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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Go Woke, Go Broke Army, You MORONS!

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Aight... first things... seems yesterdays 'attack' of the Goolag at the blogspot websites was not 'all over' as many have said.  I have and do read a very large number of hardcore left-oriented blogspot sites, as part of my intel-gathering OODA loop preps.  Not a one of them got tagged with the dread "dangerous" tag.  Seems the majority of the sites were, shall we say, leaning far right?  No matter.  Sector 8 and all of us who have backups are still in the game, so make sure you bookmark it.  The only reason I haven't fully transitioned is I'm still trying to learn Wordpress and the formatting dammit.  Personally, I think it was a test... a probe... see how people reacted.

So, todays subject is the abysmal new DotMil ad series that they're doing. Big Army has come out with a new webseries of ads called "The Calling" and, by it's own description showcases 5 soldiers and their 'calling to the uniform' and how they got there.  The first ad?
And no, that ain't embedded.  
The Army can FOADIAF
This woke shit is out of control.

In fact, the commercial itself, according to all reports has bombed spectacularly.  This particular one features Army Corporal Emma Malonelord... a college graduate from the University of California no less...  who is only an Corporal????  IF she graduated, she should be -at least- a 2nd LT.  Not a corporal.  Hard E-4?  She -might- have gotten SP-4 with some college credits... which means one of two things... she didn't graduate from U of C, OR her degree in advance moron-basketweaving didn't do a fucking thing for her.  And if she didn't graduate, why did she leave college? Because I'm sure Momma and Momma would have been progressively-pissed.

Oh yeah... the only whypeepo in the ad?  Dis' fuckin' chick, who was "born by baster" apparently by two lezbos.  One of whom even in the animation looks like one of "Cow and Chicken"s" Buffalo Gals.
Dykes on Bikes INDEED.
The other people in the other 4 videos?
All ethnics.  3 blacks, and an Asian raised in Hawaii.

Army Ethnicity as of 2018?
And out of that almost 70% of Whyte males are from ostensibly 'foundational' 'Murican folks, i.e. Christian Southrons.  
Great way to alienate your prime fucking base Aye?
I can bet the only reason Big Army is going to keep the recruiting numbers up is because we're headed into an economic dark age, and the Army is a guaranteed "Three Hots and a Cot" when the chips are down.   

I swear...
The Army has zero common fucking sense marketing wise.  The last one they did that shit the bed, and chose as 'the hill to die on' was "The Army of One" ad.  Remember that debacle?  That was the one with the ad showing a convoy of armed up troops headed toward what one would assume was the front line, and there was this one fucking Joe, with no weapon, running the opposite direction.

"The battle is this way!"
"Fuck that <ditches gear> RETREAT!"

Uh, yeah.  About that.

The Army yanked that one really fucking quick.  Especially in light that the troop they used to film that fuckup turned out to be a fuckup who got thrown out for drug charges later.  I'm having trouble finding links but at the time I was so disgusted I did the research and found all that out... man, it was awful.

So, now?  The only reason I can think this particular ad is being run is to A) show how 'woke' the Army is and B) encourage the minorities to join.  According to a quote from the CSM of Marketing for the Army: "'The Calling' showcases how five Soldiers answered their call to selfless service," said Command Sgt. Maj. Charles K. Masters II, sergeant major of Army Enterprise Marketing. "Soldiers across the Army stepped up to share their personal stories with America to breakdown the stereotypes associated with those who serve. Their inspiring stories highlight the diversity in the Army as we continue to be a Team made up of great people. One common thread you will see throughout this campaign is our Soldiers all believe in something bigger than themselves and strive to make a difference in the world."

So, according to that statement and the people in the ad, straight, Christian White Males shouldn't bother apparently.  Not that at this point I'd be encouraging anyone to join.  It's become a shit show of epic proportions.  I'll be curious to see how bad the numbers are and if they skew after.  If so, I'd say ole CSM Masters #2 (how appropo!) is gonna be 'retiring' shortly after the failure.

I in fact went over and dropped some comments on the fecesbook Go Army page, essentially: "So, according to these ads, and the 'supposed diversity' of people in the ad, Straight, Christian White Males shouldn't bother joining the Army apparently. Seems y'all forgot that in 2018, White Males made up 69.98% of your recruits on active duty. Great job. Typical Army Go Woke, Go Broke."

I'll be curious to see if they let that particular comment stay on or not.
YouTube already disabled any and all comments on the vidyas.  Seems they were getting roasted as well they should be.  What the hell man...  Guess this IS turning into The Turner Diaries in real life. 
Seems a New Maff needs to be done:

"Idiocracy + The Turner Diaries = Rwanda X Yugoslavia"


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Friday, May 14, 2021

So it Begins...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I know y'all saw it on the way in...

Looks like the "Great Purge" may be upon us...
Aesop's Raconteur Report has the same thing...Glad I got set up on the other site. It's if this one goes south. I'm gonna back up the info too so's I can restart under an new blogspot site (just to keep them guessing) and because Fuck You, That's Why.
So... the days ahead here are numbered is my thought process.
Any others out there you've seen? Let me know!
Goolag can suck my furry taint.Also, it appears that even -talking- about it got the first attempt at this poast removed:

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Segregation Now?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, the kerfluffle over Disney going woke was 'outed'... not that people didn't already know it after seeing how they shitcanned Gina Carano... the actual documentation for the Critical Race Theory shit was leaked by a employee.  It made quite the splash in the papers, that which deigned to report on it at all that is.  The New York Post did an article on it, and it seems that the 4 dudes in charge of Disney, all 'white' men (more on that in a second... well... seems the guy who did the legwork was this guy, Christopher Rufo:
Part of the LOLz on this is that the documents encourage segregation.

" part of an initiative labeled “CEO sponsored priorities,” Disney has launched racially segregated “affinity groups” for minority employees, with the goal of achieving “culturally-authentic insights.” In the original launch, the Latino affinity group was called “Hola,” the Asian affinity group was called “Compass,” and the black affinity group was called “Wakanda.”

Nothing ray-ssssssist about that Aye?
And then, the other ele-mah-fant in the room.  
The 4 guys in charge?  "White"...
Bit of a misnomer... they are by name:
Bob Iger
Bob Chapek
Alan Bergman and 
Alan Braverman
ALL of them Jewish... part of the (((tribe))) so to speak.
Funny dat?
Maybe not so much.  I'll leave it for the Nazis and tinfoil crowd and whatnot to shoot it out over any "grand conspiracy theories" that are floating around out there about Jewish Supremacism and the now-too-obvious decline of genuine white society...  I don't make the story, I just reports it.

It's downright hilarious how the whole segregation thing is back, and being sold as a positive.  Universities are making 'POC' spaces, hell... some restaurants in 'vibrant areas' are doing the same.

