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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Coup 101 and Von Clausewitz

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
I heard it through the grapevine.
Buddy of mine who stayed in, then moved to a NG unit.
Won't name the state b/c a lot of -them- who know who I am might figger out who's part of my RatLine.  Needless to say, unimpeachable.  Former Infantry, now MP.  Said they had a "Loyalty Briefing" in which they were asked who specifically they supported?  Now, for those of you in the know, the Oath that we take as soldiers is on the Constitution
I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

That Oath never expires
Asking about any 'other' loyalties ?  Asking about ANYTHING else is offensive and possibly illegal
By the very fact that this was asked, on orders from "higher" (he didn't know the 'who' that ordered it) but the fact that is was shows that we're in a full-bore fucking Coup d'├ętat.  There are indicators that you might be in the middle of one.

The usual signs consist of, but not limited to (and there ARE more... this's a thumbnail):

1) Seizing the means of communication, to include banning/blocking/removing individuals/groups on social media from being able to do internet communication
2) Isolation of the Legitimate Government
3) Repression of any and all individuals who question the Coup, utilizing demonization of the Opposition, eventually resulting in violence and/or mass arrests
4) Compromise/Insure the Military backs the Coup
5) Installing a Figurehead Leader
6) Isolating and Outlawing Opposition Groups
7) Arming and Providing for 'alternative' Militant Groups to aid is spreading fear in the population
8) Seizing and rationing food/water/means of Production
9) Eventual Show Trials of the deposed Government (usually followed by exile/execution, or 'accident')
10) Profit

1) We've had stage one completed.  The media was compromised a waaays back, so no need for them to worry about that.  They're now in the social media seizure, what with the banning/blocking/removing.  They've even stopped Orange Man Bad from sending out emails from his campaign.  

2) Isolation is currently in progress... no one has seen nor heard from Orange Man Bad.  They're ignoring him and insuring he can't communicate to the Masses

3) Repression has begun, under the guise that anyone questioning the Coup (Fraudulent Election) is an Insurrectionist and/or Racist Antisemite.  The FBI is putting a hell of a lot of effort into ID'ing the Badthink Racists at the Capitol than they did against AntiFa and BLM Aye?

4) Pelosi asked the DotMil to pull an actual fucking Coup against Trump.  Apparently she is supposedly being worried that Trump might use Nukes.  Methinks it's more of a wanting the full backing of the DotMil, to which the General in charge, politically speaking told her to "Get Fucked, Die in a Fire, he's still boss."

5) This happens on the 20th, provided the fucker is still alive.  Lots of people mad at him but personally?  I think he's gonna croak from the stress.  This shit is for the young, and most of these codgers ain't none too healthy to begin with.  Look to see if the Cocksucker takes the reins early.  Hell, if he -does- drop dead, any bets they spin a tale of a three-named-man who done did it with an eeeevil AR?  They could play it any way they want and we'd never know the truth.

6) The isolation of individuals guilty of badthink is currently running in 'slow boil' mode.  They can't outright go after everyone at once... I mean it's obvious enough that a coup is in progress.  If they shut the net down?  Hell.  I'm mounting up.  My job and livelihood relies on the 'net.  Shut that shit down?  The job is gone.  Time to paaaaaar-tay!

7) BLM and AntiFa have been pretty quiet.  Not sure if they've been armed up on the down low, but I wouldn't doubt it.  Maduro has his Colectivos, a civilian 'militia' who, by what Miguel over at GFZ has said is pretty much the local criminal class being given legitimacy by the Federal Level in Venezuela.  Watch for that to happen here in a short-short.  Hitler had his Brown Shirt street fighters, Kidsniffer and the Cocksucker have BLM and AntiFa

8) Hasn't happened yet, but the food is still available, just is shortened amounts at higher prices.  Part of the Bogus Beijing Booger Bug that made that happen.  IF and only IF they successfully get Kidsniffer or the Cocksucker in will they start doing that, 'cos the natives will most certainly get restless, so they'll have to 'crack the whip' to show us who's master.  

