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Saturday, January 30, 2021

HMMWV Basics

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A bit late, but post-party at Cowboys, and I had to do the Sergeants Time Saturday Poast. Been a bit since me last, but primarily that I've been so damned busy, and these poasts take a LOT to put together what with technical and other materials I have to gather.  In this case, it's the basics of the High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle, the HMMWV or Humvee for the civvies here.
Here's two of them, at a checkpoint, in our nations Capital.
Dunno but this gets me angry.
Fuckers.  Those are both M1114, Variant 2,s with the upgraded doors and Air Conditioning package.  The long green horizontal vent on the one on the right in the pic?  AC Intake.  NOT NBC proof, nor tear gas or anything else, no matter what the sales brochure sez.  The suspension is the fully upgraded variant as well, designed to hold all the extra armor.

The truck on the left appears to have the basic gun shield with no crew served mounted, and the other has a CROWS system mounted on it.  CROW = Common Remotely Operated Weapons System.  I.E. Xbox FPS Gun system.  No man in the turret, all inside remote controlled gun.  A close up to unnastand what it looks like IF the weapon is mounted on it:
Shape of the ammo can helps ID it.

So, anyways, say you n' yer boys are out hoppin' and a'boppin', scootin', shootin', an' lootin', and lo and behold!  What's this? 
An abandoned HMMWV?
Well sheeeee-it.  It's here, but none of y'all ever been in the Arrrrr-me, so what to do, what to do?
Tell ya what to do.
Open the door, and get behind the wheel.
Upper left corner?
Yep.  Lookie there, a switch.
It's currently in the "Engine Stop" side.  No keys needed.  BUT... makes sure you DON'T try to fire it up.  Don't rush... what ya want to do is check things out a bit.  Make sure it's still ready to roll.  And that it ain't booby-trapped

Jes' Sayin'

Don't touch the switch 'til you check a few things out.  First thing, the Batteries.  Go over to the right front passenger seat.  Look at the front of it where it connects to the metal.  You should see two latches. Number 17 in the pic below.  Pop them.
Now, once you unlatch them, lean the seat (15) back, and lift the sumbitch out of the way.  The batteries (18) two of them, are mounted in tandem, making the power system 24Volt as opposed to a standard 12volt.  Check to see if the cables are connected.  Then check the main harness cable in front of the batteries to make sure that IT is connected.  Make sure it's tight, as two or three turns to loosen it is all it takes to disable the truck.  Handy trick to disable a truck with no keys.  Then, next thing to check, what I call the "Brain Box".

The Brain Box is the Protective Control Box.  It's normally located under the drivers seat.  Now check the big cable thats going into it.  Now, FYI, these things occasionally 'fault out' due to age, mositure, abuse... you name it.  Sounds dumb, but no bullshit, sometimes giving it a hard rap with your fist will reset it.  No shit... just like the Fonz on a jukebox... I did it throughout my career, especially back in the Clinton days when spare parts were unobtanium.  So check it too... if it's good, then move on to checking under the dash where the switch is located. Make sure the starter cables, as seen above (A&B... A connects inside the dash to B)  Make sure B's cables are all wired right too.  
Now if they are?
Throw the switch to "RUN", and WAIT
It's a diesel.  Gotta let the glow plugs do their work.
There's a orange "WAIT" light that'll come on.  When it goes out, crank it over to "START" until it fires up, and then release, it'll go back to "RUN".  Congrats.  You now have a HMMWV to play with.
Now: Other Controls:
Below the starter switch.
Everything except Black-Out Marker (itty-bitty barely there marker lights used with Night Vision Goggles) need to have the right bottom unlock switch used to turn on the lights.  "Service Drive" is like normal headlights, "Stop Light" is like driving with just the marker lights on a normal car.  Black out lights are for tactical movement with augmented vision.
Now a LOT of the trucks have been upgraded with the new hi-speed/lo-drag punch buttons.  No unlock, just choose, then hit "ENTER"  Too easy.  The other upgrades as of late have actually been a keyed ignition, however, 
If you'll notice, those are some seriously cheap assed gym locker level keys
I could pick that faster than my ass and/or nose
(BTW: Side note, learn how to pick locks.  Fun and highly useful... learned how-to in Affy as a hobby to keep me busy and now I never leave home w/out my picks, bump keys and such whatnot.  I use Sparrow picks out of Canada, and no, no $$$ for the bump, they're just IMO the best for the job...)
So, besides easy-peasy to pick, you can still reach up under the dash, and pull the wiring plugs out.
First, and correct me if I'm wrong, peel the insulation off all three of what would connect to those plugs, OR have 'jumpers' to use... you can make that with some spare wire... might be easier that way, so...  hit the Starter Crank to the 24V... once it cranks, put the ACC Run Cable to the 24V, and wrap it together.  Viola, running bypassed start.

So, hope this was helpful.  I gotta git... very tired. Anyone got anything to add, hit the comments... I'm kinda brain fried from tonight. Cowboy and his put on a hell of a spread, and GranBebe wore us all oot.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Ephemera and Guantanamo

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp, GranBebe is down for a nap, and so's Wifey... whew.  What fun but OMG... she's an energizer bunny at 3, a red-headed hellion.  Don't stop, up at 0500, down at 2100, w/ maybe a nap in there, IF she ain't in full-on "run like hell" mode

Which is the current default setting
Last week was her birfday to turn 3, and when she got here from OtherRent's house, she had a pile o'gifties waiting, so think "Christmas Eve" levels of play and no sleep.  She's loving it, but I just went in and told her to nap, Or I'd skin her ass raw.  Hopefully she'll get an hour or three, as tonight we got a bonfire at Cowboys.

So, Da News:  Latest Outrage in 3...2...1... <throws dart> -thunk- "Who had Guantanamo Bay Prisoners?"  Yup, Amazing how for the past 4 years, no one said a thing about Gitmo when Orange Man Bad was in charge?  'Cept for the 'millions of sealed indictments' and refurbing Killary's jail cell, the press pretty much left it alone.  Apparently, people are all sorts of bent out of shape that the "Detainees" (never ever call them 'prisoners'.. I got my ass chewed by the Admiral 'bout that, no shit) are getting the vaccination for the Bogus Beijing Boogers.  Link to the foolishness HERE
Now, despite all the hubbub of the claims of 'torture' and 'waterboarding'?  
Don't know, don't care.  Wasn't my job.
What my job actually entailed was monitoring the overall scene in Gitmo, 12 hours at a time, in the command center.  Mind you, 2006 and I sat in Mission Control.  An entire WALL of like GIANT plasmas (back when they were 'new' and cost a pallet load of cash) with the cameras, thermal, night, day, shit, some stuff ain't ever seen and still can't talk aboot looking at every. square. inch. of the base.  My real time job was the hourly radio checks, or I should say insuring the jarheads and squids on the radios were doing their jobs, as well as monitoring boat, aviation and ground transportation for the whole fucking Area of Operations. 
As for those questioning the veracity?  This's me overlooking the bay on the way to work... I know, hard to tell, BUT, yeah that's Gitmo Bay.

