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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Monday, November 30, 2020

Reality Bites

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Reality is a stone motherfucker.
And lately, it's blatantly obvious that the 'lockdowns' have had a far more serious impact than we've understood.  I'm not going to argue the "is it live or is it Memorex" regarding the WuHanFloo, Chinkypox, CoronaChan... I'll leave that to the people who care about it or depend on it for -whatever-.
I -did- read about a whistleblower from back in October... said February was going to be the introduction of "Covid-21"...
Hard to care these days...
I don't anymore.
It's a bug.
I get it, I get it.
Fuck it.
See... it's the mental health aspect thats going sideways.  Lots of people were batshit insane BEFORE this shit started.  Now?  Holy fucking jumping dogballs.  Motherfuckers are whackadoos coming outta da woodwork.  People you had thought were good... well, turns out ye olde lug nuts weren't tightened down propper propper.

BUT the proof is what we're seeing in Japan.  In one month, they had more people off theyselves than they entirety of 'supposed' Corona deaths for the year!  I mean damn.  The mental health of your average Japanese these days, from my understanding ain't none too good.  -I- sure as hell wouldn't want to be a headshrinker there, having to crawl around in the snakes and rats-nests that's the Japanese psyche these days.  One of the most honor-based insular tribalistic groups left on the planet...  and they be whacking theyselfs off in wholesale lots lately.

Here in the states, we're seeing the "Cult of Covid"... I tell Wifey and Sapper that the "Diaper Directive" allows us to separate the 'sheep' from the 'goats', what with the 'sheep' to my line of  thought are the dangerous ones.  They're the people who are true believers and -anyone- knows a fanatic is the most dangerous follower.  They're the ones I saw in Iraq doing the aloha snackbar ride to their 72 raisins or virgins (depending on translation) via Rapidly Moving Car Parts or chest-bomb.  When I see some fucktard driving inside their own car or walking in the open air in the park while masked I think:
"Jesus, what a dumbfuck"
Quickly followed by the thought:
"That motherfucker is a true believer and therefore Dangerous"
That ain't a conspiracy theory.
Thats a pure-dee fact.
Thems who wear masks with that much devotion would have ZERO compunction, in a larger group context  mind you, of burning your house down if convinced it would 'save one life'.

Such is the danger in Mass Propaganda.

And right now?  We're -never- going back pre-bug.
They can't. 
A) They like the power
B) Going back means that there's a LOT of potential liability legally speaking

I mean, far as I know we haven't seen anything play out, except the religious freedom case in court vis-a-vis the Chink Lung Aids and the lockdowns, spurious 'orders', 'mandates', and all the rest.  Eventually someone is going to realize that they can sue, and find a really hungry shyster who does those kinds of cases.

In fact, I'm waiting on the "mask lawsuits"
As in -someone- wearing a mask, who was religious about it either dies/died or something, and the Mask didn't save them.
Add on Vaccine Lawsuits and the constitutionality of the mandatory shit?
For the flu?
Oh hells no.
Gonna be a cold day before I let someone tinker with my RNA/DNA blockchain...
So yeah

The 'reg'lar' people are (the sheep) are getting mor and mor wound up.  They're poasting shit left of left and getting mor deranged as the days go by.  Psyching theyselves into a lather methinks Aye.  I've also noticed a lot mor people trying to 'draw out' guys like me on Fecesbook to get me to FedPoast.  Ain't happening, but all in all, nice try boys, better luck next time.
On the polar opposite of the spectrum, the Q folks and everyone who believes that the Military got in some running gun battle in Frankfurt.  

Man...where to begin?
1) Reality: SOFA agreements.  Status Of Forces Agreements.  That's the framework that sez what the US Military can and can't do in the "host country"  And seeings from experience the fact that our Battalion CSM couldn't spring a young private for driving drunk in Nurnberg back in the day, and he did 6 months in a Cherman Stalag before getting released, (and then shitcanned out of the army), I -don't- think Muttie "Left of Stalin" Merkle is going to let a bunch of Delta shooters or anyone US Dot Mil or not go runnin' 'round shooting up der Cherman biddnesses... even if they ARE doin' the dirty.

2) "The CIA lost a guy who they flew in from Afghanistan for the emergency."  Uh... no.  Flight time from Baghram to Frankfurt: 11 hours.  Doesn't make any sense, but then again, when does horseshit slathered in bullshit make sense?

3) "Believe in the Plan."  OK... I usta believe in Santa, The Easer Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.  Time to grow up folks and put away childish things and thinking.

Ain't no 'magical wonder weapon' coming to save the day.
No "Kracken"... in fact NOW they're saying that the Kracken is a software program, a crack team of Military Intel kids, and a special doo-dad that they used to ensnare the watermarked false ballots.

Goddamn, I got an imagination and even I have trouble with this.
It's all hopium and coping mechanisms
Facing the fact that IF we want to save this country we're going to have to face reality

Hard times be coming

Lotsa folk gonna die
Horribly no less.
Wishful fancy thinkin', dope-fever dreams and magic-fairy dust believing is how we got in this fucking mess to begin with.
And now, we're gonna have to do it the hard way
We absolutely  now know for certain that there ain't no voting our way out of this
Hard ugly times.  
Lotsa folk ain't up to it.
Lotsa Japs know it...
I'm not jumping on the first frag, but I'm mentally preparing.
You should too.
A long hard row to hoe for sure Aye.
More Later I'm The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Yeah, it's gonna be bad.
    Winter is almost here. Low crop yields the last couple seasons due to "weather". What crops there are have been, or soon will be, in storage. I'm thinking around the first of 2021, they kill the grid. Millions will die from exposure. Millions more will die of starvation due to lack of availability of food. Any resistance will be starved into submission by spring.
    That's the way I would do it.
    Get ready kids.
    Biden promised a long dark winter.
    They've told us EVERYTHING they were planning.
    Let's see how this plays out....

  2. Memento Mori.

    Chutes Magoo

  3. well, stockpile food if you can, but you also need people to watch while you sleep. good will or bread on the water as we use to say, if you can,mine you. help out your local farmer, might be he needs help with
    something, ammo is always a good trade, i given some away and gotten a lot of help in return for it.
    move if you can to a friendly area, i did a couple of years ago. it takes time to learn how to mesh with
    with the locals but it worth it, try the local gas station. he can turn you on to a lot of good guys
    i went from paying 200 plus for crap firewood to 70 for dry seasoned oak and maple. the local guy can save you a ton of time and money, it cost me a couple of six packs of beer- paid back many times already
    but the good thing is i don't have to worry about people like i did in the city. up here, people like it when you pitch in and help out. and they willing to help you in return to a point. so, like i said you need to network to make it. no one does it alone-doesn't happen. but i spending more time at my reloading bench of late. just in case it does get sporty up here. stay safe,stay armed.

  4. Amen brother. Metric fucktons o' stupid out there. Stay safe. OG

  5. The storm that is a Biden administration is hovering near and we are in for it if it comes to pass. Winter will go on for 4 years straight.

    Voting is done. We will never trust it again and with that you are right that the only remedy will be the ammo box.

    It is really more of a when than an if at this point..

  6. Be the gray man...means....wearing a mask.
    Treat it as a disguise. Doesn't hurt and ya blend in.
    Currently across the pond eating popcorn and wondering WTF...
    Love the blog.

  7. I believe that by law, vaccine makers are immune from lawsuits stemming from any damage done by their products.