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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Lin Wood and Desperation

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Merry New Year!
OK  Probably gonna harsh a couple of y'all mellow here
But the whole "Lin Wood sez" thing
It's gotta stop.
It reeks of desperation

I mean gang, lets be realistic.  I really really hope I eat my words on this one
So far?  I'm no longer believing in -anything- these fucking grifters are saying
Too much talk, not enough action to paraphrase the King.

"Epstein is alive"
OK... great... Horseshack is still dead motherfucker
That bit of intel is about the only thing that's right
See.. this is the problem writ large

Too much Hopium and Copium still.
We need to find real leadship
Not these bloviating assholes

In fact, a major disqualifier in my book is if thery're 'blue check' then they shouldn't be trusted to lead a thirsty camel to a watering hole.  Nevermind talking all that shmack.  It's wearisome.  It's typical.  It's boring and counterproductive

Makes guys like me tune the fuck out.

I mean look at this mook
This guy is one Howard Dean Moment of "YYYEAAAARGH!!!" from complete irrelevancy

I don't care about his credentials
I don't care that he's stumping for Orange Man Bad
He, like even Orange Man Bad doesn't understand

It's not about TRUMP
It's about the process being undercut and fucked with

I do not care who got elected.
What I care about is that it was a fair election.
Americans are all about a square deal
Play fair, and we'll be cool

Fuck with the system to the extent you have?  Yeah, It's -go time-

I can deal with minor, petty graft and grifting
Hell It's how I got my job done in the Middle East
The Baksheesh must be paid
If not?
Good luck on getting anything done at all

But to flagrantly fuck with a NATIONAL Election?
Jesus, they fucking fried a bunch of baseball players for throwing the 1919 world series
They went after the Patriots for 'ball deflation'
They sent 14 FBI "Special Agents" to investigate a fucking garage door pull in NASCAR
But electoral fraud?

Nothing to see here
Add on the FBI agent who recently shot a motherfucker in DC and it's being covered up?
The Diktats from the FUSA will no longer be accorded nor followed
We need leadership

Real Leadership
We need to discuss our next moves
Make plans
Make life hard for the occupational government, cause this one inbound?
Sure as shit, ain't Legit.

I need to put that on a T-Shirt and start hawking them.
"Biden/Harris" logo on the front, underneath, "Sure as Shit, Ain't Legit"
You heard it here first
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

And They Wonder Why?

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
"We just can't understand why people aren't getting the vaccine!"
Truly a puzzler eh?
I think I -might- have a clue...
Not actually the vidya sorry... But demonstrative.
Fauci forgot which arm he got his shot in

They pretend to get one. 

Pence gets a 'shot' that doesn't appear to break the skin
AOC and dozens of others get "The Shot" and it looks like bad theater

Netanyahu pretended to get the COVID vaccine, but by a ‘doctor’ who forgot to wear gloves, who held the tip in the needle in his ungloved fingers, and used a diabetic syringe from the look of it.

The one real shot we see get jabbed, and the poor chick falls the fuck out 5 minutes after
And word is she's dead
No way of really telling
Her family is conspicuously MIA as she is as well
I think she is, because if she is alive, they'd have her ALL OVER the news on the reg
But no appearances on "The View"
Or "The Today Show"
Hard to deepfake that much animation

Tell ya what, I'm curious if Aesop is taking or has taken the shot?  He's a healthcare worker
If he really isn't and he's been trumpeting the CoronaChan horn pretty loud
I'd say it's going to be a hard pass on this particular vaccine.

I'm not anti-vax tho.  My kids got ALL of theirs as lil kids but spaced out individually
It was a pain in the ass.  Thankfully we had the World's Best Pediatrician
I worked years ago as Hospital IT fixing the computers 
Doc Lev wanted to play music on his
We did a -deal-deal-  My kids got into his closed and packed practice, I hacked his PC to play his tunes and then, he did me a solid by getting each individual shot instead of the big Multis.  Took waaay more trips to the hospital to get it done, but each shot allowed my kids to 'adjust' and not get a giant-assed cocktail shot at once.  Hell, it actually wasn't too bad... the X would bundle the kids up to have lunch with me, Lev'd hit them with a single shot, and all done.

But as to trust?

THAT'S the reason no one is getting the shot
Even if it was a gar-ron-damned-teed lifesaving shot
Fucking the Overlords have burned the societal trust capital to the ground

No One Trusts Them Anymore
It took a hundred years to build up 'trust in Government'
It took a week to nuke that fucker from orbit.
And it's getting worse

January 6 is going to be interesting
But I'm no longer smoking the Hopium
Too many bad dreams lately
Like very apocalyptic stuff

Used to happen in the bad old Days in Iraq
My dreams kind of 'filled me in' in a tangent sort of manner
Bad bad dreams usually meant bad juju coming
And this Joss coming down the pike?

I'm not happy with the way things are going
Only thing coming on the horizon is Blogshoot February
Borepatch put out the call
Have to see where we stand though 

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Securing Your A.O.

