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Friday, December 11, 2020

The Little Things

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
Details, Details... I swear as they say "the death is in the details."  Fuckin' achy this a.m... Wifey gone so I don't have my 'bunk warmer' on hand so ergo, the sleep?  Not so good.  Meh.  Then, the poast I wrote for this A.M. with Slo Joe aboot economic?  Yeah.  Because I 'interuppted' it so to speak with my CIA Poast, it published under the CIA Poast.

The little annoying 'death by a thousand cuts'

Which is the current political news.
Seems Texas has filed a motion in their own A.O. to secede.
Which is their right.
When they joined the Union waaaay back in the day, they wrote in that with a majority vote, they could bail and the FUSA cain't do sheeee-it about it (in theory).  Reality?  Dunno.  Fort Hood has two full armored divisions.  HEAVY armor.  Main Battle Tank M1A2SEP4 Mods... the baddest tank in the world currently... plus almost all the Army Aviation... AH-64 and whatnot.  Artillery etcetcetc.. you get the idea... 
And if the feds think if Texas packs up that they're giving that shit back?
C'mon  man!
What are you smoking, cause I want some.
Either way, wouldn't blame them.  I can only hope 'breakup fever' reaches as far as Florida.

Then again, worst case?  Spawn #1 was born in Texas.  Got a big ole certificate when he was born there as a Texan First, so he's got birthright citizenship.  If everything goes shitshaped, I'll be doing the 'anchor' thing with him.

Because it's becoming more obvious that "The Plan" the whole time was to race in the psuedo-nig mud Slore.  CNN and well, like everyone has the knives out for Hunter.  Who, IMO is gonna do the 'roman bath thing.'  I.E. suicide.  It's the best way to do it too.  He's dead, so all investigatory shit goes away, Dad retires because he's "shattered" and "destroyed" AND they get the bonus of blaming the media and Trump for "hounding poor old Joe's son to death." PLUS they get the bonus of not having the ugly 25th Amendment 'kick him to the curb' shit go down

Any bets?

I mean I've been wrong before.  But this one... I'm trying to see it through their eyes.  It's all about the optics.  They can't do the 25th unless Joe fights them.  And at this point?  He's gotten all the political checkmarks, got all the monies... lost all his personal marbles.  I'd say the fact that these people sacrifice anyone in their quest, that Joe got no problem offing the loser son to go for the "Bigger Win."

Then he gets to be a martyr.  As well as his crackhead whorebanging son.  Not that that's a bad thing... just doing it while selling out your country, thats what I have a problem with.  I wish I had the money to be that dissolute.
Or maybe I'm just crazy?
Well... ackchually I am
Got the papers to prove it too.

Which, BTW has me a bit nervous what with the potential expansion of Red Flag Laws and gun bans...  Not liking it.  Guess I'ma going deep sea fishing in the next few.  And have some accidents whilst fishing.

Oh well.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
Thanks to Grog for the pic!


  1. It's looking more and more like Texas or bust.

  2. 80% lowers or 3d printing. Get off official paper. Build your own.

    1. And the ATF just raided Poly80 so things are ramping up apparently

  3. Wifey works at a State institution that houses 500 people. Due to ChinkenPox, has had to unload food trucks this week. Twice. HUGE walk-in coolers and freezers are packed TO THE GILLS, as in Tetris-style packing.

    Not normal, figure someones think something's up...

    1. What the normal 'reload' for consumables? Are they expecting more inmates/patients OR are they expecting a slowdown in regular resuplly? Let me know if you can. Logistics win wars

    2. Thing is if you can get it you get it right now. Everyone is stocking up. We just don't have panic buying yet. Maybe folks got smart last go around.

      As far as normal reload... depends but most stuff these days gets weekly. Whatever entity it is.

    3. It's normally one reload every week. Just talked to the Wifey, said it was a double-load on Tuesday and another double-load today.

      It's so jammed up the head cook said there's no room for all the massive amount of frozen chicken in the freezer that he'll have to stick a bunch in the cooler and serve 6 straight days of chicken-meals.

      No new intake on "clients" unless a shit-ton of pedos get out of main population.

      That leaves either a bean-counter saving the state with bulk orders on X-mas sales or someone expecting an interruption in supply.

      I'm filling the freezers this weekend, as my guess...

    4. They still talking about that trucker's strike?

  4. Can just about throw a rock and hit Texas. I too have an anchor as my daughter was born there. Lived there for 25 years. Always liked Texas. Not sure about the armor thing but I have some stuff that would make ya not give a shit either way.

  5. Family settled in Texas in 1835 - at the start of their spiciness. Over the years, they kept moving West as the country got crowded especially when carpetbaggers started moving in after the first Civil War. They were down near Brownsville at the time. My immediate family finally settled in Arizona after homesteading in New Mexico, then moving on.

    There's a county in West Texas named for my great-grandma's family, and I'm told there's a whole mess of them South of the Dallas area. Like me living where my Dad's family settled in New Mexico - got to be careful not to mess around with any cousins on accident.

  6. Yer welcome for the pic, although I didn't create it, that's a Walter Zoomie photo, and actually his bowie knife, also.

  7. I was wrong. There's no voting ourselves out of this.