9) They're already talking about show trials.  That's a given...  it's the whole genocidal sounding words like cleansing that scare the ever living shit out of me.  And not much scares me the older I get.  

10) Profit?  Provided they don't swing for these crimes.  50-50 odds right now.  My rationale for that is the 3 million who showed up for the ambush weren't armed... that, to me, was a last desperate gasp of a request for redress of grievances that's assured by the Constitution.  You know, the thing?  Yeah.  

That Constitution.  
Now that they shit all over that, and publicly heaped scorn on us?  
Labelled US the traitors?
Funny how every. single. thing. they accuse us of doing, they're the actual perpetrators of the accused crimes.
Von Clausewitz once said famously "War is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of politics by different means."  His grasp of both the psychological aspects of war, and the "fog of war", meaning the need for rapid, decisive action in the midst of confusion on the Battlefield can lead to victory.  In and by his definition, we went to war on the 6th.  Our political means have been expended by their choice, not ours

THEY chose to ignore us
At THEIR own peril
They foolishly in some CNN Circles compared the Capitol being overrun as "Pearl Harbor"
Mayhaps that was actually correct
To quote Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto:
“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”
I think that it was a Pearl Harbor moment
For the rest of the Country
People are awake
People are scared, leastways the smart ones are
The "Sleeping Giant" of the majority of Mainstream 'Murica is up, looking and going "Oh holy shit!"
They may have miscalculated
If they, as I fully expect them to, try to drive a major crackdown on 70 million plus Americans because of their politics?  How do you say in Japanese?  "They're Fuckin' Toast man".
Too many people, too many guns, and they've gone full retard and cranked the heat up to 'boil' on the stove
The frog is now aware, and looking for his way out.
More Later, I'm loading the 50 rounds I got on deck tonight
I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Peruse this and give me your opinion on any possible validity, or if it's just smoke being blown up our turd cutters...

    1. Well, it's a valid letter... It'd be -nice- if the Q stuff turned out to be true, but, I'm a pessimist. If I'm wrong? I'll do the mea culpa naked in the town square. Too many people invested in a 'last minute win' sort of thing...

  2. Up here north of the border our flaming asswipe of a Prime minister is chearing social media crack down.

    The official govt mouthpiece CBC is claiming the 30k insurrectionists in DC were trumps private army and were armed all with guns and numerous cops were killed.

    Its all BS but sadly lots of people believe it.

    Also the school did two 1hr sessions this week on Trump being a war criminal for trying to seize power. The teacher spent actual class time spreading propaganda. Then asked the kidsif mommy or saddy is an evil trump supporter. Most of the kids 'lost' internetand the school says it was a lesson in dangerous ideas. BS

    We're likely not far behind the US. I suspect all those covid camps sitting empty may have another use shortly.

    The new firearm laws are going to come fast and furious.

    I never wanted this, i hoped i'd never see it but thankfully i'm as prepared as i can make us.... which is sounding more and more like not enough.

    To everyone in tge US, good like when this is all over those that survive can raise a rum and coke to those who don't.


  3. Ho-Lee-FUCK on the drop. I'd heard a while back during the Hussein admin that they'd done a survey around 2011-12 re: if the troops would kick doors and disarm Americans. Word was one of the guys with the guy telling the story said "That'd be against the Constitution and an illegal order, I would have to refuse," and stepped back, and everybody else stepped back with him. No idea if anything happened to the kid who needs a wheelbarrow to carry his massive balls, didn't get a follow-up.

    As for ol' Yamamoto... there's another one you've probably heard. "You cannot invade the mainland United States - there would be a rifle behind each blade of grass." The quote is misattributed; the sentiment is not.

    1. "That'd be against the Constitution and an illegal order, I would have to refuse."
      Yeah, the guy who said that to higher indeed has big brass ones. But the best answer is, "That's an illegal, un-Constitutional order, and I'd have to shoot the motherfucker who gave the order."

