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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Well THATS a Bad Start

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems we're starting to get reports back from Jolly Olde England...that country we kicked the shit out of over a 2 cent tea tax?  Yeah, them guys.  Well, it's been 3 days into their "Neener-Neener! We got the vaccine first!" proclamation.  Specifically the Pfizer COVID vaccine.  So far?  Upwards of 6 confirmed -dead- and multiple cases of anaphylactic shock.
Like I said...
Better anyone else be the guinea pigs.  Especially in light of all the exemptions that have been flying around as of late.  Particularly the ones on any sort of BIPOC or as I like to say "the violent savages"... seems Cornell is telling their pet monkeys they don't have to get the jab due to 'rayciiiiiism' in the past...  Me?  Personally after some of the shit I've read, they -know- this jab has 'alternate' uses... and they have a targeted audience...

Where have I heard that before?  
Ah yes
See, besides a LOT of 'the usual conspiracy bullshit' out there, there have been enough questions raised on this anti-bug juice they want to shoot into us...
AND make mandatory
That's being pushed by people who have FOR REAL pushed an agenda of Population Control... yeah, I'm talking to you Bill Gates you fucking geek. 
In fact that's part of the issue... Mister "I spent High School facedown in  a garbage can" Gates.  Pretty sure that he's got a serious axe to grind.  I know I did, and still do.  See... I wasn't always BIG.  For a while I was short n'fat and mouthy like a motherfucker.  Got bullied and picked on a lot until it was payback time.
Gates never got big.  He just got rich and powerful

Wouldn't doubt if waaaaaaaaaaay deep in the back of his mind that bullied kid didn't want to kill off the majority of Humanity.  I mean for all his 'supposed philanthropy' I haven't actually seen any of it.  Lotsa press releases, but when you actually hear about his stuff, it's usually about his group, the Gates Foundation doing vaccinations in Africa (a great place to do medical experiments mind you) where usually, later, we hear about mass sterilizations and death, and nothing after the fact.
I mean file under the "Cover Up Much?"
And now?  He's been -everywhere- pushing a vaccination thats by all account, been rushed through testing.  I mean c'mon... I'm sure even Aesop has reservations about this bullshit amiright?

Got no issue with real foundational science but considering how bad the current 'hype' is, and here we have science and sheeeeee-it being turned into a Social Justice Wasteland with fucking niggers, (and yeah, its the proper term... ignorant motherfuckers) screaming how 2+2=4 is rayciiist and sheee-it... mainly because most of them are too fucking stupid to add.

Not my circus
Definitely not my motherfucking monkeys
Mine would be hard at work in the fields
Jes' sayin'
So, nope.  No fuucking 'vaccine-of-questionable-sourcing' in my future.

Hells to the No.
And on other news, I'll be hitting up how Rep. (for Reprehensible) Eric Swallows-well from California is now saying that it's Trump's fault he tripped and had his teeny-tiny pathetic putz of a shwanz fall into a Chink Honey Trap name of "Fang Fang"... man... dunno 'bout you, but I'd never fuck a broad with the word "fang" in it, no where, no time, evvvvvvar!!!!  

Man... what the fuck are these pathetic fuckwits going to do when they don't have Trump to kick around anymore?
Oh yeah, thats right... they won't have to worry about that
Because we're going to shoot them all when the time is right.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. As the vaccine death toll mounts, expect the media to start calling it the "Trump Vaccine".

  2. Say when. I have a deer this year so I am up on trigger time and freezer is full. even if I have to leave to relocate.

  3. Show of hands... how many remember Stalwell threatening firearms owners with nuclear weapons?

    He never said the bombs were American bombs.


    'face-down in a garbage can'

    Or stuffed in a locker by sexually-frustrated chess-club members.


    Around the corner from us is a Southern Methodist church.

    I swing by occasionally for the animated singing.
    The congregation is all Black© all the time.
    We have a great time!

    They hate 'niggers'.
    They discuss shooting 'niggers', bombing their 'nigger' earth-quake cars, and generally ethnic-cleansing 'the Black© community' of dope-fiends and sluts of the 'nigger persuasion'.

    Decent Black© folk hate 'niggers'.

    1. Chris Rock: "You ain't got -bars- on yer window 'cause yer worried whitey gon come steal yor 12 in B&W TV aincha? Nawwww. thats Niggas!!!!"
      Ask the black guys in my unit(s) bout that... they're even harsher than I am
      Sort of like the legal Mexicans about the illegals...
      Absolutely RUTHLESS

    2. "They come in all colors" my grandpa used to say from time to time.

  4. Of course I have reservations. (Whether I'll have any choice remains an open question.)
    If we're going to use live beta-testers, start with the aged, on utilitarian grounds.

    If there's a problem, they've lived a life.
    If not, you knock the death rate to nothing overnight.