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Been getting a lot of requests vis email to go over 'security' of your Area of Operation.  
Meaning just how does one go about making a secure area?
Well... this's kind of really depending on the type of A.O. yer in
Essentially you have various types of living space:

Urban (City/Small Town)
Urban Compact (City/Downtown)
Suburbanistan (Tight Planned Suburban Community just outside the city) My A.O.
Open Suburbs (Further out from the Suburbistans)
Farmland (Out there)
and Waaaay Over Yonder. (Closest neighbor is measured in miles)

Now, we're all familiar with the basics, leastways you should have -some idea- as to what you need to 'harden the hearth' so to speak.  In my case, it's having the hurricane stuff on hand for the windows, pre-measured and ready to emplace.  
AAdded Bonus for Florida People:  The counties GIVE sandbags away during the start of hurricane season.  I get a bundle.  One per household.  With Sapper, and Wifey and My Driver's License, we get three every season, and I stockpile them.  That and sand.  Nothing like having GranBebe fill up a few bags for grins n giggles. She literally loves filling the bags... free labor Aye?

It's having multiple fire extinguishers... not the lil ones but the 5 and 10 pound genuine "Holy SHIT it's on fire!" type of extinguishers.  The ones you can get reloaded after the first time yer Flammenwerfer goes haywire, and yer buddy has to hose you down, and the yard, and the dog... <sigh>
If you can't afford them, they tend to be around a lot of municipal buildings... you know... the places that currently stole our vote and rendered the Constitution null and void, but I wouldn't suggest anything illegal.  Nope... just a re-allocation of Taxpayer Equipment.  And the bonus of wearing full face masks and gloves bears fruit... jes' sayin'

It's knowing your neighbors.  I'm lucky.  Serbian War Criminal is still on hand for now.  BibleLady sent cookies on Christmas Eve.  The Hostile Broken Farm Equipment I'm keeping and eye on....

I've also stocked Concertina Wire.
REAL dot mil grade Razor Wire.
Thanks to staying in touch with my guys from the Army Shop I used to work at.
That and a roll of good old fashion Barbed Wire for running tanglefoot if needed.  Best use for that stuff is metal rebar or long metal tent pegs.  Secure one end of the wire at ankle height.  Lay out a pattern of the pegs to wrap the wire around... unroll and criss-cross alllll over the place with the barbed wire.  Do this on both sides of a triple stack of Concertina and you've got one hell of an intimidating and functional obstacle.  Me?  I'm laying it ALL over my indoor porch.  Lots of shit to secure it to, and if -someone- when shit goes sideways gets hemmed up and caught in it, that's a shewtin' under castle doctrine... especially if'n the dumbfuck is armed.   

Another overlooked area that needs to be secured, and not many people realize it is the garage door.  Even if it's locked, a good prybar can lift it up, even if you lock the automatic opener.  Couple of pins or bolts through the rails can stop that shit cold
To me, the lock is overkill.  You want a u-bolt though so it can't be shaken out.  Locks are good, but what if that's the -only- way you got left to get out of your house?  You do not want to be fucking with locks while shit is going pear-shaped.  

The other thing I have at my place to slow down someone trying to radically enter the garage was I bored three holes in the inside of the garage, 3 inches in diameter, and a foot deep.  I lined it with PVC tubing.  Then I got 4 foot long steel pipes, filled them with concrete, and let them dry.  They weight a fucking ton, but once dropped into the holes, ain't nothing but a fucking tank getting through that door.  Might fuck the door up, but it'll ruin anyone trying to run a car inside that route.

Other things to think about.  If it goes absolutely "Walking Dead" stupid... as in LMOE (Last Man On Earth) meaning everyone has either forcibly evacc'd, bailed or left, you can assist yourself by making the house look like somewhere no one wants to be.  Biohazard signs.  BIG biohazard signs.  Quarantine signs.  Also, research your local emergency services "tags" for buildings.

This is normal here in Florida.  The local search and rescue and Sheriff round here have 'codes' they spray paint on the garage doors showing that the house has been searched, if dead bodies are inside, or if there are hazards.  Good thing to know as 'tagging' your own crib might keep both the authorities away, as well as any bandits.  Of course its a judgement call either way.

Also, reinforced steel doors are good provided you reinforce the frame  Otherwise it's just as easy to blow the frame up around the door.  Cattle Bars and loops on the door to slow them down as well.  Lots of shit you can find at Home Depot to assist with this stuff.  

Whatever you do though, keep in mind the legalities of yer Area.  Punjii pits might sound cool, but the authorities take a dim view.  As well as landmines, and hell... just about anything.  Keep that stuff in the back of the mind when this is going down.  Also keep in mind that the kids in yer A.O. are probably going to be running around loose unless it goes full retard.  Until it does, the max you can do is got to be subtle and undercover IF possible.  You'll know if it's go time
So, hope that helps
Head on A Swivel
No One Gets Out Alive
This Shitshow is JUST Starting
Be The Gray Man
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Humorous Story From Christmas

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Forgot to pass along a story from Christmas. 
Spawn and his woman  were over on the Eve.  We had a great time to say the least
Lotsa fun and drinks to be had

And we had 'em all.

So... we're sitting around, and Spawn's woman, Shorty is what I call her.  She's been with him as a friend since she was 7 and he was 10... they were in 4H together with XBitcho, and then, sometime around when she was 17, looked at Spawn and was like "He's going places" and jumped on board.  Great times.  I call she shorty b/c she IS a shorty.  Lil Teeny Girl.  Like a daughter to me actually.  Love her to death.

So, Shorty starts talking to me and Wifey, and tell me and her the weirdest thing about living with Spawn is his reaction to 'bumps in the night'

"So, first night in the new apartment, there was a -thud- and before I know it, he's got his .45 in his hand, tells me to stay put while "he checks it out", and then he goes out, crouching and sweeps the whoooole apartment.  He even checked the closets!  Isn't that strange?  And who keeps a .45 between the mattress and box spring?"

