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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Just WHAT The Fuck Does it Take? and oh yeah, Q

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
Really appreciate the kind words and support.  Not getting Divorced


But any faith I had at all in the injustice system?
<deep breath>
Damn that hurts.
Seems NO ONE will rid me of this troublesome dirtbag.
Apparently -someone- needs to file charges
And the cops won't take the case on a blatant and open case of assault
By a known felon
With a history of violence towards wimmen
I mean we've seen it
We knew it
It's going on RIGHT NOW
Nationally and Publically
Pisses me Off
Because the ROL is going to become the ROE
And my ROE are far less forgiving

I'm especially pissed because Wifey managed to tip ye olde hand aboot me to the fuzz.
Also, apparently Dumbfuck did as well, seeings he's well educated in my propensity for shooting head sized targets at 400 meters with a rifle.
<Le Sigh>
Getting to the point where you can't even shewt a motherfucker these days dammit
I'm also worried about his drug dealing... if'n someone puts the whack on him, I'm gonna be the first one they come after because why do any hard work amiright?

When the hell is the revolution kicking off?  

I gots bodies to stack, then I can get down ta bidness.
Pleasure First
Then Bidness
And sorry for no crew served write up yet... I'm having a mental block what with everything going on.  This is such bullshit.  

So, beyond the "Q" meltdowns, haven't seen nor heard anything encouraging about Trump doing, well, fuckall to help hisself.  The whole thing is a MAD circle-jerk echo-chamber of delusional folks who're gonna really be upset when this shit doesn't happen... Someone on Gab this A.M. started poasting about "almost a quarter million sealed indictments!!!!"


Do these people even understand how crazy they sound?

I still maintain that the Q phenom was done as a mental exercise in keeping the Autists busy... the ones who'd normally be out fucking with Computer Networks and companies... notice that the group "Anonymous" pretty much dried up and disappeared outside of a few things occasionally for the past 4 years?  The last thing they did of significance was to "Declare War" on Trump on his election in 2016...  
Then radio silence.
When Q -suddenly- showed up...

Up til 2020 when they came back (rather weakly IMO, YMMV) over the whole Minneapolis fuckup.
They've been busy is why they ain't been around methinks.
I think that it's a pretty good theory
Keep the assholes who normally embarrass and fuck up major corporations and governments busy
Give 'em just enough bullshit to grow the movement, and it becomes a self-reinforcing echo chamber of delusion.  
Anywho, back to the grind.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. interesting theory. I think you're wrong, but who the hell knows anything these days?

  2. You really need Community Brother to help you with things that can't be done by you because of the fallout...

    1. I"m with Lineman, capital C community. Plus, venting to a brother can help...thanks for the comics you sent my boys. They loved them so much they fell apart with use!

  3. Wait, what? Your wife spoke the to police about you? To protect Dumfuck? No. Nonono.

    I'm the 4:00am Anon from yesterday. I also suggest you have a serious discussion with your wife about whose team she's on. If she thinks she's on yours, provide a clear outline of appropriate team behavior. And get your financial paperwork in order in case she doesn't understand or doesn't care how badly she messed up.

    Still, best wishes to you and yours.

  4. I think (hope like a motherfucker) Trump,is keeping his cards close to his chest. He's letting bitches like Mitch and some of the other rhinos show their true colors. If not we are truly fucked, I'm not overly concerned about myself, they'll me, sooner or later, but when I knock on the gates of hell I get to tell the devil, I brought all these mfs with me. I do agree. ears open, head on a swivel, stay away from crowds and trust nobody.

  5. Cops ain't gonna do shit, their controllers, the prosecutors ain't gonna do shit either.
    The wife and I have been together for more than 20yrs, ups and downs. Not been married as long as those 20 and she'll have to give you the dates because I can't. Point being, I may tell her an 1/8 of what I do. When her fucked up family, which is only slightly more fucked than my family does fucked up shit I tell her to ignore it. Both sides seeing as how they now all talk to each other. There's a reason I moved my family a thousand of miles away.
    When will it kick off?
    One would think that those under communist rule in states like MI, NY, OR, etc...there would have been at least one trained motherfucker who would have solved them problem, in multiple states, at 1000yrds using rule .308. Do we have the balls?
    Who knows.
    Not looking lightly.
    Me, I wanna kill motherfuckers. Got my lists.
    I've worked heavy manufacturing, commercial offshore, oilfield, and now power infrastructure. The shit I could fuck up.


  6. The wife went to the cops? Fuck that.

  7. Dude, wake the fuck up. If your "wife" ratted you out to the cops your marriage is OVER.

    Get a fucking clue and kick the bitch out of your house, pronto.

    I thought you were smarter than this.