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Saturday, December 26, 2020

HURRAY! We're all Safe Again!

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Well I for one  was extremely concerned that they weren't going to find the Nashville Bomber
As luck would have it, they did!
And, per the usually Federally Sponsored False Flag Group is proud to bring you:
Evil Right Wing Hillbilly Mad Bomber White Guy!
I mean we can -all- rest easy knowing our magnificent Overlord Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to quickly identify the suspect, and then put out all of his critical information to include the fact that he was 

A) an evil white guy 
B) 63 years old
C) Self Employed
D) The neighbors of twenty five years didn't even know his last name
E) Gave away all his shit, to include his house, to an unmarried woman in Los Angeles a month ago
F) His name is/was Anthony Quinn Warner

Are you kidding me?
This is a LOT of intel to dump.
As Bill Quick of the Daily Pundit said: "That usually only occurs when the authorities want to establish one particular narrative."... 
Well said Bro.
Which means in my mind, one of two things. The guy in question never actually existed... I mean there may have been a guy there... but the 'self employed IT guy' angle?  The not-knowing-the-neighbors in fucking Tennessee?   That right there, in a suburban A.O. like that?  Ain't no way the nosy neighbor that they interviewed -didn't- know him in a fashion... if not, that means he went out of his way to avoid the people.  Believe me, when I was stationed and living off post in a nice lil apartment in Kentucky and Tennessee?  The XBitcho couldn't deal with how friendly the neighbors were... shocked her Uptight New England ass to the core.

Nope.  The fact they're also saying that the 'remains' were being tested and that they now believe it was a suicide run.  If a suicide run, then why broadcast "GTF away" messages on a tape?
Nope... this is a FedFalseFlag.  This 'Warner' dude has 'company' or 'patsy' allllll over him.  Just like the Vegas Shooter... Gave all his shit, to include his house away to some rando-chick in Cali who hasn't been I.D.'d?
Pollock-The-Vegas-Dood had all his shit tied to a Philipino broad who -conveniently- popped smoke back to the non-extraditable homeland ASAFP.
Be curious to see if this broad surfaces Aye?

Methinks not
Gonna be wrapped in a "MAGA Hat" inside of 5..4..3..2..
Any bets?

I mean literally they're going to illustrate anything and everything onto this guy to push -whatever- narrative they need.  He's literally perfect.  63 years old.  No family id'd yet.  No real friends coming forward.  No neighbors... not even loudmouth Charlie up-the-street who'll drink a beer with anyoneEvery neighborhood has -that guy.-  In my neighborhood it's me.  What can I say?  I'm a gregarious garrulous sumbitch who'll drink with anyone 'cept scumbags.
Unless they're my kind of scum.

So yep...
The gift that keeps of Federally Intimidating and Giving
Watch... next will be 'rounding up the usual suspects'
White Nationalists, Antii-Gov folks... anyone who they can pin shit to.
Anyone who's been fedpoasting.  

Any bets?
I eagerly await the knock at the door, if they even are that polite.
Game on indeed.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Sounds very snaky and also very plausible with these weenie patrols we are stuck with at the Fed level DC...
    What a cluster f__k, as Clint use to say....

    I'm still holding out for a "proof of design" test on some sort of juiced bomb yielding an EMP as side benefit...

    Both the wife and I are stove with cancer/chemo and her with a stroke last May... We are thinking this coming tail twister is too late for our personal efforts... Got to thinking about "hit and scoot" married to the 'ol Ford gangster wagon Expedition....doing drive-by's on the Capital steps at go-home time....or, some fancy restaurant where the lib/dem/weenie's like to water.... film at 11 ... my .30 black out sings a nice tune - wish I'd found that round earlier...up to over a buck a round now...haven't see any brass for sale since last May...nor, any dies for the press.

  2. That is nice to know you will drink a beer with me, I'd like to think I am your kind of scum... I own an RV, but it is a travel trailer.

  3. Have ya seen this ?

    1. I watched that video and I think the speaker is dead wrong. They say its something going up but it looks like a missile track coming down that drifted into view. If you look at it it drifts to the right, so it looks like a trail.


  4. More info from the comments over at the conservative treehouse. I’m forwarding these due to your explosives experience. I don’t believe in the energy directed weapon theory at all. What is interesting is right at the beginning of the video there is something that takes off vertically. Also. There seems to be a lot of discussion about the blast being in the access tunnels. FWIW.

    1. Really, you linked to 'Hal Turner' as a source of factual pathologically stupid dumbfuck.

    2. Where in his comment did Irish assert anything factual? he actually did the opposite, if you bothered to read his words.

    3. dmv gringo, you sure like to shit on several blogs now... Irish and Big are buddies, know what I mean?

    4. That is odd that the very large elevator hydraulic is laying there. Not sure how that is possible unless the blast was from below the ground level.

    5. JackDup, I was thinking that rising column just before the smoke and dust came up, I was wondering if that was the elevator shaft rising up from where it was installed underground. It may look like a missile or a coherent beam of some construct... That could give rise to the theory of a large blast from below, possibly from the pit below the elevator shaft.

    6. Grog,Cederq, thanks very much. I guess gringo doesn't comprehend english well.

    7. @'Cederq' - Freedom of opinion and speech....know what I mean?

    8. @'Cederq' - Freedom of opinion and speech, wherever I please.....know what I mean?

    9. "I don’t believe in the energy directed weapon theory at all. What is interesting is right at the beginning of the video there is something that takes off vertically." You don't believe in it, but you linked to the most ridiculous asshat as a source of sensible information and discussion.
      Moreover, that is nothing but shrapnel debris being ejected upward from the ground level explosion, which is already seconds PAST detonation before the 'mushroom' cloud is finally visible.....given that there are tall buildings (HEIGHT) between the (GROUND LEVEL) point of detonation and recording camera.
      Fuck it, I'm going for a boot-run on A Shau Valley road.

    10. this is the same guy who said we killed 50k Chinese troops in some bunker up in Maine. So.. yeah, HUGE grain of salt on this one.

  5. They had to do something... No schools or churches to shoot up. Evil Bastards.

  6. What you bet he has "several AR pistols with SB3 stabilizing braces, several 80% lowers and 80% Grocks, as well as a supply of tannerite

  7. If the Feds are going to continue to blow smoke up my ass, the least they could do is reach around and give me a couple of tokes beforehand.

  8. Hi Bubba...,
    I'm inclined to think from hearing the portrayed narrative that the "Narative" is as ol' Grand Paw "Walter Brennan" McCoy usedta' say,"It's all 'Hog Wash!!'"
    Not much else to report ....
    'Yer Man in "Manchac!!!'

  9. At this point the Fibbies are just laughing at us. I mean c'mon this is the EXACT same m.o. as their leaving Paddack as the patsy for the Vegas shooting, right down to giving all his property away to some rando woman. They're not even trying to hide their false flag ops any longer.