So, Talk about Hi-Speed.  Now I know that's easy these days, but in 06, there wasn't shit like we have now... but the stuff we had for the period was OMFG cool (leastways to a geek like me).  Didn't have flightaware
although it was like the DotMil precursor of it.  Ours tracked the boats and planes.  Our biggest Be On The Lookout for was surface contacts... couple of funny stories about that... more later if I have time
Point is, despite all the shit about the fucking Haj, (which is for the sake of brevity is what I'll call those locked up there), the fucking Haj were actually better treated that, well, fuck, anyone I've ever seen.  Yeah they got waterboarded maybe, but once they were back in the cells?

Case in point, now I have no idea why we treated them like the Crown Jewels.  Well, then again, I do know, and interacted with a bunch of fucking lunatic lawyers who were 'representing' these 'poor oppressed folks'... yeah... fucking these were the ultimate libtards man... like waaay out there stupidly naïve.  One chick actually got put away for HELPING these assholes... look it up... but yeah, retarded levels of naivete.  (Actually had one insanely hawt female lawyer try to bed me while I was there... that was when I was a 'good boy' and didn't screw around on the X... alas... she had great hooties... lost opportunity there)  But yeah, because the fucking Haj had their mouthpieces on the Island full time, Amnesty International, all the Hoomun Rights Groups and other fucktards involved, we had to tread very carefully.  After all, it was, to be fair, like shortly after The Abu Ghraib Scandal, and yeah I was there for that too.  Fuckin my resume read like "Torture INC" for a while... no wonder I had issues getting new gigs...

Jes' Sayin'

As in one night I had the duty.  Call comes in, "HVD issue, (High Value Detainee) needs a run to the ER."  
Shit.  There went my quiet night with a book.  So, first I had to 'rally the troops'.  Call the hospital.  Now mind you, the hospital there?  Because of the HVDs, it was by far the most advanced and well equipped hospital on, no shit, Planet Earth at the time.  We are talking a stone cold half a billion refurb and upgrade?  I really might be off on the numbers, but holy fucking dogballs... this thing was insane.  So, I alerted them to expect an inbound for 'head pain', by far the most common ailment that the fucking Haj would have, and then set up a fucking Heavily Armed Convoy to transport the HVD to the Hospital like the 5-6 miles up the road.  

THEN I had to scramble the Helos.
Yep.  Get a gunship and OH-58 Observation bird to run air cover.

Like 3 gun trucks with full complement of Shooters, a WHAAAmbulance, and Overhead cover.
Plus alert the Gunboats to move up the defensive posture in the Bay and outer areas.  
Oh yeah, and get the SEAL Team out of bed, just in case.
Like I said, so much for a quiet night.

One the trans was complete, the hospital went into full lockdown.  No one in, no one out.  Better not have been attacked by Iggy The Iguana (yeah, MOAR funny stories there, Gitmo is overrun with insanely HUGE aggressive Godzilla-Iguanas) cos the Hospital was a no go zone til this's shitfestivus was over.

Once inside, The HVD was given, no shit, a full physical, an MRI, a CT scan, a Brain scan, and then 2 aspirin, and taken back to the cell.  I swear these fuckin Haj would pull this out of boredom, just to get out of the cell, and cause a ruckus. 

Now, whilst this was going on?  Out at Camp Delta, a National Guardsman up in one of the Towers wasn't feeling none-too-good.  Called in a few times to his CO and told 'em that.  He was told he could go on sick call in the AM.  Suck it up and drive on.  40 something overweight dude with really bad chest pains apparently, and he TOLD 'em that.  Tough shit, probably heartburn, suck it up and go on sick call after your shift.  Now, I didn't have contact with that part of the 'net.  I was the 'higher echelon'.  So, from what I heard, dude missed a check in, they figgered it was a radio issue.  The next check in, they sent someone to the tower.  Where they found dude damned near dead... like barely alive.  Apparently it was a stone cold bitch to keep him alive AND get him out of the tower, to which they transported him NOT to the state-of-the-art fucking Hajji Hospital as it was known as, but  to the Troop Medac, which is about as advanced medicine as Ace bandages and Aspirin.  Even though the fucking Haj was back in his bed, they still didn't take this guy there.  I was off shift by the time the word got passed up that this'd happened.  They ended up getting a charter Medical Evacc out on a Lear to Miami, and dude -did- survive, but no thanks to the usual bumblefuckery of the DotMil.

So, as this story illustrates, OF COURSE the detainees get the shot first.
What did you think was going to happen?
When you have to move heaven and earth to get a fucking Haj to the Hajji Hospital at oh-dark early, run god knows how many expensive tests, and then end up giving him two fucking childrens aspirin (yep, childrens aspirin, can't have the fucking Haj's stomach get upset by the 'hard stuff'... I shit you not, I read the AAR on that too).  Whereas a overweight 40 something guy who smokes with a bad ticker and a history of arteriosclerosis (found that out too) sez "Hey, might be having a heart attack here!" (AAR info) and is told to suck it up, you know the DotMil is fucked.

Now worse than ever apparently.  
New regs letting the splits wear makeup, long nails, jewelry and long hair?  
Fighting Trannies from the sky
Fearless ? who jump and die (I can only hope)
? who mean just what they say
The brave ? of the LBGTQIA Beret

Oh my aching ass....
So More Later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, January 29, 2021

Bought and Sold

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Buying and selling... seems to be the watchwords of the week.  Be it stonks, politicians, political parties and/or influence, enforcement of laws (or lack that thereof), it seems like just about everything these days is up for grabs.  The whole Wall Streetz fiasco is playing out very nicely in many respects, as that too is exposing and ripping the veneer of respectability and 'muh free marketism' clean off and showing just -how corrupt- the entirety of our system has become.
Seems like now, evvabody has figured out that evvat'ing be corrupted mon.  Be it the police, the politicians, the churches, the market, the educational system... hell even my beloved military has gone fully and completely sideways.  It's time to burn it all down... 

I mean for example?  Too many to list.  The Pope is pretty much a communist, and there's credible stories that as a Priest he enriched his family by denouncing people during Argentina's "Dirty War" in the 70's.  He also hid 'dissidents' from the Junta (read fuckin' commies) and help them escape.  His actions since his installation have been absolutely fucking socialist in nature, if not outright communist.  BTW, seems a pattern here with installing commies in positions of high power Aye?

