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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The New Stupid and No Consequences

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Ever notice how -no one- outside of those on 'the wrong side' ever pay a price for the stupid?
Case in point
Jimmy "Nigger" Galligan
Need to start calling him "Nigger Gilligan"
This kid... OMFG.... literally... I saw red when I saw what he'd done.
He's destroyed an 18 year old girls dreams...

Over a 3 second vidya shot over 3 years ago

This malignant fucking twerp
Now... IF this had been my lil girl?
All I can say, it'd been a closed casket, or a weighted one
No body = No crime
And I'll never talk

Too bad her dad is a sackless fucktard.

Seems people like Nigger Gilligan and his ilk can't hep theyselves
Even though he's a self-hating Oreo half breed

Who, BTW, make sure you keep spreading his name... don't want him OR the (((Levin-Creature))) from the Black New York Slimes getting away with this.  Too bad I'm healthy or I'd be thinking "Killdozer" on the Time Orifice downtown.  Someone's gonna have to take the first step eventually.

But therein lies the problem.  
Too many people getting away with too much shit

For too long

And NOT paying for it, either at the right-then-and-there or the after-the-fact
Too long we've let the "Stupid" run around loose, fucking up our and, well, hell everyone's life
Ever notice that once -someone- leaves dot-gov service, all that special protection goes away?

That as "John-Or-Jane Q Public" there's no longer any special circumstances or charges if you were to say, run them over by accident with a truck, or drop a cement mixer on them?  No longer being part of the Club means easier access to them

Which means "accounts past due" should look at being settled  

This ain't a FedPoast
Jes' Sayin'
'Cos when they leave the club, so do all the bodyguards

Unless they can personally afford them
And good guards are hard to find at minimum wage
Ask me how I know 

Case in point, even when I was employed as a "Anti-Terrorism Officer", the pay was a shitty $10.25 an hour guarding critical power infrastructure in the Florida Regions

Power Plants
Power Transfer Points
Nuke stuff
Critical Shit

Tell ya what... if Al Queda showed up back then?  At that pay rate all I would have wanted is a little warning to get out of the blast zone.  Mainly because the job definitely didn't pay enough to go all "Supafly" on their ass.  If they offered me a $50 spot, I'd have more than likely opened the fucking gate for them.


Ain't no such thing when you treat people, who you desperately depend on, like shit.

Case in point, without naming names, the Power Company I was contracted to, they paid some outrageous bonus to the company as a "Thank You" for watching over and out for them.  Told the "Higher-Higher" to give a nice Christmas Bonus to us all.

Higher-Higher went out, and bought custom Harley Davidsons for the Command Staff

Fuck the Line Troops

One of  the Leadershit, which couldn't legally carry a gun due to a felony domestic assault case

After that?
Bad guys show up?  
Apres' Vu...
Allow me to get out of your way.
Have at it boys... enjoy the show... I'll be over here with the popcorn.

Which is my point
Most of the fools guarding these folks?

They could give a rats ass about the primary.
Keep it in mind
The guards are only as good as the money they're paid.

Mercs gotta Merc
Ask me how I know

Part of it too, is to the "Hoighty-Toity" out there, a gunsel is a gunsel, is a gunsel.
Slinging and gunning, leastways to the Zuckerborgs and Dorseys out there?  We're all mindless gunbunnies.  Now, granted, the Head of Security or even their team is going to get them quality teams.  Don't not expect it... I mean I'm pretty sure Zuckfuck told whoever is in charge of his day-to-day wellbeing to get "the best of the best" which usually means retired Delta, SEALs and the like.

Big Difference with what can be afforded by has beens and what might have beens
They ain't got first line picks.
Keep it in mind.  A bit of research makes the world go 'round.

In fact, case in point: MomUnit some many years ago, while teaching public school had a kid in her class.  Kid of like an insanely wealthy dude on the Forbes 100 richest.  Kid was like 7.  MomUnit was his elementary school teecha.  Had a bodyguard.  In class.  24-7 apparently.  I came home at one point, and DeadDrDad asked me to go down to the school to talk to dude... feel him out.  Guy wouldn't say shit, didn't say shit.  Just sort of "hulked" at the back of class... was nervous-making for MomUnit.
Figured since HE (DadUnit) couldn't get dood to talk, 

Mebbe a "like minded individual" Aye? 

