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Thursday, December 24, 2020

I Wonder....Things that make ya go HMMN UPDATED

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
Was reading over the news and whatnot and saw a few interesting things that piqued my interest.  One of them was the couple of days old intel about Trump pardoning those Blackwater guys.  
Now, I was there when that shit went down, not on the scene but in Baghdad, and I can't tell you the truth of the situation.  I -do know- that when it went down, it was a 'meh' moment despite the HYPE the media is trying to make of it.  In fact, even in Baghdad it was "14 people got shot?  Oh you mean Tuesday." sort of thing.  It. Wasn't. That. Big. A. Deal.
Until Obamamessiah got involved.

Apparently shooting in self defense at his co-religionists is a "No-no"
Heap Big Smoke, with media approval, and these guys got ganked like a motherfucker.
Now... what I heard was that Raven 23 came under a 'drive by', and these guys, along with 3 others, went 'Mad Minute' and smoked a shit-ton of Hajiis.

Innocents died unfortunately, but, such is the nature of war.
Fact remains that somehow these 4 out of 7 shooters got fried, and this out of a total of like 19-20 guys who were there.  How they came to this conclusion I have -no idea- and the J.E.F.F. team I knew didn't tell me... those were the Joint Expeditionary Forensics Force... think CSI in a combat zone.

Either way, fact remains that the prime evidence against these guys was the word of the Iraqis who didn't get shot.  That on it's own should have disqualified any meaningful prosecution, as the Haj'll lie to an Infidel all day long if it means they can fuck them over.  In fact the Koran calls for it as sacred duty, so any Quote "Sworn Statement" Unquote from a haj is automatically suspect.  
Obama wanted these guys locked up, ergo, One World Class Railroad coming up.
Complete with the appropriate media circus

So, my point.  Why did Orange Man Bad free these guys?
I mean, odd pick IMO
Forgotten as far as I had known

Now, this's me, no one else has brought it up anywhere.
I still have doubts that Trumps gonna do anything.

We know for certain that he doesn't have the dot mil backing him
We know the DoJ is completely corrupt
We know that every. single. DotFed. agency. is utterly and completely compromised
So, say your the Prez, who's back is against the wall
Yer up against like everyone.
And your Secretary of Education Betsy, comes to you and sez "My brother might be able to help."
Her brother?

Eric Prince, CEO of Academi, a.k.a. Blackwater
Those are his guys who got fucked.
He got fucked too

And there ya go.  Who do you call if you need some Hard Motherfuckers with zero compunction in pulling the trigger, who for the most part bleed red, white and blue?  

To quote Ving Rhames: "I'ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin' niggers, who'll go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. You hear me talkin', hillbilly boy? I ain't through with you by a damn sight. I'ma get medieval on your ass."
Only time will tell, but the FBI and even their vaunted HRT Team wouldn't want to go and 'play' with a security force like that.  Most of the guys I knew were former Delta, SOG, DEVGroup... the real deal

Hell, the FBI-HRT has only really been good at executing unarmed women and children, so there's that.  I sure as fuck, even on my best day wouldn't fuck with guys like those Blackwater doodz.

And if they showed up, Federally Deputized to Arrest everyone?
Any sign of resistance to be met with MAXIMUM FORCE
OMFG I'd laugh my ass off.
I mean there has to be a reason Trump freed these rando-guys... I mean of ALL the people unjustly fried by the Mad Muslim Pretender, these particular guys?  Not that -they- are probably up foro any action after the time in stir, but Prince?  The rest of his guys?  He now owes Trump a solid for this one.  And I've noticed it's gone very quiet on that side of the contracting sphere.  Makes one wonder...  New math and all that Aye?
Gotta clarify to those people who think that "Oh, Blackwater or whomever, they're nothing compared to the DotMil and yaddayadda!"

Let me drop some knowledge on ya
They're a really large force.
At LEAST a Battalion size element of just shooters
Fixed Wing Capabilities
Rotary Wing
They ain't playing 
The fixed and rotary wing?  Armed to the fucking teeth
See the M134 poast re: the dual mounted Minis they have on their Hughs 500 "Little Birds"
Just like Delta.
IF, and only if Trump was to do a radical departure from the norm, as is his wont, this'd be a pretty good play.  My 2 cents.

Jes' Sayin'.
So, that's my one Mind-Flow for the day...
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Having friends is good.

    Having friends with skillz, firepower and resources is mucho better.

  2. I love me a good Christmas story!


  3. Brother, anyone who downplays these gents know nothing. I was fortunate to go through a couple of “classes” at the moyock facility back in the day and they had such top notch training that .mil regular, .mil SF, .gov/fed LE, and local LE were all there learning in some capacity. I wouldn’t want to go up against a force comprised of these guys either.

  4. More hmmm...

  5. "Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius!" Amaud Amairic, Battle of Beziers 22 July 1209
    (Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own!")

