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Monday, December 21, 2020

100K And Climbing

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
One piece of Admin work to go over
Thank you all again
Thanks to you all, I broke the half-a-mil marker last month.  This month?  Ho-leeee-shit have I been getting tagged.  Can't thankee enuff.  Between the Diaper Donations and GranBebe support, and all the comments from the disgruntled group of ill-tempered mechanics and miscreants (I'm lookin' at you Phil), y'all gave me the best Christmas Gift I could have gotten.  100K this month so far

And hot damn!  This's fun.
I though last month was an aberration and was pleased.  Now I'm fucking tickled to death.

So, Special Treat for tomorrow's Weapons Training.  It's something that's -probably- not ever gonna fall into the FREEFOR baliwick, BUT it's cooler'n Moose Piss in Maine on a January Evening in a Blizzard.  Next on the list is the "Care and Feeding" on the General Electric M134 7.62mm Minigun.
I got to play with those too.
And I'll tell ya alllllll about 'em in detail.
In fact, the manual(s) I have are the 23&P which are the depot level manuals with a down-to-the-pin detailing.  I'm going to cover the basics that IF you were to -somehow- come across one of them, that you -might- be able to get it up and running.  Highly doubtful, but hell...
Besides... where the fuck y'all gonna get the skinny on this thing outside of a YouTube vidya?

Or renting one at Gun World in Orlando.  

Yeah, they got 'em there for $500 plus the cost of ammo, you can go full retard with a M134 on a pintel mount on the range.  
So, again, Many Thanks to you all...
I Remain The Grateful Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Congrats on the milestone. Great info all around. Odds are some of these readers might recover some of this gear. Good to have in least a reading knowledge of it. Thanks for the link the other day. I appreciate my info getting further out there. Hopefully, it motivates some older warriors to feel some their own strength again. By the way, I saw the pic of you holding the M2. I don't think your non-military readers quite appreciate the strength needed to hold that sucker, practically at the ready, and smile, barrel and all. What a beast! Stay hard and keep'em coming.

  2. Thanks for writing and posting the crap you do. ;)

    Any chance of doing a write up on some ChiCom equipment? Just the small stuff that might be imported from Canada eh?


    1. Oh yes please. I'm hip to all their old Ruskie stuff, but the new fangled chinese stuff is still a mystery to me. I mean, hear is gear, and they are all pretty intuitive, but a peak on the other side would be awesome.

    2. Or even some info on Canadian gear.


  3. Probably get one back in a mountain of brass.

    Men only have two eyes and they are both forward facing. Just saying.

  4. I read once that the number of transferrable Miniguns can be counted on two hands, with fingers to spare. I don't know how much stock to put into that, but....

    Gun Jesus has a pretty good video on the gun, and does some detailed discussion on the de-linker, which is really the heart of the system.

    Did anyone catch the 5.56 micro mini that was all the rage at the 2019 Shot Show? Real deal hand held minigun.

  5. Would be lucky to pull one that works from the dead.... but still need the info. Thanks BC!

  6. Back when GE made cool stuff...