I say Let 'em.
Better they self-segregate.  Makes it better for us in the long run.  I just wish they'd pack up completely and leave.  Please!!!  Après vous.   GTFO and don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out.  
Just remember YOU left US 
And there ain't no "take-backsies"
Nor funding.
We ain't paying shit anymore.
You want it? You build it.  After all, your Messiah said we didn't build that.  You apparently did.  And as I recall, the last major structure that was done by a "strong, diverse female" was the Miami Pedestrian Bridge.  
And we all know how that one worked out.
So, yeah.  Go for it.  I mean hell, you can always join Hammer City.  That's the land that was bought up in Colorado by some hardcore Communist Black folks who are building a "self sustaining" farm based renewable energy using community.  
200 acres.  10,000 feet above sea level.  
Mmmmmn boy.
From the Colorado Farm Bureau:
"Vegetables to Consider Growing

Some vegetables that do well at high elevations include:
Root varieties (carrots, parsnips, turnips, radishes, beets)
Leafy greens

Potatoes -might- grow... but corn and grain?  Not so much.  The same article mentions the fact that 'regular' seed doesn't do so well, which means genmod.  MOST genetically modified seeds are not multi-generational, meaning that you can save the seeds from the veggies you grow and reuse them.  I don't expect these grifters to know that though.  I personally think and after reading the whole website, that it too, like BLM is a grift to make a small cadre some cash...  although since the April announcement of the land purchase, the donations appear to have stalled.
First time I went there, that was the same amount showing... now unless the donations don't update in real time, well then to me, I say they're just about done.  Either way I wish them allll the luck in the world.  Let them build their Utopia.  It'll make it easier for us when it's time to perform cleanup.  Odds are we'll find out post-collapse by the circling buzzards.
Jes Sayin

So, gotta bounce.  Wifey is pissed at me, and GranBebe is here for the weekend, I'm sick as a dawg and migraned out of my mind.  More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Courtesy RA Bear

Thursday, May 13, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A little story, provided by one of the commenters here on Ye Olde Bloggage of Ill Repute tells a tale of some serious scumbaggery going on at my old home of Fort Campbell Kentucky.  Seems a couple of 'entrepreneurs' were making some serious bank in the illegal weapons trade.
<Le Sigh>

I'm really hoping that it's not members of my old unit, the Rakkasans.
Shit like that doesn't help a units reputation.
That being said, I find it interesting that these yoots-in-uniform were even in uniform.

Apparently, and despite the attempts by the Ministry of Propagandas attempts to keep a lid on shytte, just the names alone, as well as a transcript of the IM's these idiots talking have show up in various places, which pretty much shows that they were/are gang members that joined, more than likely intentionally with the purpose of A) Getting training and B) Gaining 'legit' status as a Active Duty soldier and the cache that goes along with the hero worship that 'thank me for my service' goes with it.

Their names BTW?
Demarcus Adams, 21
Jarius Brunson, 22
and Brandon Miller, 22
Yep... pretty sure that ain't any whypeepo named that, not unless Momma was burning coal, and/or a whypeepo couple purely hated their kid and decided to name them ethnically.  Although these days, I could totally see that among the absolutely-bugfuck-crazy leftists out there these days...

That being said, seems these kids are in a whole heapa trouble.  The feds (Naturally)) are involved.  Seems they bought 91 weapons and helped flood the streets of ChiCongo with firepower.

"Court documents go on to show agents noted on April 7, Miller and a different Chicago area code phone number had the following text exchange:
From Miller: “We gotta hold this shit together ima still play the back role g I ain’t never turning my back on gang whatever got going on y’all ina door wit me stand on business ima stand on my business to make sure mfs got what they need.”
From Chicago phone number: “Sayless."
Later on the same day; from Miller: “We gone win this *war* we losing the battle but this a marathon not a race.”

Investigators did not share further details of who Miller may have been communicating with or the context of the messages"

Yep... sounds like some street shytte happening there.  The word "gang" is also specifically mentioned.  

Now, somebody, somewhere, done fucked up.  My rationale for this is that IF these guys were rolling with a gang, were they known to be gangbangers or not?  21 in nominally old for a banger from my understanding.  They usually start at 14-15, and rise up.  Now, if they never pulled a charge?  I can see a background check might have missed it, but:

IF there had ever been any charges, then it should have been caught during the NICS check that all recruits get when they first join.  Now, if they were clean, then fine.  But if not?  They should never have gotten within a hunnerd feet of a military enlistment.  However, seeings how the latest reports show Uncle is having issues with recruiting these days because the caliber of recruits is so stunningly bad, Uncle -may- have turned a blind eye hoping that these knuckleheads wouldn't do stupid.  Lots of fucking luck there, Nogs are gonna Nog... 

Reason I'm saying this is even as far back as 1990 when I was in Basic, we had a gangbanger in training with me.  He was pretty upfront about him being there in Infantry School too.  He had, officially, zero charges or shit showing... no known associates.  The reason was that he literally was raised to do this.  His father was a gangbanger, his brothers, and he was chosen to play 'straight' specifically to join the Army and get trained in Infantry tactics.  His dad, according to him learned so 'stuff' when he was drafted back in Nam... figured out using Infantry training would strengthen the gang.

Yeah... all of us who knew were like what. the. fuck.
Not much we could do though, and even our Drills had a tough time with that one.  But with no solid evidence, they didn't and couldn't do anything by watch him.  It's a real problem in the DotMil.  When I was stationed in Da Hood back in the day, Fort Hood that is, we actually had a huge gang issue (still do according to reports) that culminated with a bunch of them little fuckers getting arrested, and court martialed at III Corps HQ on base.  What was hysterical at the time, was the Crips, to whom these cockroaches belonged to, threatened to come to the base and shoot it up to free their people.  The CG was like "Bring it" and posted 2 fully loaded Bradley tracks at the main gate by Corp building.  Those of us on-base had some laughs at the idea of a lowrider, filled with a bunch of punk ass gangbangers with MAC-10s getting blowed the fuck up by a 25mm Bushmaster...

So, seems the infiltration is still ongoing, and even worse than back in the day.  And in the future?  Shit.  What with the disbanding of Gang Units all over the country, who's primary job is to identify the little fuckers, it's gonna be way worse.  The leftards are insisting, and the Dems are doing it, because racism and sheeee-it.  Seems the fact that identifying fucking black gang members is a badness thing.

Say fucking what?
Of course, no issue pointing out Klansmen and shit, and that all whypeepo are ray-sist.  In fact they get off on frying even the most innocuous thing and cancel anyone and everyone, 'cept Democrats, for even thinking along racial lines.  The backlash, I'm telling you, is going to be SPECTACULAR when it comes home to roost.  I gar-ron-damned-tee it.  And what's even sadder is that the primary pushers of that particular narrative are Jewish, and low-rent-retard whites.  They should look and see how that worked out for them back in the day Aye?

We played "Cowboys and Indians" in the 17 and 1800's
Playing "White People versus Black and Jewish People" date-to-be-announced, well, it'll probably go the same as it worked out for the Indians... 

I'd ask one but there's so damned few left.

