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Thursday, November 26, 2020

OK, So What?

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
The Commentariat of The People's Republic of Big Country had a few -choice- words 'bout me last.
Essentially, very "Q-like"... i.e. "Trust in the plan"
And one guy actually said "You should just read this one statement by the prior Army LtCol and then tell us it's a wet fart."
That right there is the problem
Who gives a flying fuck what some Lt. Col. said?
Sure as shytte floats and I'm a mental basket case, no one in power does.

THAT is the problem
Right fuckin' there.

People still believe that the system will make it right.

Forgive me for this one: 

Are you fucking kidding me?
Were you born stupid? Or did you take classes?
Are you fucking retarded?
Are you fucked betwix ye eyes son?
Aye... methinks so.
No helping those who don't recognize the reality of the situ-atcha-mo-ation here.

Not to bag on Dood per se... I saw a lot of that at the Blogshoot.
Not naming Names...
Sapper n'Me went there to 'feel out' bloggers with waaaay more audience and pull than me.

We wanted to know if they were "Go/No-Go"

And, with the exception of a very few, the majority still believe the system will make things right.

The majority were serious "Gun Geeks" for the most part.
Great Hardware, but still believing in "The System".
Mores the pity.

Lest we fergit

Der Chermans made it legal to go after the Jews, the Gypsies and the Faggots.

No legal standing to say "Yer a big meanie and the law used to say that that wasn't cool" when they come and take your firearms, give your house over to a more deserving, politically connected BLM Nigger who likes your crib, despite the idea that hey, maybe its your fucking house.


"Reparations Bro" is gonna be the next mantra.

Again, Muhhahahahaha!!!!!
"Fuck off."
Said Roberts, the SCJ-in-Charge...
Ain't no rolling this back...
'Cept through bloodshed...
Gallons of it...
Hunnereds of thousands of gallons of it.
It'll take 20 years for the stink of the suppurating corpses to dissipate...

If it ever does.
More Later, I'm the Pissed Off Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Not only is the system not going to make it better, it is working overtime to make it worse. The system is banking on people like us being gone and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

    1. Really.....then why did you participate in the recent Presidential sELECTION by voting?

    2. Mostly as a middle finger to the powers that be. I explained that in some detail.

  2. Lawsuits, my ass. The OPFOR OWNS the courts, so tell me how a fuckin "lawsuit" is going to help matters ! Rule .308 is the only way to resolve this. Or5.56, or7.62x39, or.45, or even a fuckin brick at "intimate" range. This shit gets fixed through ruthless combat, or the republic and everything we hold dear (I-Phones, Starbucks, McMansions) is lost. Those waiting for "the system" to work are going to have a very rude awakening when they realize it's too late to save their shit. Bunch of fuckin Romney Republicans.....

  3. Been listening to folks make excuses for the bad guys for decades now, it's either ignorance, cowardice or downright stupidity but the plain fact of the matter is they don't want to do anything about it. It's a form of enabling your enemy. And complaining that someone else did this to them.
    Seems not too many of us understand the bottom line and where this is headed........and what needs to be done. Societal cancer doesn't go away on it's own.

  4. By no strange coincidence, the only "lawsuits" that will avail here will sound an awful lot like a mad minute on a firebase perimeter. The ony briefs will be those of commies. And like always, they'll be full of crap.

    "A republic, if you can keep it".

    Keeping it means it's time to water the Tree of Liberty.
    The System ain't built for that.
    But The People are.

    That's what the democommunist minions always forget.

    1. What ^^he^^ said. And to all the trolls and bitches that think red blooded A Types are just gonna cower before the "authorities", fuck off, hope we see ya at "the game"...Bitches. Ohio Guy

    2. Y'all are cowering before the 'authorities' and have been for a long time, 'Ohio Guy'. That's why you're deep in the shit now.

  5. It's not a glitch, it's a feature ....

  6. I'll keep reading as long as you're typing. You're the only one saying what really needs to be said.

  7. I'll keep reading as long as you're typing. You're the only one saying what really needs to be said.

  8. We are fighting a rotten to the core system but that's how we win? Insane. People are hopelessly plugged in to the Matrix.

  9. There is a very good observation buried in this missive. There was a time when Americans by nature did not trust ANYONE they did not know personally in their local vicinity or valued by their courage and honesty.

    What has destroyed this natural form of existence is the packing of so many people into cities that it is no longer possible to know everyone around you much beyond a city block facing your street.

    Country living or even suburban developments are better than high rise or rental blocks just for this. You can get to know folks at least enough to know if they belong to your 250 yard surroundings or do not.

    It is high time we get back to this way of treating the world, especially if the outsider is in any way connected to government, local, state or federal. Know your immediate neighbors and those within the radius at least enough to sift them from outsiders. Also know your local LEOs, they are part of your community and generally do what is right. This may not apply in high density population centers (see Chicongo as case in point).

    My personal view is that this election is going to hit the wall in that key state lawsuits are going to cause several state results to be thrown out, forcing legislatures to step in. That will be the trigger for howling mobs of leftists to go off when they are told by the media their mental defective puppet is not going to win. Expect violence in all D controlled major cities and state capitals. God be with you if you are in these zones.

  10. Yeah ole Q turned out to be some bullshit. Maybe it was all to get everyone pissed enough to do something. They won't though. Hell the military personnel won't do anything. Law enfarcement won't. You tube gun personalities won't. Nobody is going to do shit. They might do something when it comes down their street but I bet not. Everyone is going to keep right on keeping on. People give up their guns for way less every day because some guy in a robe said so.

    1. BOOM! Nailed it. Only ones who might get pissed enough to do something are the RevComs if the rug gets pulled out from under them, otherwise all the big talkers keep mumbling into their collars as they comply to the diktats that are piled on, compliance before testicular fortitude, as long as I "Look" defiant, FUCK YOU POSERS! I'm still young enough to make a difference and old enough to know the difference between submission and resistance, some still don't know the difference. If you aren't on a (multiple) "list", than you haven't done shit, buck up cupcake, this aint fun and games, this shit is real, at least to those of us who truly give two shits about our posterity, our country, the future. Most of us who know don't plan on seeing the other side of this, we only want to make the push to make sure others do, not the pussy posers, but the ones who will carry on our legacy with honor, strength and courage. Otherwise, it's all for naught.

  11. If my memory serves me correct you wrote a while back that you had dug yourself out of a hole while some law problems and maybe a job loss. I forget the details, but now you have your life straightened out a bit. Better job good housing and you didn’t want to lose it all again. Sounds like more of a keyboard warrior than a patriot. Others should take up arms and I’ll write about it. Nobody wants to cross that line unless there is no alternative and IF that time comes it will be HELLO SARAJEVO

    1. hahahaha... Wow... I've DONE my time. What have -you- done?
      And yeah, I'm fully aware of the Sarajevo issue... talk to the Serbian War Criminal about that. My time in Bosnia sucked BTW... protecting the Muj when we should have been helping the Orthodox Christians get rid of their problem...
      Never said I -wasn't- going to do 'patriot shit- but I don't (currently) have any plans to be the first guy to do the 'next shot heard 'round the world'... Apr├Ęs Vous Monsieur Trollfest

  12. The system. hahaha. It's been broken for a long time and now they don't even care who knows that they shove it right in your face.