, especially where they allow comments.

    2. Just a heads-up about WordPress. Even by San Francisco standards the company (Automatic) is a completely batshit crazy woke-cult. If you look at their "company culture" page I've read political mission statements from SJW political activist groups that were less woke. This company is pretty unique for that level of politicization even in tech.

      They are the enemy.

      But hey, when you have a couple of hundred million dollars of investors money and will never have to make a cent profit this is exactly the sort of crazy shit that is the result. All these companies are just very elaborate ponzi schemes created to bilk investors.

  5. So why now the rush to crush?



  6. "My question is why the hell do they thirst to oppress so much?"

    As Mr. Orwell correctly noted: the point of power is power, and the best way to demonstrate power is to inflict arbitrary pain on people.

    1. As many of us have learned, it's the deceitful weak bully who rises to the top, and then gets revenge. Take a good look at every one of them, they're all weaklings, just like Obama. And they're the ones who will kill and laugh about it.
      I don't think people understand exactly how hard we must fight these psychopaths, most folks I know could care less anymore how this goes down. Tomorrow is just another day for them.

    2. "it's the deceitful weak bully who rises to the top, and then gets revenge. "

      Sometimes, but not always. The guys calling the shots have to be pretty tough - weakness gets feasted upon in the organized crime field, for example. A weak boss will very soon be an ex-boss. So yeah, the pols themselves can be weak - to an extent, at least - because they don't face many threats. But the guys who control them? They've got to be strong, mentally and financially, if not physically.

    3. I understand your point, and those behind the curtains, the puppet masters like Soros and Rothschild are strong business managers, always taking daily risks in their normal business ventures. But the average bought politician in DC is still a weakling (Clinton, Obama, Biden, etc), controlled by someone with more money and brains than the ones in the spotlight.
      That fix it for ya?

  7. If it isn't abundantly clear by now, there are certain portions of the internet one should never use, upon pain of death, if you are of the dissident right.

    Short list:

    Wordpress for hosting (NOT content management, wordpress.org is the software, and is open source)
    GoDaddy for domain names.
    YouTube for video
    Twitter and Facebook for social media
    Patreon for contributor financing
    Paypal for contributor financing
    Mailchimp for email newsletters
    Shopify for eBusiness
    Discord for chat rooms
    Dlive for live streams

    I'm sure I have missed a few, but that is the ones that come to mind. All of the above have kicked people off and closed services for wrongthink. If you are on any one of these, get off of them. Alternatives exist for all of them.

    There is a list, somewhere, of every service that has deplatformed Alex Jones. He was the prototype. That is your guide, stay off of them if you want keep your voice online. All of us eventually are going to get attacked like he was.

  8. Satire will be one of the last places where the truth will be allowed to sneak through.
    Peoples Cube shows how it is done. The website is built from former Soviets who understand tyranny.
    Go over the top with praise for Biden, in a Communist voice, and you will defeat the "anti-sedition" AI programs.
    Just a thought off the top of my head.
    And support every blog and website that still has comments, like here.
    Federalist and American Thinker have chickened out and eliminated comments.
    Keep the signal going, keep broadcasting as long as possible, until all comms are cut by the communists.
    Standing order: In the absence of orders, with all comms cut, find something communist and destroy it.
    Tomorrow they are going to have the "Biden Nuremburg Rally," with the 30K troops as props of their power.
    It's an effort to induce "learned helplessness" and make Americans submit to an overwhelming force.
    Don't surrender. Trim your sails where you must, to keep your job and keep out of the Gulag, but don't surrender.
    Somebody painted "Pepe the Frog" over a city-sanctioned Soviet-style street mural of Bernie Sanders.
    It's being called a "hate crime." That's the spirit: Pepe the Frog over the coming murals of Bogus Potus Biden.
    Thank you for keeping up the fight on this site.

    1. "Go over the top with praise for Biden, in a Communist voice, and you will defeat the "anti-sedition" AI programs."

      That's the nice thing about the Left - you can *always* outflank them by going further left, even if you aren't serious. Especially because their left flank is already so loony as to almost be comedic.

  9. If you are waiting until they pull your plug you are as bad as all the Joe Six Pack Normies we constantly make fun of in these places. BACKUP PLAN??? You should have another hosting service lined up with an immediate cutover plan if silenced. Does this even have to be stated?

  10. Pls do WHATEVER to stay up and running. Let us know through GAb when your back!! We did that loggy mindset!

  11. Bracken cucks for the jews. Too bad I wasted my money on one of his fantasy books.