So, More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Well, Beat Me To It and a Bridge Too Far

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I -was- going to do a bit of a write up regarding the letter that apparently our own DotMil Retired Generals and Admirals wrote on the same day that the French did.  Sunday May 9th, a total of 120 retired Generals and Admirals wrote a very similar letter to what the frogs did, essentially calling out the politicos who 'run the show' that we, collectively, are in deep shit.

Problem is Concerned American got it up in it's entirety, so it's a moot point to throw it up here.

Not only that, the very basis of it is a neutered, balless pile of shytte that pretty much just states "VOAT HARDER!!!" and doesn't offer up much more than that.  The last paragraph before the signature list states:
"We urge all citizens to get involved now at the local, state and/or national level to elect political representatives who will act to Save America, our Constitutional Republic, and hold those currently in office accountable. The “will of the people” must be heard and followed."

 “...will of the people” must be heard and followed."

Uh... yeah... just like when Biden won by 81 gorillion voats.

So, now that you know how -I- nominally feel, (which is that our Gen'ruls and Admir'uls are fucking spineless maxi-zoom dweebie luuuuuzers), I do have ANOTHER interesting 'thing' that's come to my attention:
That's a crack in the bridge over I-40 in Memphis Tennessee over the Mississippi river.
One of the main routes that carries shit east to west from Tennessee to Arkansas.  A main cargo route for trucking supplies.  Also, besides the traffic being shut down, they closed the Mississippi because they don't want the bridge coming down on boats going underneath.

Speaking as a Loggie, that's a shitton of supplies being caught up and stopped.

Looking at the above picture, That's -not- a new crack... the oxidation is obvious... 
So, why now did they just discover this?
I mean talk about playing fucking games.
You're telling me that no one noticed the giant fucking broken steel beam unevenly cracked the fuck in two before now!?!
Pull the left one, it's plays "Jingle Bells"
Ask yer Mom, she'll tell you.
Oops. Make that your "Birthing Person"
Don't want to upset any ree-rees that may or may not be visiting here.

Yeah... much fuckery is afoot.  The only thing that surprises me is that they didn't scream about it before to hammer Trump on the disintegrating infrastructure.  Right now, I read a few years back that like 80% of all major bridges are shit, 75% of the Dams and Dikes and whatnot are just a big rainfall away from failure, and the 'other critical infrastructure' like Power is mad vulnerable to fuckery, and our Potable water delivery systems?  Ask the city of Flint in Michigan about that particular shytteshow Aye?  Mind you, this ain't unknown... fact is I read that years ago, and only NOW is something like this going to be addressed?

Methinks that it's because the people surrounding Slo want him to be the reincarnation of the only multi-decade president Franklin Roosevelt.  It's not hard to imaging that they want, and have stated they want to have a gigantic infrastructure bill passed, mostly to award and RE-ward their backers like Pelosi's husband, who's made billions on the Scam-Francisco to LA fast mover train line... issue is, we ain't got the bux to do this... When FDR did it, we were nominally on the gold standard til 1933, when he intentionally took us OFF the gold standard, and rumor is, he sold a fuckton of that gold to finance allllll the "Hero Projects" as the Soviets called the same stuff, here in the US.

Only difference between FDR and Stalin was one was a cripple, and the other wasn't.

That and FDR's wife was a Dyke

But anywho... I have to git to quit for tonight... might rage mor later about the gutless nature of our Retarded... er Retired DotMil Class, and the why and what of it.  I have to go get dinner ready, and it's time for Jeopardy, which now sucks since Alex died BTW... only guest host they've had whio didn't suck more than a Black Hole in Supernova mode was that unknown Executive Producer Mike Richards who did it like right after Alex went to the big gameshow in the sky.  THAT dude needs to be the new host... all the others have sucked like an overcharged Electrolux vacuum.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Little Different

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Little different subject matter here this A.M.  I creep and crawl all day while working on ye olde intarwhebz to see whuts whut with whut so to speak.  Tracking societal changes and issues is critical for intel gathering.  The more info, the better.  Trends and such whatnot can let you try and stay inside the loop so to speak.  Now, one of the websites I go to is almost purely for entertainment.  I discovered it during the divorce.  It's a red pill site that poasts a lot of a online dating profiles that teh whammans have poasted, with outrageous demands and whatnot.

Case in Point:
Ok... on Tinder... bad enough
21 years old, not a ugly chick... at least she's not a bloatapotomus
Because if you look, that line: "Pregnant rn due date in September"
Traaaaaain Wreck inbound.
A demanding train wreck... AND you have to be at least 5'11 and be willing to 'step up'
It's the reason that this reddit exists... essentially bottom feeder females, demanding the best of the best of the best of men step up and 'fix' their fuckups.  Pregnant by Chad?  Check.  Demanding overwhelming sense of entitlement? Check.  "No hook ups"  BWAHAHAHA!  Suuuuuuure baby.

So anyways, point is, I started seeing a huge amount of these young nubiles on there that're poasting.  And all the usual suspects so to speak, roasting the shit out of them.  The comments are great. 

It got me to thinking.  Especially since there are so many comments stating that this's just the tip of a huge Iceberg of Teen Pregnancy.  Apparently there are so many chicks under the age of 25 that're all knocked up and looking for a White Knight Beta Bucks savior that it's almost impossible to find a non-preggers broad on the OLD sites (thats Online Dating for y'all who don't get it).

What if, and maybe I'm reaching, but what if the sheer number of MASS pregnancies seen (despite widespread availability of birth control, abortion and adoption options) in teenaged women indicates something deeper?

The RP (Red Pill) states that basic R/K selection, Chad and monkeybranching, plus AWALT (i.e. ignorant sluts) has much to do with it, plus the inherent inability for teh whammans to take personal responsibility for their actions.

Many commenters on reddit are in line with that theory
What if the current plague of unexpected pregnancies is actually a baseline 'survival' mode being activated in the hind-lizard brain of females?

That the near-constant bombardment of media-based doom-porn has switched on the "reproduce or die" part of the instinctual species survival genes?

Could the problem be more metaphysical than behavioral?

It would explain the un-fucking-believable amount of young nubile breeders showing up preggers on all of the OLD websites?

I mean in times of mass die offs and stress to the species, animals, to include us balding monkey, we double down to insure species continuity.  I'd be very curious as to the numbers vis-a-vis teen pregnancy and COVID and the reactions.  Given the imposed social distancing and whatnot, and the theory at least that the lil chickies were NOT able to do the 'act like a THOT' during the past 15 months of lockdown, does the current pregnancy boom potentially indicate a far deep reason for the lil darlin's showing up knocked up?  Theoretically, less interaction should ostensibly mean a decline in teen pregnancy.  But what if is had the opposite reaction?  That the lizard hindbrain kicked on the 'make babies NOW'... I by no means am trying to excuse it... I mean there is zero excuse for an unexpected pregnancy otherwise these days... nevermind the whole 'not putting the baby up for adoption' thing as well, as the majority of the THOTs seem to be determined to keep the lil buggers... which in turn raises more questions.

