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Saturday, December 19, 2020

That's It Man, Game Over... We're all Out of Quarters Man.

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Far be it from moi to be considered and optimist OR a pessimist... I'm the "That glass is full of piss, isn't it?" sort of guy.  Word out there is the Army and Joint Chickens of Staff stated publicly
they won't back nor perform any sort of Martial Law nor follow any directives as such from the Commander in Chief.
Last I heard, Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, that's called "knowingly disobeying a lawful order."  They used to shoot critters for that back in the day.

Any bets they'll stand down when The Kidsniffer or the Insane Kneepad Cocksucker order them to go after what-were-formerly-legal gun owners?

Yeah.  Me either.
Add them to the list.
We're gonna need a lot more rope.

I knew it was gonna go this route.  Preeee-dickeded-it.  
Trust in the Plan?
Legal Governing Authority?

We've been having a good old time over on gab.  SilverDeth of The Deth Guild, an old  and respected gamer/pol site asked about insurrection: Who do we, the folks with an axe to grind or those who feel that they need to right a wrong back?  Who do we follow and support?

To which it got lively.  
Not in a name-calling way.  But in an intelligent and fascinating way and process of thought.  I mean yeah, a few "we fight becuz we hate Biden!" or "We luv Orangeman!" but in reality... lots of insightful thought processes.
Me?  I summarized when asked about Trump and his "Crossing the Rubicon" 
Pretty accurate IMO.
Trump is Tweeting to beat the band.
The dot mil just told him GF-DIAF-LOLZ
As I stated on the same thread:

"Do the FREEFOR opt to invest in the system that's done -nothing- for us for the past 30 years but harass, loot and tax out of existence? Agreeing that -some form- of Government IS necessary, do you wish to align with the potential future oppressors, or be Hostile Nonstate Actors who's entirety of scope is to bring death and destruction?"

I mean sheeeeeeee-it...

A) Support Trump and his variation of the dot gov, or 
B) Ignore the Kleptocratic Regime that just took over and try not to get ground up or
C) Go fucking rogue and just start taking out fucking everybody

Me?  We all know my drink-from-the-skulls-of-my-enemies attitude.
Make my indoor decorating fun again
I -want this- for one of the walls in my study... right across from the fireplace...
A nice reading room, leather chair, small bar with a selection of good scotches...
Wifey won't object if she gets to 'bling' a few of 'em.
And as long as Dumbfuck is front-and-centered, she'll be cool with it.

I'm pleased though, pics to follow but I'm finishing up on a long long long running project, my Ghillie suit.  I'm almost done.  Lots of tying knots, cutting and dyeing... fuck man, got callouses built up from fucking with the jute cords.  Like try almost 25 pounds of jute when I'm done.  You know a Ghillie is done right when it's measured by weight and density.

God Help me if I ever try to swim wit this fucker.
And it's hot too.
Gonna be using it methinks.
Be the Gray Man
Head on a Swivel
Ears Open, Mouth Shut
Shoot Shovel Shut Up
Shoot Loot and Scoot
Meatspace Baby
Local Local Local
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. the only right answer for this Rakkasan is

    C) Go fucking rogue and just start taking out fucking everybody

    it's just who i am... "I was born this way" :)


    1. Rakkasan Bro! Stack 'em to the sky

    2. ""Do the FREEFOR opt to invest in the system that's done -nothing- for us for the past 30 years but harass, loot and tax out of existence?"
      'FREEFOR' flagrantly chose that meek (registered voter cultist) option long ago.

  2. We'd be better off with horses in the Senate and the federal government confining itself to Natl Security items. They'd find a way to fubar that into all the shit they do now, but it would take a while.

    1. Funny you say that, Late Roman Empire, Caligula "The Mad Emperor" named his horse Proconsul... made everyone treat him like a real human... and yeah, we're now -there- offishally in my book with The Kidsniffer Erect and Insane Kneepad Cocksucker... "Caligula 2: Shit Keeps Getting Sicker"

    2. I'm shock proof but when I think WTF to myself more than once a day, I figure it's getting serious, Borepatch had a good recent post about civilizations falling and the key phrase to it was When civilizations fall they fall fast. Yep.

  3. Well now, it looks like the HVT targeting list just keeps growing by the day...

    *Ryan McCarthy
    *James McConville
    *Mark Milley

    M6 Actual

  4. During his entire infestation of the White House Obozo the SCOAMF conducted a purge of the military officers corp.
    A purge so thorough it would have make Stalin blush. The only meaningful difference being when Stalin purged an officer it was into a grave, when Obozo did it was too Florida. But the end result is similar. When Hitler attacked Russia one of the main reasons why the Wehrmacht was so successful and ALMOST made it to Moscow was the Russian army had no officers left worth a damn. Stalin had gotten rid of the good officers leaving behind only loyal yes men.
    Obama did the same leaving the US Military helmed by good loyal commie bastards who NEVER had any patriotism and will
    do NOTHING to interfere with their commie masters agenda of destroying freedom. So Trump simply CANNOT count on help from the military in his fight against the commie left. There may be plenty of good honest american patriots in the rank and file but basic indoctrination makes it almost impossible for the troops to do anything that isn't a direct order that comes down the chain of command. I'm sure Trump has a plan. But any plan he has require other people in
    positions of power and authority who WILL help him. I'm not sure he has enough people in the right places that he can actually count on when the manure spreader kicks into high gear.

  5. and it isn't just the JCS. Trump had four years to clear all the Obama implanted SJW's out of the Pentagram....and did nothing, so the mess got worse. Goodby and good riddance to OrangeMan. All Trump did was aggrandize the Left and shit on the White Right. Every day he crosses....the Potomac on his way to a round on his private golf course. The "Rubicon"? Never.

  6. First priority, We need to save our country. He's not gonna do it.
    And I'm sure as hell not taking a bullet for a guy who hasn't drained the swamp or arrested any of the major culprits in 4 yrs in office (has he arrested anyone except his gun owning voter base?), and meanwhile, plays along with the Covid scam. That's not someone I trust as a leader, despite the fact most conservatives worship his mismanaging ass. And what's with all the BATF raids the last few weeks? Another faux pas on his part?

  7. The joint chiefs of staff were saying this at least a month ago. The thing is President Trump doesn't need them to do what he needs to do, so no worries on those grounds. Best to be prepared though.

    Now whether he will do what he must if he can't find a another way? Well Magic 8 Ball is hazy ask again later.

  8. Merely the way of the tribe as they yearn for the "good old days" of their Messiahs - Lenin and Stalin - who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those do not count since they were mostly only Goyim. They are out to destroy national sovereignty and wipe Western culture off the face of the earth. All to get their One World Goverment "utopia". BAMN. And they are working BOTH sides of the Pond, trying to destroy Brexit as well!!!

  9. It's pretty much the stage where shadows need to start moving.

  10. BC - you are reading what the MSM and uniparty want you to read. My betting is that it is 100% dezinformatsiya.

    Stay cool, keep the powder dry, the pushback against the seditious bastard Donkey party has not yet started.

  11. Seeing the humans wear a napkin on their face does little to inspire me.