Politics?  Not even gonna touch the installation of the Usurper Kidsniffer Slo and the Ho. 

The cops?  OK, personal example here.  Be ready to see red.  Dumbfuck and Dumbunny are now under a CPS investigation.  We're waiting on results but the pediatrician wants a Brain Scan of GranBebe#2.  Possible shaken babe syndrome.  I can't do -anything-.  Literally.  The CPS investigator's been in contact w/Wifey, and is absolutely stunned that Dumbfuck, a convicted felon is being allowed to run around still beating Dumbunny, driving without a license and insurance, and doing 'dirty deeds' (he's making bank but doesn't have a job,  and the cops know, the judge knows, and his probation officer know,  AND NO ONE WILL ARREST HIM?!?!?

To me?  It tells me that the locals are 'on the payroll and/or compromised in some fashion.  Dumbfuck's family is Dirty-Dirty.  Drugs and Shine Dirty.  ...and I can't do a fucking thing aboot it.  However me?  I get -accused- of some shit and they had me in the hole, ready to freeze dry my ass and put me under the jail... without so much as a  speeding ticket on my record up til then...

Two-Tier.  No shit Aye?

Essentially, until -something- terminally breaks, things are gonna keep careening downhill like a pinball.  There's going to be weird bounces as it hits the bumpers, and until it reaches dead bottom, best we as a group (i.e. the smaht folks) is keep our heads down whilst the Powers That Be keep hitting the flippers, trying to keep the ball in play, and shaking the machine just enough so it doesn't 'tilt' out.  

Some of us want to be accelerationists, by walking up and hitting the machine so it 'tilts' right here and right now, but I'm not one of them.  The catastrophic meltdown of a full-on societal collapse is really something, unless experienced, is something y'all really don't want.  I only saw a -minor- taste of collapse in Iraq... that in itself was bad enough for me to know I really don't want either GranBebe nor Spawn to have to go through that sort of shit.

Hell, as well prepared as I am, I don't want to got through it.
If they leave me no alternative, then hey!  Game on motherfuckers.
After all, I do have a personal grudge or ten that need to be settled.

Right now, MY feeling is we're on a major precipice.  The stonks and the 'economy', as bullshit as it sounds, is pretty much the last leg keeping the table from falling completely over.  If the economy does a full-on meltdown, it's done.  Like everything.  No matter how hard they're trying, now that the cat is outta da bag so to speak, the Autists are involved, and shit's getting weirder and weirder, we're is some really, really deep shit.  

Now, the current GME stonk issue:  Sapper might have figured out part of the underlying issue that sparked the "Let's Fuck Melvin Capital over" Interestingly, this's a pretty valid idea.  There was a game release for a new game that was highly anticipated by the geeks and gamers (i.e. Autists) called CyberPunk 2077.  Now, if you don't game, you might have heard about what a shitshow the release was.  All fucked up... buggy as hell.  See, apparently the suits at CDProjectRed, the developer company, smelling a mad profit, forced Cyberpunk 2077 to be released early.  It wasn't ready, and the game has been limping along.  It was so fucked up that Playstation, for the first time ever, gave a refund for purchases made online through their consoles.  
In steps Melvin Capital.
Who shorted the fuck out of CDProjectRed.
They made a pile o'cash, and really put the hurt on the company.  Which pissed off the Autists.
"Cry havoc, and let loose the geeks of war!"
Or words to that effect.
And then, once they started learning, and got inside Melvin Capital's OODA loop, that was all she wrote.  Now, if Melvin and his gang had just taken their lumps like a man so to speak, shit would have settled back down.  The autists would have found something else to fuck around with, and things would have gone back to 'normal', for the values that thereof.
But no, they had to act like bitches, and gett all "Elite-y" and "We'll show these proles who's boss!" and did very and exceptionally stupid things that only furthered the rage, which has now spread to Normie-Street, and is raising a lot of extremely uncomfortable questions again vis-a-vis the two tiered just-us system, the markets, and "Just how free IS this fucking market of which you speak?"

Not very apparently
And our political Commisars are being very quiet, as they don't want to piss off the paymasters apparently.  Lots of hot air about 'investigations' per usual, but we all know that's a steaming pil o'shytte.  Which therein lies the biggest problem. 
We know they're full of shit
We know nothing is going to be done
We know that it'll all fade as fast as the propaganda outlets can make it
We know nothing is going to change

What we need to do is be prepared for what comes next
Head on a Swivel 
Now More Than Ever
I Remain The Intrepid Repoter
Big Country 

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Topped at $469 and Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
They got GME up to $469 and now it's sliding down the ramp...
The Hedgies gotta be ready to jump off a building by now.  One firm Melvin something apparently shat the bed epically, despite borrowing and losing what would be considered the yearly gross national output of some smaller countries.  Yeah, they took it in the Keister, Pre-Easter.
Serves 'em right
In fact its amazeballs how 'out in the open' they are at trying to keep the "Club" I spoke of before closed.  New 'common peasants' need not apply.  They're trying almost everything in the book, from pressuring Discord, who apparently shut down the thread for specious TOS bullshit, but RUMINT is they re-opened just as fast when one of the peasants took the newly gained fuck you money and got a lawyer.
Now then they had the small trading houses like Robinhood and one other one who's name slips ye olde thinking meat currently, they had them block the ability to purchase more shares.  Only sell 'em.  The responses have been hysterical.  The Autists have essentially declared war on Wall Street now...

Grab the popcorn, this's gonna get EPIC.

The next on the list supposedly is AMC... as in the movie theater chain.  Movie theaters ain't recovering, hell Hollyweird with the woke/broke bullshit, never mind the Bogus Beijing Booger Bug, they're taking a literal and proverbial bath economically speaking.  And what I find out-an-out hysterical is they keep doing it.  Doubling down on fucking retarded.  I mean Jesus wept.  Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fucking pedopheliac douchecanoues.

So, on 'other news'... lets see, poasting this weekend is gonna prolly be a bit light, got Ye Olde Red Headed Terror inbound.  Wifey wants to have a loooong weekend (starting today) with the GranBebe.  Should be fun, but I fully expect my poastings to be later after she crashes out as I can't get work done chasing her around.

Also doing a BBQ at Cowboy's on Saturday I hope... take the Gran out to see the piggies and ponies.  Ought to be a good time.

I honestly need a change.  Hopefully I'll be able to crank off some rounds at Cowboys.  He's got some acreage so it -shouldn't- be an issue, but there are a lot of cows and shit rolling up around the land, and the last thing I want to do is punch Bossy's ticket and A) Piss of Cowboy and B) Get on the hook for 2000 pounds of heifer... lots of steaks but man, no way in hell do I have room for that sort of beef in the casa currently, nor the wallet.

