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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Economic Bullshit

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
Getting into that seasonal spirit donchaknow?
Feel free to use it...
So, it -is- ostensibly the Christmas Season
Not that I have any extra monies laying around.  
Wifey headed out to Tennessee this early fuckin' A.M. to see GranBebe #2 and get the lo-down of Dumbfuck and Dumbbunny.  We shall see.  But hopefully she doesn't break the bank on the trip.  I just had to shell out a grand-and-a-half unexpectedly to cover the collapse of my fence.

Totally brainfarted, so's my fault.  The fence delineating the property line from ChurchLady, my elderly neighbor, well... it's old... as in as old as the crib.  And, despite it being weather-treated, it was on it's last legs and I didn't even know it.  I avoid the side yard because of snakes and critters, not that I'm afraid mind you, but also because ChurchLady is really particular about her privacy, so I rarely if ever walk the property line.

The fence, of course took a GIANT shit this week.
Right before what should have been a great Christmas.
Every year since the divorce, monies been tight.  Not that I have any right to bitch, but I will 'cos dammit.  This is the sort of timing that sucks.  I mean one. more. month. and it'd been fine.
But, thankfully I did get almost everyone their one BIG gift before ye olde banke accountant shytte the sheets.  It's just annoying and it also means the mortgage payment has to be pushed to the next paycheck.  Not a BFD... just annoying.

Which brings me to the question:
What are others doing?  I mean it's been what? Since April? March? since the dot-gov threw minimal shekels to the goyim, (while sending a HUUUUGE check to Israel, jes' sayin')... a miserable $1200 as I recall, and both Sapper AND Wifey didn't get theirs due to prior shytte.  If it wasn't for my dot-mil-ret and my job, this whole shebang would have shit the bed months ago, as I haven't had any assist from any of MomUnit in quite a spell.
So, as I asked... what the hell is going on?  Couple of guys over at Sovereign man said that at the end of the month, all the rules and COVID bullshit on mortgage payments, no evictions and like everything is expiring.  Now, mind you I personally took advantage of all the deferments I could at the time.  Made sure that the type of program I did was the 'add it to the end of the loan w/out penalty' deferments.  Yeah... extended the loan by a few months but, barring bullshit, I'm A) gonna sell this place in the near future and find a hidey-hole, and B) Kept paying when I could either way, which kept stuff 'in line'.  

Got a $ donation?  Used it on bills. 
Between Wifey's occasional work as a Hair Diva nonpareil, and Sapper's occasional employment, we kept our heads above the waterline.  Which of course means that right before Christmas, Loki or whatever Chaos critter is out there hadda throw me a loop.  Not a biggie
Dat me.
Others?  Whoo Boy.
I mean "C'mon man!"
They've been open and told us the plan
You know, the one that sez "You'll own nothing and like it."
Hence why they ain't put no mo' moniez into the hands of the po' folk
The calculation I suspect, is based on the Kidsniffer Erect being aced out ASAP and the Kneepad Shrew taking over.  Followed by "White Supremacist AR14 Clingers" doing mass shewins'
Which, By-the-By... Noticed how those particular antics seems to have "Ceased and Desisted" during Orange Man Bad's tenure?  I mean there've been a few, but no more MK-Ultra stuff followed by a far hue and cry for massive disarmament.  Prolly part of the reason they hate Orange Man Bad so badly.  That is on top of the normal-normie derangement.

The thing is, and I'm -not- a believer per se BUT
The shit that goes on 'round here seems to be telegraphed way in advance.  Some of the more 'kooky' conspiracy websites say that the Satanists/Globalist/Flat Earthers whathaveyou play by a rule book of some kind that in order to do 'bad shit' a warning must first be given... that way if people don't do something to stop it, then they are either complicit or good with said-bullshit.  The most gregarious example I know of was that deck of playing cards from the mid 90's.
It was from a card game called, of all things "Illuminati" in 1994....
There are scads of other things out there... The Simpsons predicting a whole shitpile of stuff... you get the idea... hell... it makes it tough not to start believing it the tinfoil hat stuff....
However it -does- make for great comedy.
So... Yepper...

