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Thursday, December 10, 2020

WOW HUGE if True

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Just got breaking news in.
Apparently strange things are afoot
Mainly, (and Phil covered part of this a waaays back) But the CIA has been cut dead by the DoD as of 5 January.  Article is HERE

Now, having played support puke to a bunch of these guys and been around in and about, I can sing a tune and dance a lil sidestep so to speak...

This's an "Earth Shattering KA-Boom" vis-a-vis the CIA.
See... the Christians in Action have always had their own paramilitaries... lots are known about the past ones... hell, they started as the OSS (Office of Strategic Services back in Dubya Dubya Dos...) and then you had 'em allllll over the place and playin games in Nam, with Operation Phoenix being one of 'em, and then well into these days... In fact it's a rumor that the "Action Elements" either played a role or helped plan the Kennedy Assassination...

Nowadays, there's a LOT of these guys runnin' 'round... Johnnie Spann who I mentioned who got kil't by the Taliban Boys and Walker "Boy Taliban" (why is he still alive?) as a "paramilitary contractor"
for the CIA.  Now...

They go by different names, one of them Being Army of Northern Virginia (cute huh?) and a dozen other group names.  "Punishers" yadda yadda... mostly macho bullshit.  BUT

Those guys for the most part are "former" SPECOPS kids who "go over to the dark side" as we call it.  They "Retire on Active Duty" and transfer to the CIA... We called it "goin' ROAD" with the Christians.

Sometimes, depending on how 'deep and dark' they're going, they may even get kil't in a 'chopper crash' or an 'accident, body nonrecoverable.'  New ID, New Life as a gunsel for hire for the CIA.

Those are the source and basis of the Jason Bourne stories, and yeah, they have done it IRL.

But as Phil poasted back a few weeks ago, the DoD said nichts and nein to anymore personnel support.  No more bodies, no more direct support.  And now, as of today

No. Support. Period. Fuckin'. Dot.

No choppers, no logistics no nuthin'
And trust me, that's a very BIG FUCKIN DEAL
It means ZERO support from ANY Department of Defense Elements
Prolly means they're fucked on the Paramilitary side, 'cos the CIA as far as I know ain't got no budgetary line Items for no MH-47 Chinooks or MH-60s either... 
Those toys are BIG Cost and training and people to operate 'em?
ALL DoD...
They pretty much a few weeks ago got the legs cut out from underneath 'em
This's a throat cut.  A DEEP one.
So, More Later, Hadda put this out quick to scoop
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Wonder if the military is doing this because they think Biden is going to win, or because they think he's going to lose?

    1. Well OMB just cleared out like all the higher civilian command and control, so it's all 'new guys' in there, and -possibly- Trumps people, so methinks you don't replace the entire CoC if yer leaving... leastways replacing them with competent folks... now... if Biden won? And I was in charge? I'da packed the place with a bunch of literal retards and mental cases...

    2. That or put the WHOLE of the DoD under the command of an twice divorced E-4 with a drinking problem and issues with authority LMAO

    3. Where do I apply big guy? Hahahaha!

  2. Heh, nice to know I'm ahead of the curve sometimes. You are so very correct about this though, this is a HUGE BOOM.
    The cocksuckers just got sat down on an ice floe and pushed out to sea.
    JFK wanted to do it, Trump said he would and just did.

    1. Yep... wondering now if'n he'll get a haircut like JFK did... oyu know, 'lil off da top'

  3. it won't hurt long. they have enough off the books sidelines to pay for it until the funding can get thru channels from soros et al. yeah, trump better start wearing a helmet too. plenty of leftard nutjobs for the cia to sacrifice. but its a step in the right direction at least. now to defund the fbi. personally i think the country would benefit by moving the seat of govt to an empty field in kansas. no lobbyists/chinese allowed. seabee huts for congress, army mess, three months a year for a small stipend n back home to their real jobs. term limits n no insider trading. go a long way to cutting the corruption.

    1. re:
      inside traders

      I vaguely recall The Honorable Diane Finestine and Schumer and several others of TheTribe caught pulling some shenanigans at the start of 'this phase of this Economic Lock-Down':
      * Airline stocks dumped,
      * Hotel chains dis-invested,
      * Cruise-ship corporations evaporated.
      That sort of thing.

      I vaguely recall re-arranging my list, gold stars next to certain names/positions.