Friday, January 22, 2021

Ain't Gonna Work...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Over at Concerned 'Murican's house, he's got the following pics up:
Translation: this individual states that an 'warno' which is 'warning order' that everyone who owns a 'POW' or 'personally owned weapon' must submit to a 'BH eval' which is a 'Behavioral Health Evaluation' or be marked as an 'HRI' or a 'High Risk Individual' (Bad Idea #1)
So then:
Then after discussing it, if they don't get a BH Eval, they get marked as a HRI and have to turn in their weapons to the 'PMO arms room' which is the Provost Marshal's Office' which generally on base means the Force Protection Arms Room which means the MPs...  The guy then sez "Hey, you live off post"... to which initial dude that the 'SJA' 'Staff Judge Advocate's orifice' would go out to the local county mounties to get a warrant executed.  (Bad Idea #2) The respondent sez then, take it to the 'IG', the Inspector General... who usually arbitrates illegal and unlawful orders or at least performs a modicum of keeping shit like this from happening...and then:
To which the original poaster said, "Tried that, was told to fuck off" (Bad Idea #3)

Now, on the surface?
Ya... litmus test of some kind.
Problem:  No idea as to what command?  What Unit?  What Base?
Too many variables.
My thoughts are it has to be at a Battalion Level with a DemoTard in charge who'd overheard some eeeeee-vil talk 'moungst the troopies.  So to 'nip that shit in the bud' he's pulling Colonel Rank and going 'full retard'.  

See, back in the early Nineties, when they passed the "Thou shalt not own nor possess a gun if'n you ever tuned up yo bitch" law (i.e. Domestic Violence Bar to Firearms)... Whelp, I'ma hear to tell ya... that caused chaos in the DotMil because not only did it preclude personally owned weapons, the dumbfucks also precluded ALL weapons

To include the 'tools of the trade'

We had a 18 year 1st Sargent who found his wife getting gangbanged when he got back from the Gulf One in '91 and tuned her up 'proper'... Don't agree, don't condone, but as the late, great Sam Kinnison used to say, "I know what turns Mister Hand into Mister Fist!" and this dude and a LOT of others were facing career-o-cide.

So they changed it a bit

The DotMil is still death on that sort of shit HOWEVER this particular set of monkeyshines?  This's gonna end badly.  Because if you get I.D.'d as a HRI, you can't draw a weapon to do your fucking job.  Me?  If I was still in?  I'd be like telling ALL MY TROOPS: 
"Tell 'em to sit and spin"... 

Once an entire company of Infantry is "out of action"... shit'll go downhill from there OER wise... that'd be my recommendation.

Otherwise the troops are going to keep being harrassed
So if'n you know the who and how, tell 'em they, as a group need to stand strong.  Cause I know of no other bunch of heavily armed motherfuckers in the military than the Infantry.  We had this one crazy fucker who literally bough rifles by the case with his entire paycheck when he was in... His house looked like a fucking Arms Room.

So, no worries... this'll get squashed once word gets out, so share and share alike.

So, Hope that clarifies.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter 
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  1. When I left DA in '13 the PHYSEC reg gave a boatload of too much authority/discretion to the Garrison or Unit CO in this area. (You're right, this stuff is usually done at the BC or higher level.) His/her attitude would define Orwell or Freiheit.

  2. I'll be passing this on to the overseas PFC...

  3. They are going to push this, then loyalty oaths to the current administration over and above the Constitution. And kick you out if you don't comply.
    (Bad ideas #4&#5?)

  4. They are going to push this, then loyalty oaths to the current administration over and above the Constitution. And kick you out if you don't comply.
    (Bad ideas #4&#5?)

  5. At this point, meh.
    Could be worse.
    Where are you going to go>
    What are you going to do?
    I'm going to do bad things.
    Such is life.
    In the meantime, I'm going to take care of my family.
    Sucks to be everyone else.


  6. Two days in and they are already doing loyalty tests and trying to pull the fangs of the tiger.
    This isn't going to end well for someones.

    Two—US Army General James Dickenson, Commander, US Space Force, and Air Force General Glen VanHerck, Commander of NORAD—contacted Biden on Thursday to question his motives for drastically slashing their budgets.

    A military source speaking under promise of anonymity told Real Raw News that Biden scolded the generals for challenging his authority.

    “Give me a break. I’m president now and I make the decisions, not Trump. Get on board or get fired,” Biden reportedly said to General Dickenson. “The Space Force is going away. If you want to go away, too, just say the word.”

    Biden also reproached General VanHerck, saying cash Trump had slated for the nation’s strategic nuclear arsenal would now go toward funding FEMA and expanding the national domestic terrorist watchlist. VanHerck received the same ultimatum—fall in line or fall out.

