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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Security Issues (Future Edition)

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Another CA inspired poast.  During our conversation, CA asked me as to the "Well BC, how do you handle the immediate "After" breakdown during a Civil War?  How do we determine who's who?"

Took me a few seconds to cogitate an answer, but it does bring up issues that are going to have to be addressed, so herein layeth the lesson to follow.
Andersonville, 1864

So, we kick off "A Full Bore-Dirty Whore Civil War"
Lots of shytte happening.

Now, in the immediate after
Me? To quote Jessie Ventura in "Predator" I ain't got time to bleed" and as Admiral Homma Masaharu (Bataan Death March Commander) was rumored to have said: "We have neither the time, nor resources to expend on cowardly dogs.", i.e. surrendered Allied prisoners

By the Code of Bushido, surrender was worse than death.  
Ergo, the prisoners, at the time, location and place, and by societal viewpoints of the victors the prisoners were beneath contempt.  "Fuck those guys" would've been a better quote for the ages IMO 
They executed Masaharu in 1946 for that shit

Of course though, he was on the losing side

"History is written by the victors" is attributed to Churchill, but there are questions.  I mean, yeah, fucked up?  Yep.  BUT, by Masaharus training and indoctrination from an extraordinarily young age he'd been soaked, steeped, and boiled in Black-Pill Bushido if'n y'all will.  He did what history, honor, and the code called for.  Prisoners equaled coward scum who didn't fight, which equaled "needs to be killed with a quickness."

Fuck 'em

WE need to adopt this mentality

Jes' Sayin'.  We're fucked otherwise.
So... Back to the original issue.  Prisoners.  IF yer dumb enough to take any.  Me?  Not so much.  This ALSO and is more in line with CA's question as to 'wannabe joiners' to the "cause."

See... once things "kick off" Lots of well meaning individuals, with no training, lots of guns and ammo and less training are going to show up and want to be part of the "cool kid club."  Think "High School, but with automatic weapons."

Nightmare scenario for me... that why it's me, Serbian War Criminal, Spawn #1, and Sapper... that's it.  I'm willing to bring on maybe one or two others, but man... to get into MY motherfucking club, the intake makes Ranger School look like a 2 day day-care.

So, therefor to watch your back, special precautions have to be taken.

1) If you have a compound/safe zone, the new entries do not get access to the main compound.  You'll need to set up a separate and secure area FAR AWAY from the main.  If possible, make sure that the individuals in the Secure Area have no visibility as to composition, numbers, rotations or any other tactical ephemera that could violate Operational Security. 
2) Once "new personnel" show up, there's a LOT of work to be done, and let me tell you, the newbies ain't gonna be happy.
3) Also, if possible, the area that the 'detainees' needs to be as basic as possible.  Meaning cots and nothing else.  Scratchy wool blankets.  No comfy items.
4) Make sure that right outside of the barrack or tent or whatever you set up, make sure you have at least three graves outside... you'll make body length 'mounds of dirt' and then dig two 'corpse holes' 'at the ready' next to them... make sure you point them out, and tell them that's where the last two or three reeee-tards got planted.  Preferably the graves aren't filled BUT, on the oft chance that shit went sideways at some point, who am I to judge?  *(BTW If you did have to waste someone, good on ya mate!)

First things on having "someone" unknown show up asking for entry:
1) Do they ackchullay know anyone in your group?  Personally or "other"? If they respond "Other" or if the named individual doesn't actually know them face-to-face then they go to the Special Protocol stage. 
2) Where did they come from? Current SITREP outside the Area of Operations?  If you have comms or radio to know what's happening, try to 'trip them up'... if they know too much?  Special Protocols.
3) No matter what, unless it's a blood-relative (and in my case, not even then, I'd shoot my extended family without blinking an eye) or you know that their good, any question as to the validity of their story?  Special Protocols.

So, now y'all are asking: "Big Country, you magnificent bastard, WTF are Special Protocols?"

Glad you asked my end of the world neophyte.

Special Protocols absolutely have to be followed unless you have a LOT of special equipment, knowledge, and shytte not normally available to 'regular folks'.
We're talking XRay machines, radiation detectors, RF radiation meters, mass spectrometers.

Like I said, lotsa shit unavailable for a group of Misfit Toys.
Because the newbies... well... First thing is disarm them.


Now, for anyone getting 'squirrelly', explain that they're safe, that they're under legal controlling authority (even if that's bullshit... it sounds good and can keep the rabble mellow in a pinch) and that they're not going to take a Zyklon Shower.

Then, once disarmed, they need to strip.
Every. Single. Stitch.

Because these days?  A fucking bug can ride on just about anything.  The only way to insure that the gear, clothes, hell... I'll be honest, you'll have to shave their heads if you really want to be safe, they need to be bald as an egg, and as nekkid as the day they were wuz borne to insure there ain't nothing external riding on them.  Internal?  This's why Phase Two comes into play.

Phase One is the "Disarm, Strip and Shave" phase... this also includes a gyno for broads and Doctor Jellyfinger for dudes.  Sorry, I don't make the rules, I jes enforce 'em.