Inquiring minds Aye?
Let me know what ya think. Later I'll be doing one on a near-untouched story of our DotMil occifers who wrote their own letter on the same day that the Frogs sent theirs.
More Later Then, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Good ole Miscalculating in France is in a whole heap-a-trouble that I can see.  Troop trouble from the looks and sounds of it.  I covered the story about La Belle France's Generals and whatnot throwing down the gaulish gauntlet at the Politicos for their retarded actions.

Essentially, the French Military, which has been fighting the Global War on Terror, which is essentially a systemic battle proxy for Islam and its bullshit.  The Frog Politicos however have been importing metric fucktons of Islamics and playing "Hug a Raghead".  The guys on the front line are fucking done with all the societal concessions, and the very fact that HUGE amounts of France, especially Paris are overrun with ungrateful non-integrating Haj.  Essentially the fact that every two weeks a precious and irreplaceable Christian Religious site gets either burned tot he ground or desecrated.
Fuckers even burned Notre-Fucking-Dame man...
I'm amazed they (the Frogs) didn't start slaughtering the Haj en-mass at that point.

See, it's a soft invasion.
They're slowly but surely infiltrating all of Europe, and using the Globalist Fuckheads to install a new "Quiet Caliphate" as I call it.  The QC is there, it's real, and it's inherently against everything that a nominally Christian country stands for.

And the French DotMil
They have had it
The very fact that huge swaths of Paris alone are no-go Hajji Zones..
The fact that politicians prefer to stay quiet and allow the continued rape and pillaging of their countries, knowing full well that they (the politicians) never have to suffer for any of the actions that they instituted.  Like importing and supporting via vast social monies and support, a hostile Islamic Invasion force.  The Cloud People indeed

So, the DotMil, both active and retired wrote a letter.
Called 'em out...
A friendly warning...
"Fuck around and find out" was the essential gist of it.
Whelp.. Maricon and his retards did the exact thing I thought they would.  They doubled down on "stupid", and are investigating, censuring, and even pulling pensions for that letter.  They're shitcanning the guys who -were- on active duty, and starting a very similar deep dive on all DotMil for 'extremists'

Sound familiar?

Soooo now? In response The Active Duty Troops wrote a letter.  An open letter, online.
As of yesterday, 100,000 'normal' people had joined in to sign.

In part: "Cowardice, deceit, perversion: this is not our vision of the hierarchy. On the contrary, the army is, par excellence, the place where we speak the truth because we commit our lives."

In other words
THAT has to be one of my finest Memes evvar
I googled 'angry soldier' and looked thru all the pics...
That dude right there... I dunno... just struck me as "Pissed off French soldier"
A zoom in and add the redeye... perrrrrfect-o

And yeah, I think the guillotine is in the future for the politicians in France.
Rule #1 in politics: Never, ever, ever fuck over the guys with guns
Democracy or not, there's only so much people will put up with
Hence the attempted purge here in the States.
The generals, all bought and paid for by the Obamamessiah's clique.
They know that actual triggermen are alllll lower ranks.
The corruption usually starts in the Officer Ranks...
Especially in West Point and the Naval Academy... even the Air Force these days.  ALL of them went woke-as-fuck.  And it shows.  The lack of critical thinking, hell, basic brains is stunning.  I mean shit, I was in the Infantry.  We aren't know to be fucking rokkit scientists.  We're Grunts... eat, fuck, kill, and sleep.  Good Grunt, have a cookie... but even a Grunt can see how fucked things have become.

France is just the first, because they've had the Haj issue pretty bad.  I personally think it's because they have been losing priceless National Identifying Religious Institutions.  I mean the average Froggie probably may not be all that uber-religious per se, but the French National Identity is wrapped up in it's history, monuments and whatnot and it's Religious Monuments are testament to that.  The fact that the foreign non-integrating animals are destroying that, and the fucking Mini-Maricon Mommyfucker (look at his wife... the very definition of a Grandma) is covering for them?

That's a Beheading

Should be interesting.  Have to see where it goes.  I could see Slo and the Ho trying to 'assist' their Globalist Partners militarily if the French DotMil goes full retard-revolt.  That'd be purely hilarious as the French don't fuck around when they get their  'revolution' on.  They have a history of doing that shit to the extreme.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Monday, May 10, 2021

That's a LOT of Firepower

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Over the weekend apparently the Navy, rather than surrendering to the Iranian Navy, (color me shocked!) actually did -something- in the Persian Gulf and caught what appears to be an Arms Shipment that was ostensibly headed for Yemen.   The article from CBS is here:

Art Sido did a pretty good write-up on it as well here:
His question is where the hell was it going?
Mine is where did/they come from?  
My reason for that question is below

Now, Yemen has been lit like a motherfucker for the past few years.
As Trump would say, "That's huuuuuuuuuuuuuge!"
3000 Type 56 AKs
And looking closer:
The top pic is taken from the upper decks showing the overall layout.  Must have taken quite a spell to do that... and in the Gulf?  At this time of year, you can be betting it was hotter than balls for the swabbies doing the layout.  The AKs seem to be the 'outer ring' and on the left of the second pic, taken at ground level, you can see the .50cal sniper rifles...
Which by some sleuthing I figured out what they are.  That distinctive muzzle brake flair was the giveaway.  And it makes it even more interesting.
It ain't Chinese, nor Russian, hell, not even Iranian...
It's Syrian.
A brand new design no less.  The Golan S 01
Flared muzzle brake? Check
Fat front grip? Check
Single Shot Bolt Action? Check
Announced/Introduced June of 2019... looks like a sort-of ripoff of a Barrett 99.  According to sources, it's modeled closely on a Steyr HS.50.  I took a Screen shot from the Daily Mail Vidya, which confirms my analysis:
Raised cheek piece? Check
Hooked rear buttstock? Check
Wow... I got that one dead-on.

The reason I find that very interesting is just who then did load up the Dhow with this stuff?  I mean unless these are copies made in Iran, I'd be curious exactly where did those bang sticks come from?  I mean Syria ain't exactly in the Persian Gulf Region... and exports from there are likely stemmed to a trickle because reasons and shit, 

The other 'stuff' appear to be standard PKMs and RPGs, and by my count? 200 RPGs, 200 PKMs, 100 NDM-85s that's the SVD/Dragunov Chinese variant, and 50 of the Syrian Golan S-01.  My count is based on the stacks appear to be in sets of ten, with the muzzles alternating in direction, so each stack is 10, and counting the stacks of Dragunovs in the upper deck pic, there's 10 stacks going towards the stern.  Those bright orangish stocks make it easy to count them.  There's ten stacks of them, 5 stacks of the .50cal, and then a shitpot of AKs surrounding the whole thing.

I'm still pretty pleased with finding that Syrian rifle tho...
It still makes me wonder... just where did they come from?  I mean last I heard Syria wasn't in good shape militarily speaking, but then again that's coming from our newspapers/Ministry of Propaganda Organs... They either want the cash or they're copies made by the Iranians.  Either way, 150 precision rifles?  That's a hurting for whomever they were intended to kill with them.  I would expect the Syrians to hold on to all the firepower they have, rather than export it... 

