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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Resigned and the M-18 Smoke Grenade

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
<Le Sigh>
A pall has fallen on Ye Casa de Grande Campesino.
Anger, Check. Done.
Straight to Accepting.

There will be no negotiating

Ugh.  I'm now rallying the troops.  
Activating people, places and things.  
Meatspace time.  So little time.

It's now time to do "Patriot Shit" and honestly, maaaan I was hoping that shit would work itself out.  I don't see that happening now.  Fuckers just too stupid to understand that they wrecked the economy, they destroyed the system, they nuked the Republic from Orbit, and the next step is to rub it in our faces and dare us to do something about it.  

OK... enough Moping
Sergeant's Time Saturday
Todays Subject of "Shit You'll See in the Battlespace"
The M-18 Smoke Grenade
Smoke Grenades are used for concealment as well as ground-to-ground or ground-to-air signaling.  They're a bit larger than a can of coke, and weigh in at about a pound (19oz).  They have a standard pin-and-spoon ignition system.
Multiple colors as you can plainly see show -what color- each grenade is.

Now, the one most frequently used is HC White for concealment
HC stands for "High Concentrate"

Out of all the grenades in the smoke classification, HC white burns the longest and strongest.  It outside of red is the most commonly used.  These are the ones you'll most likely find laying around, either on the SWAT Teams or on the dot mil.  Red is the second most utilized as they use it to mark for medevacs.  

All smoke can be used for marking, and if'n yer up against a force that has aviation support, and they pop a colored smoke on their own position OR they throw one right smack dab in the middle of your ambush, understand Air Support pain is prolly coming in, and at that moment, you need to either choose to get in closer to the smoke if it's in the middle of THEIR troops, or get the hell away from the smoke as they're marking YOUR position for the strike.  Either way, it's best if marking smoke pops, as shitty as it may be close with the enemy.  Mix it up fast and dirty so they can't call for fire on their own troops.  It's happened in the past, but not unless it's a wipeout sort of situation.

Now, for us, the purchase of Police and Military Grade smoke is nigh near impossible.  Believe me I tried.  Instead, I've found the Enola Gay paintball company does a -pretty good- ring pull mock-up of a M18.  
They're about as good as you can get in the civvie side.
Now.. another thing
We went over the M67 Fragmentation Grenade a few weeks ago.
Be warned and something I didn't cover but should have.


The M67 Grenade uses a M213 delay fuze which is the theoretical 4-5 second fuze

The M18 Smoke Grenade uses a M201 ignitor which goes off in 1.2 to 2 seconds

A favorite trick that troops used in Nam was to swap the fuzes on the frags and smoke.  That way when Mister Charles 'found' grenades on the battlefield and went to use them, they had a bad day.

In Fragmentation Grenades:
Long = Good
Short = Bad
From the Army's own 
So yepper...
Thats the way they want to play it
Game on.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I am not making this up. 1967 radio transmission between 11th Cav Air Cav gunship team leader and ground commander in contact:
    Air Cav: Pop smoke.
    Ground: Smoke out.
    Air Cav: Identify violet.
    Ground: Negative, I popped purple.

  2. The M201A1 is a flash igniter. It generates a fast hot flame into the body of the grade sufficient to ignite the smoke agent. The M213 fuze is essentially a blasting cap. It is a very high explosive needed to detonate the explosive charge inside a fragmentation grenade. Swapping them will not work out well. The M213 fuze in a smoke grenade will blow it apart scattering the contents. The M201A1 'might' ignite the explosive in the fragmentation grenade causing it to burn, but it WON'T cause it to detonate.

    1. Tell that to some of the guys I know who done did it... explosives Comp B, if burning in a VERY enclosed space -might- blow... if'n you have first person experience, then by all means do share it. If not, the roolz here are put up, or shut up.

  3. Hi Bubba!!
    Thx for the Great info on the "M-18!!!" As an "OLD!!!" Skydiver we would get these to use for Demo's and just for "EFFECT!!" ..
    Besides the "M-18" there's the NAVY "MK-13, MOD-O" Day night "Smoke-Flare" Smoke and Flare are "BRIGHT RED" and last about 20 seconds!! The Can is about 10" long by about 1 1/2"dia... also the night end (FLARE) has small dimples around the business end!! As my Instructor's said at Parachute Rigger's "A" School at Lakehurst, NJ in 1967.."The Night end has these little 'TIT'S" below the lip!!.. Ya' like to play with TIT'S at Night so in the Black Dark that way when a Rescue A/C is overhead and you can't see which end is which.. just 'Feel the Tit's!!"
    PR-2 DELI, USN 05DEC1966-23NOV1970, USS PRINCETON LPH-5 Vietnam '68, APOLLO X pickup MAY '69, USS OKINAWA LPH-3 WEST-PAC '70....


    B 3/187

  5. I had a good friend killed while skydiving with M18 smoke grenades. We were demo jumping into a confined pull altitude his pilot chute wrapped around the M18 on his ankle and fused to the mount, which cause a big horseshoe-type malfunction. He cut away the main but it still was attached at his ankle. He popped the reserve but it entangled with the streamering main and that was that. I never again used a military smoke grenade when jumping.

    1. Damn! Sorry to hear. Hot Smoke + Nylon = No Go.

    2. Sorry to hear that "Ripcord!!" I know what ya' mean!! 'Back in the old "Spring Pilot Chute/Back Pack daze" that was a problem. That was one advantage to the MK-13 NAVY.. It could be hand held an when it's done..toss it!!
      skybill B-4240, D-6009, SCR-2034, SCS-680

  6. I'ma not even going to go into the asshole (that I blocked/deleted) who told me that the HC stood for the chemicals the grenade Hexawhateverthefuck.... I'm not offering a Doctoral Degree here... this's grunt speak. Me Grunt, ergo HC=High Concentrate... some fucking people....

  7. In FTX's, I have used smoke to flush people out of enclosed areas because HC is unpleasant to breathe and causes some people to vomit and become asthmatic. This won't necessarily work in combat, and they may have protective masks to help them breathe. It can help disorient the people in enclosed spaces, as they can't see well, and keep up an organized resistance. They can be invaluable in guerrilla operations when used to cause confusion and panic amongst civilians. Trip wired as a booby trap, they won't kill of course, but they sure do give the tripper the palpalations.

  8. HC ON THE M8 WHITE SMOKE GRENADE STANDS FOR Hexachloroethane. HC Smoke is toxic, and is being replaced by other formulations.