Friday, January 29, 2021

Bought and Sold

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Buying and selling... seems to be the watchwords of the week.  Be it stonks, politicians, political parties and/or influence, enforcement of laws (or lack that thereof), it seems like just about everything these days is up for grabs.  The whole Wall Streetz fiasco is playing out very nicely in many respects, as that too is exposing and ripping the veneer of respectability and 'muh free marketism' clean off and showing just -how corrupt- the entirety of our system has become.
Seems like now, evvabody has figured out that evvat'ing be corrupted mon.  Be it the police, the politicians, the churches, the market, the educational system... hell even my beloved military has gone fully and completely sideways.  It's time to burn it all down... 

I mean for example?  Too many to list.  The Pope is pretty much a communist, and there's credible stories that as a Priest he enriched his family by denouncing people during Argentina's "Dirty War" in the 70's.  He also hid 'dissidents' from the Junta (read fuckin' commies) and help them escape.  His actions since his installation have been absolutely fucking socialist in nature, if not outright communist.  BTW, seems a pattern here with installing commies in positions of high power Aye?

Politics?  Not even gonna touch the installation of the Usurper Kidsniffer Slo and the Ho. 

The cops?  OK, personal example here.  Be ready to see red.  Dumbfuck and Dumbunny are now under a CPS investigation.  We're waiting on results but the pediatrician wants a Brain Scan of GranBebe#2.  Possible shaken babe syndrome.  I can't do -anything-.  Literally.  The CPS investigator's been in contact w/Wifey, and is absolutely stunned that Dumbfuck, a convicted felon is being allowed to run around still beating Dumbunny, driving without a license and insurance, and doing 'dirty deeds' (he's making bank but doesn't have a job,  and the cops know, the judge knows, and his probation officer know,  AND NO ONE WILL ARREST HIM?!?!?

To me?  It tells me that the locals are 'on the payroll and/or compromised in some fashion.  Dumbfuck's family is Dirty-Dirty.  Drugs and Shine Dirty.  ...and I can't do a fucking thing aboot it.  However me?  I get -accused- of some shit and they had me in the hole, ready to freeze dry my ass and put me under the jail... without so much as a  speeding ticket on my record up til then...

Two-Tier.  No shit Aye?

Essentially, until -something- terminally breaks, things are gonna keep careening downhill like a pinball.  There's going to be weird bounces as it hits the bumpers, and until it reaches dead bottom, best we as a group (i.e. the smaht folks) is keep our heads down whilst the Powers That Be keep hitting the flippers, trying to keep the ball in play, and shaking the machine just enough so it doesn't 'tilt' out.  

Some of us want to be accelerationists, by walking up and hitting the machine so it 'tilts' right here and right now, but I'm not one of them.  The catastrophic meltdown of a full-on societal collapse is really something, unless experienced, is something y'all really don't want.  I only saw a -minor- taste of collapse in Iraq... that in itself was bad enough for me to know I really don't want either GranBebe nor Spawn to have to go through that sort of shit.

Hell, as well prepared as I am, I don't want to got through it.
If they leave me no alternative, then hey!  Game on motherfuckers.
After all, I do have a personal grudge or ten that need to be settled.

Right now, MY feeling is we're on a major precipice.  The stonks and the 'economy', as bullshit as it sounds, is pretty much the last leg keeping the table from falling completely over.  If the economy does a full-on meltdown, it's done.  Like everything.  No matter how hard they're trying, now that the cat is outta da bag so to speak, the Autists are involved, and shit's getting weirder and weirder, we're is some really, really deep shit.  