Sapper thinks they need the monies.  
I could see that but still...
Tough questions.
But figuring out that it's a new Syrian Designed and manufactured Anti-Material Rifle begs a whole lot of other questions, especially in light of the distances and whatnot.  Syria is sort of waaay out of the way compared to the other players in the whole Yemen shitshow.  Very interesting Aye?

Then the RPGs... That too has a bit of a mystery in it as well... there aren't enough close up to see, but they appear to be standard RPG-7... however, the thing that's bugging me is the heat shield.  They're gray.  Now, not for nothing, ok, whatever, weapons evolution, and wood and bakelite is relatively passé when it comes to modern weapons.  That being said tho, the 'don't fix it if it ain't broke' also comes into play.  
So, doing a deep dig, literally the only variant of the RPG-7 that has a gray heat shield is made in Bosnia of all places...
Man, tough call on this one...
The Bosnians make their own upgraded version of the RPG.  It's the RPG-7MX2.  Milled as opposed to cast... Better lifespan, and works with ALL the available ammunition ot there to 'feed' one.
Mainly because the pics on the ship don't give enough detail to really tell... but IF it is the Bosnian model, then wow...
And the BIG tubes?
Easy... Russian Anti-Armor missiles.  
The tube marking "9M111M" under that circled written number...
That's the designation identifier for the "Faktoria" 120mm Anti-Armor missile
Quite the UN of weapons.
Russian Heavy Anti Armor rockets
Bosnian Light Anti Armor launchers
Chinese Sniper Rifles
Syrian Ant Material Rifles
Chinese PKMs
and lastly
Chinese AKs by the bushel.
Wonder where the magazines and ammo for all of these are?

Man... I love figuring out some weird stuff like that.
Guns have always been my passion, and that sort of mystery is a favorite of mine to solve.
So, the -where- were they going is interesting, but not as interesting as the sourcing
Part of my fascination is because of my time in Iraq.
My personal weapons collection was pretty diverse. Probably the only time diversity is good.
I really wonder where -some- of these things came from... 
The stories behind them...
Now, the AK on the End? With the blonde furniture?
American made... VERY oddball... probably a CIA built weapon.  It was factory select fire.
The next was a Type 56 Chinese AK, then my Dragunov, and then a MP-5A1, the FN-FAL htat eventually blew the fuck up on me, and another pair of oddballs, the PPsh-41 and the FN-MAS.

No clue where those last two came from...  then the handguns:
One of the sterling silver plated AKs, a Beretta in 7.62, a Makarov, a Walther PP, a Browning Hi-Power, and a Tariq, a Iraqi made Helwan knock-off, and lastly, a Smith and Wesson .38.

I got a kick out of having them... as seen in Charlie Mike Comix #1, the story of what happened to all of them, AND the other 40 or so AKs and whatnot that I had accumulated made for a funny story.
So, that being that, More Later
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mothers Day

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Talked to MomUnit this A.M. with the obligatory HMD Phone call.  
Yep... many a time MomUnit asks...

She's still got the whole "Staying locked down" shytte going on, as she pretty much -only- watches CNN and St Fauci.  Tell ya, if something -untoward- were to happen to her, and I can't see her because of this bullshit, someone will purely fucking die.
She won't even let me have flowers delivered because of this shitshow.

Whatever happened to "15 Days to Flatten the Curve?"

Ahhhh yes.  Our OverLords got a taste of being 'fully in command' and they sure as fuck ain't going to relinquish that self-appointed power... not willingly is my bet.  No matter... the pressure cooker is burbling along quite nicely.  Plano Texas was a prime example of that the other day with BLM doing their usual.  Blocking traffic with the cops not doing a thing.  In fact one of the protestors drew down his handgun on a rather sizeable man who was highly pissed off with the whole shitshow...
Pictures courtesy of Miguel at GunFreeZone:
Dude sorta looks like a gone-to-seed Goldberg from WWF back in the day...
But yeah, the cops hassled the Big Guy as opposed to busting the guy who as far as I can tell, by pulling that weapon, that's felony assault with a deadly weapon, nevermind all the other shit going on...

But as of now?  No arrests
Of Course
Because the Powers That Be for some reason want to keep this shit up.
Which, historically is a bad idea
'Cos I can tell you this... Matt Bracken wrote about how to deal with shit like this, and I'm sure shortly, it'll come into play... 

Word'll get out about this sort of shit happening.
Either by police scanner or whatever
Couple of like-minded individuals will go via pickup and find an overwatch A.O.
Drop the tailgate and start picking off assholes at 500 to 1000 meters
Suppressed weapons will keep it nice and quiet.
Co-operating individuals on the other side of town could light off fireworks to keep any shot-scanners from proper triangulation.  But even IF they were to be picked up, 3 shots each, 3 heads each, and out. 

Quick, clean getaway. 

Couple of sniper attacks like that, and this 'playing in the streets' shit will dry up and blow away like dust in the wind... As I've always maintained, it's all fun and games until you find yourself rinsing Bobby's brains out of your hair... or in this case De'ontye or Shaniquilla.  Either way, go for the head.
Make them into -good- BLM members.

So, yep.  Apparently the Big Guy in the pix has now been fully doxxed also... BTW... No word yet on if he lost his job yet... but I do gar-ron-damned-tee that if it were I?  Oh yeah.  That's time to go game on.  And these petulant children just don't understand that

Because the Powers That Be have not spanked their asses, when the Normies decide to start ventilating craniums, they're going to be in a state of shock methinks.  "Why are we being targeted by Right Wing Death Squads?" said every moronic communist/leftist when they start getting turned into mobile organ-donations-waiting-to-happen.

Gee, I have no idea why the man whos life you upended and destroyed has decided to kill every. single. member. of your extended family and slowly peel the skin from every inch of you before he finally kills you... not nary a clue.  

Best Be Ready
'Cos sooner rather than later Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, May 8, 2021

All Sorts of Weirdness

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
First, Administrative actions:  Many Many Many Gratitudinal Thanks to Reader Porkypine.  Dude, you literally shouldn't have.  I can not get over the generosity.  I got a package in the mail... was told I had 'food' inbound for the new Springfield.  As well as 'some other shytte'.  OK cool.  Many thanks and dude...
The package that got delivered?
Holy crap.  When you have to count the ammo by weight, that's more than I expected.
200 Rounds Russian 7.62, 200 Rounds NATO 7.62, 500 .22, 100 5.56mm M193
I am so not worthy
I will pray to the Gods for your safety in the coming times, and Dude, since you have my addy, if you need an evac to a friendly state, yer always welcome here in DeSantisland.

Then, Wifey told me this A.M. that "Your hair is too long."
Well, DUH!
I've been growing out the top for the past 6 years.  Minor trims on the ends only.  Sides and back get shaved, but the top?  No fucking way.  This is what I looked like out of the shower this A.M.:
OK.. maybe...
So, went to a hairs cutter...
That's before...
You'll notice the ponytail on the counter.
Six Years of growth right there
Eh... it's hair... whatever.  Shocks Wifey that I'm not upset by losing the nugget cover.  Told her multiple times I'm a guy.  That shit don't matter to us, not unless yer a fag or something.  I can't remember how many times Xwife in an attempt to save money when I was a PFC -tried- to do a high and tight and fucked it up, whereupon I'd just grab the clippers, and reduce now-fucked up nugget rug to stubble uniformly without a fuck to give.