So, MOAR Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Stonks and Autists

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Time for another episode. This one is all about the "GameStop-Gate" that has the collective (((Wall Streeters))) shitting in their collective yarmulkes.  My reason for attributing the tribe to the now-panicked Hedgefunders is the names are a dead giveaway.  Cohen et. al... and right now?  Because of the new game in town, i.e. the retail investors as they're referred to, they're about to get hoisted and fucked hard.

The long and the short (heh) of it is that a bunch of Hedgies went all in on shorting the fuck out of the soon-to-be bankrupt GameStop.  Vidya Game and Overpriced consoles and such whatnot.  March of last year (which I had known) the stonk price was at about $5 and change a share.  It's been sitting that way for a while.

Up until some of the Autists who used to be Q folks got involved.
Never fuck with the Geeks and Autists man, thats one group you want on yer side.  Apparently, with nothing to do now knowing "Q" was bloviation and bullshit, some of them turned to following a sub on Reddit about ye olde Stonks... where someone figgered out that the Hedgies were shorting GameStop, (which means in finance, being short in an asset means investing in such a way that the investor will profit if the value of the asset falls) with the intent on making a boodle when it eventually crashed n burned.  
The Autists on the Chans and Reddit got in, and started one-to-one retailing it... meaning buying the stonks of the company.  Which, in turn started raising the price.  To the tune, as you see above, the closing price after one day of trading went up $201.
The Hedgies, fully expecting to do the usual "buy and dump", had taken out huuuuuge leverages... meaning they 'borrowed' shares, with (((Cohen))) getting positively destroyed in the process.  I don't claim to full unnastand it, but essentially, he 'owes' that 'borrowed' shares... and the only way he can get them is to buy them.
At the currently seriously over-inflated price of now almost $350 a share.
In other words, the Autist nuked a bunch of the Hedgies, and are prepared to do it again
"We're from the Government and we're here to help!"  The Fed and just aboot everyone the Hedgie Bought N Paid for over the years are now trying mad shenanigans to stop this sort of unamerican, probably Russian ordered and inspired Stonk Manipulation.
The free market is offishully over and dead, not that it had any 'real life' to begin with.  Couple it with someone being federally charged for "mean tweets" under the name of Charlie Sheen's character in that baseball movie... yeah... shit's gone and went sideways.

See, on One Hand, they want and need the 'regular guy' to throw their dollars at the Stonks so's they can eventually hoover it all up.  
BUT Normies aren't supposed to make 300 million on a $53,000.00 investment.  
That happened... one dude who's been holding stonks in GameStop since late 2019?  $53K investment... fucker is now worth "Fuck You Money" at 300 Mil....
So to recap, Normie Wealth = Bad, Hedgie Pillaging = Good.
Pillaging the Stonks?
That's only for (((select members))) of the "Club"
Remember as George Carlin said, "It's a Big Club, and you ain't in it."
THIS is what I expected when the "Q" shit shit the bed.  The Autists with nothing to do now?
Pissed as all fucking get-oot at the Powers That Be?
A very nice legal lash-out that hit 'em where it hurt.  The fucking wallet.
Fuck 'em
Well Played Gang, Well Played.

So, my expectations?
Well with the normal, well thought out, regulated thought process of the current Glorious and Eternal party in charge, I figure that they'll do some well-planned and reasonable adjustments to insure a well regulated and fair market that all are welcome to participate in.

Who the fuck am I kidding?  They'll be banning and getting the Fed to bail them out for the biiiiilllllions they just lost, stick it on the taxpayer tab, spit in our face, ban anyone from playing who gets too big for Ye Olde Britches and arrest everyone else for undermining the economy.
Already started I see since I started writing this...
Discord has banned the sub that started it... Link HERE
Yep... a well measured response... which is code for "The ship hit a rock, Captain and Crew first!"
So, enjoy the decline
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Lift a Rock, Find a Fed (or Snitch)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Wow!  As I always say, never join nuthin'.  I've never been a joiner since I was beaten up in the Boy Scouts.  The last thing I joined was the Army.  Good thing too.  Seems that The Proud Boy's leader, the one that even I made a deal out of getting busted coming out of the airport in DC a ways back?
He's a fucking snitch.
Seems he's been narc'ing since 2014 when he, of course, busted for deviltry and fraud apparently.
Now, I keep sayin' it.
Do Not Join -ANY- 'SUPPOSED' Patriot Groups
No Mutual Aid Societies.
No Clubs.
No Groups.
I swear that the 'Patriot' needs to be respelled to 'Patridiot' in so many cases.
Too many grifters, too many conmen.  I mean reality check folks.  If it wasn't for the Federal Bureau of Incompetence, we'd have no terrorism at all
Lets look at the numbers of 'genuine terrorism' out there, and the numbers are actually quite low.  Now the numbers of people set up by the Feds to entrap motherfuckers?  THOSE numbers are fucking legion.  In fact I read one time that during the 90's, Elohim City in Oklahoma was founded by some seriously hardcore Whypeepo Supremacists.  Apparently around the 90's, the place was -so infiltrated with Feds, that they were literally reporting on each other.  Also, the fact that Timmy McVeigh was there lends credence to some of the more out-there theories aboot Ye Olde Bombing of the OKC Federal Building.  I have my own issues with it as well, especially with the Ammonium Nitrate.  The amount needed there was no way in hell only two dudes loaded them 50-55 pound bags, never mind opening each and every bag, pouring in the fuel oil, and then having to tip the bags over and over a couple of times to get the oil to 'wash over' the prills inside.  Heavy assed bags like that.  A 'for example' is get a 50 pound bag o'birdseed.  Cut a hole in it, add a quart or two, can't remember how much but we'll say 2 quarts for good measure of a liquid inside.  Staple the hole shut.  Now, pick up the bag and rotate it end to end three whole spins.  Let me know how yer feeling after because I know I'd be fucking spent in my current shape, never mind doing it to the whatever thousands and thousands of pounds necessary to blow up the Murrah Building. But the Fibbies'll tell ya that TWO GUYS alone did that.

Never Mind the retired Air Force General who said an ANFO bomb could -never- have taken out the building the way it did, and his specialty -was- explosives... as in a "General of the Shit that Goes Boom!" ordinance guy, who from what I heard contracted a bad case of the 'deads' shortly after going public.

Jes' Sayin'.

