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Friday, December 11, 2020

Supreme Horseshit

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
By my pin-headed reckoning, the way things are shaking out Supreme Court wise, (besides deciding theyselves into obscurity and irrelevance) is that they dismissed the case Texas ha(d) against the other states.

Based primarily on the fact that the states in question being sued said "Nuh uh, OUR courts said what we done did wuz legal!"

Which means the Supreme Court refuses to see and or hear the case because a lower case state court said, "Well, we decided the vote and all the changes to the vote were legal, so suck it Texas!"

Whelp... so much for any other cases that may make it on the docket

Not that those fuckwit cowards have the balls and/or ovaries to judge anything that upsets their apple cart and or the privilege that come with a lifetime tenure of sucking the dot gov tit.

See... this really sez I'ma gonna be going dark soon.

Part of my problem is, when cutting to the nut-cuttin', is that if a court... any court sez that whatever the state sez is legal, then hey! Fuck y'all, it's legal.

Which throws the concept of the Nurnberg Defense into a shit-storm.

Means ANY law that ANY state sez is legal, whelp.   Fuck it...........goddammit.

It's now legal

Round up the anti-gays and kill 'em all?
Court said it's cool...
Round up the Born Again Christians for intolerance?
Court said it's cool...
Round up Trump supporters and put 'em in a Gulag for "re-education"?
Court said it's cool...

Ask Anne Frank about the legality of her arrest and detainment
Ask the gays under Hitler
The Communists
The Anti-War Germans
The Gypsies
The anyone who disagrees with the state

AND if and when it comes to trials after we break their collectivist spines, the "We were only following orders" bullshit is still null and void

Even tho I gar-ron-damned-tee those assholes are gonna pull that
"It was legally decided!"
"It was the law!"
"I was only following my orders!"

Because the cowards with badges are counting on that as the 'get out of hanging card'
Them and their families
Preferably kill the kids in front of them so's they know just how bad they fucked up
I'm in a killin' mood right now, no lie.

War you say?  Aye.
Tis a war they want, then that'll it be.

No fun graphics tonight
No humor
Black as coal, like my soul
Spent the night doing things
Getting ready
Reaching out
Getting Ready
If I go dark, y'all will know why.  Especially since I've been on a tear lately.

If I 'go dark' for over 5 days solid w/out anyone hitting this, it means "watch the news, film at eleven"
Cos I'm That pissed right now.
30 years service in defense of fuckwits and traitors
Time to get that time back by pounds of flesh
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. We aren't geting out of this mess peacefully. We'll be lucky to simply survive the coming festivities.

  2. Them topside cunts jest bit off more than they can chew! 2 min warning!

    Chutes Magoo

  3. A lot of us are gonna go Dorner....

  4. Were going to have a nice legal trial followed by a hanging.

    Ain't no more boxes left

  5. i read texas legislature filed articles of secession. haven't confirmed yet...who knows.

    1. And just where did you "read" that, hal turner's site? There's no place for fabricated statements (LIES) at this late hour, or ever. Cite a source or admit to lying.

    2. Why be a dick, Larry?:

    3. well larry, i'm sorry, i work for a living and unlike you i don't have time to surf the net from my mother's basement all damn day posting references to what i say when even the lame ass media is reporting it.

  6. Yeah all the hopium I had left just went out the window. It's over folks. Big guy you keep it under control and don't go getting popped before the big fun starts.

  7. Be calm and be of good cheer.
    The fat lady ain't sung yet.
    It's over a month until Jan 20, so there's still plenty of time before all hell breaks loose.


    1. Shouldn't wait till January 20 when Basement Biden gets the appearance of legitimacy handed to him. Hit them now, hit them hard and prevent them from cementing their grip on power.

  8. It is pretty late in the game when dissolving the union is the only way to avoid bloodshed. Whatever you do, be smart.