  6. Whatever Trump has planned he'd better start doing because he is RUNNING OUT OF TIME. And whatever he plans REQUIRES that large numbers of capable loyal ACTORS be involved. Without rounding up massive numbers of traitors anything done will be pointless. He simply cannot allow the traitors behind this coup to remain free. They will never quit trying to seize control as long as they have any freedom of movement, communication and access to assets. He MUST round up, try and ideally HANG the traitors. Otherwise they will just go to ground and continue conspiring.

  7. I hope they take the contract. Well past my prime even then but would love to be one of those teams.

  8. Anyone who thinks BW is weak, walk naked up to a wolverine and kick him in the nuts, then come back and let me know how it went.

  9. If 50-100 people were scooped up and Gitmo'd

    or just disappeared i'd be ok with that.

  10. Don't know the extent of their rotary capabilities, but I know they got some bad-ass capabilities. I worked for a contractor that manufactured modifications for Hawks, Chinooks, Apaches. We got a contract from Blackwater once for some interesting mods for an MD-500 air-frame. Before it was assigned to anyone, did my homework, then told the boss I wanted it. I told him theses are people we don't want to piss off and I would get it out AHEAD of schedule. He shit his pants, assigned it to me, I delivered a month ahead of schedule, and we all got to live. The End.

  11. Replies
    1. You too LSP!
      Funny to see you here.

  12. Just so everyone knows.
    I've a brother.
    He goes to all of those places that nobody wants to know about.
    Flying drones.
    Here, there, everywhere.
    About 10 yrs younger than me and the BC.
    As he says, he will "smite" you, me, anybody he's told to.
    A contractor.
    Just so you know.
    Keep that in mind.


    1. The problem with "contractors" is they have no loyalty to anything but money. They'll gladly kill whoever they are pointed at. And the left has PLENTY of money plus the willingness to pay and point the contractors at "we the people". They have no concept of patriotism....they àre for sale to the highest bidder. And it's a stone cold certainty that Soros, Gates etc. know his and have contracted with them to keep them from interfering with their coup....and perhaps even work to support their coup. The left are evil, not stupid. And they have an advantage, no compunction whatsoever.

  13. Hi Bubba!!!!,
    A Big...."Trucker's 10-4" to ya'...
    Oh, BTW...
    "Merry Christmas,....'God Bless Ya'll.... We Love Ya'... Happy New Year!!!.." from "Alabama's Original version of 'Christmas in Dixie!!" The last part is not heard in "AIR PLAY" because the Commies don't want you to hear that!!!!

  14. re:
    California senator kamala harris

    As of December 25th, 2020, she retains her senate position.

    I get the impression somebody knows that vice-prez promise was all hot-air from the get-go.

  15. trump hired academi in 2016 to "augment his secret service detail". the ss is still loyal or trump would be dead already. somebody is tracking, identifying, etc "tradecrafting" antifa/blm/black block etc. my bet academi as well. i wouldn't count out the dot mil just yet. the reference report was two weeks old and the full quote was "we don't see a military option AT THIS TIME." thirty years of service and continuing affiliation has taught me to differentiate between for-the-press/masses and the key words for "others".

  16. Abraham Lincoln shut down the New Yoik papers and jailed the operators during the Civil War for their Treasonous lying. Sure love to see some of that to kick things off.

    1. Exactly what we don't want. Ronald Grump could have got off his *ss way earlier and precluded a lot of the election hi jinks in that anybody had to know this was coming. Stop tweeting or in addition to address the nation as to what is at stake for the country, not just Dimocrats or Repuglicans. For crying out loud the Dims and the NYT were talking ten years ago about how mail in voting was an accessory to fraud.

      Lincoln for his part, subverted the Constitution and centralized the administration of the government. something he had in common with Bismarck and Lenin according to E. Wilson, in is survey of post Civil War literature "Patriotic Gore". In short he qualified as a tyrant according to the definition of the word and the Constitution. Secession is the constitutional remedy vs. Wash.DC shoving everything down our throats depending in this instance whether the vanguard of the Bolshevik party can pull it off.

      But the salient point is, we should have never been here in the first place according to the Constitution. Without the centralization/federalization the Deep State wouldn't have the power it now does and which Lincoln, Wilson and FDR et al gave them.

      Yeah, we in deep doodoo now, but more of the same ain't gonna win the day.


  17. I don't have any sort of background to speak on the issues of BW and their level of competence, other than being sure it is higher than mine. Having said that, I doubt there was anything deeper behind his pardon of these guys than doing something he knows will upset the proper people. That is in itself worthwhile of course.

  18. Sounds like something out of Maelstrom Rising with the Triarii

  19. I’m a nobody.We’re overdue for some changes.The sooner,the better.S.V.

  20. I know nothing of such things, but my thought is Trump is taking steps to protect himself and his family post-presidency.