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Friday, December 18, 2020

A Few Predictions

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
Grinding ye olde thinking meat, and I'm starting to see the "Great Grift" of 2021 coming into position.  We all see the fact "Biden Incorporated" stole the election.  It was a selection.  Not a legit election.  And they've been rubbing our faces in it like nonstop, almost daring us to do something.  

Part of the reason is such a high percentage of the people, as a whole, surrendered like all of their rights to the government, both state and local and allowed them to transfer all of our wealth to the ruling elite, when the government "PANDEMIC!!!" and then said “trust us.”
Believe in the Science!!!!
This's the most recent polling... fully 46% think fucking shenanigans happened
Not that the Ruling Elite give a shit
Which is a fuckup of EPIC PROPORTIONS

Obviously, they STOLE the election, so they can’t do a full bore investigation into whether or not they stole the election – but they could just as easily have pretended to give a fuck.  I mean C'mon Man!  
Now, not all the people would be convinced, you can bullshit most of the people most of the time, but this?  

Nah brah.
Ain't happening.

BUT if they at least gave some lip service to "Investigating" or "Holding off on transition til we iron out this issue" might have worked  It would have cost the dumbfucks nothing to do this. They obviously have total control over the enemedia and the state and localities in question... hell, they even apparently own the Chief Injustice of the Supreme Court, so there was never any real threat that the election would actually be overturned.
But they keep punching down on Orange Man Bad and his "supporters"

Problem is they're stupid
We know this
We get this

Inbred Elitists don't understand what this's REALLY about... they're incapable.
It's all about "Winning" and "Losing"
Not how the game is played

IDGAF whether it's Orange Man Bad who won or not... if it'd been a ham sammich that got robbed of the vote, it's the fact that the stole the vote...NOT TRUMP
That righteously pisses people off
They. Don't. Get. That.

They'all done fucked up by the numbers

They keep thinking in terms of "Our Guy" versus "Their Guy"
They don't get we're pissed off that they pissed on the basic framework of the country.
And our guys?
We, for the most part make up 18 million Combat Veterans
Accounting for say, 5 million vet-tards, phaggots, morons, the soft-heads and the braindead brainwashed who're batting for Team Socialist Buttfest, we're still in the majority here
This's from 2014... lots more since then, and less of the WW2 and Koooo-rean war :(

Right Wing Death Squads?
Hoo Boy
Let me tell ya... as far as I'm concerned, the term "Genocide" was coined to explain what happens when the Whypeepoo get really pissed off.
It -does not- end well for the target of that Ire.

1) Slo Joe will get installed, Probably goes after Russia to keep shit too stirred up for regular folks to GAF about the happy horseshit.  Manufacture a good crisis to wag the dog. (hint: it's already starting)

2) Media'll go apeshit, keep hammering Orange Man Bad, insist on trials and bullshit for supposed crimes.  First time they-ever- go after a past prez, setting an ugly precedent mind you...which also indicates to me that they're not ever worried about being out of power, because backlash -does- happen, but  they ain't worried about it.  I'd give O a 50-50 odd at surviving this at this point...

3) MK-Ultra Pre-Programed Kill-bot or whatever they call the dupes who do that shit'll go on mass school killing spree.  With an AR

4) Hunter Bidet ends up dead, Orange Man Bad gets the blame

5) Slo 'retires' because BadSon is D.O.A. Leaving Insane Kneepad Cocksucker in charge (IKC has a nice ring to it IMO donit?)

6) Guns get outlawed

7) Weed gets nationally legalized... interchangeable between the gun ban... which comes first?

8) REAL resistance starts

Just my 2 cents, which I dunno if they even make pennies anymore
But make of it whatcha will.  More Crew Served Goodness on the Horizon
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Not sure how weed becoming legal nation wide has anything to do with anything but ok. Sounds like a business opportunity to me.

    If'n it hits Floriduh you could be growing that shit all year long outside there. $$$

    1. As a sixth gen Floridian, and from experience, "weed" (Cannabis Sativa/Indica requires a 12 hour photo period to flower and ripen (mature). Only one crop per year outside my friend, same as it ever was, it don't get skunky 'til October-November, depending on the breed (strain-hybrid). But, then again, not only do I not know what I'm talking about, I also lost all my guns in a tragic canoeing accident.

    2. Yeah me too lol.

      You might want to perfect your hobby because there is way more potential.

  2. Have you factored in the possibility that Biden might play on the idea that he's being overthrown as the elected president and ask the UN to send troops to oversee his inauguration? He'd probably allow Chinese troops to come into the country as a UN "peacekeeping" force (Remember there are a bunch training in Canada...and all the major US ports are in Democrat cities).

    1. I have, but I discount it, mainly because if there's ABSOLUTELY one thing that'd get -evvabody's- dander in a whirl, it'd be to start killing foreigners on our turf. Joe Chink knows this, and despite ANY claims of legitimacy real or otherwise, I don't think the UN is that incredibly stupid... I mean man, I'd love to start poppin Blue Helmets alllll the live long day. Talk about a no bag limit!