It's either that or we're all plugged into the Matrix with a cable in the head and one up the ass.  Not sure which way I like it... not the head-ass thing you sickos... more like do I want to be here in what passes for real-life with demonically evil motherfuckers pulling the strings, where I might have a say in my destiny?  Or plugged into the Matrix where some 'other' pulls ALL the strings and I'm just another NPC and it don't matter?
Metaphysics suck.
<Le Sigh>
Anyways... T Minus 4 days til total weirdness.  I'ma hoping nothing serious kicks off with Wifey out of town, but then again, out of the line-of-fire might be a good thing if'n it comes here.
Powder Dry, Mags Full
Head on A Swivel.
Watch Your Six
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Furnace went out and the septic system backed up yesterday. Not to mention a leak in one of the bathroom faucets decided to make itself know under the sink. Usually an easy fix there, but it's coming from inside the faucet and back down the pipe.

    Fuggit. At least I'm not in some mud hut in some shithole country. I'll take my problems over anyone else's any day.

  2. Damn, sorry to hear about the fence, bro. Wish I'd known before ya shelled out for it - I'm taking Xmas week off (had to blow vacation hours or they wouldn't roll over), and I've built some pretty damn good decks and fences, and got the tools already: just a bit of a road trip down 95 to Florida. Would've just needed to pick up some lumber, screws, and some concrete; give it a day for the concrete to set with the new posts, prolly blow the rest back up in an afternoon after that.

    DEFINITELY noticed a lack of FF events in the last four years... and a lack of riots shortly after the MSM realized that the general public was dead-set against 'em and thought defunding the police was idiocy. No doubt at all in my mind re: Joe being thrown under the bus - all the earmarks of a "bait and switch" candidate.

    I've heard the bit about the Usual Suspects having a "must hint at what we're doing to do" rule from the tinfoil sites, but I think it has more to do with a long-term psychological warfare project than anything else. All those one-eye celeb photos in the glam mags and cryptic shit strewn throughout pop culture are directed at their own people: once initiated and shown the symbols and signs, they'll start to see them everywhere, all around them, which is a reminder to never cross them, because they are EVERYWHERE. Scary shit...

    When one of us proles catches on, or one of their own defects, we look like crazy people to ignorant normies if we point it out, doing the discrediting work for them. The fact that we know that if we say anything we'll be ostracized, and the ignorant (including our friends and family) will join in the ritual humiliation for fun, because there's no cost to them (though there's definitely a cost to defending the victim, and maybe even for just not participating)... yeah, it's a neat little racket. Know a site that tracks this shit if you're interested:

    As for the metaphysics, I got a good bit of experience screwing with that, pretty sure you're no "NPC" (being an NPC is a choice people make - "go along to get along", or in Japanese, "the nail that sticks up gets hammered down", but that ain't you). Had a precog experience a long time ago: right now we're all getting sucked into a "singularity" event of converging possibilities, because the way our fiat currency systems are set up (all new currency is loaned into existence with a built-in promise to pay back its full amount PLUS interest), and the decoupling of the dollar from oil, means that at some point it MUST implode.

    That's why they're pushing the "Great Reset". If it just collapsed on its own, without some "random event" like COVID to blame, the little proles they've spat on, given tons of free time by their jobs evaporating along with their savings (along with a powerful incentive to be angry), would quickly figure out that it's the central banks that have been screwing us all to the walls since 1913... and we would very likely put them all against the wall shortly thereafter.

    So since they can't have that, they have to do what they always do: manufacture a crisis to distract us, a crisis that we'll blame on anybody but them (you'd have to be a CRAZY conspiracy theorist to believe the masters of the financial universe would unleash a bio-weapon on the planet to distract us from the fact that they've been robbing us blind for at least a hundred years), then have their media shills tell us they're the only ones who can save us.

    1. Yah Vigilant Citizen... good website and "You cannot unsee" sort of stuff... blatant in-yer-face shytte. Appreciate the offer on the fence but, like I said, done dealio.

      And the AFT just raided Polymer80 this A.M.... battle lines are being drawn