So anyways, yeah, The Klan?  All Feds
The Muslims? All controlled or entrapped by the Feds
The Nazis?  Feds
Needs I goes on?
Nah, it'll be fine.  Best thing you do is get to know your neighbors.  I'm lucky with the majority of mine, and the questionable ones?  I don't go near or talk to other than a "Howdy!" once in a while.  Serbian War Criminal is the only dude outside of the fam, and I've now known him going on 10 years.
Anyone who purports to want to form a National Political Party like this new one?
Don't know, don't care.  I made sure my voter reg aboot ten years ago was 'Independent' and if anyone asks me, I don't vote.  It's the only way to be sure.
So, to Recap for now
Don't say shit
Don't join shit
Assume everyone nationally speaking, Oathkeepers, Political Parties, Groups?

Remember Parler... "they" got a lot of good intel for free

Take notes, as this will be on the final exam as Aesop sez.
Be the Gray Man
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Big Country

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

FedEx Follies

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bit o'a heads up fer y'all.  I just got off da fon with FedEx.  
Hadda bit o'problem with a shipment.
Now, for those 'not-in-the-know' and having 'issues' with FedEx, there seems to be a pattern of theft... or should I say "missing packages" from wide and various locations.  Now, there was a story that made the news roundabout a few months back about a couple of yoots of African Extraction who got busted, heaven forfend! boosting FedEx packages from the facility they worked at primarily consisting of ammunition and/or weapons.
Perish the thought that they got caught pre-empting the reparations!
Not my first rodeo.
Had it happen before.
This order wasn't a big deal per se... just some boolits for reloading 5.56mm... 55 grain rounds bullets only.  That being said, when it, and some other low end ephemera didn't show (wadding for reloading 12 Gauge rounds) I called pretty pissed off.

Told the broad on the other end of the line A) wanted a track done and my shit found OR B) I was reporting the possible theft to the Alkyholics Tobbakky and Fun-guns bureau (the ATF for the 'tards here) that the ammo I had ordered had gone missing. I insisted that she put that I was calling the feds to open an investigation.

Sonofbitch... Muddaforker.
Callback less than 10 minutes later: "Yes sir, we found your package and it is enroute."

'Mazing how dat werks Aye?
Hate the ATF but it's flat out 'mazing how saying "I'm having an investigation instituted at "X" facility, and all-of-a-sudden "Oh sir good news we found your shit!" comes aboot.

Seeings that on gunbroker, the price of some rounds of buckshot is approaching $6 a round, and .38SPC is $115 for $50 a box... there's going to be a HELL of a lot more shit getting 'pinched' in the future.
Best keep the Fed Threat in the toolbox... they may be the enemy, but sometimes, they do have their uses.
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Big Country

The Beatings Will Continue

Greeting Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Yep... Beatings will continue until UNITY! is achieved.
And I thought Lefties were nuts when the Obamamessiah came off the Mountain with the Free Shit Army and all dat Gibs that they wanted.  Apparently we ain't seen shit yet.  The current news I read is all insanity, mixed with propogandist shit that'd make even the most ardent believer barf.  In fact, its soooooo out of control, almost everyone, 'cept the most 'truest of true believers, are having trouble digesting this shytte

I mean when you have assholes like Greenwald, by no means a right winger, trying desperately to warn his (((fellow travelers))) of the potential hellstorm that's coming down the pike?  I mean what kind of wake up is it going to take?
Not sure?
Well, I can hanker a guess or two.

Some 'well known' talking head goes out to some regional disaster, and tries walking around in ankle deep water again, and gets decapitated live on TV by a .338 Lapua Magnum hollow-point, along with his whole crew....

Or someone seals the doors to a well-known senator's exclusive house at oh-dark early, and then throws copious amounts of Molotovs through the windows, burning them alive....

Then there's always just the "random walks up to someone and gets shot in the face" completely randomly... like in NYC it happens all the time  Even with security cameras, dude'll be walking down the street casually, and all-of-a-sudden, another guy walking towards him whips out a gat, and does a 3 second mag dump, and is never found or caught.

"Yo, that nigga dead yo!"
That still cracks me up. 
Now, I'm not suggesting this be done, this's a "what if" because at the rate the fever-dreams of our wannabe oppressors are going, they seem to think that they can control the fire so to speak.  Ask Califrutopia how they handled them wildfires Oh So Well.  
Reason they couldn't?

Years of kindling

Which is -exactly what we got now.  The illiberal officious and duplicitous Oligarchy and Wannabe Dicktaters have been metaphorically 'cutting down' the Constitution, Gun Rights, civil discourse and generally anything and everything considered to be "Right of Stalin and Mao" and man, that's a LOT of kindling right there.  Of course, that ain't enough for these sub-par morons.  No no no, they have to dance on aforementioned kindling, grinding it down even further to 'woodchips' and teeny broken pine branches.

Ever burn a old, dried out Christmas tree?  One that's all broken, tore up, and smashed... left over from loooong Christmases past?  We had a bonfire one time... made of a HUGE stack of nuthin' but Christmas Trees and pinewood pallets... all broken up.  The heat was so intense it melted the side of the trailer my buddy was living in from over 150 feet away...  The current pile of metaphorical 'kindling' that we have being continually added to by the Brain-Dead and Taterhead Slo?

If that gets sparked, it'll be a conflagration so large and hot, it'll make Dresden X Coventry X Hiroshima X Nagasaki look like a wet firecracker.  The burning will continue until not not of them is left.

Socialism and Authoritarianism/Tech-Oligarchy is a Cancer needs to be excised... if yer lucky, it can be done with surgeon like precision.
My fear is that at the rate it's going?  It's going to be 'meatball surgery' like in the first Civil War
"Shot in the hand eh?  Hand me that saw.  We'll take it at the elbow."
"Bite down on this."

Surgery like that is a stone bitch

And because of the functional illiteracy of out Want-To-Be Overlords (see "Books By The Yard" for reference) and lack of historical contrast, in that Boomers can't imagine life without them being in charge... look at the ages of our reps... Pelosi is eighty what? Slo is 78?  I mean, why are you still going?  Shouldn't you call it a fucking day?  Talk about retreads.  I've seen tires with better mileage.  

So yeah, I sorta hope that they get their collective shit together
But part of me hopes not.
To quote/paraphrase the Jack Nicholson "Joker"
"This town (country) needs an enema!"
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

A Quick Rebuttal and Introduction

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
One of the comments from the Tank write-up I felt needed a bit of a rebuttal.  The reason being that some folks coming round here need a bit o'background on ye Intrepid Reporter.

Basically is dis:
10 Years Active Duty, Infantry, ABN and ASSLT.  Anti-Tank Infantry no less, and then 19K M1 Crewman, despite being too fucking big for the tank.  OPFOR in Germany (which was fun) and stationed all over, Medically retired after in-line of duty injuries.

