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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Couple O'Things and a Recap

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
OK... the last I'll touch on the, you know... the Nashville Thing.
Couple of folks have been asking me as to the possibility of a thermal weapon and such
Honestly... that right there...
That's some stuff of Sci-Fi man... I kno nuthin' bout that sorta stuff.

Then, The Missile Strike
Lots of people sharing a vid purportedly showing either a missile going up, going down, or "Phasers locked on Kepitan!"  
Again, Don't know.
That too is soooo far outta mah bailwick as to be stratospherically out of my range

Although I will say this:

IF and only IF -someone- tossed a missile at the building, where'd it hit?  The street?  That's not effective.  In fact that'd be a demotion on whatever drone-guy who threw it.  Shitty aim.  Plus, it'd have to be no larger than a Hellfire.  Which is what they used on Solimani in Baghdad.
That is a Hellfire strike.
The BOMB that went off in Nashville?
A large, probably propane-and-black powder based bomb

Just my opinion.  A missile strike.. if you look at the walls in the above pic, a shit-ton of shrapnel holes.  Those were from the missile strike, and trust me, first hand experience with that wall... must have passed over that exact spot there at least two to four hundred times in the seven years I was living in Baghdad.  Hell, they'd only just started reinstalling the guardrails seen there as I was leaving in 2011.  They'd been eliminated because they made spiffy improvised anti-vehicle claymores when the back is packed with high explosives (hint hint).  Because of that, The Dot Mil ripped up every. single. guardrail in like the entire city and burbs.

Yeah, no shrapnel damage in any of the pics in Nashville... lotsa blast damage but no dotmil specific 'battle damage' that I can see.  No hole in the roof, which is where it'd have been targeted at for max effectiveness.

Phasers, Particle Weapons, Thermal Beam Nucli-eyed weapons?
No idea.
Sounds iffy to me, but hey, I'm a mechanical weapons man meselves.
US Army Grunt
They never let us play with the cool stuff
Not saying that there ain't no such thing
But if it does exist, it's waaay the fuck above my paygrade Aye?

Now, other biddness.
Got a couple of requests from the FNGs coming 'round here for an Introduction to the Cast of Miscreants and Deplorables here.

Me: I'm Big Country.  Former US Army Infantry, Former Private Military Contractor in Iraq, Affy, Kuwait and Gitmo Bay of all places.  To quote a great character: "I drink, and I know things."  Not many things, but I keep it lively 'round here.  I'm a frustrated writer and really intolerant of humanity these days.  I also show people how-to use dotmil equipment, and Manufacture Custom Flammenwerfers for the folks who got the Shekels.  Ask me about my prices

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Phil: The Vulgar Curmudgeon Want to blame someone for this here mess?  It's alllll on him.  He discovered my blog a year ago and kicked my ass into restarting it, and now? Hooooleee shit...

Yeah... I can't thank everyone enough.  Yesterday's numbers were no shit 12,499 in one. fucking. day.  That's like OMFG.  So, because of that, starting tomorrow, I'ma repoasting my "HOW TO BUILD A FLAMETHROWER" Poasts, with links.  
It's getting to Sporky time, so's a flash-roaster might be handy.  I'll re-clean 'em up so's to not bore yall.
So, til the AM  
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. HIGHLY unlikely that this was a missile. Not impossible...just very unlikely. Access to such tech AND the means to accurately deliver such things is very limited and the tech amazingly expensive....think BILLIONAIR level expensive.

    "Directed energy" weapon? Nope. No way. We just aren't at that level of technology yet. The BIG hurdle to such weaponry is POWER SUPPLY. In order to pack enough punch to make such weapons worth the effort you need to have a power supply that is enormous. The kind that requires a BIG TRUCK to make it mobile....and that's just for the power supply. That is why these weapons currently are being tested on naval in BIG EFFING SHIPS....that have the room for the weapon and the power supply. They did put lasers on a couple of jumbo jets for testing. But then again a jumbo jet is called JUMBO for a reason. So nope....this wasn't some esoteric 'star trek" kind of attack.
    This was an explosion. Exactly what type of explosive was used is still in question....but this was not new technology.


    On barstool sports .....

    - Jack

  3. Bless your heart!

  4. BC is this you?

  5. It sure can't hurt your numbers to show up on the Lew Rockwell dot com. site.

  6. nah, took fibbers too long and they still don't have the details. usually the narrative is put out in MINUTES, that's how you know they got snookered. mr. warner was likely just a guy down on his luck, maybe got the big c diagnosis, lost his girl/boy friend whatev, thought att screwed him over and set about getting even. of course the fibbers will use it to illustrate their "its the white nationalists not the blm/anti thats the problem". the "missile" in question was likely debris/engine block, seen it many times. my question is what explosive and who taught him how. clearly a high explosive, not likely home made. and you don't fool with that stuff unless you know what you're doing and survive it.

  7. If i may be so bold to mention a few of my regular reads that do not appear in your fellow travelers sidebar: (because your link is out of date :) and the gab account of the same) (updates who's posted what and when, this blog is on there)

    Thanks for all you do, BigCountry!

  8. I stumbled across this blog thanks to WRSA. I'm an old grunt, with trips to Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and some other less notable places. Former small town deputy, saw the writing on the wall, so current welder. I build stuff. I plan.