    2. i think you give the dems and the un too much credit. there is no limit to their stupidity born of hubris.

  3. Jan 6 2021 is my jump off point. Anything other that throwing the electors out will start it.

  4. Here we have a completely stolen election with massive fraud committed by the Communists (e.g. Democrats) and yet not one patriot has stepped up yet to stop the steal. It needs to happen asap. If now now, then WHEN??? They stole our country from us...

    1. Will,

      I suspect a few dozen Lone White Males -- acting alone and without knowledge of the others -- might get the gallows to going triple-time for the MARXISTS, no waiting, no dress-code.

      And I think the titles 'liberal' and 'progressive' and leftist' and 'blue cities' are MARXIST code-words for 'MARXISTS'.
      I could be wrong...

    2. Tactical patience. Think of the movie Braveheart....HOLD!!!

  5. The biggest turd in all of this is not a democrat or a foreigner, It is Mitch McChuckles who recently told 70 million plus trump voting Republicans or just plain Americans "FUCK YOU", my pal Joey is president and all you dirt people can go fuck yourselves.

    Well, hard to beat George Carlin for context.

    Start at 1:12 or so for the real meat of it. If the above isn't clickable, This one is

    1. Mitch McConnell (78 years old) is married to Elaine Chao (67 years old) who was born in Taipei, Taiwan. But rumour has it she has strong family ties to mainlnd China.

  6. There’s no way Biden will be President. Count on it.

    1. He's an ideal president for state control purposes, although he should change his name to Sergei Kirov 2.0. Inaugurate him, have him give some nice "national healing" speeches, introduce a bunch of wishlist legislation, then snuff him. Find a nice middle American white guy gun owner (or group thereof) to put up as the hitter(s) then snuff them "resisting arrest". Then, a tearful Kamala goes before Congress, and asks them to pass all the proposed legislation in one fell swoop, "Because *dramatic pause* Joe would have wanted it, and this *dramatic pause, wipes tears away* is the best way to honor his legacy." Everything passes, with even more statist shit tacked on.

      Oh, and massive new pressure and force applied to all who don't go along with the program.

      Stalin showed how it's done decades ago.

  7. Trump could just give up, go home and wait for the secret police to come for him. Or, he could do something about that stolen election. He still has until Inauguration Day to do that. Trump has a pretty strong hand, if he wants to play it. He doesn't seem like a quitter, so I won't be surprised if Biden and Kameltoe never get inaugurated.

  8. One of the biggest problems that I have considered is the omnipresence of cameras. Any suggestions?

    1. I used to watch a cartoon back in the 80s that had Optimus Prime as the lead character, but can't remember the name...

      Someone told me Marky Mark was in a movie series about the same cartoon as well...

  9. Yes....the left has SOMETHING up their sleeve to distract the sheep and expand their power. We'll find out what soon. Obama had better watch his six. He was NEVER the brains behind the plots and schemes. He was however a WILLING mouthpiece playing the part assigned. As long as he is useful he is safe. When he ceased to be useful he will have a tragic accident, a heart attack, an OD....something. He simply knows too much to be allowed a chance to squeal on the puppet masters.

  10. Anyone remember Joseph Stack??
    2010 Austin Texas ring a bell?
    IRS kamikaze???

  11. another posse of keyboard kommandos itching for CW2....

    not going to happen until the daily warm shower of Jewbucks stops descending on what remains

    of White America. As for the Orange Clown in the WH,

    it's been 4 years of bad Performance Art which, thankfully, will end on 20 Jan.

  12. trump has one round left and must expend it at just the right moment. i'm not depending on it but i'm giving him time to pick that moment much like texas during their struggle. they retreated andretreated unil they had maximillian in exactly the right spot. hdthey fought any sooner the texans would have been wiped out. we are at that point. trump sawthe court was going to cuck, likely the gop too. the one option is the 2018 eo regarding foreign interference in our election.the national intel report was set back for editing b/c the input from cia/fbi deepstaters had nothing about china in it. that's trump's trump card. when it comes back complete with china influence in the election, trump will activate the eo. if goes as plan it'll be epic. that's when joe's handlers will call for un/chinese help and it'll be on like donkey kong. either way, get yer shite together, lay it out, make adjustments, try out any new gear etc and pack it back in full combat mode. remember priority: ammo, mission gear, water, food, then comfort. and sharpen your hatchet, its gonna get medieval. god be with us.

  13. Biden only needs to survive until inauguration. After that he is disposable. He is the perfect patsy: a disposable empty suit.

    The left has been trying to goad us into armed conflict for years. The goal is to break up the US, then bring in foreign troops to "safeguard" our nuke weapons and disassemble them, much as the West did to USSR when it broke up. If one asks the question "cui bono?", the answer is of course China.

    We are left now with no choice, as it is obvious what happens if they get away with stealing this election: there is no longer a USA, elections no longer matter at all, ==>laws become irrelevant. We of course have already seen that laws are already irrelevant for the elites. In-your-face corruption is not punished, and the law enforcement agencies function merely as coverup / cleanup groups.