Went down, explained the sit-rep.  "Dude, making MY mom nervous... don't care how bad ass you are, spill.  Have TS-SCI and you can tell ME else you're gone and the kid with the blessing of the School Superintendent.  Won't tell anyone... you either get a 'thumbs up' from me, or 'thumbs down'... yer choice and I dig your position either way."
Former Delta
Former CIA
Still Current Badass
Politically Wired to a fair-thee-well
Got the 'thumbs up' when he said that after the principle (the kid) MomUnit was 2nd on list to protect.  Seems the kid really liked MomUnit.  Carried a LOT of firepower too.  Like Holeeee-Christ.  

THIS is first line protection
Not many can afford it.

But, for now, keep it in mind
Lots of "overdue bills" due out there
That're wide open for "collection"

Maybe if we get the "past due" eliminated, we can move on to "current debts"
Much lesser risk involved and good training for up and coming "debt collectors"

Jes' Sayin'
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I would bet money that NG asked the white girl to dance back in middle school and she laughed in his face.

    What is it with security company owners and felonies. I worked for one back in my younger days, they were trying to get a state contract guarding a Nat Guard post. Turns out one of the partners had a felony for trying to fix horse races. Needless to say, they did not get the contract and I soon left their employ.

  2. Hey, that is one good mouskatool. It is odd that security like us is overpaid overseas. Though here in the states, our elites live amongst us, largely unguarded. I know that if I were in the media or law making business these days then I would definitely be willing to pay top dollar for protection. Then again, they have neutered everyone. Look at that St.Louis couple. Their own private security said, "fuck, no". Why would any private security personnel put their neck on the line these days. They know They would hung out to dry pay for people who hate them. And perhaps that is what scares them most. Our elites are becoming more scared the more exposed they are. They do not want people to find out that they are as mediocre as you get. They are worthless.

    Can they lead a patrol? Can they defend a city? Can they build a house? Can they install plumbing? Can they do anything in reality? No, but they can give away the the tax money which those men earn. They can vote raises for themselves. That we earn. They send us to war and then tax us when we come home to feed their mouths. We retire from the military after a lifetime of service fighting the wars they vote for and have to get second jobs while they retire with thirteen houses. Ill shut up for the night, but I am angry.

  3. we need to bring back dueling. i have notice people don't tend to speak or talk shit when it could cost
    them pain or worse, anyway. from the history i have read over the years, people where a lot more polite
    when a wrong word or gesture could bring them a world of pain.
    that's the thing, people don't get punched in the mouth for talking shit like they used too.
    it's all fucking lawyers now, and everything is just great.

  4. Jimmy claims to be "bi-racial".

    Was Jimmy protecting certain folks from hearing 'n-word', that horridly-awful slur?
    He did his protecting by saving a limited-circulation message for several years, then suddenly shared that message publicly with everybody in his circle... including both readers of the new york times newspaperprogramming?

    He saved them from the humiliation by exposing them to the humiliation?

    All of them.

    And the proper word is 'negro'.
    But bi-racial Jimmy is not 'negro'.
    Jimmy is 'mulatto'.

    Sometimes, I get so tired of fixing TheWorldWideWeb!

  5. Hopefully this will wake that girl up, she will get super conscious, get married and have a bunch of White babies. It doesn't matter how much you grovel, they will still hate you for who you are. Might as well hate them right back.

  6. Well...when the party kicks off, I'm sure he'll be a marked boy.

  7. Yo Homey,

    I think you need this $20 tool...Just sayin.

  8. It will get a lot spicier before it goes away. I am working on a medieval catapult. You can get a kit for dimensions on amazon. It will launch a pint jar filled with that mixture some 400 yards. That should keep the horde at bay.

  9. Sooner than later a few politicians and CEOs decorating lamp posts will make a short lived difference. I do not advocate violence, but people are fed up and its coming.

  10. you have a link to the catapult on Amazon?