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Monday, January 18, 2021

Called It

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
-Someone- is reading this thing.   
This mornings headline from the Daily Mail 
And for the TL;DR
Now, reading the story, the Reservist?
Sounds like a smear job to me
And the charge of 'destruction of property'?
Seems he wanted to take a flagpole with a pointy ferrule and break it after he saw someone else try and spear a cop with another one.  Doesn't sound like the guy was doing much but being a participant in what should be a legal protest

So, after reading it, and one of the pictures I lifted:
No mags
The ammo pouch has what appears to be his cellie, and a radio, and nothing in the other pouch
That's a pouch, not a shingle, with the covers folded over the back from what I can tell
The big square of velcro is the give away
Also:  Rank and "US Army" only visable

And alllll the other recent photos I haven't seen any mags
Not that I'm promoting the idea
But someone somewhere is reading this and going "Oh Shit!"
Probably some E-Ring Asshole who's never actually served with troops
Some officers are like that
They don't associate with the enlisted men
They think the fumes from them might tarnish their brass

So, if that's the case, greetings and a hearty "Fuck you all" for allowing this to happen
Good Job ya morons
You just killed a 200 something plus republic
It ain't a democracy
Open a book and try reading it

So other things, ain't mailing shit today because of MLK...
A day celebrating we who we now know was a plagiarizer, rapist, communist and scumbag?
When they gonna rename the day?  I mean they went after Washington's Birfday and then shitcanned Columbus Day... but oh wait!  He's a magic negro...
Clownworld Indeed.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Change it to:James Earl Ray Day!

  2. Some reading for the tweentimes

  3. Capitol lockdown forever!


  4. re:
    FOB DC

    Why so many troopers in District Of china?

    Reverse the question.

    They are stationed at FOB DC... indefinitely.
    They are not in Small Town America.

    Spouses and offspring, jobs and businesses are partial staffed.

    Now, imagine A Major Disaster, a flood or hurricane or volcano something.
    No Guard for aid and rescue.
    All the deplorables are out on the skinny end of the limb.

    And remember, with china joe and First Son hunter biden in charge -- and everybody else in DC owned by the chinese -- the chinese puppet-masters are pulling the strings.

    If I was me, which I assure you I most assuredly am not, I would keep my head down and on a swivel.
    'Hurricanes' and 'floods' are no fun at all.
    'Volcanos' are especially no fun for us virgins.

    1. You have to admit, it's pretty genius to sacrifice the virgins. That way we get to keep the whores.

  5. Riddle me this, who authorized this?
    It wasn't the President.
    Pentagon deploys hundreds of active-duty troops for inauguration security:

  6. I don't celebrate MLK day. Tomorrow is Robert E. Lee Day.

  7. This is turning fucking hilarious. Are they really this scared of us Hill people? Men in kayaks and camo, with their pickups, coming in hot! It’s like a bad movie. Hilarious.

  8. My worry: The only remaining large group loyal to Trump is the military. And within the military mostly the guard folks who are hometown regular type folks. Who does the Washington Elite need to yet purge? These same folks. Imagine a false flag assassination of Biden by a group of guardsman. A two-fer for pelosi. She gets rid of biden,, and gets to blame right wing trump terrorists. The media howls for the pentagon to purge the military of all Trump loyalists. Then they move on to purge congress of anyone who questioned the elections. (Cruz etc.). Then they can start demanding any talk of stolen elections be hate speech, it is banned,, all discussions of it are banned. My worry is that this has been the plan for some time. It takes some planning to put troops from all 50 states in DC. this didn't happen just since the events of the 6th. You think they just keep miles of 7 foot fencing just laying around waiting to put it up?
    Much as I would like to think this is a trump last stand. I think he was overrun as no one had his back, in the end he was left holding the bag and everyone piled on. If he lives a month I'll be surprised. He had best take a secret flight to a non-extradition country of some sort. Maybe his wife's home country.

    1. If they try to take Trump out, there won't be a drop of democrat blood left in DC.

    2. I've wondered too, if Putin would look after Melania, they're both Catholics.
      And he was also fighting to get the last (((Bolshevik))) bankers out of his country.

  9. Posse who, Posse what?!

    2,000 National Guard Troops In Washington D.C. Sworn In As Special Deputy U.S. Marshals:

  10. BC, can you verify that we've gone to COGCON2? I'm seeing reports of this out there.

    1. They are talking about it in a few places. Someone posted a pic of the text message they recieved. No idea if its true or not.

      Interestingly from a Canadian perspective our PM has been living at his cabin for a year, which is where his bunker is. They updated his schedule early this am to say his cabinet is arriving for a meeting today. Was supposed to ve virtual.


    2. They go to that condition whenever they have all the bigwigs in one spot. I was part of the QRF in the Old Guard during my time in DC.

  11. Just remember the Daily Mail has shifted over the last 18 months and is now another platform for the Democrats.

  12. defensive training group blog is down, suspended.

  13. Are there really 75K troops in DC now?? Wtf is going on