      As to the BC's overall post, let me just add that the enemy is all about projection. All those stories about how they suffered? (Not to say they did not suffer.) But the over-the-top stuff that has since been quietly retracted (because it was bullshit from the beginning)? That's what THEY want to do to those they perceive as their enemies. Which of course is us. What pisses me off is that this is all so unnecessary. They were doing well, very very well, and hardly anyone was genuinely resentful or hated them. Things were getting better all the time, yet they had to fucking keep pushing.

  4. Hope I don't get mad-drunk some random day - walk to downtown San Francisco - shouting up to the people in the Twitter building High Treason!

  5. "If they, as I fully expect them to, try to drive a major crackdown on 70 million plus Americans because of their politics? How do you say in Japanese? "They're Fuckin' Toast man"."

    They've probably done the math on this one: 330 odd million, minus 70 odd million, still leaves them with 260 odd million, or nearly 4:1 advantage in manpower, and a lot of folks are distancing themselves from the Right after L'Affair Capital. Plus, on the demographic front, our side skews heavily towards the older end of the actuarial tables. On top of that, figure they can bring in another couple million from South of the border if they need reserves (time to rewrite the old Irish tune: "When I god to Gringo lan', dey chove a gun into my han', saying 'Pedro, joo mus' go an' figh' for Biden'").

    1. "Behind every blade of grass". We are not planning on getting into the Gladiator ring with them. Those of us past our prime can still aim. I see tons of old geezers reaching out at distance at my gun club all of the time. I would be scared as fuck to leave my house if these guys were waiting for me. And talk about blending in.

    2. The 330 million includes children, who make up about a quarter of the US. If they couldn't come up with 75 million and one to beat Trump, how are they going to find that many to pick up a rifle and do the dirty work? Oh right, they won't. They will hide behind the veil and demand others do it for them. They might be able to pick up say, half the cops, the hopefuls won't stay too long after it gets nasty. The half way to retirement will probably stay fetal. The ones who are 3/4s of the way to retirement will find a way to drive a desk. There was one asshat on SCC asking how to get to a tact unit to 'run and gun'. Those are the kinda asshats we, as law abiding citizens, have to worry about.

  6. what's with the 6200 NG going to DC this week-end? Supposedly for an inauguration that's 10 days away and their is supposedly no party or parade...

    1. Seems weird, but I'd say to expect another, and probably bigger, false flag. I think a lot of people are seeing through Pelosi's Reichstag fire, in spite of the official narrative which has been dutifully reported by the captive media. Even normies are waking up to the fact that the media is in the tank. Pelosi needs more to move the plan forward.

  7. Couple of points. barky wanted a civilian 'military' force equal in size and equipment to the real military, I'm not so sure that even with the south of the border reinforcements are there = yet. Next point regarding the 'orders' to shoot Citizens - the numbers have gotten worse since that' study' was done but IMHO there are still enough real patriotic military members who would need wheel barrows - BUT those numbers are changing for the worse.
    'm glad II am long since disability retired so I'm only responsible for myself and my immediate famiiy.

  8. It's beginning to sound as if the only reliable ROE is if it wears a uniform, it's fair game. Any self-respecting man or woman would shuck that uniform in a second if they are loyal to their oath.

  9. Just observation and speculation on my part, but I'm thinking that Biden never gets sworn in and we end up with President Pelosi. She clearly orchestrated the Reichstag fire incident and is acting like she is POTUS right now, including trying to take control of the military. Biden may just have been a distraction to the actual plan. Just my speculation, however.

  10. Hi Bubba!!,
    Back a few cases of Beer ago I recall someone sayin'....,"Think Globally, Work Locally!!!".. Know yer' "A.O." inside and out... who's who an what's what!! Also, have good "Intel" on local A.O. neighbors and further!!! I'm with ya' man!! That's a Big Trucker's "10-4" on yer' sayin's!!
    Audentes, Fortuna Iuvat!!!!!!!!,