Sunday, January 24, 2021

FedPoasting and Morons

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Yep, what with the expansion , nay...explosion of people showing up on Gab these days, it's hard not to laugh at the obviousness of the newly minted Federales that're there to try and 'get the dirt' on the folks who poast on there.
As @Silverdeth, owner-operator of the Deth Guild, a righty-vidya game forum that's been around for a long minute, sent me the above to poast as a reminder to BOLO for these fucktards and morons.

I swear, the general IQ rate of the basic Fed GS-5 is like in the "Gump-Zone".
There's one asshole in particular who showed up recently and is getting virtually pummeled by the greater body of Gabbers.  His handle is @gadsden_US and if he's not a Fed, then he's too stupid to be allowed to procreate.  There's enough pissing in the gene-pool if'n ya dig what I'm sayin'.

So, basic rundown on figuring out a provocateur?
Well for one thing, when did the guy show up?  Now this's applicable IRL as well as in an online forum.  In this case, this glowie showed up this month and immediately 'set up shop' with a LOT of pro-revolutionary talk...  His profile shows as such:
Yep... January... and 307 Gabs?  Starting at the beginning of this month, I've only been just now been getting access on there... too many newbies and Infiltrators.  So many that us old skool-cool kids couldn't get on, nor a word edgewise, and this fuck has over 300 this month alone?  Who has that kind of computer power to push through the 'static'?  Hmmn, a data center you say?   It's possible methinks... I only have 2100+/- gabs total for my entire Gab existence.  
Most of my followers have been recent too... so I'm sure that the Feds are watching and lurking, and some of the emails I've gotten are definitely from Feds trying to entrap me.

"But Big Country, you Vodkapoasting connoisseur of Fine Food and Wifey, How are you so sure?"

'Taint hard to tell when you get an email after poasting about the functionality of the M67 Frag asking "Do you know where I can get these on the black market?" 
"Hey, I have a friend who can source these!  Contact me if you want in!"

Yeah.  no bullshit I -actually- got those emails.

Dear Mister Federal Agent, quit while yer ahead, find someone dumber, ok?
Stick with the mentally handicapped and/or mooslims.  Generally us whypeepo are a -bit higher- on the IQ than your diversity-hired ass.

And then our buddy gadsden_US put this on the forum:
The 21 comments ranged from highly entertaining insults to questions vis-a-vis background/genetics/and race.

Point is, they're out there.  And the FedPoasters on Gab now?  Again they have no idea.  All the hardcore Nazis, Jew Haters, Race Baiters and Shitpoasters on there were forged in the early crucible of censorship and threat of badthink and deplatforming.  Everyone on Gab who's been there since the beginning know -exactly- what to look for.  Me?  I love the freewheeling fun of Badthink and Shitpoasting bad and rank memes.  My favorite still is the midgets in SS Uniforms... it's called the 1/3rd Reich.  I fucking die every time I see that one.

But now, since it's en vogue to be a "Nazi Hunter" and the (((media))) is all-in on the knob-slobbering on the Demons in Charge, best be on the really-reelz lookout for anyone who starts 'odd' conversations with you or tries to ascertain info about you politically or otherwise.  Unless you know them personally, be very very aware and above all CAUTIOUS.
Never join any groups
If yer in 'public groups' like Oathkeepers, quietly slip away
Do not renew that membership in "Young Stormtroopers"
Do not join any 'pro-democracy group' or any other group that sez they're going to stand for free speech.  Parler did that, and as I suspected from the get-go, it was a front for gathering intel and info.  Just like The Q Phenom was with the 8kun Kids...
Anon my ass....
So, Head on a Swivel
Be the Gray(er) Man
Watch your Six
Lock n Load
RedCon 2 is in effect until further notice.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I have a buddy who was british regular during the irish 'peacekeeping'.

    He said you always knew who were the localIRA snitches. They were the ones who werefriendly to the troops. Most of the locals were afraid of the IRA and afraid to be seen talking to the troops for fear of being labelled an accessory.

    Even the ones who were on the British side were afraid of the IRA identifying them.

    So if a girl in a pub washappy to serve you your drinks orgetting friendly with the guys... IRA spy.

    Guy at the gas station helpfully giving you advice or telling you what he had seen.... trap!!!!

    My point is that as things get worse the ones talking smack in a public forum or place are either too stupid to breathe or they work for the other side and are trying to set you up.


    1. Someone sent me a link to this guys podcasts last week, and after listening to one, I commented he had diarrhea of the mouth (he said he had inside sources from the CIA feeding him info!) and should in all likelihood end up dead soon for ratting out his sources. Of course I was immediately censored.
      I've developed a fine ear for BS artists, I served in the early 70's (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club, 3rd MarDiv) and can't tell you how many guys younger than me have these incredible VietNam stories, like prisoner snatches and being SEAL's in the Delta. The world is full of frauds, in every sector of life, some even get paid for it.

  2. Can you give me the email for the guy with the M67 frags? I could use some. Thanks!

    1. You've already used up the ones you had ??

    2. Call me retarded, but I don't get how some asshat comes to gab THIS MONTH and has over a thousand followers. It seems gab is populated by the mental midgets that are more concerned with followers and likes. Next thing you know, they'll be posting pictures of the dinner they ate tonight at that oh so fab restaurant everybody is trying to get a res at. Makes me wanna puke.....

  3. Sure can! just send me your bank account details and I will order you some

  4. Damn, Bromley, Chuck shipped you a bunch! What are you doing, selling them to the NG troops in D.C. or something? I can see that there would be a market there, but the Commander-in-Thief seems to think they're not trustworthy. Be cautious.
    -Ten---I mean, Teeterboro Budd. With one 'd'.

  5. Yeah....unless you've known someone since like grade school or some variation on that theme you just can't know who to trust and who is a plant. And even if you've known someone FOREVER you can't assume they aren't compromised in some fashion to get them to rat on you. The East German Stazi was notorious for's believed that some one out of every seven East Germans were informants for them. So the best and safest course of action is going to be small actions performed alone with NO HELP from anyone else. The only perfect secret is the one known to only one person.

  6. Been lurking for a while (you owe me for at least three keyboards and a screen)

    I doubt ‘you’ need me to say this but …

    Gray man? "You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means" .

    Not using Farcebook and Twatter? Data point/identifier. Not using Gestapoogle? Not reading the NY Totalitarian? Not buying from Amao’szon? Etc. ditto.

    ‘Not’ doing all that (like all the fleece wearers) and you’re acting just like all those sf guys who wear mismatched crye and oakleys (they were on sale at the BX) to ‘blend’. You aren’t being the gray man, you’re wearing flourescent german techno gear to a funeral.

    Kind of moot for our esteemed blogost but for the rest? ‘Be’ a sheeple, or at the very least appear ineffectual (think ‘keyboard warrior living over moms garage’).

    Some people mention the feinians as an example. I was there (3 tours and then 5 years as Det) and … we ‘knew’ every single one of them. That was a Ghandiesque situation, just how would they have fared under Russ or Chin management? Under them Ghandi would have been a nameless footnote. You think ‘they’ are any less ruthless?

    It ain’t just what you say/do, but what you aren’t saying/doing.

    Just sayin’

  7. Recommended reading for all types of 4/5th Gen Warfare mind-fuckery:
    "The Dirty War" by Martin Dillon, about "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland aka Ulster.

    The tech advances for all sides, but the mind games remain the same.
    Get a used paperback copy for a few bucks. Don't read it like it's Tolstoy, don't try to remember all the names, they don't matter. Read it fast to learn all of the mindfuck tricks used by both sides in any dirty war.