    Biden was so enraged at the generals’ attitudes that he instructed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley to admonish top military brass from expressing loyalty and obedience for Donald Trump. Any officer caught swearing fealty to Trump would be summarily fired and possibly indicted on charges of treason, Biden warned Gen. Milley.

    Precedent for such fiendish house cleaning was set by Barack Hussein Obama, who fired 197 generals and admirals—including 40 in a single vindictive day—during his eight years in office. He replaced them with officers who pledged allegiance to the United Nations.

    “Biden’s been in office only two days and already he’s trying to get going where Obama left off. Make no mistake about it—Obama is back, and he’s behind the scenes, pulling the strings. It wouldn’t surprise me if he asked Biden to make that call to Gen. Milley. That call floated all the way down some ethereal echelon and pissed off a lot of high-ranking officers. Dickenson and VanHerck got dressed down twice, first by Biden, then Milley. For Dickenson that was all it took,” our source said.

    1. smart guys, Obama and Biden: moved immediately put the Pentagon under their control.

      Trump? looked at the Obama Pentagon, larded with SJW's who replaced real warriors....

      and did nothing about it for 4 years but watch the situation get worse.

    2. When you see Senile Joe's lips moving:
      "You know what, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man or a front woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement with my sweats looking through the stuff, and I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I would be fine with that." Obama, Nov 2020

    3. Haxo Angmark, repeat for DOJ, FBI, EPA, pretty much every single possibility (including useless ass NASA). Makes you wonder doesn't it. Were we played?

      The common refrain is that Trump allowed the righties (we really need a name) to have 4 more years to stock up/prepare. But what if that's backwards.

      What if Trump just allowed The State (there is no shallow state, it's just The State) to prepare and put this all into action. 4 years ago they couldn't have shut down the internet, today they can. (well until the commies take control of big tech, they saw what happened, they are evil, not stupid. expect to see big tech broken up/jailed/government utility within the year). At this point they own completely literally everything. It wasn't true 4 years ago (close but not complete)

  7. Do you see a lot of the boys putting in for retirement and voluntary termination/discharge in all the services?

    1. Yes, of course, this is an intended consequence, like open gays and trannies in uniform.
      These are calculated to drive conservative heritage Americans into separation or retirement.
      Guess who is left? Globalist SJW commies.

  8. Wonder if they plan on disarming the vast majority of troops via this insanity then use THAT as an excuse to ask their
    CCP comrades to come in and "help". Given everything the commie left Dems have done so far something like this is certainly not unreasonable to assume as a possibility. God knows the dems have been colluding with the CCP for quite a while. Who KNOWS what the CCP is going to make them do as part of the devils bargain they made.

    1. That won't end well. CCP will play ruthless. The only response will be for team freedom to be even more ruthless.
      Me personally... I never signed the Geneva Convention... Rules of engagement have already been defined by the enemy, I'll just reciprocate.

  9. Sorry for the late post -

    Loyalty to Biden, not Constitution...shades of Adolf Hitler and the SS (his personal bodyguards.) Also, purges of officer corps during Obama/Biden and now Biden/Obama/Kamala = Hitler and Stalin.

    Dee Jay

  10. The wonderful piece of legislation of which you speak is called:
    the "Lautenberg Amendment".

    I served as an NCOIC when this crap came rolling down the hill. It not only said that a soldier convicted of domestic violence, but some officers interpreted it to include allegations of DA (even the misdemeanor verity). Then suddenly the soldiers looses his/hers Constitutional Right to bear arms.
    I had a very good NCO that had a very Crazy GF. Her unfounded, no evidence, no witness allegations almost ended his career. The only thing that saved him was thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and a NEVER Surrender spine "O" Steel...I did what I could for him, because he was an Great NCO, but once this gets to legal area and you have any cowardly officers looking for a sacrifice to the PC Gods...It is DANGEROUS.
    Good news was he eventually won and is still serving, though he had to move to a different unit because certain officers considered him "damaged goods" no matter how Innocent he proved himself to be.
    One other note - The happy NCOIC that knowingly gives said soldier a weapon can also be brought up on charges. Fun Times.

    But Never fear, only an act of congress, passed by the Senate, and signed by the President can remove any and all of your Constitutional Rights, no matter how much that actually violates the Constitution.
    But we would never see all three checks and balances violate the Constitution...
    Surely not...
    One thing I would make sure of BEFORE approaching anyone inside the command structure...
    Are they more concerned with honoring their oath and their country,
    or pleasuring TPTB...
    What type of Command structure you have should ALWAYS flavor what they see, hear, and know...

    MSG Grumpy