Contracted End of 03 to 06 in Iraq.  Logistician and a bunch of 'other jobs'
Mid to late 06 Guantanamo Bay, as "Detainee" Ops for JTFO Gitmo
Then Kuwait, doing 'ass n trash' for the Army, receiving ALL heavy equipment back from Iraq

Which is how I read about the tank getting wasted by a molotov... I read the AAR attached with the roasty-toasty vehicle when it came in... I always read that stuff to see WTF happened to a track like that...It's also where the pictures came from... my personal collection so to speak.
Yeah, Dat Me... aand the look on ye olde face?  Roasted Vehicles... phew...nasty.

Then, end of 07 to end of 11 I was in Iraq til the ugly end.
Finished contracting for one year AFTER beating cancer... lung specifically and went to Afghanistan for the year after (2013).  Farted around and was the Depot Weapon Repair guy for the state for almost two years.
Now I'm semi-retarded.
So the quote: "Too often Used to Be Wannabes come up with stuff that never happened."
If that was aimed at me specifically, well, there's my curricula vitae.

So, ya, been there, got the TBIs.
Otherwise, more later 
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, January 25, 2021

Aboot Them 5000 Troops

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
It's beginning more and more to appear that Xiden and the CCP (Cowardly Cunt Posse) now pulling ye Olde Puppet Strings of ye Olde Moldy Slo are keeping the 5K of troopies in situ for 'preventative measures'... I.E. they've done enough damage, and are planning on doing even MOAR damage, so much that even Mom and Pop Sixpack are going to roll heavy into D.C. to string them all up by their collective intestines, preferably using gaff hooks attached to an industrial blender

Jes' Sayin.'
(Hell of an image ain't it tho?)

Funniest thing about it?  They seem to think these guys are going to stop a horde of highly armed and highly pissed off malcontents.  In fact, now more than ever, the explanation of why our favorite nigger-impersonator, 'Coonman' Northam worked soooo hard at installing unconstitutional gun regulation in the State of Virginny.

He knew what was coming, and wanted to forestall any of his more 'red-necky' constituents from being able to roll hot n heavy to D.C.... I mean hell, it makes sense now.

Problem is, it's sorta-kinda like when I was a "Anti-Terrorism Occifer" here.  
I was paid $10 an hour.  No uplift despite being the only guy who'd ackchually saw/captured a Fedayeen during my time in Iraq.  To whit:  No bullshit.  Was working for a company that was running the LEP Cell... that was the Local Employment Screening Cell.... where Iraqis who wanted an on-base job came to get screened.  Biometrics, pictures, fingerprints... shit like that.

One of our interpreters, Badr, a Iraqi-American had a guy with bandages on his hands... guy was giving a weird vibe. When asked about the bandages, guy told him he'd hurt his hands doing field work.  On a hunch, Badr leaned in, and tore the bandage off dude's hand.
Now I found this out after
What I had, was a yelling, screaming, near-panicked Badr bursting into my office, telling me to get my gun because "Fedayeen Saddam!!!Fedayeen Saddam!!!"  So's I grabbed my MP5 and a spare mag and hauled ass to the LEP cell.  The good news is nothing happened... seems as soon as Badr bolted, he was sure to lock the heavy steel door from the outside (as designed) to trap the fucker.  When we opened the door (our FORCEPRO was -no where- to be found.... a female who turned out to have more interest in the male anatomy than guarding the Cell...) so when we opened the door, dude was matter-of-factly just sitting there, calm as can be, knowing he was nabbed... so at gunpoint, we bagged and tagged him for pickup... turns out he'd just been sprung from the Detention Facility (DIF) in Balad and came to Baghdad to see if he could infiltrate to fuck things up for us there.

Yay Badr.

Anywho, long of the short, at $10 an hour?
Dude.  "Let me get out of your way, here... do you have enough ammo?  I'll be leaving now."
Queue that at a National Guard Checkpoint with one magazine between a 4 man squad, no belt feds, and sick of the politician scum running the show.  "Need some more rifles?  This one is select fire!"  Especially if given a choice, which I think is how it'd play out.

The clueless "Nurnburg Syndrome" is off the table, but our legislative branch, being utterly contempable, ruthlessly corrupt autcrats and oligarchs seem to have forgotten the basis of the military down the chain of command

They've been surrounded by plutocratic climber chair warmers, AKA the Perfumed Princes of the Puzzle Palace on the Potomac so long, they don't know, or have never know the true warrior ethos or values.  The "I will follow my orders no matter what?"  

Huh... tell that the the Federal Bureau of Incontinence when 100000 gunsels show up, looking for blood and guts.  Methinks the way it'll happen is whatever major checkpoints there are, they'll put a Feddie there to act as a "Political Commisar" like the KGB did back in the day... they'll have gotten all the pertinent info on the troops who're actually doing the guarding so's they can threaten their families: "Do what we say or Grandpa's gonna have a tough time getting that hospital appointment."  Of course, the opposite will be true as well... Troops always find out the "who-where-why-names-dates-places"

Fuckin Spec-4 Mafia... we know all, we see all, and we sham like motherfuckers
Any bets that the first orders to "Stand Down" are given by a salty E-4 with a grudge and 9 years Active duty?
Didn't think so.
So yeah, the Army is actually run by the E-4's.  Not the Sergeants, but the E-4 mafia... 'power behind the throne' indeed.  The explanation is they actually get put in charge of all the shit-details.  The mission go/no-go usually relies on that one or two exceptionally talented but couldn't be bothered E-4s
I Know of What I Speak
I was one of them.
Liked the Army, hated responsibility.
In the US Army, the dumbfucks have a "move up/move out" meaning no promotion, you get the boot.  I got medically retired just in time as I was hitting the then-ten year Rank Control Point.  The Brits have "Career Corporals" which would have suited me fine
But alas, the US Army ain't so enlightened.

Now if I was a tranny?   

I'd prolly still be in, 30 years plus at this point, but you dig me.
So, yeah
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

BearCat Blues

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
One of y'all asked about the potential for seeing the Cadillac-Gage LAV 3 on the roads and byways of 'Murica.  I'd say it's a waste of time going over it (no offense) as it's primarily a Marine toy, and the DotMil ain't got many of them at all.  But it -did- get the thinking meat cogitating, and I realized there -is- something that fer suuuure is gonna be out in force when the Times of Spicy kick.
That's the Lenco BearCat SWAT Truck.
Good News/Bad News
It all depends on yer perspective.  Quick aside, DeadDad got a call from a buddy of his nicknamed 'Phantom' back when I was a kid at like 0200.  VERY unusual to get a call on ye olde landline at that hour, we're talking mid 70's, 77 or 78... when the gas crunch was in full swing... I'll never forget it though:

Phantom: "Hey, I got good news, and I got bad news."
DeadDad: "Ok......"
Phantom: "Bad news, the Martians have landed in California."
Phantom: "The good news is they're eating niggers, pissing hi-test, and headed east."