Wifey just got that look on her face as to say "Are you fucking kidding me?"
She just lifted her hand at me...

Where I was barely keeping it together.  I was literally about to bust a gut.
She looked at me, then suddenly realized and was like 
"Oh.... yeah... riiiiiight."
I looked at her, and said "I am so proud of that boy right now!"

Good Times, Good Times.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The New Stupid and No Consequences

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Ever notice how -no one- outside of those on 'the wrong side' ever pay a price for the stupid?
Case in point
Jimmy "Nigger" Galligan
Need to start calling him "Nigger Gilligan"
This kid... OMFG.... literally... I saw red when I saw what he'd done.
He's destroyed an 18 year old girls dreams...

Over a 3 second vidya shot over 3 years ago

This malignant fucking twerp
Now... IF this had been my lil girl?
All I can say, it'd been a closed casket, or a weighted one
No body = No crime
And I'll never talk

Too bad her dad is a sackless fucktard.

Seems people like Nigger Gilligan and his ilk can't hep theyselves
Even though he's a self-hating Oreo half breed

Who, BTW, make sure you keep spreading his name... don't want him OR the (((Levin-Creature))) from the Black New York Slimes getting away with this.  Too bad I'm healthy or I'd be thinking "Killdozer" on the Time Orifice downtown.  Someone's gonna have to take the first step eventually.

But therein lies the problem.  
Too many people getting away with too much shit

For too long

And NOT paying for it, either at the right-then-and-there or the after-the-fact
Too long we've let the "Stupid" run around loose, fucking up our and, well, hell everyone's life
Ever notice that once -someone- leaves dot-gov service, all that special protection goes away?

That as "John-Or-Jane Q Public" there's no longer any special circumstances or charges if you were to say, run them over by accident with a truck, or drop a cement mixer on them?  No longer being part of the Club means easier access to them

Which means "accounts past due" should look at being settled  

This ain't a FedPoast
Jes' Sayin'
'Cos when they leave the club, so do all the bodyguards

Unless they can personally afford them
And good guards are hard to find at minimum wage
Ask me how I know 

Case in point, even when I was employed as a "Anti-Terrorism Officer", the pay was a shitty $10.25 an hour guarding critical power infrastructure in the Florida Regions

Power Plants
Power Transfer Points
Nuke stuff
Critical Shit

Tell ya what... if Al Queda showed up back then?  At that pay rate all I would have wanted is a little warning to get out of the blast zone.  Mainly because the job definitely didn't pay enough to go all "Supafly" on their ass.  If they offered me a $50 spot, I'd have more than likely opened the fucking gate for them.


Ain't no such thing when you treat people, who you desperately depend on, like shit.

Case in point, without naming names, the Power Company I was contracted to, they paid some outrageous bonus to the company as a "Thank You" for watching over and out for them.  Told the "Higher-Higher" to give a nice Christmas Bonus to us all.

Higher-Higher went out, and bought custom Harley Davidsons for the Command Staff

Fuck the Line Troops

One of  the Leadershit, which couldn't legally carry a gun due to a felony domestic assault case

After that?
Bad guys show up?  
Apres' Vu...
Allow me to get out of your way.
Have at it boys... enjoy the show... I'll be over here with the popcorn.

Which is my point
Most of the fools guarding these folks?

They could give a rats ass about the primary.
Keep it in mind
The guards are only as good as the money they're paid.

Mercs gotta Merc
Ask me how I know

Part of it too, is to the "Hoighty-Toity" out there, a gunsel is a gunsel, is a gunsel.
Slinging and gunning, leastways to the Zuckerborgs and Dorseys out there?  We're all mindless gunbunnies.  Now, granted, the Head of Security or even their team is going to get them quality teams.  Don't not expect it... I mean I'm pretty sure Zuckfuck told whoever is in charge of his day-to-day wellbeing to get "the best of the best" which usually means retired Delta, SEALs and the like.

Big Difference with what can be afforded by has beens and what might have beens
They ain't got first line picks.
Keep it in mind.  A bit of research makes the world go 'round.

In fact, case in point: MomUnit some many years ago, while teaching public school had a kid in her class.  Kid of like an insanely wealthy dude on the Forbes 100 richest.  Kid was like 7.  MomUnit was his elementary school teecha.  Had a bodyguard.  In class.  24-7 apparently.  I came home at one point, and DeadDrDad asked me to go down to the school to talk to dude... feel him out.  Guy wouldn't say shit, didn't say shit.  Just sort of "hulked" at the back of class... was nervous-making for MomUnit.
Figured since HE (DadUnit) couldn't get dood to talk, 

Mebbe a "like minded individual" Aye? 

Went down, explained the sit-rep.  "Dude, making MY mom nervous... don't care how bad ass you are, spill.  Have TS-SCI and you can tell ME else you're gone and the kid with the blessing of the School Superintendent.  Won't tell anyone... you either get a 'thumbs up' from me, or 'thumbs down'... yer choice and I dig your position either way."
Former Delta
Former CIA
Still Current Badass
Politically Wired to a fair-thee-well
Got the 'thumbs up' when he said that after the principle (the kid) MomUnit was 2nd on list to protect.  Seems the kid really liked MomUnit.  Carried a LOT of firepower too.  Like Holeeee-Christ.  

THIS is first line protection
Not many can afford it.