Now, the current GME stonk issue:  Sapper might have figured out part of the underlying issue that sparked the "Let's Fuck Melvin Capital over" Interestingly, this's a pretty valid idea.  There was a game release for a new game that was highly anticipated by the geeks and gamers (i.e. Autists) called CyberPunk 2077.  Now, if you don't game, you might have heard about what a shitshow the release was.  All fucked up... buggy as hell.  See, apparently the suits at CDProjectRed, the developer company, smelling a mad profit, forced Cyberpunk 2077 to be released early.  It wasn't ready, and the game has been limping along.  It was so fucked up that Playstation, for the first time ever, gave a refund for purchases made online through their consoles.  
In steps Melvin Capital.
Who shorted the fuck out of CDProjectRed.
They made a pile o'cash, and really put the hurt on the company.  Which pissed off the Autists.
"Cry havoc, and let loose the geeks of war!"
Or words to that effect.
And then, once they started learning, and got inside Melvin Capital's OODA loop, that was all she wrote.  Now, if Melvin and his gang had just taken their lumps like a man so to speak, shit would have settled back down.  The autists would have found something else to fuck around with, and things would have gone back to 'normal', for the values that thereof.
But no, they had to act like bitches, and gett all "Elite-y" and "We'll show these proles who's boss!" and did very and exceptionally stupid things that only furthered the rage, which has now spread to Normie-Street, and is raising a lot of extremely uncomfortable questions again vis-a-vis the two tiered just-us system, the markets, and "Just how free IS this fucking market of which you speak?"

Not very apparently
And our political Commisars are being very quiet, as they don't want to piss off the paymasters apparently.  Lots of hot air about 'investigations' per usual, but we all know that's a steaming pil o'shytte.  Which therein lies the biggest problem. 
We know they're full of shit
We know nothing is going to be done
We know that it'll all fade as fast as the propaganda outlets can make it
We know nothing is going to change

What we need to do is be prepared for what comes next
Head on a Swivel 
Now More Than Ever
I Remain The Intrepid Repoter
Big Country 


  1. Just getting ready for the revolution, as usual.

  2. "Seems like now, evvabody has figured out that evvat'ing be corrupted mon...."
    Not "evvabody", Cuckservative Inc is still fully entrenched and influential, continuing to 'wash, rinse, and repeat' the mush for brains of many a cultist.

    1. DMV,
      Absolutely! All my normie friends can't deal with this shit, they're angry but they're in denial of reality of how bad it really is. They just want to go default, like send money (to their favorite special interest groups and let them deal with it) and vote, exactly what got them in this fuk'n mess in the first place. They have no idea of what to do next, nor any clue of what it may entail to fix things. Denial and look for a hole to stick their heads in. Many still think with Trump's help, they can vote their way out of this. False hope is their reality.

  3. It's time to burn it all down...

    LOL i've been saying that all along too


  4. burn it all down.

    and yes, I'm with you, i almost certainly will not be able to make a difference, but vengeance works too.

    On the economy note, i live in a small ish town (30k people, biggest town in 100+ miles), in one of the "booming states" that didn't shut down (much) and hasn't gone all Dictator Karen over the chinese virus and supposedly unemployment is low. Went out shopping today and saw 100+ cars lined up for Friday food bank. I never see 100 cars anywhere. Went back by an hour later and a different 100 cars lined up. Yeah, the economy is booming all right. how bad is it in locked down states? It will all end well I'm sure.

    1. I live in about the same situation. But our governor, Lil Andy, tried to go full Mao. The local soup kitchen gives out free lunches to anyone who walks in the door. They also have shower and laundry facilities for the homeless. They went from 300 meals a day in 2019 to serving over 1000 a day now. Aside from a few piddly manufacturing jobs, medical work, and government most employment is service/shopping related. All of those folks got it rough and didn't even get kissed. Of course today, Lil Andy put out a big press release about how he "donated" 16k to Kentucky food pantries. But if you read past the first paragraph, the money came from his campaign donations and he was required by law to donate all left over donations to charity. Lying sack of shit that he is.

    2. And he is whingeing about someone informing him that god gets his own back, and called in the troopers... lil'andy is an idiot. Thanks for bringing back every policy that crippled us the last time we had a democrat...

  5. What comes next?

    "U.S. HR 127 - Gun licensing, Registration & Partial Ammo Ban
    Author: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX-18)

    Summary: Establishes a nationwide gun registry that is searchable by the general public, mandates licensing to own or possess a firearm and requires a psychological evaluation prior to obtaining such a license, and institutes magazine & gun bans.

