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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Another Day, Another Dollar

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
So, latest is that Dumbunny is in court now fighting for her youngin'.  Unfortunately, Wifey made a strategic error when she found out Dumbfuck was beating on Dumbunny.  She didn't have the baby with her when she took DB to the ER... so as soon and the Po-Po got involved, the whole fucking inbred clan of retards, meth heads and morons jumped on the "custody train' to derail the whole shebang.
Fucking wimmenfolk... all emotion, no calculation.
Shoulda gotten the kid first and then drop the boom.
Then evacc with prejudice.
So now, I'm working, waiting and hating each minute that passes by.
Not good at waiting.
I'm a impatient bastard
So... otherwise, I got a few requests that I'm going to fill... A couple on some crew served weapons starting tomorrow.  Not sure which one, but it's going to be a loooong one as some of the crew served is bigger and more badass... also can kill you quicker if'n ya fuck up.

Now.... update...
Jeeeeesus fucking Christ
Seems Wifey took Dumbunny to the ER on the 'orders of the reporting police' which means they left the kid behind... Goddammit.  

Seems the Judge did exactly what I though he would, and gave joint custody even though the Dumbfuck is a convicted felon with felony wife beating on his record.  3 days on, 3 off with HIS meth head fambly being the intermediaries.  

So, the only thing I can think of is Media Circus time
Having Wifey and ALL our people call the local news stations 
Fuck it... media may be the enemy, but in this case? Just another tool in the toolbox.

Though to be perfectly and absolutely cold blooded and honest?
It's over.  
No way we're gonna win up in that A.O.
It's time to cut and run.  
As cold as it sounds... Grandbebe #1 is safe, that was my entire Op.  
This one?  Not my circus, not my monkeys.  And yeah, cold but I have to be.

I warned everyone that this was coming months ago.
Like almost to the day, even bitched about it on here as I recall....
And I told Wifey, "This time, we're not getting involved."

Uh, right.

Might be filing for divorce to be honest.
I'm seriously considering it.
This is not what I signed up for.  
Because I'm the one who ends up paying.
Emotionally, financially
This ain't my kid... hell, she's called Dumbunny for a reason  She doesn't have the common sense to pour piss out of a boot.  Fucking shitty parent, hence why Grandbebe #1 is here with us

I just spent every. single. weekend. for the past 3 months taking care of her parents.
I haven't seen my own Mom in oh, I think almost a year?
Because ALL the holidays 'could be her parents last'
Like my Mom ain't ancient too?
Only reason I'm not too worried about MomUnit is she's a covid retard... thinks that the bug is lurking around, waiting to pounce and that I might be a carrier...  There's a special place in hell for those assholes who've done this to us IMO.

I gave her a two-day ultimatum
Get the fuck home.
It's over man

If not, hey, ain't my first rodeo.
So, that's where I'm at... emotionally drained like a motherfucker.
I need a beer
Or ten.
More Later, I'll work on my Next Weapons Poast when I can.. I need a day off.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. You? impatient? never would have figured that about you.


    As difficult as some choices can be, you need to take care of yourself, because no one else will. And GB 1, you are most likely her world.

  2. You have survived too much to let this shitstorm take you under. Hang in there, prayers are going out for you and your family.

  3. Take a day, or two, to get your head settled. We're not going anywhere.

  4. Yeah what he said! Best of luck.

  5. Regular reader, first time commenter.

    Do not let Dumbunny and Dumfuck's actions ruin the life you have worked hard to rebuild, the marriage that you enjoy.

    Box breathe, don't drink/drug, remain calm. Your wife is probably EXTREMELY emotional right now. Dumbunny is still her child, and probably knows how to work her. And no one likes to see the results of a wife beater.

    Greet her calmly, listen to her vent, don't react, keep "i told you so" behind your teeth. She knows you told her so.

    Prepare to temporarily move all your assets to an account your wife cannot access. Get the paperwork ready. If you cannot come to mutually agreeable terms regarding the path forward regarding Dumbunny, move your money. After you each pay your share of the mutual expenses, Wife can assist Dumbunny out of her remaining funds. No need to divorce. Graywall any stories about poor Dumbunny. Oh,my, that's too bad, what do you want for dinner? kind of thing.

    You've been your wife's knight in shining armor for daughter and parents both - she needs to understand your financial and emotional limits. Express them calmly, and do not budge. Keep your wife on your team. Dumbunny is not a 'team' problem any more.

    Best wishes to all of you in this difficult time.

  6. fortunately the current mrs does not get us involved in the offsprings bs. either side so I'm grateful. #1 is still a psycho train wreck and in another state so double blessed

  7. Chin up man, as in all things this too shall pass.


  8. Relationships are where reason goes to die.

    As far as marriage goes, if you are not 'equal' in the process you are not respected. Your value then is only in terms of service and not as a peer to your spouse. In other words, once you cross this line of interpersonal relationships it gets only worse and you lose in the process. As me how I know.

    Options are that you put your foot down along with a completely logical argument why. The worst that can happen is what you already fear. Divorce. The best is a re-negotiation of your relationship and maybe some more sanity. You have nothing to lose by trying and everything to lose by not acting at all.

    Wish I could be more positive but from what you say, things are already pretty damn difficult and you are being treated more as a servant whose input is undesired. That is not what life should be about and it does not matter a whit how you got to this point in terms of why or what has been done by either of you. The solution is the only way forward together.

  9. Drinking one for and in honour of you, Enormous Person.

  10. Anon above hit the nail on the head big guy. Get your shit together first. Tells everyone your serious. No need to destroy wifey over the kids. But yeah she has to make a choice at some point cause a guy shouldn't have to do that shit. Ask me how I know. Life's too short to be dealing with adult kids's bullshit. I'm a motherfucker around these parts cause I learned and I take zero bullshit in my house. I have been right where you are. Now personally I would be hitting the bongo in the man cave with a brew but that's just me and I don't like to push my vices on others. ; )