But, for now, keep it in mind
Lots of "overdue bills" due out there
That're wide open for "collection"

Maybe if we get the "past due" eliminated, we can move on to "current debts"
Much lesser risk involved and good training for up and coming "debt collectors"

Jes' Sayin'
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Flammenwerfer Assembly Continued

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
By my count, looks like at least two of y'all are building one of these things if the Zon referrals are right
Good on ya then!  So, in that, we continue:
OK Time to continue with the Weapon of Mass Destruction:  The Flammenwerfer

This part of the game, again the disclaimer:
Ok Nuff said.  If’n y’all ARE crazy enough to go through with this, you’ll be pleased.  Slightly Scorched but very well pleased with the results.  Today:  We’re gonna tackle the main Tank Prep, as in Prepping, drilling and tapping, then installing the bayonet valve that the hose will be attached to.  For this evolution, You’ll need the following part:

20 lb CO2 Tank

And the Tools to use:

Drill press with 1/2” chuck -or- (b) Power drill with 1/2" chuck
1/2” drive socket wrench
9/16” 8-point socket 1/2” drive 
1/2” Dewalt pilot-point drill bit
37/64” Drill bit
3/8"-18 NPT thread tap
Cutting oil
Setup is as Follows.  At this point you’ve reattached the newly built Universal Filler Valve and tightened it down when performing your pressure/overpressure test.  With it set in the drill press (or workbench) measure out 90 degrees on either the left side or right side. 

Because the hose that feeds the fuel to the nozzle is only 3-4 foot long (I used a 3 foot hose) you need to insure that you cut in on the correct side of the tank.  If yer a righty, cut on the right side.  If’n yer a southpaw, cut left.  Once you unfuck yerself on the whole left/right thing, just realize that the pressure container, the 24oz CO2 Tank is going to be centered on the back of the tank on your frame.
Once you have the side picked out, Remove the Universal Tank Filler / Pressurization System.  Mark the side you want to use roughly one inch from the bottom.  Once you have the tank stripped down, roll it 90 degrees up to the side you wish to drill.  Measure ONE INCH from the base of the 20 lb CO2 Tank and  and then prep to drill. 
Make sure the tank is secure.  Squirt a lil cuttin’ oil on the spot your going to drill.  Using the 1/2” Dewalt pilot-point drill bit, begin cutting into the tank -SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY-.  You’ll be getting a huge amount of shavings and keep adding the cutting oil as needed.  Take your time and do it in stages is my approach.
This is your starting hole.  Once it’s cleanly punched through, change out to the larger finishing bit, the 37/64” Drill bit.  Add more cutting oil, and cleanly cut out the remaining metal, expanding the hole to 37/64ths.
OK.  So now you got the hole.  Take the square side of the 3/8"-18 NPT thread tap into the 9/16” 8-point socket 1/2” drive and insert the threaded side of the 3/8"-18 NPT thread tap into the 37/64” hole. Begin cutting the threads by turning the 3/8"-18 NPT thread tap clockwise ensuring that the 3/8"-18 NPT thread tap is perpendicular to the surface of the large tank.  

The is NO SUCH THING AS BEING TOO CAREFUL OR SLOW!   Make sure you cut slowly, adding cutting oil regularly so’s the thread cutter doesn’t get bonded or stuck to the metal. Continue cutting until only 6-7 threads of the 3/8"-18 NPT thread tap are exposed above the surface of the large tank.  This -should- complete this evolution.

Step Two: Rinse out the tank.
Now that you’ve drilled and tapped the tank, you HAVE to make sure you get ALL of the little fiddly bits of shavings and metal out of the tank.  Very carefully so as to not to damage the threads, use an old toothbrush or gun cleaning toothbrush to remove any clinging bits of aluminum around the tap hole.  Blow out / shake out all remaining bit.  Me?  I triple rinsed with water, shaking the shit out of the tank to make sure it was clean.  One itty-bit of metal in there when yer doing ‘flame on’ can cause BIG “Fiery-Ball-O’Death” Issues.  Big Safety Tip:  Thoroughly clean the tank.

Step Three:  Install the feeder nipple.

Parts Needed:
Male Quick Disconnect x 3/8” Male NPT
20 lb CO2 Tank (Now with hole drilled and tapped)
Yellow Teflon Tape

Tools Needed:
1/2” drive socket wrench
11/16” deep socket 1/2” drive

Take the Male Quick Disconnect x 3/8” Male NPT and wrap two to 2.5 times around the threads.  Mate up the threads to the 37/64” hole and thread it in.  Once you have it cleanly started, finish securing it completely to the tank using the socket wrench and 11/16 drive.

Annnnnnd more to go… we’re almost completed on the hard stuff…  the rest is pretty easy.  Lotsa pressure checks and a bit more modifications to the pressure washer wand, but for the most part, some of y’all cool kids make be able to figure out the rest…. Otherwise stay tuned and we’ll have ‘er dun by Friday of this coming week.

Until later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Homemade Nitro? REALLY!?!

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
So, according to 'sources' the Three Named Terrorist-of-the-Week used home-made nitroglycerin for the bomb that rocked Nashville.  LINK
Oh my god.
The Feds ain't even trying anymore.  
It's obvious to me they don't give a fuck anymore and'll throw any bullshit out there.

OK... my rationale?
Some folks got into my initial analysis of the "how" and "whut" of the makeup of the bomb.  Bracken stopped by, hell, I must have been the only 'freeblogger' open on Christmas.  That was the single largest number of hit here in one day ever.  Try 12490.  Used to take me MONTHS to hit those numbers...

My Thanks BTW.  If I hadda dollar... jes' sayin'...