  9. Reading (specifically) here just the last couple days. Never commenting but have a few times on Phil's site and, very recently (like the last hour or so) just put a couple comments on Irish's site.

    Former Navy & et cetera et cetera & miscellaneous.

    Largely concur with your assessments Big Country (and hypothesizing [is that a word?) regarding the Nashville thing.

    It definitely was not a Hellfire indeed this whole *missile thing seems to me just adds to the problems getting a read on this. Few years ago there was a big brouhaha concerning a purported missile lofting off San Diego which, while I knew to not be the case (privileged source) it took me nevertheless on quite the adventure finding an open source from which I might *explain BS. Landing on:

    Now as I said that was a few years ago and I've not, until just a couple hours or so ago had any "need" to check back on that site because ... well just because. Actually as best I recall last time - before today - I was there my *understanding was the site's author was, so to speak, considering abandoning ship. So wtf.

    But the memory of that site occurred just today so revisited and found a feature thereon which hadn't been on the site when first I touched down on it.

    "Cut the shit JK, what's your point?"

    Read comment thread:

    Ain't got no gee mail and ain't never had no shuck with any social media kinda stuff so my confidence lever at getting this comment to stick ain't high. But what the hell.

    JK of Arkansas

  10. To add to the bullshit storm, apparently there's a 2nd "truck bomb" on a rural Tennessee highway that the cops are investigating with robots. Had a similar recording, might be a follow-up attack, might be a copycat, might be Fed-False-Flag copy-catting to try to lead it onto whatever narrative the Usual Suspects wanna sell to the normies:

  11. So, after reading at the link JK put up, and after thinking on the event today, and commenting over at Irish's about this, I'll guess the smoke trail was a propane tank going skyward, from the rv, which gives weight to what Bracken laid out, about the rv being used as a bomb. This still doesn't answer why.

  12. My guess on the bomb type is diesel fuel cans and gas cans surrounding a large tannerite package in the middle, detonated by a the bomber using a high powered rifle inside the RV. Large orange fireball to me suggests gasoline. Also the blast area appears very sooty so guessing diesel fuel as well.

    1. gas and diesel are low explosives, very low. this was high explosives, shattering effects instead of burning/tearing effects. not enough black billowing smoke during. the bright white fireball was a give away too, though it lasted much longer than it should have indicating some of whatever was used to ignite failed or there was a delay. propane tanks almost always survive so they'd be scattered about. anfo leaves large chunks of the vehicle intact as well. however, philthydelphia has the goods on the why, among others. i was wrong about it being just a guy.

  13. For your consideration Big Country.

    As I "sometimes experience *difficulties in getting a comment to stick" and et cetera - I sometimes

    Puts to a doc file before I does comment as I does which; having a pretty good process going (H/T Grog) sometimes, for whatever reason, the comment I'm attempting goes "poof" (or wherever)

    Anyway BC I been doing some ruminating and put this on Irish's some minutes ago. Feel free to give me the 'what for' because I can't expect no self-improvement iff'n I "just get accepted" like an otherwise Lower The Standards university or civil service exam does.

    Pasting from Irish's:

    Spitballing here - Pure Speculation. Noting Grog's comment above referencing Bracken's analysis which I have not read (but would appreciate a link) ...

    I speculate! I'm of the opinion (for now) what we're looking at is very probably an extreme insiders job. (Who/Whom having the "motivation" to pull that off I leave you Reader[s] to do your own speculation.

    Given the "outages" we've seen (refer to the jpeg on Big Country's site) I tend to believe the primary (initial) detonation was subsurface. Very likely thermite. The ground effect[s] being secondaries. For 'show' in other words. The media eats that carbon shit up. But as BC sounded paraphrasing "That's alot of carbon!" (Greta Thunberg ain't gonna be happy if she visits Nashville soon.)

    I call to your attention an article from back when the Democrats/Left used to pretend to give a shit about such Bill of Rights stuff as the Fourth and the Fifth Amendments - oh where is that Senator[?]/Representative[?] Wyden nowadays ...

    "Why subsurface JK?"

    Well the simplest explanation is 'trunk line access' and as there's not alot of overhead utilities (think powerlines, phone cabling, maybe tv in the boonies) obvious in any of the Nashville street scenes I've been looking at - *I don't "do" Goo Gul anything: no Gee Mail, no Planet Earth, no 'how the hell do I get to some address - at any rate I'm depending on blogs for what imagery I'm "reading."

    It's possible I guess that whatever switchgear was in that specific AT&T building was above ground/street level but as I have a very good ... well maybe good isn't exactly what I ought use. Suffice to say she was a pal of a sister (deceased - the sister rather than the source) and her eldest brother 'buddy' of mine (he deceased too but as yet me not: pretty sure I'm not in Heaven or the other place)

    At any rate my sister's pal reports there's alot of underground stuff below Nashville Apparent (and tunnels). Can't gar-un-tee what she's told me is down there (Nashville proper) but around forty or so years ago I did visit the catacombs of Vanderbilt (not as a student) and if Vanderbilt's is any reliable indication I'd be willing to wager I could hide a set-upped just as well if not better than any Easter-egg hiding Presbyterian at hiding time.

    JK of Arkansas

    I'd only add that from the some/few 'manhole/vault' covers [untime-stampped-it-is-true] some few look to be 'pressure-askew' rather than the utility companies "employees" purposefully inspecting. There is *some drone footage - looks to be - about a block and a half away.