    HR 127 establishes a federal firearms registration system that will be accessible by federal, state, and local governments, including the military - even the GENERAL PUBLIC! The system will track the make, model, and serial number of all firearms, their owners, the dates they were acquired, and where they are being stored.

    The system will also track firearms loans, including the ID of the loan recipient and for how long it is being loaned. This bill applies retroactively, so current firearms owners will have three months to supply their gun information to the federal government from the bill’s effective date.

    HR 127 also establishes a federal licensing requirement. Applicants will have to be at least 21, undergo a NICS check, complete a psychological evaluation, complete 24 hours of firearms training, and pay $800 for firearms insurance from the government.

  6. Geeks are partially responsible for the high tech spread of corruption, you can be damn sure geeks can also bring the shit show crashing down.
    Trust me, the internet, as we know it today, is weaker than you think.

  7. Yep.

    A small addition is that Janet Yellen, the new sec treasury admits to making 800K off the GME. As George Carlin stated, it's a big club and we ain't in it. Though some dirt people may have done well on the GME if they got in early and got out.

  8. I buy my very first firearm to protect myself against a f****** felon threatening me with his dog and my own stupidity I guess wearing it open carry because I'm new to this & want to be sure I can get to it if I need to. The f****** felon accuses me of pointing it at him.... are you f****** kidding me??!!!! Course I don't have a body Cam (but I do now) and there isn't any surveillance f***..... and you think the men in blue are f****** normal?...

    I don't know why I f****** support them they couldn't be more a****** ish they take away my gun (don't arrest me) I end up going in court the judge sees through this a****** in 10 f****** minutes dismisses the case....with an additional note of - "NO credible information provided"

    I think I'm getting my gun back... are you f****** kidding me?

    How can I be so stupid, of course not. I have to fill out a form and get it notarized and ask pretty f****** please if the little people in blue will give me my own f****** gun back and then there has to be a hearing and then it has to be approved and then it has to go back to the little men in blue and then I just might get my own f****** firearm back!!!

    This is f****** ridiculous absolutely f****** ridiculous...NOT WORTH IT....

  9. It seems that the Hedgies are way, WAY short on Bitcoin.

    Second verse, same as the first.

  10. Does this mean Ann-Margaret's not coming?

    1. You win the internet for that. Outfuckingstanding.

  11. Yes....the whole thing is falling apart and the crash is coming. Problem is if we just sit back and watch, the parasites and criminals who gutted the financial system creating the current disaster get to manage the crash and manipulate things so that no matter what comes next THEY are still controlling things and getting rich from it. We need to topple the house of cards when and how THEY don't expect it so that THEY don't benefit from what's coming.

    1. All the tough talking NRA bubbas are nowhere to be seen, and the smart ones here are sitting back and assessing the situation, NO ONE wants to get his shit blown away for making a stand while the sheep meekly watch. (I learnt my lesson 40+ yrs ago standing up for a bunch of folks and they stood by and watched me get my ass handed to me. Not one of them stepped in to help me, never gonna do that again!).
      I really doubt conservatives have the spine to do what needs doing, they're sheep looking for another shepherd, not fighters.

    2. @Wyomarine: "I really doubt conservatives have the spine to do what needs doing, they're sheep looking for another shepherd, not fighters."

      Oh, conservatives will fight like rabid sociopathic tigers on PCP and bath salts; you know, as long as the people they are fighting are to their right. Against the Left? Yeah, then, not so much. Though they will fight each other over who surrendered to the Left first, and who collaborated the most.

    3. @Wyomarine

      Conservatives are so obsessed with rules they will follow them to the boxcars.

    4. @Son of Liberty,
      sent out emails yesterday on the stock market scam and am rebuked by the conservative normies again, the stock market won't collapse. These are the same folks invested so deeply in the scam. Fuk'n idiots won't wake up and live in a box of their own making. Rules and lies is their norm, they deserve their new future.

  12. Prayers for GranBebe#2 and that you can get that s&!t sorted out so as to protect your kin.