So anyways, I guessed a combo of ANFO and Blackpowder.  Blackpowder 'cos the accessibility, it's currently -available- unlike rifle and pistol powder in quantity, and it's cheaper...$25 a pound as opposed to $40-50 a pound...  BP is still available whereas it's nigh on unobtainium for other powders unless yer willing to pay a mad premium.  I got lucky and stocked up before the current insanity and still have primers, BBs, brass and powder to use... I know a LOT of reloaders who don't, but every time I've gone sniffing around Bass Pro and even on line, the BP is always in stock, hence my analysis.
Case in point:
Ain't much rifle or pistol powder available at all... leastways in quantities to make a huge Ka-Boom.

So a couple of folks wanted to tear apart my ideas, which I'm cool with
I mean hell, it's on the Internet, why wouldn't it be true?
My analysis was based on cost, ease and accessibility.
That and post-blast damage from the 'operational-immediate' post blast pictures.
As well as my IED/VBIED experiences both during and after said-explosions.

Anywho... so now they're trying to tell us Homeboy bought a bunch of precursor chemicals
Using his credit cards
OK.  Plausible
However, the next part is where I throw the Bullshit flag and HARD
Homemade Nitro?

OK, there's crazy, and then absolutely bugfuck nuts
I'm crazy.  I know I am.  Hell I make flammenwerfers for fun, profit and hell, Why not?

But home made Nitro?

Lets just say that I like living a bit too much.   I also like all my fingers just where they are.  Home made Nitro is one of the big no-no's of the chemistry world.  I'm not going to go into detail too much, it's all out there on the Intahrwebz for you to look up, and if y'all are stupid enough to fuck around, y'all gonna find out mighty quick just how dangerous and crazy that shit is.

There have been cases of guys working AT Dupont... the chemical company?  Blowing theyselves up by accident while on the jobProfessional Chemists blew theyselves up in a laboratory setting fucking around with Nitro.  No ONE sane makes homemade nitro.  Looking at it makes it irritable.  Shit... so even if he made a pile of it, I mean shit... doubt he mixed it up there on the spot on the street... and transporting it pre-made?  See above "irritable" becomes "agitated" which becomes "pissed off" which equals your carcass spread allllllll over the place suddenly and unexpectedly.

So call me highly doubtful of this particular bullshit.
But it does start to point towards what they really want
Which is banning the online sale of 'stuff' that can be utilized
Common chemistry
Fireworks supplies

Lock that shit down now

I can see it coming.
Bulk purchases of what -used to be easy- to get

So in the future IF something goes >Ka-BOOM< they can track it back to Point-of-Purchase
And fry everyone involved

Which means the black market is gonna start thriving
More than it already is
Stay tuned... see if'n I'm wrong.  The idea that it was having to do with cutting off comms?  
but ultimately, Occam's Razor holds true.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, December 28, 2020

Clean Up for The New Year

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Time to start cleaning up all that 'old biddness' ya got layin' 'round from the past before 2021 comes to bite us in the ass.  I mean let's be real... Next year is gonna make this year look laid back and mellow by comparison.  So, the powers that be are 'batting cleanup' apparently.  
Seems everyone wants to get rid of old biddness LINK
Including Efrain Reyes.  
Who was Epstein's last cell mate
51 years old
Of Covid-19 no less LOL
JUST announced too... been dead since November
At 51? That puts him in the 'least likely to die' grouping but
Nonetheless he's a deader.

Amazing how that happens eh?
Guess Hillary wants to polish up things when The Kidsniffer either gets indicted, or is forced to retire.  I mean it only makes sense that Killary would be matched up to the Veep Slot under Insane Kneepads the Cocksucker.  I mean THAT broad?  How fucking brainless and untalented a hack is she?

Apparently pretty much worse than our worst nightmares
The Kwanzaa Tweet was soooooooo absolutely cringy as fuck
She's apparently worse than 'Lie-awatha'
"I'm a Hindu"
"I'm Jamaican mon"
Yet again
"I'm a Dindu!
Talk about genetically, if not morally and truthfully flexible
No wonder Downtown Big Willie Brown kept dippin his Lil Willie into Kneepads
That must have been some good pussy back in the day but now?
Step Off, Musty Charms, yer Vaginally Suspicious in my book

Add on her (((husband)))  

Good Christ
Talk about the melting pot... is there anyone or anything she hasn't fucked?
I mean wowsers
Talk about bleeeech
Or is it bleach?  I know I wouldn't want to be around any hot bicycle seat she's been on recently
Probably why the cat keeps chasing her.

So, besides bad tuna jokes... It's a day at work.  I'm short on hours this week again.  Really upsetting that the check, miss 4 hours, and I'm short $200... work 4 hours of OT, and I'm lucky to see an extra $30 in my pay

How the fuck does that work?
Really steams me how it always works in favor of whatever company you work for Aye?
No matter how much above and beyond, you always seem to get the fuzzy end of the lolly
Jes' Sayin'

So, just a bit of a tidbit thats -slipping out- during the 'Nashville Follies'
Wonder who else turns up with a bad case of the 'deads'?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Stage One Flammenwerfer Assembly

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
This here is stage one of the Build.  Now, quite honestly, I'm re-publishing this from my original poast.  This step is out of date
I upgraded and made a better design for this thing involving a less-stress design for the C02 Feed involving a paintball regulator connected to a flexible hose.  Instead of utilizing the 4.5 x 1/8 threaded pipe, you use the paintball mount AFTER dismounting the bayonette joint.  It's cleaner, and puts less weight stress on the whole C02 system.. My advice?  Wait for the Update poast at the end of the series.