Shit grows back.
This's my concerned face <points at emotionless grill>

Then, on a bounce off of my "Friday and Branch Covidians", I got hot intel.
Spawn informed me about a near-tragedy in the "X" side of the fam.
Now, honestly, for the most part, 90% of them could die, in a fire, screaming and I wouldn't give a shit.  That being said, the shits I give are because it IS Spawn's fam, and they matter to him.  In fact I explained to him that the only reason that the majority of them are still drawing O-2 is because it would upset him if I went full on Rampage Mode and took back what I felt was due.

I'm sentimental like that
Key emphasis on "mental" in the word.

But yeah, he's also used that on his Uncle, Xwife's worthless controlling piece of shit brother, which if not for Spawn, I'd gleefully disembowel, and leave for the feral hogs in a field.  No love lost Aye?

BUT... the 'hot poop' is that XUncle's worthless son, my Xnephew got the shot.  First round Moderna from our understanding.  18 year old male, no real health issues but a minor bout of childhood asthma that he recovered from.  Got round #1, and 3 days later?

Full on no-shit fucking heart attack

At Age 18

Intensive care for 3 days.
"We have no idea what could have caused this!" said the fucking worthless croakers attending
Kid is still fucked up, and still got the second shot 
Man, I'm thinking more and more the divorce saved me in more ways than one
Spawn -was- under some insane pressure to get the shot
I hooked him up today with my own 'special remedy'
Homebrew is sooooo much 'tastier' so to speak
Spawn went to visit his cousin, and said he looks like hell
Damned right he should, as MY heart attack when I was 26 damned near wasted me.
(Drugs, partying and drinking caught up... what can I say?)
But 18?
No history of heart trouble on either side of the fam, personal nor family?
That's one right there that's a confirmed vax related effect

Do. Not. Care. what bullshit the croakers talk about.

I may not like the fucker, but damned son, a fucking heart attack at 18, with alllllll the side effects, to include myocardial inflammation after, an irregular EKG and now, they're talking possible pacemaker? 

At fucking 18?

Now, since my Xbrotherinlaw FaggotMan doesn't have any balls, I know if that shit had happened to Spawn?  OMFG... Lawsuits, you name it, all legal routes to be explored, and if all fail?  Institute Mark One Mod One Payback on the people responsible.  Sort of like how I am currently vis-a-vis Spawn #2, and the docs who fucked her head up.  The ones who scripted her the meds for her 'transition'?  I'm doing LOTS of research.

Hey there... I'm looking for you.  
I will find you eventually
Jes' Sayin' 
No more, no less
"That's all I got to say about that."
Forrest Gump

But yeah... That's about it, besides the hairscut, I'm doing well, and will continue the rage and hate as we go
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Home Prices and Wow!

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
So, Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter here, up early on a Saturday Morn... Wifey has a gig and had to be up early for a couple of folks who need haircuts.  So, unfortunately for me, I end up getting up with her on the day I'd much rather sleep in.  Meh.  Not like I'm not doing anything today.  Spawn and I are doing brunch, so that oughta be fun.

So, yesterday I was 'at work' i.e. doing the "I pretend to work, they pretend to pay me" thing from home.  I do have to say that since I got put on outbound calls, meaning I'm calling providers to schedule medical appointments for people, I have scads of 'free time' whereas when I was on inbound, I had to stand by and suffer the whims of 'how many assholes are going to call in a row?' sort of thing.  Those of you who've done call center work feel me on that.  Doing outbound, I know that management expects 5 minute call per failed appointment, and about a 8-10 minute call for a successful appointment.  

Me? 1 minute-2 minute for a fail, 3.5-4 minutes for setting one up.

So, as long as I stay slightly ahead of the curve, I can get meselves 20-30 minutes worth of typing time with y'all at any given moment.  I lern't trick that back in the Army... I was new, and given an assignment to sweep, mop and buffer the HQ.  Me being me, and clueless at the time, went down and knocked it out.  I went back after about 2 hours and told the Corporal I was done... he was like "No dumbass... it takes 6 to 7 hours to do it right.  You dig me?  Go 'do it again' and don't let me see you for at least another 4-5 hours, then I'll follow up and see that it's done."
<Lightbulb Moment> "Ahhhh Gotcha Corporal!"

Front to Rear, Disappear.

We spent the next 5 hours playing I think Nintendo 64, and then he inspected the A.O.
I learned a lot from that man.
Really funny, that Corporal went on to being a famous Green Beret Legend...  won't say his name but he retired a Major? Light Colonel? and is well known in Spec-Ops, and has been on TV doing a LOT of 'famous people' freefall jumping.  I went from being his most worthless private who he thought would never last to being a well known and respected Contractor, who because of his lessons, probably kept me alive quite a few times...
So, work yesterday I get a -ping- of a text message on my cell phone.  Checked it out and it was from Opendoor
Now, back at the beginning of Ye Olde Divorce, I was into the idea of ditching the house outright.  That was before I 'won' the divorce mind you.  I was looking for a quick cash-out and bail.  I checked the 'keep me updated' box as I wanted to see how the market has progressed, and I mean what the hell?  Why not.  When Xwife bought this place, we literally, by my line-of-thinking, we got royally screwed.  And that was before I knew that the market was waaay overinflated.  She bought in May of 2005, the very height of overpriced McMansions in Florida.


Let me tell ya, I fought for this motherfucker over the years.
Beat Two Foreclosures, mostly thanks to MomUnit and FedBro
Kept it up and running despite like no liquidity Begged, borrowed, stole.
Whatever it took.
The worst was in 2007-9 when the market completely collapsed.
I was underwater by 100K.  I mean it was a realistic housing correction to the actual real value of the house... this's a nice place.  $145K is reasonable in a sane market and sane world.
But it ain't.
Not anymore.
I apparently back in March signed up for text alerts.  So back on March 25th, I got the following:

"Hey Big Country, based on recent trends, 
Your new preliminary offer for XXaddressXX
has been updated to $300,500.00
Please click here to view the details"

Ok... so that wasn't completely unexpected.  Zillow at the time was saying it was worth about $240K, and that's based on taxes, other sales and whatever.  Still, a sight more than I expected.  Now, cut to about a week later, April 3rd:

"Hey Big Country, based on recent trends, 
Your new preliminary offer for XXaddressXX
has been updated to $300,800.00
Please click here to view the details"

Huh... a $300 gain in 8 days... that was telling, but not unexpected as I had told y'all, Serbian War Criminal's crib went on the market and blew like an overcharged light-bulb.  I mean damn.  So... I told Wifey and joked about "If it hits $325 to $350, we're selling and bailing."  I'd be looking at a $200K profit after everything is done...  So, I get pinged yesterday, and I get:

"Hey Big Country, based on recent trends, 
Your new preliminary offer for XXaddressXX
has been updated to $310,000.00
Please click here to view the details"

Holy. Shit.