Yeah, DeadDad had some real characters for buddies.  But that joke always stuck with me, but hey, 10 years old and my first ray-sist joke?  Of course I remembered it.  Anywho.  The BearCat is the #1 selling SWAT Truck out there apparently.  Starts at $2000K and goes up in price from there.  Used world wide.  And nation wide as well.  ALL the bigger cities got 'em apparently.  They got the big time publicity under the specious Boston Marathon Bombing.

Now, that's the bad news.  The good news?  It's based on a Ford F650 truck, suspension and powertrain.  Uses a 6.7 liter diesel engine, and tips the scales at around 17,000 pounds.  Considering the Base F650 comes in at around 8,000 pounds, that means they loaded an additional 9000 pounds of bullshit and armor.
Now the good news?
The armor at max, currently is 1.5 inches rated to NIJ IV+ 
Which means it'll stop a .50 BMG
A -regular- .50 BMG.  If you remember your lessons, the .50 has Armor Piercing, and SLAP rounds that'll cut through that like nothing, never mind EFPs or explosive force penetrators.  Those were used in Iraq to great affect, as seen here:

That's the right side door of a heavily uparmored M1114.
Kuwait, 2006
They had to hose the LT out of the passenger seat.

That's -at least- 3 inches of armor
Punched through like a Tom and Jerry cartoon.
Using nothing more than some RDX and a copper or steel plate

Not so much.

So, wiki that shit... might be useful to know.  
Mainly since I think the majority of shit that's going to initially go down, knowing about what's in your local A.O. is going to part and parcel of the intel that you need to start gathering now.  Thankfully, so far Florida, for all it's fuckedupedness, seems to be leaning towards the side of Angels.  For now that is.  Shit changes just like the wind, so don't get comfy nor cocky about your area.

Best to know early -where- they park those beasts
Are they under guard?
Just how secure is the location they're stored in?
Fenced? Patrolled? Dogs? Cameras? Thermals? Night Vision?
Plan ahead.
Recon is a good thing.  
And a can of homemade thermite on the hood is better
Jes' sayin'
Best to incapacitate before the shitfestivus starts, better for you, better for them.
Less death that way.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Man I Called That One

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Sunday-Funday and here in Tampa, we got the Super Foozball Thing, you know, 'The Thing' happening here in a few weeks, and the Home Town Team (with Brady at the helm) is going to be in it.
And over 2 months ago I called this -exact outcome-.
Now, I generally don't do poasts about sportsball at all.
But in this case, I thought it was funny that I was dead on on this one.
Told Sapper, MomUnit (who's big into it) and Wifey that Tampa Bay was going to be in the Bowl

They had to be

My rationale?
The NFL has a charter, that in court multiple times (link HERE) shows that it is pretty much just like World Entertainment Wrestling... meaning the outcomes can be fixed.  First evidence that I saw of that was in 2001/2002 Superbowl, when a come-from-behind Patriots won... The introduction of the team was as a group of "Patriots" with all the froo-froo and geejaws that goes along with a Propaganda Push...

They've kept that line of horseshit up for quite a spell now...

But this year?  Between the niggershines/BLM/go-woke-go-broke and the Bogus Beijing Booger Bug?  The NFL, having already chosen the site of the game, now they hadda insure the crowd.  And lets face it, here in Flo-reeeeee-duh! we've been under a far lesser lockdown without extreme retardation thank the Gods.  Now?  Other places/spaces/locations?

To insure maximum participation they needed to have the home-town players in the Big Game.   If it was Green Bay versus the Broncos or -whoever-, it ain't gonna get but the hardcore NFL Foozball Fanatics to drop the $12000.00 in the local area to go... and those are the nosebleed cheap seats no less... we got quite a few season passholders and wealthy folks here, but if'n it ain't the "hometown boys made good?"  Hard pass.  And the people from say Green Bay?  The financial wherewithal to do a transcontinental trip in these weird ass times of lockdowns and whatever?

Yeah the fix was in.

Because now the crowd is gar-ron-damned-teed.  What with the no need for motels, can be home that night in yer own bed, and the parties in Ybor?  Yeah, win-win.  Lots of monies spent and gathered up all around, and Tampa gets another trophy for 1 Buc Place.

Part of the reason I'm even remotely aware of this is Wifey used to be (last season) a Bucs Pirate... wore the gear, shot the cannon on the ship, got me n Sapper 50 yard sideline seats...seats going for 100K now, jes' sayin'... all in all a fun but unbelievably physically punishing gig, hence why she bagged it this year.  That and the Superbowl... she knew it'd be a non-stop shitshow...

So, to those who enjoy that sort of thing, have fun
Me?  I'll be having a beer
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

FedPoasting and Morons

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Yep, what with the expansion , nay...explosion of people showing up on Gab these days, it's hard not to laugh at the obviousness of the newly minted Federales that're there to try and 'get the dirt' on the folks who poast on there.
As @Silverdeth, owner-operator of the Deth Guild, a righty-vidya game forum that's been around for a long minute, sent me the above to poast as a reminder to BOLO for these fucktards and morons.

I swear, the general IQ rate of the basic Fed GS-5 is like in the "Gump-Zone".
There's one asshole in particular who showed up recently and is getting virtually pummeled by the greater body of Gabbers.  His handle is @gadsden_US and if he's not a Fed, then he's too stupid to be allowed to procreate.  There's enough pissing in the gene-pool if'n ya dig what I'm sayin'.

So, basic rundown on figuring out a provocateur?
Well for one thing, when did the guy show up?  Now this's applicable IRL as well as in an online forum.  In this case, this glowie showed up this month and immediately 'set up shop' with a LOT of pro-revolutionary talk...  His profile shows as such:
Yep... January... and 307 Gabs?  Starting at the beginning of this month, I've only been just now been getting access on there... too many newbies and Infiltrators.  So many that us old skool-cool kids couldn't get on, nor a word edgewise, and this fuck has over 300 this month alone?  Who has that kind of computer power to push through the 'static'?  Hmmn, a data center you say?   It's possible methinks... I only have 2100+/- gabs total for my entire Gab existence.  
Most of my followers have been recent too... so I'm sure that the Feds are watching and lurking, and some of the emails I've gotten are definitely from Feds trying to entrap me.

"But Big Country, you Vodkapoasting connoisseur of Fine Food and Wifey, How are you so sure?"

'Taint hard to tell when you get an email after poasting about the functionality of the M67 Frag asking "Do you know where I can get these on the black market?" 
"Hey, I have a friend who can source these!  Contact me if you want in!"