All You Wannabe Pyromaniacs
OK:Steps for the Build. Now mind you:

(You, yeah you… not so much…)

For the sake of clarity, Parts will be in BOLD BLACK
Tools will be shown in BOLD RED

So Step One:
I started off by doing accountability of ALL the parts.  Once I had them together, I literally started from the top down.  First thing, Take the Main tank, the 20LB Large Tank, and using the 1 ¼ INCH WRENCH remove the Tank Fill Valve.  Depending on which model you bought, there may be a spinning black plastic guard.  This does NOT need to be removed.  In fact, I suggest leaving it on there to assist in protecting the Tank Fill Valve

Step Two:
Using the Yellow Teflon Tape, wrap the threads of the Tank Fill Valve on the upper part of the valve.  DO NOT WRAP THE BASE OF THE VALVE.  This’s because it’ll make it impossible to remove it from the tank when you are trying to refill the Main Tank.
Gather the following parts:                                                 

1/8” Male NPT To 1/8” Male NPT X 4.5” Length
1/8” Male NPT To 1/8” Male NPT X 3” Length
1/4” Male NPT x 1/8” Female NPT Reducer
Female Quick Disconnect x 3/8” Male NPT        
Male Quick Disconnect x 3/8” Male NPT
And do the same.  Wrap all of the threaded sections of the gathered parts with between 2 ½ to 3 turns on the threads.  Make sure its neat and tight and that you cut it away -cleanly-.  Put these aside for now, but have them ready for:

Step Three: 
Parts Needed:

320 cga Female To 1/8" Female NPT
This is made up of 3 individual sub-parts including a Large Brass Nut, a Small Brass Nut, and a Plastic White Washer

From the set aside parts, get the 1/8” Male NPT To 1/8” Male NPT X 4.5” Length 
Paintball Universal Fill Adapter

Take the small brass nut from the 320 cga female to 1/8" female NPT  and thread it onto the 1/8” male NPT to 1/8” male NPT x 4.5” length  Tighten as much as you can by hand.

Take this assembly, and insert the tube into the Large Brass Nut like so:

Once you have this ready, the Large Brass Nut should be hanging relatively loose.  Get The Universal Paint Ball Fill Adapter,  and insert the other end of the 1/8” male NPT to 1/8” male NPT x 4.5” length
Into the 1/8th hole in the side of the Fill Adapter.  Once its hand tight, get the 11/16” Deep Socket ½” Drive and the 1/2inch drive socket.  Slide the Large Brass Nut off of the Small Brass Nut and insert the Small Brass Nut into the 11/16” Deep Socket ½” Drive and -FIRMLY- crank the 1/8” male all the way into the Paint Ball Fill Adapter.  Make sure its nice n’ tight, as this is a potential leak area where the propellant gasses are going to be feeding the Flammenwerfer.  Once its good, slide the small nut back into the Large nut, insert the Plastic White Washer into the Large Bass Nut to secure the small nut inside.  Click it in place so the tube is locked in place.

Once this’s completed, you should have an assembly that looks like this:

The next step is a Pressure test.  I suggest doing this first so that you know you ain’t got no leaks.  Especially before you start drilling on the tank itself, because once that’s done, chasing itty-bitty air leaks is a stone bitch (as I found out the hard way.)

Step Four: Air Pressure Assembly Test

Reassemble the Tank Fill Valve onto the tank.  Be careful re-threading it on the tank.  The tank is aluminum, and if you cross thread it, say goodbye to about $100.  Once you have it on, (being careful of the plastic guard, give the Fill Valve a slightly more-than-hand-tight spin.  You -don’t- want to crank down on it.  Just enough for the rubber gasket to fully engage.

What You DO need to get ready is the 1-1/8” wrench.  You’ll be utilizing this on the Large Brass Nut to crank the assembly nice n’tight.  The Universal Filler Valve needs to be vertical with it’s valve on top.

Once thats locked in and EVERYTHING is tight, grab a 24oz CO2 Tank
And take it down to the local paintball store to get it filled.  Should be about 5 bux to get it filled.  This’s why I like to have a few extra (2X for a total of 3) on hand.  Once it’s filled, bring it home and get s dish with some soapy water for a leak test.  2:1 ratio dawn detergent so it’ll blow nice bubbles if/when it leaks.  Install it into the Universal Filler Valve.  Make sure that you have both valve(s) closed BEFORE you install the CO2 tank.

Insert the CO2 tank into the Universal Filler Valve first.  Look and listen to see if it is holding pressure.  If so, Open the Valve.  Watch the seams on the junction points.  Dribble some soapy water on it.  Observe.  No bubbles = good.  Open the Main Tank Valve.  You should hear the tank fill with CO2 and become pressurized.  Be VERY CAREFUL while doing this.  I recommend Eye Protection and leather gloves in case -something- ruptures.

If there are no apparent leaks, Turn off the Valves in reverse order.  Remove the CO2 Tank SLOWLY.  Bleed off the CO2 CAREFULLY EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.  Fuck around, and you’ll find out the hard way.

OK Enough for now.  Watch for the next steps after a while.
Til then, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

MK What? and Tooltime Part 2

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
So part list, Check
Now, at the end of the rant, Tools list, Check
Now, Rant?  Lets git 'er on!

Nashville:  Yep. -SOMETHING- was a target there.  Zigzackly whut we'll never really know.  They'll eventually come out with the motive that 'Dude wasn't right in the head" and that, like Vegas, will be that.
How do we now know that this poor bastard is the patsy in all this?