I did the math.  That's an average daily gain in value of $262.00 a day.

And that's "Fuck y'all, cut me a check" and walk away money.  No fixing it up, no showing, no hassle, all closing costs and whatnot handled.  Sign on the dotted line, name the move-out date, don't let the place burn to the ground, pack yo shit and fuck yo couch, collect the check and Hasta la Vista baby.  Which, in itself is telling.  It probably means I could market it traditionally, go through the rigmarole, and make even MOR.

But, as Wifey has said "Where're we going to go?"
Until her 'Rents are gone, we have to stay in the A.O., and I'm not going to do the Apartment dweller thing... no how, no way.  In fact, I've decided to sit pretty so to speak.  I know the A.O., All my plans are in place defensively, I know 80% of the neighbors, and if shit goes sideways, we should be good.  I mean I got range cards for the whole A.O. based on a to-be-built snipers nest on the roof.  Dead space marked and everything.  And mainly, these prices and daily gains?

Oh man, tell me we aren't in trouble.  Go ahead, Lie to me.  
The economy is about to shit.  No fucking question.  
The Big One
No doubt now.
When a moron and maroon like me can see the economic downturn that's ahead, and understanding that shit is about to 'get real', the last thing I want to do is be oot and aboot with a pile of soon-to-be Worthless Weimar Bux.  

I mean hells bells, some court just overturned the CDC ruling of "Can't throw the bums out for not paying rent", which means there's about to be a couple of major crises busting out.
1)  The courts, already overtaxed/overworked, are about to be flooded with Landlords demanding A) back rent and B) get the fuck out now.
2)  The people who've been taking advantage of the situation are going to be homeless.  Period dot.  Now, lots of them are legitimately financially burdened... BUT, as far as I'm concerned, there literally ain't no reason that you should be unemployed right now.  My job is a remote work-from-home call center gig, and most of my co-workers are all newbies to the game.  First gig people, still in school, or at least -were- til Rona.  90% of the 'unemployed' have stayed that way, as it was more profitable to NOT work, hence why
3)  The states are starting to cut off the 'extra unemployment subsidy'.  No more making more to stay home than to be a honest hardworking contributing citizen.  No more free bux from Uncle Sugar and go back to work you parasites.

So, look for FedGov to step in and start Stimulus #4 shortly.  Seeings that they're intending on just continually printing, we're about less than a year from full on Weimar and allll the fun and games that goes with it.
Gas is already up like .80 cents locally... not too bad, but considering the stories from other areas we've gotten off light.  Especially in the west.  Add on the complete lack of lumber, and the climbing prices... hoo boy... shades of the Chinese drywall days... I was really lucky in that debacle... No poison drywall in this place... the neighborhood over from me?  Toxic Avenger level shit.

Climbing food prices, along with a general slowdown in just about everything, debts now being called in all over, people about to be manhandled into the streets?  Packs of AntiFa re-re's running around without consequence?  Cops either not caring, not doing, and or not bothering?  
Add on, from MY perspective that it's supposed to be a killer hot summer?  Poore Richard's Almanac is a pretty good gauge as to what to expect weather wise. It in part said: "Summer will be hotter than normal, with the hottest periods in late July and mid-August. Rainfall will be below normal in the east and above normal in the west. September and October will be warmer than normal, with below-normal precipitation."  Here we ain't had no rain comparatively to what we -should- have... "Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun."

Gonna be a lot of the first this summer methinks Aye?

So, hunker down.
Keep stockpiling.  CostCo awaits today
Head on a swivel
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, May 7, 2021

Friday and Branch Covidians

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, made it to Friday.  Not too bad a week as far as weeks go.  The AC is still fritzing, which means I need to figure out 'what's next?'.  The switch was replaced, and everything -seems- to be in order.  I think I'm going to take advantage of one of those "We clean and service you for $100" and not sign on for the regular maintenance plan.  Probably the best move as I honestly cannot remember the last time the vent system was purged/cleaned.  If ever even.

Lots of good commentary on the past few blog poasts.  I appreciate it.  
Other things, Oddball things.
The other day I found something that by all rights should have 'disappeared' over the years.  Completely random but right outside of the bathroom, on the tiled floor I saw -something- laying there.  I'm pretty OCD about 'shit on the floor' and fastidious by nature, so I was like thinking it was a GranBebe missed toy... itty-bitty thing...
That's my Roshan Cell Phone chip from Afghanistan.  
From 2013
Where in the hell it came from I have no idea.  I was pretty sure I did my usual bend/shred/destroy when I left country for the last time.  I did that with ALL my chips so as to make sure there was no evidence yannow?  Seeings replacing them was like $7-$10 USD, it paid to keep the numbers shifting around so's not to be tracked easily.  
Wifey said it's a sign from the dead trying to communicate.
No idea here, just really really weirdsville man.
Even weirder was then I found my old cell phone, which back then was state-of-the-art in 2006.
Yeah, thats a 7.62mm next to it for size comparison.  Back before there were smahtfons.   For a while I had the Motorola Razor, which was cool as hell for a flip phone, but it wasn't resilient enough for the Iraqi/Afghan side of the house.  If you notice, the keypad is in both Arabic and English.  Pretty cool IMO.
The -other- weird thing is after I threw the charger onto it, is that it got a full charge.  Its still capable of working I think.  Smarter folks might be able to tell me, but it's a GSM (euro/asia) Cell Network capable... I'm pretty sure it won't ping on our stateside networks.. Especially since we've gone 3G/4G/5G or whatever.  But yeah, that was back when 'smaller = better' for cell phones.  Nowadays people are carrying around a pound-and-a-half fucking brick.  Hell, I'm guilty of that too.

So, besides 'blips' in the Matrix, things are still totally weird out there today.  Politics being stupid, and the accelerationist movement is still ongoing.  For whatever reason, there's a hint of desperation in the Powers That Be to have everyone get the vaxx.  I've never seen a push like this ever.  So many attempts to bribe, coerce, and out-and-out incentivizing people into getting the shot.

New York is almost creating a two-tiered system.  The Vaxxed and Unclean.

Branch Covidians INDEED

Amazing how the Climate Change Folks became 'converts' to the Cult of Covid. Just goes to show how softheaded soooo many folks are out there. I mean wow. Cuomo the Killer actually said ""if you're vaccinated that's one category, you're unvaccinated, that's another category."

Vaxxed kids are cool, Unclean, get in the boxcars.

They're also trying to make a societal-pressure cooker metaphorically speaking.  Humans are herd animals.  We, in our lizard brains, WANT to be part of the 'club'... we want to be the "cool kids" or at least hang with them.  They're cool man... Of course, the Elites know this, and are using that to make it seem 'cool' and 'hip' to be a Vaxxed Cool Kid...  I mean look at the bullshit they're pushing... Beach Parties in Jersey Shore, get vaxxed, get a VIP card for the summer... Free beer for card-carrying cool kids... I mean damn.

