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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

They Thirst for Death

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
WRSA often posted pictures of dead Elephants with the quote "They Thirst for Death" about the republiCan't party.  In this case, the near-suicidal issue is more a DemoncRat thing now.
Seems this jig:

Cynthia Johnson (appropriate her last name is a stand in for 'dick') called for 'soldiers' to 'rise up' and something something... hard to tell... Ebonics and all that...  The link is HERE  Apparently she lost her re-election (suprise!) in Michican't.  Sour grapes apparently.  Also, blatantly stupid.

And that right there, when I'm asked my my 'normie' neighbors "just why are you testing and building flamethrowers in your back yard?" I point out lil things like this to explain it.

"Oh, she's just being dramatic."

Nope... no she ain't
And why should I chance it?  I've even pointed out that so far I haven't held it against them that they voted for a senile, Chinese-owned, more-than-likely-child raping kidsniffer.


Amazing how they start getting nervous when I ask them if they like the reverse of the idea... that I need to start killing and harassing Biden voters for the way they voted.  Puts the onus back on them.  Suddenly it's all sherry and skittles and "We're cool right?"
Oh no, I'm just gonna be dramatic right back at ya.
Civilize 'em with a Krag as they used to say


See, I'm lucky.  The local-locals know I'm a righteous dood, but slightly off
Well, ok, completely bug-fuckin' nuts
But still, the cachet of being known as the local Merc/Combat Vet lunatic Flammenwerfer manufacturer keeps me relatively safe.  That being said, I do think the house has been being cased again... evidence from the other night shows that -someone- was peeking and creeping on the porch.

Methinks it might be the local cat burglar... we got an email alert about it.
So, might be time to lay some concertina
Jes Sayin'
For grins n giggles
I can only imagine finding the local burglar wrapped up in razor wire on the lanai...

"Sapper, get the shovel..."

But as a few other folks have been pointing out, even other country's commentators like John Paul Watson, the lil flamer from InfoWars has commented on asking just how fucking stupid are the libtards?

Answer: Jesus, do you -have to ask?-
They've been indoctrinated now for like 30-40 years by a bunch of cowardly can't cunt teachers who's theoretical VAST intelligence and Marxism that their way is righteous and correct and that they are virtuous and good.
And the the rest of us?
Rayyyycisst and sheeeeit

You get the picture.
We're currently at #7, Preparation.
Stages 1 through 6 are already either done, or in progress as well

They're openly calling for #8, Persecution... 
Which is really odd because theoretically, in their own claims they won.

Why would you keep pushing if, in fact you won?
Which tells me that they know they didn't.

They -might- be able to get #8's ball rolling so to speak, but I think, personally that the Blue Hair Zir/Zer Brigades aren't quite up to #9, Extermination done.  Call it a hunch.

In fact, methinks it's gonna backfire

Can't wait.  
Been since 2006 since I serviced a proper target

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
Shamelessly Stolen from WRSA


  1. "but I think, personally that the Blue Hair Zir/Zer Brigades aren't quite up to #9, Extermination done. Call it a hunch."

    History says otherwise. The one thing that communists are really, really good it as mass murder, and yes, a lot of it is done by types who didn't exactly seem like the hardest of men. The bios on some of their most prolific killers reads like the cast notes for the understudies from an off-off-Broadway interpretive dance troupe, and yet...

  2. LOL! Apparently she jumped the gun on her call to arms, and her DNC overlords just smacked her down. Can't have them showing their hand to the Deplorables too early... oh wait, too late!

    "Threats to Democrats or Republicans are unacceptable and un-American. They’re even more unbecoming of an elected official. Rep. CA Johnson has been stripped of her committees and we’re looking into further disciplinary action as the proper authorities conduct their investigation."

    As for what Jimmy's saying, yep, the Commie Kids definitely got the taste for it. I heard some Commie Edgelord at a party in Maryland a few years back talking about how he can't wait to "jump tanks over Kulaks". What they don't have much stomach for is a hard fight against a trained, determined opponent... which is why they don't burn down cities where the police ain't being ordered to stand down by the mayors. If we ever lay down our arms, we're toast.

    Stumbled across a GREAT post (in five parts) breaking down the history of Commie revolutions (and the reprisals and mass murder that followed) a few weeks ago - link is here for those who are interested, worth a read.

    "Once you are told to turn around and put your hands behind your back it will be too late. You will be lead politely into the vehicle. Then as door after door closes behind you, you will discover yourself in a position of disadvantage and you will be killed. It will happen and you won’t be aware of it until it is too late. Do you think this fellow was anticipating being killed the morning when he put on his shoes?"

    1. yeah, there's a video on youtube that depicts the communist massacre of the entire polish army right after they helped the soviets gain power. its sad but powerful stuff from a first hand account. they summoned the highest ranking in like they wanted to have a chat. when they got there they were politely ushered into a bunker, quickly disarmed then shoved into a room with others and ordered to disrobe. then one by one they were shot, drug out the back door and stacked like cord wood on a truck. the lower ranks were marched out to the woods en mass and machine gunned. thats what will happen to the military after they help them. and veterans. commies gotta commie.

  3. Hey, She's the one who released her puppies of pissing, so it's OUR turn to let slip the Dogs of War.


  5. Hi..tried to donate.. PayPal just shuts me out.. perhaps you need another option

  6. you're thinking too short term like most of us that believe in facing and fixing a problem quickly. they have been at this game since at least 1920. they think in decades. you'll be long dead before they go for 8 after years of softening the target, our children, and gun confiscation. they're already well into it. we're the last generation that knows what freedom is supposed to be. the plan is to grind us down slowly but to our advantage this generation of commies is inpatient and needs instant gratification. hopefully it will be their undoing.