He's a member of "The Three Name Crazy Club" of course.
Look at the pattern

JFK Shooter: Lee Harvey Oswald
MLK Shooter: James Earl Ray
'Batman' Movie Shooter: James Eagan Holmes
Virginia Tech Shooter: Seung Lui Cho
Vegas Shooter: Stephen Craig Paddock

and now, the newest member:

Nashville Bomber: Anthony Quinn Warner

Seems like all of these particular shooters or bombers had at least a couple things in common
They ALL appeared to be "out of the loop" socially.  Misfits, both literally and figuratively.  They also were known as loners.  Then add on the whole "three name" thing... I dunno... it's got to be so MK-Ultra thing methinks.  I mean maybe  it's co-inky-dink?  Mebbe not, maybe it's fucking Maybelline.

They ALL either ended up dead, or so far down the "shrink hole" no one'll ever get a solid explanation out of them.  The fact that they get introduced to the public in the three-name mnemonic as a way of?  Not sure... but there's something to that.  Part of the reason for my stating this is even on the web, I looked up and googled "Mass Shooters" and suchlike.  On the majority of lists, MOST of the Names are just "Two Name, First and Last" or an Initial IF a third (middle) name is mentioned or exists.  Even if there is a third (middle) name, they ain't listed unless the subject is one of what I call "Koo-Koo For CoCo Puffs."   

That to me is evidentiary of -something-
One absolutely solid prediction I have:  This's gonna faaaaaaaaaade awaaaaaay
Go back to sleep peasants
Nothing to see here
Until the next time we want you to 'see something'
In fact, they're 'dulling the senses' already.  Two days later, they had a box truck near a church play music in a similar fashion, this time outside of a church.  Now, whether this guy did it because he's an asshole, or what, but that to me is part of the 'conditioning' phase of making something 'common' and therefore unworthy of notice or in depth investigation.
Watch... another repeat or 'copycat' in a few days/week or two...

Now, as far as the "what was the target?"
Well AT&T is a good start
Just what for for real?

We sure as hell will never know

It's worthless conjecture to try and go 'too far down the rabbit hole' IMO
That's what they want you to do.  Make you all start doing 'deep digs' for 'sauce' and shit... "look at the nice shiny-shiny' over there!"  "It was a thermal nuclear pulse and look at this vidya!!!"

 Notice one thing in ALL of this?

"Q" has gone essentially silent.
"...and all of a sudden, we had a terror bombing"
Look for moar of this shit soon
The 'Hopeium' and 'Copeium' is exhausted.  No one believes in the whole thing anymore.  If anything, you see it on Gab with the desperation of the "we shall never, ever surrender!" declarations.  I mean talk about being played for fools.  I mean highly coincidental that "Q" goes silent, and the second he does, a KABOOM happens, and someone starts floating madmad sounding conspiracy shit about the AT&T center, voting machines, ties to space aliens and other completely off the wall shit...

I've made it VERY clear that I think that the "Q" phenomenon was in place to give the Autists something to do.  And now?  Not so much.  They can't keep up the charade anymore that way, so, back to the usual bullshit

So, coming off the "wake up and smell the coffee"  I have the list of tools that are needed for the Flammenewerfer:
The list with the links attached are NOT the common stuff a Droog or Droogette might have laying about in "Ye Olde Toolboxe" So I linked them for convenience.  The stuff w/out links -should- be in yer basic home/car repair kit, and if not, then shame on you.
Again, for the more forgetful of y'all:
Other than that, stay tuned and have fun!

1/2” Dewalt Pilot-Point Drill Bit
37/64” Drill Bit
3/8"-18 NPT Thread Tap
7/32” Dewalt Pilot-Point Drill Bit
Thread Tap 1/4”-28 NF
Teflon Tape Yellow

The Rest Y’all should have if you’ve got a basic toolbox.

1” Wrench
7/8” wrench
¾” Wrench
½” Drive socket Wrench
3/8” Drive socket Wrench
3/8” Drive 8” Extension Bar
11/16” Deep Socket ½” Drive
15mm Deep Socket 3/8” Drive
9/16” 8-Point Socket ½” Drive
5/8” Socket ½” Drive
½” Socket 3/8” Drive
Pliers, Needle Nose
Center Punch
2mm Allen Wrench
Cutting Oil
Flathead Screwdriver

So, there ya have it for today
Head on a Swivel
Be the Gray Man
Shoot Loot and Scoot
Shovel and Shut up
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Parts for the DIY Flammenwerfer Part One

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes !
My original Flammenwerfer Build.
These parts listed here are what you'll need to get started on a build to finish up with a System thats very similar to this:

This is what these parts will build.  Since then I've modified the C02 gas system, which will be in Part 4, Upgrades.  The parts listed Here though will build THIS Flammenwerfer.  And in the interest of transparency, yeah, you order using those links below, I get a taste. So this one is part one of a 3 part series that I got a LOT of requests for.  

Build Parts For your Very Own Flammenwerfer:
20 lb CO2 Tank

1/8” Male NPT To 1/8” Male NPT X 4.5” Length

1/8” Male NPT To 1/8” Male NPT X 3” Length

320 cga Female To 1/8" Female NPT                     

Paintball Universal Fill Adapter

24oz CO2 Tank (I recommend having 2… quicker refill to ensure you empty out the main tank.)