Then the other side of it, is the familial pressure movement.  Friends and family getting the shot, and then look at you like you're insane for not wanting it... MomUnit got hers, and she still won't allow visitors... She won't even let flowers be delivered for mother's day...   Even after telling her yeah, I got mine.  Whatever.  Eventually, someone is going to pay for this shit...  
Jes' Sayin'

So, when all else fails to do the trick, the next move is to 'shame and blame'  When incentives (bribes) and rules (get the shot or you can't do "X") don't work, they're going for paternalism... "Father Knows Best" and "Listen to your Mother".  And that particular one can work quite well unfortunately.  Especially among tight-knit family.

Problem is still the very fact that we still don't have any real idea as to the long term effects of this stuff really is.  They can 'pontificate' as to the 'science' but man, this's the same type of people that 60 years ago ran the Tabacco Institute.  Now, for those not in the know, the Tobacco Institute could be considered the progenitor of Bullshit ¡Science!

The Tobacco Institute was a quasi-scientific group that from 1958 til 1998 ran articles and ads essentially saying that smoking was good for you.  It was, at the time, the Best ¡Science! money could buy.  And ever since the "Climate Change ¡Science! for Fun and Prizes" became the norm, just about any and all Quote ¡Scientific Studies! Unquote are now highly suspect. 

I mean look at the Advertisements back in the 1950's/60's, the Don Draper era, the ads were blatant in their hypocrisy:
Any fucking wonder why we can't trust them at all?

I mean really?

Just 30 years ago they were still in business, selling and promoting the idea that second hand smoke wasn't bad for you, that it was a myth that cigarettes caused cancer and all the other horseshit that went along with it.  Grifters and Small time compared to the current crop of "Pro Vaxxers" and Herr Doktor Faux-Fauci...
This time they (the Pharmaceutical Companies) have the full weight of the DotGov on board, and a blanket pardon for any side effects that may or may not happen.  I mean realistically, we've only had the Jab up and Operational since December... that ain't even 6 months. Not near long enough to have any quantifiable data vis-a-vis deaths from it, or side effects.  I mean there's a lot of misinformation out there.  Way too much, but anecdotally, the one that -does- stick out in my mind was that Nurse who got the jab, collapsed on camera, and has never actually been seen in person again.  Lots of theories, but the fact that under her maiden name, -someone- was taken to the home town of record, and quietly cremated and then buried.  Her Instagram went silent permanently at the same timeframe.

THAT to me sez she's a deader.  Ain't no-way no-how is a Female Attention Slore going to suddenly stop Instawhoring for attention... especially since she was apparently prodigious in her day-to-day poastings.  The Hamster Must Be Fed, and in this case?  It's a strong indicator said-nurse is doing the dirt nap, and that her family paid off to be complicit as hell.

Anyone who tells me to "Trust the ¡Science!" can blow it out your ass.

And believe me I most certainly NOT an anti-vaxxer.  One does NOT travel to the places I've been and the various cesspools and cesspits of the African and Middle Eastern flavor and varieties and NOT be a HUUUUGE believer in Vaccination.  In fact the trip to Affy? 

Hoo Boy.  You want to talk about some seriously weird looks from the County Health Officials?

My local doc-in-the-box couldn't get the prerequisite vaxxes that I needed for pre-deploy.  I mean I suppose I could have waited to get them at CRC, but that's the rub.  I'm not sure -what- kickbacks they got going on, but when you're doing the MEDAC pre-deploy and a civilian, YOU have to get your own shots.  As in the DotMil will NOT supply the shot to you.  Nonono... they have it so that after everyone in your group go through, they segregate the people who need shots, pile you all on a bus, and take you to a clinic that juuuust so happens to have all these exotic and not-normal vaxxes on hand.  And it's a cash-and-carry thing... Pay up now, or no deployment.  They have you over a barrel so to speak, and man, it can run you a ton of shekels if it's your first time.  My first time hit me for over $350.  

So, after the first case of vax-cash-rape, I lern't that the County, if given enough notification, can get all them weird assed exotic locale vaxxes.  And the nominal fee is like $20 for the whole shooting match.  The drawback is that our County Health clinic is a very colorful and diverse location, and was overrun with diseased illegals, as it -is- the free clinic so to speak.  When I showed up I stuck out like a neon sign... a white drop of paint in a brown bucket.  Then when I went to get the shots, the woman giving them was all like "Where in the hell are you going?  In 30 years of doing this, I've never shot someone with all of this stuff."  

Needless to say, I'm pretty sure I was immune from the clap, drip, and maybe even the Herpaghonnasyphilaids for quite a spell... I know I didn't get sick for at least two years after...
Either way, ALL those shots?  Nuthin' there that was 'experimental'

So, needless to say, anytime a group of folks keep trying to do something that is untested, unproven, and in fact may be fatal and the people who made it are completely absolved from responsibility for it?  Nope.. nichts....nada... No way Jose.
Hard Pass.
I suppose it's up to the individual, but hey, be true to yourself.
I've always marched to the beat of my own drummer
Best You Do The Same.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Thursday, May 6, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
The AC, which I thought was fixed, is back to being asshole! on me.  Ugh. $160 worth of repairs (a switch was bad) and it -was- good for a bit.  Now it's acting up again.  So, anyways.  Got the mail today and lo and behold, Mother Russia sent me my PSO-6 today.
Now, as expected a very resilient? scope... no lightweight here.  Thing is massive and heavy.  Steel tube if I'm not mistaken on it.  I'd seriously feel comfortable using it as a club to beat someone to death with it...  Now, my only minor bitch is it isn't AA powered, but the CR2032 button powered battery.  Minor complaint as damned near every lit reticule scope outside of Aimpoint and Trijicon are CR2032 powered.
It came with a woodland camo velcro-on-it sleeve for a cover.  Not bad... Also a nice handwritten thank you note was included, along with the paperwork... 
Said paperwork does not include an English translation.  Thankfully scopes and the running of said-scopes is pretty universal, so no need per se for a translation.  Worse comes to worse, I got Serbian War Criminal here til the end of the month to assist with translating, as he's multi-lingual like that.

Now, part of the work up on this was I had to strip off the sights and stuff from the top rail of the AR-10.  The foldable rear sights are just too high, even when folded.  The handle I put on, a FN-FAL style Samsonite folding carry handle also was too large for such a short mount.  The scope sits very close to the receiver.   
Very little clearance in there.  The eye relief at least allowed me to keep it on the receiver rail, without having to worry about an overlap onto the front rail.
The Quick Detach is really nice too.  Seriously adjustable.  Tightened up nicely to grab on solidly.
Firmly locked in place.
I couldn't get a down the scope view on the camera, but the reticle is clear as a bell, and lights up nicely.  Once the neighbors are in bed, I'll calibrate it and do a baseline Zero with my laser boresight.  That should about dial it in.
Overall, provided it performs like the one I had on my SVD, I'll be exceptionally pleased.
It'll be interesting to say the least.
A fair kit for the price I'd say if it does.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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