Phase Two is "Isolate and Break" phase.  This's where you completely isolate them.  No one into the compound unless they're the trusted members of the team, no comms, no nuthin.  Keep them on edge.  Dehumanize them to a degree.  No torture, just isolation.  Which, by today's 'plugged in standard' is gonna have them climbing the walls in a short-short.

At this point, you should be feeding them normally... no need for lavish rats... basic shit... showers every other day.  Cold.  No hot water.
Basic Bunks, nothing elaborate.
Outhouse.  No indoor shitters and sure as fuck, no nice buttwipe.
(that shit's gonna be at a premium)
No nuthin'
Because if the bad guys are lining up a hit with one of these potential songbirds, whether they know it or not... the dot gov has some pretty wild subcutaneous shit these days, it'll happen during that two week loooooong dragged out period.  If they make it past the two week period without A) cracking up or B) start raving about how "...the Empire will crush your pathetic rebellion" you'll probably good to go. 

Ask me home I know.
BUT: OTOH, YMMV IF they pass "GO" and collect $200, you'll more than likely have a committed member of the team that may be willing to be properly trained.

BUT this's just a thumbnail.

Understand, if, hell when we 'go live', we're up against the largest, most professional, absolutely ruthless, best equipped force on the face of the planet.

Of course, the Afghani's kicked that force's ass time and time and time again.

THATS how you have to plan to fight.
"Shopkeeper by day, Terrorist at night"
"Make them tremble in their beds, give them not one moments rest"
"Surely the righteous, in the Face of God, will be Victorious"
Fight Smarter, Not Harder
Be the Gray Man
Watch Your Six
Shoot Shovel Shut up
Shoot Loot and Scoot
50cal? Because there is no .60cal.
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. "Trust No One" is a good start with dealing with forming mutual aid societies.

    Loooong time ago, back during Okobunbo's 1st 4 years, I was invited to go to a friend's place to meet some friends.

    We show up. My friend says blatantly that, though he knows everyone there (about 20 plus) that there were at least 4 government narcs, two non-government narcs (think Southern Poverty Law Center assholes) and that everything said there would be known by the powers-that-be within 12 hours, max.

    There was even a suspicious RV in the area...

    My takeaway? I've never served. Way too many health issues. But most of the 'veterans' were a bunch of boobs. Left there and I turned to wife and she turned to me and we both said "we'll do it alone."

    My friend? Trust him. His wife? Eh. Half those people? Let's just say, when doing 'maneuvers' (simple patrol in line) most of them didn't know what to do during simulated incoming. Me? Duh, of course I did. But then again I have a brain that works.

    Be careful who you let know anything. People come visiting the house? Lock your shit down. Not every room needs to be accessible to them. Same with your compound, as you said. Your car, your boat, your plane, your underseeboot. Alles is verbotten.

    It's why the best laid out houses have the 'residence' separate from the entertaining portion.

    And, yeah, if you aren't prepared to be brutal and kill everyone, the upcoming times are not for you.

    Anyone who doesn't know what's coming should read up on the Spanish Civil War. Even though that war was International Socialists vs National Socialists, it is a good primer for how bad things can get in a 'modern' nation.

  2. Forcing someone to make their bones has worked pretty well for OC groups in weeding out infiltrators. When they haven't enforced it, it has bitten them in the ass.

  3. I've never seen the "benifit" to taking prisoners. If I'm fighting fuckers from a generally known direction, I don't want to have to watch my 6 wondering if one of the little cocksuckers managed to escape and sharpen up a pointy stick. Just drop the fuckers and go on to the next.

  4. i've found through my decades of experience that, you really cannot trust anyone- ANYONE

    even your best friend, wife, or mother will throw you overboard when it's expedient for their personal agenda... wymin are the ABSOLUTE worst kind of anything, in time, they will all be in chains and bought n sold or 'put down' like a car or mule. enjoy your future ladies LOL

    kill everyone is always the best plan OR, expect them to betray you eventually..

    and merry communist Christmas all

  5. Now is the time to start vetting and extending invites. Only problem is anybody who makes a request is probably a Fed. So everyone is going to assume that you're Fed in return. Loyalty is at the top of the list for things you want. Sadly it's the hardest thing to find.

  6. A guy named Navarro(?) ex-FBI wrote a book called "What Every Body Is Saying. It's a body language reading primer for interrogators. Use it to get a good read on your possible new shooter. Train your people to vet new comers (it's an art form that can be learned)and when you can, put your own snitch among them and don't forget the waterboard. It discourages players.

  7. There is a pdf copy for free download of what every body is saying by navarro at archive .org

  8. There is a free copy of Navarros book at archive .com

  9. The Z man has a great answer to this security issue. Treat new members like the biker gangs do their new members. They are allowed to "hang out" as long as they are "cool". However, they aren't given inside information until they are trusted and get their patch. If their woman can't bet trusted then their men are kicked out too. Control your woman. There are military units which act like this at a much more micro level. This makes people seek your group out and go through a long "apprentice program", if you will.