Male Quick Disconnect x 3/8” Male NPT

Female Quick Disconnect x 3/8” Male NPT

Female Quick Disconnect x 3/8” Female NPT

High Pressure Hose 3’

Blue Hawk Pressure Washer Gun

M22 Male x 1/4” Female NPT

1/4” Male NPT x 1/8” Female NPT Reducer

Red Brass Seamless Pipe Fitting, Nipple, Schedule 80, 1/8" NPT Male X 3" Length

Anderson Metals Brass Pipe Fitting, Coupling, 1/8" x 1/8" Female Pipe

Erie Tools Pressure Washer Twist Connect M22 X 3/8" Quick Disconnect Plug 4500PSI High Pressure Brass Fitting 300° F Max Temp

Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch

Quick Disconnect Hose Clamps     (Not used in Mod 2 Model)                       

16.4 oz Propane Cylinder (I buy mine at Lowes or Home Depot)

ALICE Pack frame w/Shoulder straps and kidney pad

ALICE Pack frame Cargo Support Shelf

Cargo Straps, no hooks (for securing the tank to the frame)

The next installment will include the list o'tools needed, and the third part is the steps I did to put it all together. For right now, 5 hours of typing and getting the links established is enough for today.  Let me know any thoughts!
Until Later, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter.
Big Country 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Couple O'Things and a Recap

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
OK... the last I'll touch on the, you know... the Nashville Thing.
Couple of folks have been asking me as to the possibility of a thermal weapon and such
Honestly... that right there...
That's some stuff of Sci-Fi man... I kno nuthin' bout that sorta stuff.

Then, The Missile Strike
Lots of people sharing a vid purportedly showing either a missile going up, going down, or "Phasers locked on Kepitan!"  
Again, Don't know.
That too is soooo far outta mah bailwick as to be stratospherically out of my range

Although I will say this:

IF and only IF -someone- tossed a missile at the building, where'd it hit?  The street?  That's not effective.  In fact that'd be a demotion on whatever drone-guy who threw it.  Shitty aim.  Plus, it'd have to be no larger than a Hellfire.  Which is what they used on Solimani in Baghdad.
That is a Hellfire strike.
The BOMB that went off in Nashville?
A large, probably propane-and-black powder based bomb

Just my opinion.  A missile strike.. if you look at the walls in the above pic, a shit-ton of shrapnel holes.  Those were from the missile strike, and trust me, first hand experience with that wall... must have passed over that exact spot there at least two to four hundred times in the seven years I was living in Baghdad.  Hell, they'd only just started reinstalling the guardrails seen there as I was leaving in 2011.  They'd been eliminated because they made spiffy improvised anti-vehicle claymores when the back is packed with high explosives (hint hint).  Because of that, The Dot Mil ripped up every. single. guardrail in like the entire city and burbs.

Yeah, no shrapnel damage in any of the pics in Nashville... lotsa blast damage but no dotmil specific 'battle damage' that I can see.  No hole in the roof, which is where it'd have been targeted at for max effectiveness.

Phasers, Particle Weapons, Thermal Beam Nucli-eyed weapons?
No idea.
Sounds iffy to me, but hey, I'm a mechanical weapons man meselves.
US Army Grunt
They never let us play with the cool stuff
Not saying that there ain't no such thing
But if it does exist, it's waaay the fuck above my paygrade Aye?

Now, other biddness.
Got a couple of requests from the FNGs coming 'round here for an Introduction to the Cast of Miscreants and Deplorables here.

Me: I'm Big Country.  Former US Army Infantry, Former Private Military Contractor in Iraq, Affy, Kuwait and Gitmo Bay of all places.  To quote a great character: "I drink, and I know things."  Not many things, but I keep it lively 'round here.  I'm a frustrated writer and really intolerant of humanity these days.  I also show people how-to use dotmil equipment, and Manufacture Custom Flammenwerfers for the folks who got the Shekels.  Ask me about my prices

Wifey:  The dumb chick who married my stupid ass.  Hawt as hell, tolerant of me, and a fair shot herself.  Wife #2 for me, and I'm like #4 for her... her last is mentioned occasionally as DeadCop, as that's what he was, a Cop who's now dead. 

Spawn: First borne of mine.  Great Kid, makes Hitler look like a piker... Voted "Most Likely to Commit Genocide" by his class.  Member of the Zyklon Generation and plotting world domination at some point 

Sapper: Roommate to me and Wifey.  Bit awkward occasionally when Wifey wants to prance around nekkid, but it's cool.  Sapper is just that, a buddy of mine from back in the day who was a Combat Engineer.  Hasn't seen the elephant yet.  Been living here since the job scene went tits up...

GranBebe: My first step-GranBebe with Wifey.  We had to take custody from Wifey's daughter Dumbunny and her babydaddy Dumbfuck (or Dead Man Walking if I have my say in it)  GranBebe is of course thriving with us, as opposed to Methapalachia.  She turns 3 in one month... motherfuck I'm old.... 

MomUnit and FedBro, my ma, and my lil brother who is, a retired Secret Service/IG kid.

Phil: The Vulgar Curmudgeon Want to blame someone for this here mess?  It's alllll on him.  He discovered my blog a year ago and kicked my ass into restarting it, and now? Hooooleee shit...

Yeah... I can't thank everyone enough.  Yesterday's numbers were no shit 12,499 in one. fucking. day.  That's like OMFG.  So, because of that, starting tomorrow, I'ma repoasting my "HOW TO BUILD A FLAMETHROWER" Poasts, with links.  
It's getting to Sporky time, so's a flash-roaster might be handy.  I'll re-clean 'em up so's to not bore yall.
So, til the AM  
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country