Yeah.  no bullshit I -actually- got those emails.

Dear Mister Federal Agent, quit while yer ahead, find someone dumber, ok?
Stick with the mentally handicapped and/or mooslims.  Generally us whypeepo are a -bit higher- on the IQ than your diversity-hired ass.

And then our buddy gadsden_US put this on the forum:
The 21 comments ranged from highly entertaining insults to questions vis-a-vis background/genetics/and race.

Point is, they're out there.  And the FedPoasters on Gab now?  Again they have no idea.  All the hardcore Nazis, Jew Haters, Race Baiters and Shitpoasters on there were forged in the early crucible of censorship and threat of badthink and deplatforming.  Everyone on Gab who's been there since the beginning know -exactly- what to look for.  Me?  I love the freewheeling fun of Badthink and Shitpoasting bad and rank memes.  My favorite still is the midgets in SS Uniforms... it's called the 1/3rd Reich.  I fucking die every time I see that one.

But now, since it's en vogue to be a "Nazi Hunter" and the (((media))) is all-in on the knob-slobbering on the Demons in Charge, best be on the really-reelz lookout for anyone who starts 'odd' conversations with you or tries to ascertain info about you politically or otherwise.  Unless you know them personally, be very very aware and above all CAUTIOUS.
Never join any groups
If yer in 'public groups' like Oathkeepers, quietly slip away
Do not renew that membership in "Young Stormtroopers"
Do not join any 'pro-democracy group' or any other group that sez they're going to stand for free speech.  Parler did that, and as I suspected from the get-go, it was a front for gathering intel and info.  Just like The Q Phenom was with the 8kun Kids...
Anon my ass....
So, Head on a Swivel
Be the Gray(er) Man
Watch your Six
Lock n Load
RedCon 2 is in effect until further notice.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Tank Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
A Day Late and a Dollar Short... better than not showing up I suppose.
Multiple issues.
#1) GrandBebe #3 B-Day.  Holy shit I'm old
#2) Dead Demon-in-Law's Funeral.  Not my circus, not my monkeys, but Spawn #1 had a tough day
#3) Jaw issues.  I've had a major issue with the toofuses.  Not sure what but feels like I took a hit from Iron Mike back in his prime.  Big ole lump in the jaw where I don't have a toofus, nor is it an abscess.  It's like a zit that when I tried to futz with it earlier with my gear, I shot up the surrounding gum with lidocaine, and then tried to hit the 'zit' and man, there's -something- solid in there.. dunno if its a fragment or what... I had my wisdoms out in High School so I have an appointment, but damned if'n it don't hurt. 

So, anyways... Onward.

Point of this:  Armor.
Big Bad Armor.
Which has, as part of it's defense system a fire extinguisher system.

Which is based on Halon
Halon and Air?  Not so good a mix.
Halon replaces Oxygen

As in, if the Halon System went off when we were on board, it was time to unass or suffocate.

That being said, there are 3 "quick pulls" to activate the Halon from the exterior of the tank
Picture shows the approximate locations 

The Iraqis used these to great effect.
They'd send out kids to 'play in the street'

Kid will be kids...
Then, as the Red Pull Levers are halfway down the side on each side of the Tank, they'd pull the lever
Big RED fucker... cain't miss it... 
Jes' Sayin'....

Causing the Halon System to be activated
Which flooded the tank with Halon

And the crew hadda bail or suffocate.
At which point, they'd get gunned the fuck down
Because an M1A whatever only has One M4 carbine on board.
Then they'd burn the tank.

Things -might- have changed, but 'offishul policy' was 3 9mm M-9's, and one M4 and 2 mags

Hell, when I was in Tanks (long story for later) I got in trouble for trying to order a buttstock, bipod and front grip for ONE of the M240s  on the tank.  We had two.  One loader, one COAX.  And enough 7.62 combat load to kill the entire Mex-Hee-Can Arrrr-mee at the Alamo 20 times over.

Go figure who got fried, flambéed and told to fuck off?
And now?  I hear it's S.O.P. to have a 'dismount kit' for a 240 on board


So yeah, important notes... Kids get away with the damnedest things
And we should learn from that
The other lesson, when the Iraqis stared pulling the Halon Levers, the mechanics started deactivating them so they couldn't 'smoke' the crew out.

Which made them even MOR vulnerable to Molotov's.

Lesson Learned,  Soon to be Earned
The hard way
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

I Like These Odds...

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Just Wow...
Got these from Angry Cop on YouTube.
My fellow Blogger and Rakkasan TPB over at The Patrol Base, link HERE has a new article up on his site about Command Sergeant Major Purdy.  CSM Purdy was/is a fucking legend in the Infantry.  I'm sure if he was still alive, I can almost imagine his reaction to this:
Actually, I think that might be enough for Purdy to fully-on stroke the fuck out...

That's a guardsman in DC with his fucking gut hanging out at the bottom of his shirt
Oh. My. Fucking. God.
AR600-9 The Army Body Composition Regulations, just literally burst into flames.

Needless to say, -I'm- feeling a whole hell of a lot better aboot meselves

The ONLY thing that miserable donuthole eatin' motherfucker is useful for is a mobile sand bag

If that is what the guard allows to run around loose, I'd say we in the PatFor are in a lot better shape, both metaphorically and physically than I thought.  The only other thing I can think of that he-might- be useful for is for... well, cleaning up ALL the leftovers for one... beyond that?  No. fucking. way.
 I for the life of me, cannot believe that one.  And here I was bagging on Meal Team Six earlier.  That fucker got nuthin' on this beast.

I do want to know where they got his armor though, I'm a really big lad upper body wise... My Plate carrier is a wee bit small on me, and I'd love to have the set that fatbody has... it'd be a fuckton lot more room for me, that's for damned sure.  He also, interesting has what appears to be ONE FDE Magpul Mag sticking out of the front of his kit...

Sure as hell looks like one to my jaded eyes.
Of course, it might be a beef jerky container...
Who the fuck knows?
And then
A) That troop is looking at the rifle like it was a completely unfamiliar piece of gear
B) The red arrow is pointing to the Red Dot sight on the bottom rail of the front guard 
For those not in the know, it's supposed to be like this:
They always say "never underestimate the enemy"

But does the opposite count?  I mean just -how fucked up- are these people?  Granted, this's a minor number, but the fact remains that a LOT of fucked up pictures of fucked up troops with either fucked up gear, PT issues, I mean add on the self-imposed Litmus/Loyalty tests, ...sheeeeee-it
Going to war with the Army you have is one thing... 
This's more like an untrained mob.
NOT the dedicated pros I knew from years gone past.
In fact, CSM Purdy has been heard from:
He ain't happy.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country